Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend Documentary and Breaking News! Sat. Feb. 12, 2011

This weekend's documentary is "The Edwardian Farm". Hope you all enjoy this one!
Such good information and it gives us some good advice too. Diversify, diversify, diversify. LOL I like that.

Breaking News, Odds and Ends, in no particular order!
I'll be popping in and out today as I find good news items for us. Gotta get a painting done and want to get the documentary up for us to watch. 
ABCNews: Strong Quake Jolts Chile; Magnitude 6.8
Magnitude-6.8 earthquake shakes Chile near spot of last year's devastating quake
CBS: Strong Earthquake Jolts Chile
Magnitude-6.8 Temblor Centered Near Exact Same Spot as Last Year's Devastating Quake; No Reports of Injuries or Damage
CBS: Ex-Scientologist Haggis Speaks Out on "Cult"
WUWM: Walker Says National Guard could Respond to Unrest, as State Employees Learn of his Budget Proposal
BerkeleyDailyPlanet: America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War (News Analysis)

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