Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Breaking News Wed. Dec. 22, 2010

Financial News
Charles Hugh Smith: House Values Fall 30%, But Property Taxes Keep Rising
(Reuters) - In a conference room in an office building in downtown Shanghai, Jason Lee is literally selling the American dream.
We Are Now Paying for the Destruction of the U.S. Dollar and Economy - Literally
Let middle class direct payments (I've always liked this idea)
Banks accused of illegally looting homes
A Cloud Hangs Over the U.S. Economy
Scott Minerd's Detailed Pre-Mortem On What Europe's Bank Run Will Look Like, And Other Observations
Hedge Fund Will Track Twitter to Predict Stock Moves

Oil and Energy
Oil Hits 2-Year High After Supplies Drop More Than Forecast
OIL FUTURES: Crude Settles Above $90/Bbl As US Stockpiles Fall
China hikes gas, diesel prices as crude rises
Iran deploys police as gas, food prices go up

War and conflict
South Korea says it will hold large land and air drills Thursday
South Korean Military Prepares for Largest-Ever Live-Fire Drill
Israel moves to counter Gaza militants' new weapon
US Senate Ratifies New Arms Treaty 
UK and Russia expel diplomats in spying tit-for-tat

Police State
Mike Krieger On Intensifying Police State Measures And Internet Demonization
Rally Targets Mass. Plan for Immigration Checks

Environmental News
USDA Recommends "Coexistence" with Monsanto: We Say Hell No!
How a freak diversion of the jet stream is paralysing the globe with freezing conditions
California awash in rain, snow and mudslides
Quake near Japanese islands triggers tsunami warning
There's a mini ice age coming, says man who beats weather experts
African Farmers Displaced as Investors Move In

Science and Technology
One of the World's Biggest Telescopes Is Buried Beneath the South Pole
Scientists Fail To Create Black Hole -- This Time
Israel to Become Member of CERN

Other News
The Food Safety Bill Finally Passes, But It's Just the First Step
Congressman Dennis Kucinich calls for removal of the Federal Reserve
Coburn Blocks Sept. 11 Health-Care Bill, Seeks Changes to Bring Down Costs
Senate Passes Health Bill for 9/11 Rescuers
Banning Alcohol Seemed Like a Great Idea Too
The Long Wait for Sarah Palin's Emails

Utterly Tragic
Couple killed on way to plan funerals for three grandchildren

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