Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Breaking News Wed. Jan. 19, 2011

Have to make today's post short. Got to go to town. 

Financial News
CNN: Even budget deficits are bigger in Texas
BBC: Rubbish sold in Greece's hardtimes bazaar (aka flea market)
McClatchy: Think China has a big stake in U.S. business? Not yet
Cryptogon: What Is Plan B if China Dumps Its U.S. Debt?
Energy&Capital: You Are the Dumb Money
ChrisMartenson: Daily Digest 1/19 - U.S. Debt Crisis, More Airline Fees, Greece Denies Seeking Repayment Extension
BusinessInsider: The 15 Costliest Financial And Political Risks That Could Wreck The Global Economy

War, Conflict and Terrorism

myfoxny: Suspicious Package In Midtown Bank
BusinessInsider: There Is A Suspicious Package At An Israeli-Owned Midtown Bank
CBC: JTF2 command 'encouraged' war crimes, soldier alleges
ForeignPolicy: Seymour Hersh unleashed 
Hersh: Many Within Joint Special Operations Command Are, “Members of, or at least supporters of, Knights of Malta.”
RawStory: FBI: Bomb placed at MLK Day parade was ‘domestic terrorism’
abcNews: MLK Parade Pipe Bomb: Race Connection 'Inescapable', FBI Says
Parade Rerouted After Workers Discovered Backpack With Explosives in Spokane, Wash.; Suspects 'Armed and Dangerous', FBI Says
khq: REAKING NEWS FIRST ON KHQ.COM: Another Suspicious Package Found In Downtown Spokane
ForeignPolicy: The Next Tunisias
Five Arab states that are ripe for revolution.

Environmental News
BBC: Australia floods: Victoria town residents told to flee

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance

Cryptogon: Not The Onion: NSA Turns to Smart Phones for Recruitment
ModernSurvivalOnline: New non-lethal government device (blinding light!)
CNN: A monster returns to Haiti

Food and Water
BlackListedNews: Domino’s Pizza Receives $12 Million Government Bailout
While Experts Warn of Global Food Riots
DIYLife: Cooking Spray - Unusual Uses

Medical and Health
ABC: Suicides Still A Problem for U.S. Army
Drop in Active Duty Suicides Offset By Big Jump in National Guard and Reserve Suicides
UPI: More states join suit against health law
NPR: How Olive Oil And Ibuprofen Can Make You Want To Cough
PBS: H1N1 Gives Clues to Universal Flu Vaccine
Researchers found that the 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza produced antibodies that provide protection from several flu strains.

Other News
msnbc: Report: Giffords may leave hospital on Friday
WashingtonPost: Joe Lieberman to retire in 2012
ForeignPolicy: Obama and Hu grip and grin; Mullen’s wife collapses
CNN: Pet ferret eats seven fingers of baby boy

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