Friday, January 28, 2011

Breaking News Fri. Jan. 28, 2011

Egyptian protester shot in head by police
Guardian: Protests in Egypt - live updates

I'm posting early so that you can use the live feed linked below.
Live feed from Cairo
Financial News
EyesontheTies: Who Attends the Koch Brothers’ Conferences?
TheEconomist: Et in Arcadia ego
The suburban sunbelt is the scene of terrible poverty
BusinessInsider: 8 Reasons Why This So-Called Recovery Is Worse Than Any In History
Reuters: Paulson earned more than $5 billion in 2010: report
(Reuters) - Hedge fund manager John Paulson personally made more than $5 billion in profit in 2010, which may likely be the largest one-year earnings in investment history, the Wall Street Journal said.
RichmondTimesDispatch: China's new world order
CharlesHughSMith: The Big Squeeze: Predicting the Effects of Savings Extortion and Abuse of the Middle Class
TheEconomicCollapse: Warning Signs
MyBudget360: Federal Reserve openly aiming for inflation –
The Fed looks for a sequel in punishing the U.S. dollar and hopes to inflate debt and the middle class away.
Bloomberg: Merkel, Ackermann Feud Over Managing Sovereign Debt Crisis
DailyBail: People Begin Living Without Electricity And Water In California 
Squatters In Their Own Homes (Video)
CNNMoney: Credit card rates at record highs near 15%
Zerohedge: John Taylor On Whether The Next Market Move Will Be A Black Swan Or A White Crow

Peak oil and Energy News
YahooFinance: Exxon: Global gasoline demand to fall over 20 yrs
Exxon's annual outlook projects gains for natural gas and oil, declines for coal and gasoline.
GoldSeek: Welcome, ‘Peak Oil’

Environmental News
PublicIntegrity: Looting the Seas
ClimateProgress: Koch Industries promises to double money raised this weekend to advance pollutocrat agenda

Food and Water
ThisWeekinTruth: Pick Your Poison: The American Drinking Water Quality Crisis
FarmWars: USDA Vilsack Turns Unregulated GMO Alfalfa Loose on the Planet!

War, Conflict and Terrorism
TheEpochTimes: Thousands Protest in Yemen  
AlJazeera: Thousands protest in Jordan 
WashingtonPost: Live updates: Egypt protests on 'Angry Friday' #Jan28
Egyptian military joins riot police in the streets of Cairo
DemocracyNow:  Uprising in Egypt:
"This is the Biggest Political Challenge the Regime Has Yet to See From the Streets"
DemocracyNow: Egyptian American Activist:  Hillary Clinton Forgets to Mention Tear Gas, Tanks, Concussion Grenades Used Against Egyptian Protesters Are Made in the U.S.
Wired: Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS From Mobile Carrier
Cryptogon: Egypt: Internet Down, Police Counterterror Unit Deployed, In Suez, Weapons Looted and Turned on Police
IntelDaily: Dirty Work in the Balkans: NATO’s KLA Frankenstein
KAALtv: Threat Levels to Change Across the Nation
MotherJones: Why Military Spending Remains Untouchable
Telegraph: Police in Egypt shoot dead protester on third day of clashes
WashingtonPost: Israel quietly watches chaos unfolding around it
Guardian: Egyptian government 'on last legs' says ElBaradei
Exclusive: Mohamed ElBaradei says he is sending a message 'to the Guardian and to the world'
IntelDaily: Afghanistan: War Without End In A World Without Conscience
MailOnline: Egyptian protesters turn tables on police by forcing water cannons onto THEIR wagon
BusinessInsider: What's Happening In Egypt?

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance

RawStory: Documents reveal FBI transgressions, abuses of power

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Google censors peer-to-peer search terms

Medical and Health
RawStory: Republicans look to privatize Medicare


abcNews: Wikileaks Cyberattacks: FBI Executes More Than 40 Search Warrants Across US
Wired: FBI Knocks Down 40 Doors in Probe of Pro-WikiLeaks Attackers
BusinessInsider: WikiLeaks Spurs On Protests By Releasing New Egypt Corruption Cables

Other News
NYT: Ugandan Who Spoke Up for Gays Is Beaten to Death
“David’s death is a result of the hatred planted in Uganda by U.S. evangelicals in 2009,” Val Kalende, the chairwoman of one of Uganda’s gay rights groups, said in a statement. “The Ugandan government and the so-called U.S. evangelicals must take responsibility for David’s blood.”

RawStory: Tea party governor ‘will put bureaucrats to work getting GOP re-elected’
ModernSurvivorOnline: Rubbing Alcohol Heater

The Forums
Things are happening fast now, keep up with events by joining the forums linked below!
TinfoilPalace: Moody dark photography of the American protests, the homeless [...]
TinfoilPalace: The earth's magnetic field impacts climate: Danish study
TheOilAge: Documentary : Water - The great mystery
TheOilAge: Even the birds know to check out!
Hubberts-Arms: Thirteen-year-old in Pennsylvania could face life in prison
Hubberts-Arms: Rep. Steve King: Citizen Spy Networks to be Given Immunity

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