Monday, January 31, 2011

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Uncontacted Amazonian tribe members living in Brazil, near the Peruvian border. 
Photograph: Gleilson Miranda/Funai/Survival//PA

Just wanted to say something. You know, civilization could just completely disappear from the face of the earth and the people in those tribes would never know it, they would never know we had ever existed. LOL Kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it?  
Wildlife and the world's last uncontacted tribe both at risk as Mennonites turn Chaco forest into prairie-style farmlands

Revolution in Egypt
TheTelegraph: Egypt crisis: country braced for 'march of a million'
A "march of a million" against the Egyptian regime has been called for Tuesday in Alexandria after one was announced in Cairo and all train services were cancelled, an aide to dissident Mohamed ElBaradei said.
OneIndia: Egyptians serve ultimatum on Mubarak to leave by Friday
 AlJ: The Syrians are watching
In the tea shops and internet cafes of Damascus, Syrians are asking what events in Egypt may mean for them.
MotherJones: Continued police brutality in Cairo:
Egypt: "I Saw an Old Woman Shot in the Face"
TheNation: Who's Behind Egypt's Revolt?
Contrary to some media reports, a fairly well organized movement is emerging to take charge in Egypt.

Financial News

Peak oil and Energy News
(Reuters) - The Midwest braced for a massive winter storm on Monday that could bring over 18 inches of snow and strong winds making travel virtually impossible.
NPR: Monster Storm Prediction Has Midwest 'Freaking Out'

Food and Water
ABC: Organic Panic: Obama Administration Green Lights Mutant Alfalfa
USDA Deregulation of Genetically Modified Hay Threatens Organic Foods, Critics Say
RT: Nuclear Iran: 'US & Israel won't stop our enrichment program'

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
TheEconomicCollapse: The Internet Kill Switch – One Of The Favorite New Tools Of Tyrannical Governments All Over The Globe

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Viking sagas were true: 'Sunstone' navigation works Vikings' crystal clear method of navigation

Medical and Health
CBSNews: WikiLeaks' Julian Assange, Pt. 1 
This year, gun-rights advocates hope to push Arizona to the top of the list by passing a "Firearms Omnibus" bill that would make Arizona the second state in the nation to require universities and communities to allow guns on campus and one of 10 that permit guns inside public government buildings such as the state Capitol.

The Forums
Good to have Silent Country back online! Yeah!
TinfoilPalace: How the Internet refused to abandon Egypt: Authorities take entire country offline... but hackers rally to get the message out


  1. Hi PA
    Like your art work, you have an unusual perspective. I made a comment about understanding islam in an earlier post. I enjoy your site and appreciate the work to put this together. I am a peak oiler and stumbled across this looking for something similar post LATOC takedown. I have been exposed to islam through family members and coworkers and have come to the sad realization that if they were in the majority we would have sharia law and our society would look like any other predominately muslim country. Persecution of Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, Adulterers, etc. with little consideration for freedom of conscience. The violent acts of islamic fundamentalism are global. There will be no peaceful coexistence with islam. Free speech is rapidly becoming a thing of the past in europe. It is now illegal in Sweden, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands to say or write something considered offensive to a religion. The truthfulness of your statement is not a consideration. People are now charged with crimes because they criticised verses in the koran, amoung other things. I can send the links if you like.

  2. hey Nate and thank you for such a well thought out comment.
    I understand what you mean about religion if it had it's way would make our lives miserable. I was in the fundamentalist movement and the hard core ones are pretty much the same way.
    I don't know what's ever going to become of us humans. We don't seem to learn do we?
    anyway, thanks again Nate, I do appreciate your comments. Oh, here's some food for thought. A man in one of the forums said something about it being either China or Russia that instigated the protests in the middle east, and, if you think about it, seems like they would have the most to gain by stirring things up over there.
    something else I think about too, you know, if Mubarak hadn't treated his people so badly, maybe it wouldn't have come to this. You can't brutalize and torture people forever and get away with it. So many pieces to this puzzle I don't know if we'll ever get it all put together in time.

    thanks again Nate!


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