Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday, Jan. 2, 2011

 The Royal Lizard Emporium Is More Scared Than You Are
 thanks to roccman at TheOilAge forum!
Financial News
ForeignPolicy: Greed Is Global
USAToday: Obama aide: Refusal to raise debt ceiling would be 'catastrophic'
FoxNews: White House Warns Failure to Raise Debt Ceiling Would Mean Economic 'Crisis'
Reuters: Euro has 1-in-5 chance of lasting decade: UK think-tank
Bloomberg: China to Stop Subsidies to Vehicle Buyers in Rural Areas Starting Jan. 1
IstockAnalyst: LMAO: US Government Fails Audit--GAO Can't Render Opinion On Bogus US Financial Statements
ZeroHedge: Observations On The Latest Debt "Inflection Point", And Why Bernanke Has At Most 5 Months In Which To Announce QE3

ZeroHedge: Sailing to Disastrium: What’s Past, Passing, or Yet to Come
FinancialArmageddon: Here We Are

Peak Oil and Energy News
WSJ: UPDATE:President Rousseff Says Pre-Salt Oil Is Brazil's 'Passport To Future'
WashingtonPost: SUVs lead U.S. auto sales growth despite efforts to improve fuel efficiency
OilPrice: Massive Natural Gas Field Found of Israel’s Coast (check out the map)
Bloomberg: Iraq to Sign Contract This Month to Develop Akkas Gas Field, Official Says

War and Conflict
cnn: Israel reports hitting targets in Gaza
ForeighPolicy: The zombie war in Afghanistan
Bloomberg: Egypt Detains 17 People After Bomb Kills 21 at Church, Al Jazeera Reports
PopularMechanics: What a War Between China and the United States Would Look Like
CNN: Iran claims it shot down 'Western spy planes'
Reuters: Iran says shot down two spy planes in Gulf: report
Bloomberg: Israeli Troops Shoot and Kill Palestinian at Army Checkpoint in West Bank

Environmental News
Reuters: Now coastal Queensland braces for 30-foot flood waters
Floods that have inundated 22 Australian towns and forced more than 200,000 from their homes headed toward the northeast coast on New Year's Day, forcing further evacuations and warnings of 30-ft flood waters.
ScientificAmerican: Transocean tries to stop another Horizon probe
Guardian: Dead birds fall from sky in Arkansas
US wildlife experts are trying to find out why thousands of dead birds fell from the sky over an Arkansas town
BBC: Australia floods: New storm forecast for Queensland

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
TheTelegraph: China makes Skype illegal
Cracked: 6 Secret Monopolies You Didn't Know Run the World
RawStory: Judge warns of ‘Orwellian state’ in warrantless GPS tracking case

CNET: Report: FBI seizes server in probe of WikiLeaks attacks

Food and Water
CNN: Report: Foot-and-mouth disease spreading in South Korea

Other News

WSJ: Housing Pain Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor in Florida
ZeroHedge: Niall Ferguson Video Lecture - "Empires On The Verge Of Chaos"
RawStory: New Jersey Governor claims no responsibility for certain snowed-in citizens
CNN: Navy opens investigation into raunchy videos
Cracked: 6 Amazingly Intelligent Animals (That Will Creep You Out)

News From Our Forums
For great conversation on current events, check out the forums linked below!

TheTinfoilPalace:Thousands of birds fall dead from sky in Arkansas (and other places too, being discussed in this forum thread)
Hubberts-Arms: Australia has unearthed a network of pedophiles who abuse their own children
Hubberts-Arms: Central Falls, Rhode Island teachers face renewed attacks
TinfoilPalace: World Airline Traffic (24-Hour Time Lapse) AMAZING!!!
TheOilAge: Moving to New Zealand
SilentCountry: Should we be preparing for World Wide Food Shortages right now?
TheSurvivalPodcast: Cloud Computing a Trap?

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