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I want to make a special announcment, thanks to Bill Hicks for posting this happy news. Our own Benjamin the Donkey has a blog now full of his wonderful verses!
Here's just a small but lovely sample of Ben's work.

The Giving Tree

When we were just young and carefree,
There was no ending we could foresee;
We’d eat apples, and swing,
And see what we could wring
As gifts from the giving tree.

We chopped it up, went on a spree—
And a lot ended up as debris;
With replacements withdrawn,
What we needed was gone:
The stuff of the giving tree.

At the end of our tale we might see
A meaning for you and for me,
And wind up admitting
We’re old, and we’re sitting
On the stump of the giving tree.

Also, You have GOT to read this story sent in by our excellent friend RJ!
     Attendees at a nationalist, right-wing concert in Germany were duped into wearing souvenir T-shirts…the t-shirts originally read “hardcore rebels” and sported a skull and nationalist flags. However, once the garment had been washed, the shirt revealed a new message:
    “If your t-shirt can do it, you can do it too — we’ll help you get away from right-wing extremism.”
Is that not the coolest thing you've ever heard? LOL 
Well I sure hope you all had a good weekend. It's a lot cooler here especially at night and so that makes it much more comfortable.
thanks to the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer, check out her latest writing,  
"Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow". thought provoking work Ozarker, as always.
 And thanks to RJ at Global Glass Onion for the links, especially that one about those T-Shirts! LOL.

NDReport: Unique Decontamination Technology Used in Japan to Remediate Fukushima School Campus

IntelDaily: Stricken Japanese Nuclear Plant to Remain Off-Limits — For Several Decades 
NYT: Japan Quake Is Causing Costly Shift to Fossil Fuels

Global Conflict   
Spiegel: Rebels Take Control of Large Parts of Tripoli
CBSNews: Tripoli opened to rebels by sleeper cells
Reuters: Gaddafi whereabouts a mystery as rebels close in
Hosted: APNewsBreak: Arab nations to pressure Syria at UN
NPR: Libya: Why Has The Tide Turned?
Statesman: Israel apologizes to Egypt as violence mounts with Gaza
WSJ: China Says It 'Respects' Libyans' Choice 
WashingtonPost: Battle for Tripoli 
ZeroHedge: The Battle For Libya Is Almost Over… As Is The Battle For Its 144 Tons Of Gold 
WiredDangerRoom: So Much For ‘Stalemate’; Libyan Rebels Enter Tripoli, Backed By U.S. Firepower 
GlobeandMail: Gaza militants renew rocket fire despite ceasefire pact 
CNN: Hikers face hard time in Iran's tough Evin prison
BBC: Device is carried into Newry Santander branch - Newry bomb alert Businesses have been disrupted by the alert
A bomb alert is continuing in Newry after a device was left in a Santander branch in the city's Marcus Square.
BBC: Israel and Hamas agree Gaza truce, officials say - Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist group which governs the Gaza Strip, say they have agreed to a ceasefire after five days of violence. 
AlArabiya: Defector says Qaddafi not courageous enough to commit suicide
Aljazeera: Gaddafi son in Libyan rebel custody - Mohammad Gaddafi speaks to Al Jazeera after surrendering, but interview interrupted by gunfire.
Time: Why the Arab Spring's success depends on jobs, not guns
Guardian: Tony Blair's riot remedy: not just feral families, I'm afraid - I instinctively dislike David Cameron's frequent 'broken Britain' talk but Blair's analysis also falls down in ignoring the impact of our society's coarse materialism
MacKeiser: As predicted, recent critics of London looting spree will soon be joining the mob
MSN: Moammar Gadhafi launches fightback in Tripoli; sons detained - Opposition seizes symbolic heart of Libyan leader's 42-year regime; pro-Gadhafi forces still control up to 20 percent of capital, rebels say 

Hacker News
Time: Hanging With Hackers: Inside Germany's Great 'Geek' Convention

Financial News
FedReservBankNY: The National and Regional Economic Outlook 

Bloomberg: Koch, Exxon Mobil Among Corporations Helping Write State Laws
CSMonitor: Austerity is ushering in a global recession - When the world's economic powers are slipping toward a global recession, tighter austerity is not the answer.
BlackListedNews: Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Fed's Secret Loans
NakedCapitalism: Corrupt Obama Administration Pressuring New York Attorney General to Support Mortgage Whitewash
TheRevFormedBroker: Jackson Hole Preview: The Difference is Why
StarTribune: Social Security's problems are solvable
Ritholtz: QOTD: Andrew Smithers Says “Sell The Next 10% Rally”
Bloomberg: Wall Street Aristocracy Got $1.2 Trillion in Secret Loans
Bloomberg: Balanced Budget Acts as Dumb in Europe as in U.S.: Noah Feldman 
NakedCapitalism: Guest Post: Innovate or Die 
ObsoleteDogma: The Most Specious Tax Argument Ever
BBC: Home finances 'fell for 40% of households in August'
MarketWatch: Bernanke ready for action, but when is in doubt Central banker to deliver key speech Friday
CNNMoney: Stocks: Fear takes center stage
CNNMoney: We're hiring... In China! - These U.S. companies are creating thousands of new jobs in China, as they spread their products to the country's growing middle class.
GlobeandMail: Hollywood-China film venture raises $220-million
MSN: State most bullish on the economy isn't a state
Guardian: Decline in family finances speeds up, Markit survey finds
• 40% of households polled saw their income fall
• UK share of exports drops to 3% from 10% in 1950
BusinessInsider: Traders Speculating (Praying) That Bernanke Will Announce New Stimulus Scheme This Week In Jackson Hole
TheTelegraph: Bond markets signal 'Japanese' slump for US and Europe - The global credit markets are braced for deflation and perhaps depression.
MarginalRevolution: Is Basel III dead?
AngryBear: The Effect of Individual Income Tax Rates on the Economy, Part 2: The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929 - 1940 
MacroBusiness: Big trouble ahead -Back in May, former Reserve Bank of New Zealand advisor, Terry “Macca” McFadgen, wrote a guest post on MacroBusiness entitled: Will Aussie housing go bust? Now Terry is back with another serving of ‘Maccanomics’. In this installment, Terry provides a sobering assessment of the global economy, and maps-out how events might unfold. This is a must read article. Enjoy! 

NakedCapitalism: Dave Stratman: What Should the Verizon Strikers Do? 
BrilliantAtBreakfast: Head, Desk, =Thunk= Senate Democrats, who are desperate to stimulate the economy but don’t have the money to pass traditional stimulus legislation, will turn to cutting business taxes when they return to Washington this fall. 

Bloomberg: Merkel Says She’ll Resist Pressure for Euro Bond
BusinessInsider: Obama's Wall Street Donors Move To Romney
WashingtonPost: The Republicans’ new voodoo economics?
NakedCapitalism: Michael Hudson: The Case Against the Credit Ratings Agencies
CSMonitor: Hershey walkout: Foreign students nix firms' offer - Hershey walkout takes new twist as firms offer cultural tour of US to 400 foreign student workers. But Hershey walkout leaders reject offer, saying the real issue is too much work for too little pay.
YahooFinance: China paper warns of impact from euro crisis "Black Death"
Alphaville: The Grantham manifesto - Albert Edwards has a soul mate — GMO’s Jeremy Grantham.
Like the SocGen strategist, he too is worried about the massive transfer of income to the very rich that has occurred and has been tolerated only because Central Bankers have created housing booms. So worried is Grantham that he thinks debt forgiveness and changes to the tax system may be needed if America is ever to prosper again.

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - The Oil and Gas of Southern Alaska
Platts: PLATTS INSIGHT: Australia to bring in more West Africa crudes using VLCCs
Bloomberg: European Stocks Rebound as U.S. Index Futures Advance; Brent Crude Drops
MSNBC: With Gadhafi out of power, oil prices should fall - Full effect of his ouster on the market may not be felt for months
TheTelegraph: UK and US oil price split widens - It's one special relationship that has been looking increasingly rocky in recent months. US and UK oil prices have historically traded hand-in-hand, but the benchmark contracts have been growing apart for a while, and now seem to be living almost totally separate lives.
World Oil News Center: Oil prices fall as rebels enter Libyan capital

MinWeb: Be afraid! Gold's move symptomatic of total loss of confidence
- The stellar gold price rises of the past few weeks are an extremely worrying sign that perception that the global economy is collapsing is growing - and markets thrive or crash on confidence.
TheMoneyView: Copper standard
MineWeb: Gold in ‘panic mode' and could be due for healthy pullback - Gold is in overbought territory in most traditional technical measures as panic seizes the markets. We could thus see a hefty short term reversal ahead.
IBTimes: Gold Nears $1,900 - Venezuela Formally Requests Gold Holdings Held by BOE Ship by Sea

Environmental News
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Drought across the United States, July 2011

ExtinctionProtocol: Mysterious orange goo in Alaska found to be unknown fungus from mass spawn event
BusinessInsider: First Hurricane Of The Season - Irene's Pounding Puerto Rico And Threatens Florida 
CNN: Irene becomes a hurricane, aims for Dominican Republic
NYP: Bike-lane poll finds most NYers on the fence
Most New Yorkers are neither for nor against bike lanes, a poll says.
They just don't care.
TreeHugger: PETA Confirms Porn Site Plans
SeattleTimes: Wash. to end vehicle emissions tests by 2020 
NationalReview: The Wind-Energy Myth 

America in Decline
FDL: Obama Pushes for Modifications to Medicare and Social Security
CreditWritedowns: Who said this: Obama or Hoover?
    The whole of the administrative officials are cooperating with the special Economy Committee appointed by the House of Representatives in the drive to bring about further drastic economies in Federal expenditure…
    Nothing is more important than balancing the budget with the least increase in taxes. The Federal Government should be in such position that it will need issue no securities which increase the public debt after the beginning of the next fiscal year, July 1.
If you don’t know, that should tell you something.
AmericanProspect: Happy Birthday, Welfare Reform - Fifteen years after President Clinton cut a hole in the social safety net, poor Americans are paying the price.
ThinkProgress: Revealed: Fake Facebook Identity Used By Military Contractors Plotting To Hack Progressive Organizations
Earlier this year, ThinkProgress obtained 75,000 private emails from the defense contractor HBGary Federal via the hacktivist group called Anonymous. The emails led to two shocking revelations. First, that an assortment of private military firms collectively called “Team Themis” had been tapped by Bank of America to conduct a cyber war against reporters sympathetically covering the Wikileaks revelations. And second, that late in 2010, the same set of firms began work separately for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a Republican-aligned corporate lobbying group, to develop a similar campaign of sabotage against progressive organizations, including the SEIU and ThinkProgress.
DailyKos: Another ALEC trick at Federal Level EXPOSED - By now many thought they had heard everything to be heard about ALEC and their  un-democratic activities.  This is simply not true.  As I said to a fellow Exposing ALEC member earlier today..."we once thought ALEC was the complete picture of an 'Evil Empire', but after all this research we have to realize that in reality ALEC is merely a single frame of a huge panoramic picture."  ALEC only represents one tool in the arsenal of a well organized, well thought out, well funded and well oiled cabal.  Using ALEC's ability to advance legislation beneficial to the collective is ALEC's purpose for existence.  It is why Koch, Scaife, Coors' and DeVos' money is invested in their activities.
TruthOut: One in Four California Families Can't Afford Food for Their Kids
TomDispatch: Tomgram: Karen J. Greenberg, Taking the Justice Out of the Justice System
Can you even remember the world before 9/11?  You know, the one where you weren’t stripped in the airport or body-wanded at the ballpark?  It’s as much a lost world as anything Conan Doyle ever imagined.
SFGate: Prostitutes Flood Vallejo After Bankrupt City Slashes Police 33%

Food and Water
GrowSwitch: 270,000 Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto
- More than 270,000 organic farmers are taking on corporate agriculture giant Monsanto in a lawsuit filed March 30. Led by the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, the family farmers are fighting for the right to keep a portion of the world food supply organic—and preemptively protecting themselves from accusations of stealing genetically modified seeds that drift on to their pristine crop fields.
M&C: Laos takes lead in setting edible cricket standard Agriculture drains global water resources - August 22, 2011

Science and Technology
PopSci: New Fossils Show Sulfur-Based Microbes Lived on Earth 3.4 Billion Years Ago, Presenting a New Target for Astrobiology

TechReview: The TV That Watches You - A television due out soon can tell websites and online advertisers which shows you're watching, making Web pages more intelligent.
StarTribune: Is this the earth's oldest fossil? - The 3.4 billion-year-old discovery by Australian and British researchers is a new volley in a long-running quest for scientific glory.
CNN: A good planet is hard to find

Medical and Health
M&C: Upsurge of dengue worries Philippine health officials

TheTelegraph: Who we gonna call? Quackbuster! - Edzard Ernst, the world's first professor of complementary medicine, is on a crusade to stop the NHS wasting money on unproved remedies.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernsurvivalBlog: How Will the 2nd Great Depression Affect the Average Joe?

Other News
TheDailyBail: Lemonade Liberation - Children Defy Police, Purchase Lemonade On Capitol Hill, Activists Arrested

TheEconomist: At Buddha’s birthplace - A Chinese development proposal causes disbelief
In July Chinese media reported that the Hong-Kong-based foundation—which is widely thought to have China’s backing—had signed an agreement with UNIDO, the UN’s industrial-development organisation, to invest $3 billion in Lumbini, a village in southern Nepal. Lumbini is the birthplace of the Buddha, which the project aimed to make a “Mecca for Buddhists”, with train links, an international airport, hotels and a Buddhist university.
The news caused uproar in Nepal. Neither the central government nor the local authorities responsible for Lumbini said they had been consulted about, or even heard of, the project. UNIDO’s officers say they will not comment on the affair while they try to discover how the organisation got involved. If this was an exercise in Chinese “soft power”, it was a disaster.
ParanormalPueblo: Pioneer UFO researcher Budd Hopkins passes away 
McClatchy: Small-town America — the myth and the reality
UDSToday: Watergate's 'Deep Throat' garage gets historical marker
CNN: The new battle for Blair Mountain
MSNBC: Report: Tunnel linking US to Russia gains support
'The greatest railway project of all time' would enable trains to travel from NYC to London, England

TheDailyBail: Gingrich Calls For A Full Audit Of The Federal Reserve
LegitGov: Perry Made a Million on Land While in Office 
IntelDaily: Keeping Michele Bachmann Honest on Gas Prices 
Time: Perry Wrestles with Health Care Approach 
YahooNews: Doctors question Perry's stem cell back treatment 
UPI: Will funny money elect the next president?
PensitoReview: Watch: Rick Perry Really Is Even Dumber Than George Bush

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:It looks like this guy made some accurate predictions on GLP (check this out)
TinfoilPalace:Libya- Are We There for the Gold?
TheOilAge:Future Hurricanes coming off Africa
TheOilAge:USPS is Broke!
Hubberts-Arms:Chinese Think Tank Implies America May Be Falsifying Its Accounting
Hubberts-Arms:History is Not Your Therapist
SilentCountry:I am back from Turkey and Greece and VERY GLAD to be back!!!
SilentCountry:Guy McPherson at Nature Bats Last: Three paths to near-term

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