Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day, Sat. Dec. 25, 2010

 And To All a Good Night

For now, America is a rug stretching from Maine to California, under which we've swept the filthy detritus of money matters and governance. It worked most of the year, though the rug has grown as lumpy as a landfill. Nothing is more important for the moment than provoking millions of people with no means for carrying their current obligations to ply the malls in search of Christmas merchandise, so the little ones will not be disappointed on the Great Day. Who could fail to understand this, too, since the sorrows of children only magnify the failures of the adults who love and fear for them.

Financial News
ZeroHedge:China's Christmas Present To The World: Another Interest Rate Hike
Bloomberg: It's a Great Time to Be Rich
Forbes:The 2010 Lump of Coal Award, Job-Killing Edition
NECN:New tax law packed with obscure business tax cuts
BlacklistedNews: Pentagon’s Christmas Present: Largest Military Budget Since World War II
Bloomberg:Copper Poised to Set New Record on China Imports, ETF Launch, Antaike Says 
DailyBail:Black Friday Shopping In Post Apocalyptic America

Oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: Oil Declines From Two-Year High in London Before Arab Oil Ministers Meet 
RawStory: Device uses sunlight to make liquid fuel
War and Conflict
South Korea Drills to ‘Punish the Enemy’
Miami Herald: A Christmas of mourning and fear in Iraq
NYT: Female Bomber Kills Dozens in Pakistan, Official Says
Reuters:(Updated) Christmas Eve attacks kill at least 38 in Nigeria
FoxNews: Bombing Wounds 11 at Christmas Mass in Philippines
abcNews:White House Warns of Possible Holiday Terror Attack

The next three stories are about the same thing, but look how different
countries/news sources, present the same info. Just thought that was interesting.
WashingtonPost: Hamas warns Israel against escalation
Xinhua: Hamas armed wing says interested in keeping calm in Gaza
JPost: Hamas: We are ready to answer any Israeli aggression

Environmental News
TheTelegraph:Tsunami warning issued for Vanuatu
UK, December set to be coldest on record
California, Damage estimates could rise in aftermath of rainstorms
NPR: Fuel Vs. Food: Ethanol Helps Boost Meat Prices
RawStory: Honduran coffee harvest relies on child workers
Atlanta weather | A White Christmas dream come true; icy nightmare may follow
ModernSurvivalBlog: Will an Icelandic Volcano Spoil Christmas?

Police State
InformationClearingHouse: The Government's One-way Mirror
ModernSurvivalBlog: Tactical Platforms popping up across America
NPR: TSA Probes Pilot Critical Of Airport Security
InformationClearingHouse: How Do We Shift Power to the People and Away from Concentrated Corporate Power?

DemocracyNow: FBI Expands Probe into Antiwar Activists

Intrigue, Spies and Wikileaks
Cadets For Christ Solicits Letters to the Air Force Academy to Use as Ammo
WashingtonPost: CIA launches task force to assess impact of U.S. cables' exposure by WikiLeaks
BBC:Wikileaks suspect Bradley Manning's health 'declining'

Science, Technology and Health
Wired: China Matches U.S. Space Launches for First Time
Reuters: A Breakthrough in Ultracapacitor Technology
DiscoveryNews:IceCube Complete Just in Time for Christmas 

Other News
Salon: People, we're in deep trouble Even compared to the manifest swindles and perversions of the past 20 years, we haven't seen anything like Fox News
Daily Bail: « MUST SEE - Walmart Lampooned - Killing Jobs And Country For Everyday Low Prices »
InformationClearingHouse: How Do We Shift Power to the People and Away from Concentrated Corporate Power?
HuffingtonPost: Homeless Families In America Increase By 9 Percent 

News From Our Forums
New Orleans municipal failure
Latest Wikileaks Psyop Manoeuvre
Scientists Cite "Atmospheric River" for Near Continuous Rain
WikiLeaks Set To Reveal US-UFO War In Southern Ocean
California hit with massive outbreak of whooping cough
Not arks or fortresses but Cities of Light

Merry Christmas to all my doomer friends!
We're getting snow for a white Christmas here in the great state of Tennessee today and I wanted to post this early just in case we lose internet or (gasp!) power. Hope you all have a wonderful day with family and friends here in the real world, or out there in 'meatspace'. LOL
May pop in later after supper to add a few links if events call for it.
Again, have a great day and don't eat too much!

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