Friday, January 14, 2011

Breaking News Friday Jan 14, 2011

Important report concerning the coming food shortages
AmericanDream: Price Shocks, Food Shortages And Global Economic Riots In 2011?

Financial News
BusinessInsider: CHART OF THE DAY: How The US Could Lose Its AAA Status By The End Of 2011
Taxpayers may once again have to support failing financial firms based on gut instinct alone.
“In the future we may have to do exceptional things again if we face a shock that large,” Geithner said, according to the report. “You just don’t know what’s systemic and what’s not until you know the nature of the shock."

Peak oil and Energy News
Among policy-makers and pundits, there is a surfeit of "magic bullet" thinking -- the desire to solve huge problems with a single, top-down solution. No wonder the world is in such a mess.
EnergyandCapital: Peak Oil is Past Tense
Exxon, Shell, and Aramco Admit the Peak is Real
Global oil demand growth will accelerate next year, while non-OPEC production will remain flat, driving oil prices to an average $99 a barrel, the U.S. government said on Tuesday in its first energy forecast for 2012.
Yesterday, the Environmental Protection Agency vetoed the largest mountaintop removal mining permit in the history of West Virginia, and one that has been at the heart of these new coalfield wars for a decade.
SydneyMorningHerald: Death toll reaches 16 - some flood victims may never be found, say police 

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
The AP noticed something troubling in Michael Vickers’ response to the Senate Armed Services Committee questions on his nomination to be Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence: the government did not include descriptions of its cyberwar activities in the quarterly report on clandestine activities.
Rep McCarthy tells TPM "momentum seems to be building" for her high-capacity clip ban

MSN: Global food chain stretched to the limit
Soaring prices spark fears of social unrest in developing world
The accused Tucson killer isn't the only one who has a love affair with alternative realities.

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