Saturday, January 22, 2011

Breaking News Sat. Jan. 22, 2011

Since the weekends are kind of slow as far as news goes, I thought it would be nice to put up a couple documentaries over the weekend to go with the news and give us something to watch. I found this one last night and, although it was made in 2005-2006, it really is kind of creepy to watch. There is a lot of good information in it about debt and the underhanded methods used to trap people. The last part is very interesting. About the bill that got passed just in time to keep people from being able to declare bankruptcy and get out from under their debt. Really makes it look like they knew what was coming and wanted to make sure they still got as much money as possible.
Oh, an interesting thing someone said in the film, that  poor people were the most likely to pay their bills. LOL
That was cool.
Anyway, enjoy the film!

In Debt We Trust

Financial News
WSJ: Number of the Week: Americans Dipping Into Savings!
AJC: Bankruptcy as a means of halting foreclosure, for a moment
WSJ: FTC Settles Charges On Marketers' Debt-Relief Claims
DailyPress: The godfather of usury in Virginia
GlobalGlassOnion: week ending Jan 22 a summary of this week's financial news. 
there is an unbelievable amount of information posted on the blog above. I mean...WOW! 
ZeroHedge: Stunner: Gold Standard Fully Supported By... Alan Greenspan!?
DailyReckoning: China’s US Assets Fall With the Dollar
CharlesHughSmith: China's Runaway Chariot A recent comparison of food prices in Boston and Beijing found that China is now more expensive than the US.
ZeroHedge: EUR Shorts Crucified, And The Fun Is Not Done Yet As Specs Expect Food Price Surge To Persist, Further Curve Steepening
DylanRatigan: The Fed Works... for Chinese Workers
DailyReckoning: Stealth Symbolism, and a Rare Earths Update
Telegraph: Dubai may have to knock down buildings constructed during boom
Dubai built so much property during its boom years that it may have to start knocking some of it down again, a new report has warned.

Peak oil and Energy News
Bloomberg: OPEC Pressured to Lift Output as African, Asian Oil Tops $100
TheOilDrum: Renewables Won't Keep the Lights On

War, Conflict and Terrorism
Wired : New Navy Jammer Could Invade Networks, Nuke Sites
upi: Is Cairo the next Tunis?

Environmental News
HuffingtonPost: Two Suns? Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012
the above article is already getting "debunked" see link below, decide for yourself.
FoxNews: Dying Star Betelgeuse Won't Explode in 2012, Experts Say
Cryptogon: 10,000 Cattle Dead In Vietnam: Cows, Buffalo Part Of Mass Die-Off
AuburnPub: 55 buffalo die mysteriously on southern Cayuga County farm
Telegraph: The World is sinking: Dubai islands 'falling into the sea'

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
MercuryNews: Judge in Bey trial says 'Orwellian' surveillance not a privacy violation

Science and Technology
Wired: Video: Explorer Recounts Deepest-Ever Ocean Expedition

Food and Water 
Bloomberg: Monsanto Alfalfa Backed by Farm-Panel Republicans
BusinessInsider: MAP OF THE DAY: What If Everything You Know About Food Inflation Is Wrong?
Grist: The ‘food bubble’ is bursting, says Lester Brown, and biotech won’t save us
Reuters: USDA politicizes biocrop rules, say top lawmakers
TreeHugger: Keep Monsanto Out of Your Garden this Spring
Grist: Monsanto’s latest farmwashing ad campaign debuts

Medical and Health
HuffingtonPost: The Key to Happiness: A Taboo for Adults?

Other News
CNN: China-sponsored language programs in U.S. raise concerns, hopes
the below story is just...well, you read it and see what you think.
SFGate: Deadly Ca. hit-and-run ends with man beaten by mob
Don'tTreadOnMe: Beware Of The Patriot Pied Pipers

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