Monday, December 27, 2010

Breaking News Mon. Dec. 27, 2010

Financial News
FiscalTimes:Cooking the Books: The 2010 Deficit Was $2.1 trillion
Newsday: Conn. poor families to get kids' summer food aid
TheIndependent: Spend! Spend! Spend! Nine days to save economy
TheEconomicCollapse: Christmas Stories

Peak Oil and Energy News
BusinessInsider: Are Oil Prices Are About To Wake Up To Peak-Production Realities?
Bloomberg: Oil Rise to $100 May Stall as Refiners Curb Tax Liability

War and Conflict
msnbc: Israeli foreign minister: Peace is 'impossible'
FoxNews:Report: Israel Tracking Aid Ship Headed From Asia to Gaza
InformationClearingHouse: And What Rough Beast Slouches Towards Gaza? Operation Cast Lead and the Dismembering of a People
BostonGlobe: From the Pentagon to the private sector In large numbers, and with few rules, retiring generals are taking lucrative defense-firm jobs

Environmental News
AmericanDream: Just One Really Bad Year Away From A Horrific World Famine
BBC:Travel chaos as blizzards hit eastern United States

Police State, Surveillance
Chris Hedges: 2011: A Brave New Dystopia
RawStory: ‘Homeland’ security coming to hotels, malls
AmericanDream: 22 Incredibly Revealing Quotes About Enhanced Pat Downs And TSA Groping
TheOval: Airport body scanners, pat-downs to stay, Napolitano says

Intrigue and Wikileaks
Paul Craig Roberts: Here’s Why FBI Is Orchestrating Fake Terror Plots

Science and Technology news
truthdig: Help Stop Destruction of the Free Internet Now
Pravda: Censorship eats Internet from within (I know, Russia saying this just seems weird!)

Food and Water
TheAustralian: GM contamination Corn prices 'to set record in 2011 - by a margin'
beforeitsnews: Good News: Ohio Farmers Choosing Non-GMO

Medical and Health
TheIndependent: Cuban medics in Haiti put the world to shame.Castro's doctors and nurses are thebackbone of the fight against cholera

Other News
CNN: Arizona state lawmaker attacked on Christmas
AmericanDream: If Everything Is Going To Be Okay, Then Why Is The Number Of Preppers In The United States Absolutely Exploding?

News From Our Forums
TheOilAge: A grim state in Pakistan
TheOilAge: The NEXT 10 City Pensions That Will Run Out Of Money

Hubberts-Arms:Arizona's water troubles
Hubberts-Arms:Scotland's wind farms are unable to cope with the freezing weather conditions
SilentCountry:Learn a Covert "Language" in One Minute
SilentCountry:Urban farming 2.0: No soil, no sun

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