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Egypt,  Revolution and the Middle East
Been waiting for him to say he's leaving for hours now, doesn't look like he's going to though.

Reuters: Egypt army to act if protesters refuse handover plan: report
(Reuters) - Egypt's army will act if protesters refuse a plan of transferring power from President Hosni Mubarak to Vice President Omar Suleiman, Al Arabiya television said Thursday, citing sources. It gave no further details.
Ok, I'll try and find some links but damn, that was an awful speech. Crowd is pissed off , holding up their shoes and chanting. They were not amused. 
No telling what will happen now. I'll post anything new as it develops later. Mubarak seemed in his speech to just care about himself and how he was going to look to others. Talked about him being the people's father and how they were like his children. How utterly patronizing, that's the sort of thing that makes people furious.
well, good luck to the people, they are going to need it.

Links below are from earlier today.
CNN: Workers' strikes lend vigor to Egypt's demonstrations
BusinessInsider: Mubarak Is About To Give Up Power According To Multiple Reports
Aljazeera: Workers to continue Egypt strikes 
Aljazeera: Why Egypt's progressives win
Suleiman considers the business fraternity friendly, but it is the nation's women and youth who are driving the unrest.
BBC: Egypt protests: Hosni Mubarak 'may be stepping down'
ModernSurvivalBlog: Marine Landing Force, Ismailia Egypt
Wired: Wael Ghonim Rejoins Egypt’s ‘Internet Revolution’ Amid Reports Mubarak Will Leave
JTA: Op-Ed: American Jews must regain focus on Middle East

Financial News
CharlesHughSmith: We Don't Need No Stinkin' Jobs (in the U.S.)
Global Corporate America has decoupled from the American middle class; its interests are now international rather than domestic.
Cryptogon: When Wal-Mart Metastasizes, Neighborhoods Get Poorer
BusinessInsider: Why Americans Are Awful Savers
CBSNews: Michele Bachmann: China's Hu is "Your Daddy"
TheAtlantic: China Begins to Worry about Fannie and Freddie Bonds
MSNBC: Warsh says he will leave Fed at the end of March 
CharlesHughSmith: Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham, Phase II
ZeroHedge: Prominent Chinese Economist Advises Country To Sell Its $500 Billion In GSE Holdings Before QE2 Ends
MyBudget360: Financialization Era
how banking welfare captured our economy and ravaged the wealth of the working and middle class. Building profits through financial debt leverage.
TheDailyBail: Milton Friedman On Greed - Phil Donahue Show (1979) 
(sums up our problem nicely)

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Texas Electricity Blackouts Enabled by Feedback Loops; Reliance on Competition
ReutersAfrica: Putin pressures Russian oils to pump, hold prices
Bloomberg: IEA Raises Oil Demand Forecast, OPEC Sees No Supply Shortage
WorldTribune: Cable: Saudis exaggerated crude oil reserves; Output seen peaking in 2012
Huliq: Oil Futures Rise Sharply on Rumors of Saudi King Abdullah's Death
MyStateLine: Rumor Of Saudi King's Death Untrue

Environmental News
HuffingtonPost: Hydraulic Fracturing, 'Fracking,' Banned In Buffalo, NY
NYT: Ancient Crash, Epic Wave (older article but worth reading anyway)
LunarMeteoriteHunters: Italia Super Bolide Fireball Meteor 8FEB2011
Italy Superbolide Fireball Meteor 23:24:00UT 8FEB2011
Meteorites Produced But They Landed Where?
WeatherBug: Record Low Temperatures All Across New Mexico
VOANews: Southern Africa May Face Worst Flooding in Decades
Arirang: Growing Fears in Japan As 2 Volcanoes Erupt Again
Reuters: Russia poised to breach mysterious Antarctic lake (they did not make it, they had to quit but I wanted to post this story from just a couple days ago and the following story that came out today)
(Reuters) - For 15 million years, an icebound lake has remained sealed deep beneath Antarctica's frozen crust, possibly hiding prehistoric or unknown life. Now Russian scientists are on the brink of piercing through to its secrets.
PopSci: With 30 Meters Left to Drill, Scientists Leave Subterranean Lake Vostok For The Winter, Amid Controversy
Russian team investigating the Antarctic lake isolated for 14 million years may have polluted it as they left
BBC: Government vets investigate five swans' deaths (Is h5n1 spreading? Or is it something else?)Government veterinary officers are working to establish how five swans died in the County Down area.

Food and Water
Bloomberg: China Wheat Drought May Last to Spring, Minister Says
Bloomberg: UN Sees Risk of ‘Widespread’ Hoarding, Wheat Gains 
Attempter: The Revolution of Food (Much thanks to our good friends at Global Glass Onion for this story!)
MyBudget360: The Food Bubble – the financial cost of feeding the world.
Feeding 219,000 more people every night. Wheat prices up 8 percent for the year.
TreeHugger: Quick-Growing Vegetables for the Impatient Gardener
TreeHugger: Top Ten Most Nutritious Vegetables and How to Grow Them in Your Garden
Post-Gazette: City establishes rules for urban farms

War, Conflict and Terrorism
Reuters: Boy suicide bomber kills 31 at Pakistan army 
ForeignPolicy: Contractor deaths surpass U.S. military losses in both Iraq and Afghanistan
RawStory: Man says ex-CIA agent Posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing
InformationClearingHouse: Karzai confirms US seeking permanent Afghan bases

CNN: WikiLeaks defector blasts Assange in book

Medical and Health
BeforeItsNews: Is That Morgellons In The NY.Snow?

Science and Technology
PopSci: New Evidence That Life On Earth Was Forged in Outer Space

Other News
Informant'e: Man sues villagers over ‘mysterious’ creature link 
Reuters: Explosion and fire level houses in Allentown, PA
Metro: Ladyboy flight attendants recruited by new airline
New Thai airline PC Air is recruiting transsexual ladyboys as flight attendants, making it the first Thailand-based airline to do so.
PatriotFreedom: Strange Caller, Earthquakes, & and a Near Earth Object 
MotherJones: Afghanistan's Burned Brides
A hospital tries to save women who've set themselves ablaze. And a prosecutor tries to get them justice.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Pole Shift Safe Locations
TinfoilPalace: Prince Charles Has Alzheimers!!
TheOilAge: False flag alert!!
TheOilAge: Corn prices soar, China imports to be 9 times the expected
Hubberts-Arms: "treat incitement seriously or expect more Gabrielle Gifford killing sprees.”
Hubberts-Arms: Rep. Steve King: Citizen Spy Networks to be Given Immunity
SilentCountry: US-bound oil tanker hijacked
SilentCountry: Doomsday 2036

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