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Here's something from a great blog, Decline of the Empire. Enjoy!

A Timely Reminder From George Carlin

Periodically this year, I will post this timely reminder from George Carlin about what's really going on here.
Here it is — forget the politicians ... these rich cocksuckers [like Willard Romney] don't give a fuck about you.
and this from RJ.
EnergyBulletin: Heinberg, Kunstler, Foss, Orlov & Chomsky on A Public Affair: Richard Heinberg joins James Howard Kunstler, Nicole Foss, Dmitri Orlov and Noam Chomsky in a panel discussion. The discussion begins after the news bulletin and lead-in music (about 7:00 into the audio)

Much thanks to RJ at the Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for their help today!

Global Conflict
BlacklistedNews: Who Is Flying Unmanned Aircraft in the U.S.?
BusinessInsider: Israel May Have Assassinated That Iranian Nuclear Scientist - Israel has emerged as a key suspect in the assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran yesterday, thought to be the...
BusinessInsider: Pakistan Is Going To Blow Up Bin Laden's Compound With A Flurry Of Rocket Propelled Grenades - To prevent Osama bin Laden’s hiding place from turning into a shrine, Pakistan officials have decided to destroy it.
NYT: Adversaries of Iran Said to Be Stepping Up Covert Actions
BlacklistedNews: Obama to Send US Troops to South Sudan
Zerohedge: Guest Post: Iran: Oh, No; Not Again
BlacklistedNews: US troops defile dead Afghans on camera
MSNBC: Taliban: Peace talks not harmed by urinating-Marines video
ABC: Afghan President Calls USMC Video 'Deeply Disturbing,' 'Inhuman' 
McClatchy: Video of troops urinating on Afghans probed for authenticity
WashingtonPost: Iran hard-line newspaper calls for retaliation against Israel over killing of nuclear expert  
Reuters: Iran nuclear sites may be beyond reach of "bunker busters"
WashingtonPost: Japan to reduce Iran oil imports (1:05)  - Japan gave a boost Thursday to the U.S. campaign to sanction Iran over its nuclear program, pledging to buy less Iranian oil, a day after China reacted coolly to the U.S. effort. (Jan. 12)
LAT: U.S. intelligence report on Afghanistan sees stalemate 
Time: The Crisis in Syria: No Immunity for Bystanders 
CNN: Iran urges UN to condemn nuclear scientists' killings 
NPR: Can Iran Close The World's Most Important Oil Route?

Domestic Financial News
Time: Exclusive: Warren Buffett Accepts GOP Tax Challenge
Zerohedge: The Biggest Threat To The 2012 Economy Is??? Not What Wall Street Is Telling You...
CNBC: Drags On Economy 'More Serious' Than Thought: Lacker
NYT: What Does Wall Street Do for You?CBSNews: Conflict between rich, poor strongest in 24 years
BusinessInsider: The CFPB Just Rolled Out A Road Map For How It Will Police Mortgage Lenders 
BusinessInsider: The 10 Most Massive Hedge Funds In The World
MSNBC: Delays help push foreclosure rate to lowest since pre-recession 
BusinessWeek: The 5 Percent Solution to Paying for College
LibertyStreeEcon: Why Mortgage Refinancing Is Not a Zero-Sum Game

RitHoltz: If more QE, Evans says $600b -In what I believe is the 1st time a Fed member has quantified the size of potentially more QE, the ultra dove Evans says it could be $600b, in what would likely be in the MBS space, in a Q&A after a speech.
Bloomberg: Retail Sales in U.S. Rose Less Than Forecast
Bloomberg: First-Time Jobless Claims in U.S. Increased More Than Forecast Last Week
FraudDigest: Truth-In-Mortgage Documents - Legislation needed in every state: The Truth-In-Mortgage Documents Act
Zerohedge: Sears Noose Tightens As CIT Leaves Company Cold With No Vendor Financings
CNNMoney: Homes lost to foreclosure top 4 million
CNNMoney: Unemployment claims tick up again
DetroitNews: Analyst: GM could launch retiree pension 'buyout' 
BusinessInsider: ROBERT SHILLER: It Looks Like The Bond Market Is A 'Bubble'

Global Financial News
FT: China: number one for Rolls-Royce
BusinessWeek: Europe’s $39 Trillion Pension Risk Grows as Economy Falters
ProjectSyndicate: Europe’s Vicious Spirals 
CEPR: When It Comes to China, Manufacturing Workers and Goldman Sachs Have Opposite Interests - This point would have been worth making in an NYT article on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's trip to China.  
NakedCapitalism: Germany is already in a recession too - As I predicted Monday, statistics have shown that the German economy has finally succumbed to the deflationary economic policy of the euro zone.
CreditWritedowns: Chart of the Day: Greek workers work 48% more hours than Germans
NakaedCapitalism: Satyajit Das: Europe’s The Road to Nowhere, Part 1 – Fiscal Bondage - Financially futile, economically erroneous, politically puzzling and socially irresponsible, the December 2011 European summit was a failure.  
Reuters: Greece's budget deficit widens 0.8 pct in 2011 - Greece's budget deficit widened last year as an austerity-fuelled recession cancelled out much of the extra revenues the government was hoping to raise through emergency taxes, data showed on Thursday. The central government budget gap widened 0.8 percent year-on-year to 21.64 billion euros ($27.45 billion) last year, according to figures from the finance ministry. The data refers to the state budget deficit, which excludes local authorities and social security spending. They do not coincide with the general government shortfall, the benchmark for the EU's assessment of Greece's economic policy programme. Islamist 'Morality Police' to train volunteers in using electric batons - A controversial hardliner group in Egypt announces that it purchased 1000 tazers to help its cadre defend themselves as they 'promote virtue' on the country's streets
LAT: Wall Street cheers as NYSE-Deutsche Boerse deal stumbles  - Traders and analysts are buoyed by the growing speculation that European regulators will reject the Big Board's merger with a German firm.
NYT: Data Show German Economy Stalling 
VOA: Analyst Sees ‘Significant Slowdown’ for China

Peak Oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Naked Oil
BBC: Nigeria fuel protests: Union threatens oil shutdown
Platts: US thermal coal prices sink further as selloff continues
CNBC: Saudi Oil Output Nearing Capacity Limit 
UPI: North Dakota oil production reaches record
BusinessInsider: This Chart Shows Why Oil Is Unlikely To Fall Below $70

Mineweb: Are China's gold imports reaching panic proportions?
Mineweb: Is it the People's Bank of China that is doing all the gold buying?

CrooksandLiars: Dr. Jeff Masters: We're Seeing The 'Most Extreme Configuration Of The Jet Stream Ever Recorded'
USAToday: 15 injured in storms in 2 North Carolina counties
MSNBC: Possible tornadoes rip through NC, injuring 15
ChicagoTribune: Snow hitting western suburbs, worst expected this afternoon and evening
Discovery: World's Tiniest Frog Found in Papua New Guinea Florida Counties Band Together To Ready for Warming’s Effects - While U.S. action on climate change remains stalled, four south Florida counties have joined forces to plan for how to deal with the impacts — some of which are already being felt — of rising seas, higher temperatures, and more torrential rains.
FISHERMEN were left stunned after hundreds of fish were washed up dead or dying on to the shores of Montagu beach, yesterday.
Octopus, parrot fish, grey snappers, and barracuda were among the species found dead by fish vendors sometime after 10am.
Seagulls had gathered around the harbour, eating the fish that appeared "disorientated" as they swam along the surface of the water before making their way to the shore.
Michael Brennan, director of marine resources, visited the site and reported a "considerable" amount of dead marine life. He called the situation "a complete mystery" and believes contaminated water may be the cause.
NYDailyNews: Hydrofracking industry bigs gave state politicians thousands of dollars
Treehugger: GOP Candidates Debate Themselves on Climate Change (Video) - Mitt Debates Mitt on Climate from Sierra Club National on Vimeo.Climate change has devolved into an ideological litmus test for the Republican Party; if you agree with the science, you're out.
Reuters: Republicans move to control Keystone approval
USAToday: EPA: Power plants are main global warming culprits
McClatchy: EPA agrees to end emissions testing program in Anchorage
CNN: Ice stops progress of Alaska fuel convoy - The Coast Guard icebreaker and Russian fuel tanker trying to resupply icebound Nome, Alaska, made no progress on Tuesday, a Coast Guard spokesperson said early Wednesday.

America in Decline
They stand in line so patiently, you'd never know some of them haven't eaten since yesterday.
The line's so long it winds from the soup kitchen door along the wall and around the corner to the back, then curves down the alley and out to the street on the side. And no matter how hard the wind blows or how heavy the rain falls, they wait politely. By the end of the day, a thousand of them will have stood here.
LAT: Deputy caught on video striking a woman, but will he be disciplined?
RawStory: L.A. deputy punches special needs woman
Guardian: Poverty in America likely to get worse, report finds - Indiana University study says 46 million Americans are living below the poverty line – up 27% since start of recession
MSNBC: Few part-timers, but more are working multiple jobs 

Food and Water
Grist: Five packaged foods you never need to buy again
Statesman: Develop water strategy to slake Texans' thirst
Star-Telegram: Texas ranchers worry as Round Two of drought looms 
MSNBC: Coca-Cola alerted FDA about contaminated OJ - Coca-Cola Co. says it alerted the Food and Drug Administration after it found some Brazilian growers had sprayed their orange trees with a fungicide that is not approved for use in the U.S.  
CNN: Inspectors ignored FDA guidance before listeria outbreak, report finds

Science and Technology
ScientificAmerican: A Plenitude of Planets: Galactic Search Finds Exoplanets Are More Commonplace Than Stars
PopSci: The Age of the Pico Projector is Upon Us (For Real this Time)
BBC: Exact colour of Milky Way found
ScientificAmerican: A Plenitude of Planets: Galactic Search Finds Exoplanets Are More Commonplace Than Stars
GizMag: US Navy developing app-summoned robotic helecopters for Marines 
NYDaily: Conductor stops performance over ringing cell phone
GadgetBox: Smart TVs: Maybe too smart for mere humans
MSNBC: Scientists find three alien planets smaller than Earth  - NASA's Kepler mission spots smallest known exoplanets around red dwarf
MSNBC: Can scientists define 'life' ... using just three words?  - Does 'self-reproduction with variations' cover it? Not-so-little words spark a big debate

Medical and Health
Reuters: Red wine-heart research slammed with fraud charges
ABCNews: MRSA Outbreak Hits Cheerleader at New Mexico High School  - One female cheerleader was sickened with the antibiotic-resistant infection MRSA and 12 others tested positive for staph and were treated with antibiotics at Belen High School in New Mexico.
ABC: Scientists: UN Soldiers Brought Deadly Superbug to Americas - Compelling new scientific evidence suggests United Nations peacekeepers have carried a virulent strain of cholera -- a super bug -- into the Western Hemisphere for the first time.
ModernSurvivalBlog: CDC Says New Swine Flu Strain in U.S. - A new Swine Flu strain is spreading from Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia as 12 people have been diagnosed with H3N2v, which has shown some potential for human-to-human transmission.
From the CDC, Centers for Disease Control, the sample size of H3N2 infections is too small to know whether it will pose a threat to the population at large.
The new strain of swine flu is NOT covered by this season’s vaccine.
M&C: Uganda teams up with UN to battle fatal "nodding syndrome"
USAToday: 5% of patients account for half of health care spending
CNN: 15 top killers of Americans
Vitals: Allergic to cold? Gene detectives find new clues
M&C: Polio likely to have been eradicated in India, WHO says

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernMechanics: Build a Hunter's Crossbow
JohnLudi: Brother Raccoon: Wisdom Teacher, Pest.
ModernSurvivalBlog: Be Prepared For Unprepared People

Other News
BlacklistedNews: Forced Sterilization Victims Granted $50,000 Over Admitted US ‘Eugenics’ Program
CBS: Judge blocks controversial Miss. pardons  
LAT: Homicide no longer a leading cause of death

Guardian: A third of Mormons say Mitt Romney's religion will count against him
Hosted: McCain raps high court's campaign finance ruling McClatchy: South Carolina is known for its history of political dirty tricks 
TPM: Anti-Gay Legal Guns For Hire: How The Right Uses ‘Religious Liberty’ To Fight Discrimination Suits
TheHill: Congress doesn’t know when to stop digging - John Boehner’s got a problem — a statistical trap that’s going to take some real work to get out of.His drive to completely discredit the institution of the Congress has stalled:
FP: ¿El Presidente? - Mitt Romney could be the first Latino president. So why is he blowing it?
RawStory: Watch: Devastating anti-Romney film surfaces

TinfoilPalace: The Evolution of Human Minds
TinfoilPalace: Greek Monk Prophecy: Third World War
TheOilAge: China's debt maturity problem has arrived 
TheOilAge: Bumper 2011 Grain Harvest Fails to Rebuild Global Stocks 
HubbertsArms: The Skeletons in "Frothy's" Closet 
HubbertsArms: Genes disappearing from male chromosome  
SilentCountry: $45 Million Down the Drain in Illinois Homeland Security
SilentCountry: Finally, Some Good News: Congress Ends Ethanol Subsidies

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