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Breaking News Tues. Feb. 22, 2011

Urgent, please pray for Christchurch and Canterbury, NZ
As you know, there has been another terrible quake in New Zealand. We have many friends there and over at Tinfoil Palace, you can follow the thread started by the forum owner Emeline who lives there with her elderly father. Keep them all in your thoughts and prayers today.
From Emeline. 
Around about 12.50 today I was about to cover my latest batch of beetroot relish in my father’s kitchen when I heard the two Border Collies in the lounge growling. I thought, that’s odd and yelled out at them, “why are you two growling?”.
Next minute this massive quake struck. I thought, OMG, not 4 September all over again! The house was violently shaking and rocking. It was absolutely terrifying. I managed to back up and get myself in the doorway between the kitchen and the lounge. It was maybe a minute but you know it feels like eternity. The lights were swinging madly, kitchen implements were being thrown all around, the house was swaying….. I just hung onto the walls and prayed and hoped it would stop and I would live. When it did finally stop my heart was pounding and racing so hard I was afraid I would have a heart attack or something. I don’t think I could get my heart rate down for half an hour. I just couldn’t stop myself from trembling.
Also, as always, I'd like to thank our good friend rj over at the Global Glass Onion for the links this morning! Make sure to check out his excellent blog! And now for the news! :D

Middle East Turmoil
Wired: Desperate Qaddafi Bombs Protesters, Blocks Internet
Burned to Death for Not Shooting Protesters in Libya  (Graphic Video) 
Bloomberg: Qaddafi Defies Rebels Amid Reports of Bodies on Tripoli Streets
TheAtlantic: China: Not Quite a Revolution
There has been a lot written in the past 24 hours about China's still-born "Jasmine Revolution," and I agree with those commentators who feel the chances of an Egypt-style revolution are very remote -- at least in the short term.
TheDailyBail: Gaddafi: "I Am Still In Libya; I Will Stay To Fight The Dogs" (Video)
Reuters: Egypt tells embassies to seek Mubarak asset freeze
(Reuters) - Egypt's foreign ministry on Tuesday told its embassies in the Arab world and Western countries to seek a freeze on the assets of former President Hosni Mubarak and his family, the ministry said.

 TheAtlantic: Picture of the Day: Qaddafi's American-Jet-Crushing Golden Fist Sculpture

Financial News
CNN: Pro-union website blocked in Wisconsin state Capitol
Max Keiser on Revolts: Americans Joining Middle East Uprising Trend
(thanks to Mangrove over at Hubberts-Arms for this video link) 

DeclineoftheEmpire: Inequality, Debt And The Financial Crisis
NakedCapitalism: Ugly Out There! The Shanghai Index fell 2.6% overnight. 
MikeElk: Madison Area AFL CIO Votes to Prepare For General Strike
NakedCapitalism: How to Foreclose on Your Bank
FinancialSense: Prove The Mayan’s Right: Address Structural Economic Problems With Chicanery
ZeroHedge: Stratfor's Geopolitical Intelligence Guidance For The Week Of February 20, 2011
CNNMoney: Income inequality in America How the rich became the über rich
TheAmericanDream: Government Shutdown 2011? 5 Reasons Why It Wouldn’t Really Matter Either Way

Peak Oil and Energy News
FastCompany: Solar Power Comes to Saudi Arabia in a Big Way as Peak Oil Looms
Reuters: US STOCKS-Futures drop on Libya unrest, oil soars
Bloomberg: Corn Jumps to 31-Month High as Oil Climbs, Boosting Biofuel
DeclineoftheEmpire: Oil And The Revolt In Libya — What If?
Libya is one of the smaller oil exporters in OPEC. They were producing 1.65 million barrels per day in 2010 (through October) according to EIA data. However, the very serious political upheaval in this North African country poses a genuine threat to that production.
Gregor.us: Spare Capacity Theory
TheCapitalSpectator: Strategic Briefing | 2.22.2011 | Libya: Oil & Political Crisis
Environmental News
NZHerald: Huge quake strikes Canterbury 
CNN: Gadhafi speaks as world leaders discuss Libya's future
CBSNews: Earthquake in New Zealand kills at least 65, traps scores
TheExtinctionProtocol: 6.3 quake strikes South Island of New Zealand

HeraldSun: Live coverage, thanks to JohnLudi at the forums for the link.
ExtinctionProtocol: High tide destroys 400 homes along coast of Angola
FT.com: Scientists warn of $2,000bn solar ‘Katrina’
APHosted: NZ earthquake causes ice to break off glacier

Food and Water
TheExtinctionProtocol: Natural disasters spawn food crisis in North Korea  
FarmWars: Monsanto Shifts ALL Liability to Farmers
Bloomberg: Farmers Can't Meet Demand as Corn Stocks Drop to 1974 Low
FarmandRanchFreedom: Researcher: Roundup or Roundup-Ready Crops May Be Causing Animal Miscarriages and Infertility
DailyMail: An unrecognisable world: Global population of 9billion will compete for food supplies in 2050
Mankind will need to produce as much food in the next 40 years as in the last 8,000
TheCitizen: Acute food shortage reported in Pemba
The situation is said to have persisted now for about five months as the villagers had not been able to harvest anything from their farms due to a prolonged drought.

War Conflict And Terrorism
Bloomberg: Arrested US official is actually CIA contractor
WASHINGTON (AP) — An American jailed in Pakistan for the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA and scouting a neighborhood when he was arrested, a disclosure likely to further frustrate U.S. government efforts to free the man and strain relations between two countries partnered in a fragile alliance in the war on terror.
Bloomberg: Iran Warships Enter Suez Canal, Egypt's State-Run MENA Says
Reuters: Iran navy ships pass through Suez heading for Syria
(Reuters) - Two Iranian naval ships passed through Egypt's Suez Canal into the Mediterranean on Tuesday heading for Syria, a source at the canal authority said, a move certain to anger Israel.
BlackListedNews: "CIA spy" Davis was giving nuclear bomb material to Al-Qaeda, says report

Police State, Big Brother and Surveillance
Now they have a taser shotgun!

Science and Technology News
ScientificAmerican: Glory in the Sky:
New Satellite Set to Monitor the Sun and Reflected Heat to Determine Climate Effects
Just how the sun's cycles of activity and Earth's atmospheric particles influence our climate is unclear, but NASA's Glory mission should provide some answers

Medical and Health
TheTelegraph: Millions of high blood pressure patients are wrongly diagnosed
Patients suspected of having high blood pressure will in future be sent home with a monitor for 24 hours because millions of people are being wrongly diagnosed with the condition due to waiting room nerves.
DailyMail: Life of crime begins at three for some children, scientists claim after disturbing traits identified
EndGadget: Cornell University scientists use 3D printer to engineer human ear made of silicone

Other News
Jadaliyya: What if the Egyptian Protesters were Democrats?
ModernSurvivalOnline: EastCoastPatriot’s Preparedness Seminar

News From the Forums
TinfoilPalace: Loose Christian movement says End of Days is in May
TinfoilPalace: Do you Think, Monsanto Knew all Along.......??
TheOilAge: Congressman Hank Johnson's Thinks Guam Will Capsize
TheOilAge: If Saudi Arabia falls...
Hubberts-Arms: Son of Iran opposition leader Karoubi arrested
Hubberts-Arms: Mom to crooked Judge: "Rot in hell, scumbag!"
SilentCountry: March 4: Gov't Shutdown? Ready?
SilentCountry: So, We Have Only Six Months of Oil Left... Any Last Words?

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