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Here is a link to a study on passports and who has them in the US.  I don't have one myself and was just surprised at the number of people who do! LOL CreativeClass: America’s Great Passport Divide
It's from our friend rj. check out his weekly wrap up today at Global Glass Onion.
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This is from Chris Maven's Blog, thank you for the information.
Dangers, Properties, possible Uses and Methods of Purification of radioactively contaminated (drinking) Water (e.g. in Japan)

 NewScientist: Fukushima radioactive fallout nears Chernobyl levels
Guardian: Japanese nuclear officials fear crack in reactor core
Possible damage at Fukushima nuclear power plant could cause leak of high levels of radiation

VOA: Japanese Workers Hospitalized for Excessive Radiation Exposure
Bloomberg: Nuclear Power Runs Amok: Laurence Kotlikoff and Eugene Stanley  
TheEconomist: Japan's hydra-headed disaster
Some natural disasters change history. Japan’s tsunami could be one
RawStory: Workers exposed to 10,000 times safe radiation: Japan
FinancialSense: The Insidious Effects of Japan's Disaster
Bloomberg: Evacuation Ordered at Japan Plant After Radiation Burns (1) 
WSJ: Behind Reactor Battle, a Legion of Grunts  
WSJ: Japan Nuclear Plans Derailed, Fossil Fuel Use To Stay High For Years
TOKYO (Dow Jones)--Japan's need for fossil fuels to power its economy is likely to be higher than many have forecast, and will remain so for years ahead, as rising fears about radiation and caution by the nation's utilities are derailing nuclear plant restarts and future construction plans. 
AlArabia: Japan’s crime networks, among 1st with relief supplies
CNN: Japan live blog: South Korea, China ban some Japan food imports
Bloomberg: Reactor Core May Be Breached at Damaged Fukushima Plant

Global Conflict
Guardian: Syrian people outraged over government shootings in DaraaHuman rights groups say that more than 100 people may have been killed when troops opened fire on a mosque
OilPrice: A Big Pot of Gold in Libya Could Finance Gadhafis Long War
Guardian: Portugal's borrowing costs hit new high after ratings agency downgrades debt
S&P cuts Portugal's debt rating two notches to BBB and keeps it on negative watch
BusinessInsider: Activists Say Egypt Tortured Protesters And Performed "Virginity Tests" On Unmarried Women
StrategyPage: Yemen: Waiting For Someone To Blink 
NYT: U.A.E. Commits Planes to Enforcing Libya No-Fly Zone 
BBC: Zimbabwe MDC minister Theresa Makoni 'fears arrest'One of the ministers in charge of Zimbabwe's police has told the BBC she is in hiding for fear she would be arrested as part of a state plot. 

Financial News
ZeroHedge: IMF Prepares For "Threat To International Monetary System"

EconomicPolicyInstitute: Top 5% holds more than half of the country’s wealth

J.A.GouldWorld: The Dominoes Are Lining Up, Again 
Mish: Ireland 10-Year Bond Spread Hits Record; 
Portugal's Government Collapsed; Portuguese 5-Year Yields Hit Record 8.2%; Death by 1000 Cuts
AHN: Massive protests over austerity, reforms before EU begins summit
Bloomberg: Morgan Stanley’s Deep Secret Now Is Revealed
LewRockwell: Crony Capitalism Strikes AgainHow the Federal Reserve is juicing speculators... again
FutureImperative: Toyota Has Warned Her U.S. Plants -- Prepare to Shut Down
FinancialSense: The Federal Reserve Is Selling Paper Gold and Buying Physical Gold
The good ole "American way"—through proxies 

CNNMoney: Nuclear industry shielded from big disaster costs - who gets stuck with the bill?
(Hint: It's not just the nuclear industry that pays...)The industry is only responsible for the first $12 billion in damages, and private insurance does not cover nuclear accidents.
BusinessInsider: The Stock Market Is In A State Of Denial
TheOilDrum: WSJ, Financial Times Raise Issue of Oil Prices Causing Recession 
BlackListedNews: How Can America Create Wealth If Our Industrial Base Is Destroyed? 
50,000 Manufacturing Jobs Have Been Lost Every Month Since 2001
BusinessPundit: 10 Things You Can Do to Prepare for Economic Collapse
(many a truth is spoken in jest)
TheEconomist: America's recovery One damn thing after another 
Economix: Liberals on Social Security Reform

Peak oil and Energy News

VancouverSun: Decision to sell off nuclear agency puts Canada at risk:
The Conservative government's decision to sell off its nuclear agency may put Canada and other countries at risk, the association representing its engineers and scientists warned Monday.
OilPrice: Russia's Image as Energy Superpower Benefitting from Middle East Crisis
OilPrice: Thorium: The Future of Nuclear Energy?
RenewableEnergyWorld: Peak Oil Risk in Muni Bonds
Bargain hunters looking for opportunities in muni bonds should be mindful of peak oil.
Science: Peak Oil Production May Already Be Here
(requires subscription to read entire article, drat.)
TheCapitalSpectator: Strategic Briefing | 3.25.2011 | Inflation & Oil Prices
USAToday: Proposed U.S.-Canada oil pipeline fuels debate

Environmental News
BBC: Burma earthquake: More than 60 killed

Elephant Vascetomy (found on Wired News)

WashingtonPost: Initial loss of well control doomed Deepwater 

NOAA: Sulfur Dioxide Plume Erupts from Vanuatu Volcano 
 RawStory: Over 25 killed in Myanmar quake: officials
IntelHub: Yellow Rain Falls In Tokyo? Pollen Excuse Exact Same As Chernobyl Yellow Rain Lie
(Just an observation, but what would the pollen be coming from? From the pictures I'm seeing, there is snow on the ground with sub-freezing temps. what would be blooming?)
ThinkQuest: Ozone Depletion-Effects

DeclineoftheEmpire: Playing God With The Environment 

Scientists call it "geoengineering," but in plain speak, it means things like this: blasting tons of sulfate particles into the sky to reflect sunlight away from Earth; filling the ocean with iron filings to grow plankton that will suck up carbon; even dimming sunlight with space shades.
NOAA: NOAA says GOP’s proposed satellite funding cuts could halve accuracy of precipitation forecasts

Food and Water

Bloomberg: Pork Rally Fails to Spur Hog-Farm Expansion as Feed Costs Gain

America in Decline
In case you missed this one.
YahooFinance: The New Robber Barons: All Politicians "In the Hands of the Super Wealthy," Sachs Says
(make sure you watch the video.)
ClimateProgress: The casualties of creationism are the nation’s children
Interview with the authors of Evolution, Creationism, and the Battle to Control America's Classrooms

FDL: GOP War on Labor Goes Federal; Bill Will Hamper Unions’ Ability to Strike, Organize
RawStory: Florida Senate panel approves plan to drug test welfare recipients
(this would be fair if all recipients of fed or state money were tested. i.e. politician, people receiving grants, farmers getting subsidies, businesses getting tax breaks, etc...then, it would be fair)
NYTOpinionPages: America’s Superiority Complex

TruthOut: Buried Provision in House GOP Bill Would Cut Off Food Stamps to Entire Families if One Member Strikes
Wired: Anthrax Redux: Did the Feds Nab the Wrong Guy? 
Alternet: 6 Sadistic State Laws Conservatives Are Trying to Ram ThroughWe’re talking about true legislative sadists looking to go medieval on America. 

Science and Technology
GizMag: Nanocomposite material gets stronger when stressed

CSMonitor: With Harry Houdini doodle, Google has a curious new patent up its sleeve
ScientificAmerican: People Were Chipping Stone Tools in Texas More Than 15,000 Years Ago
A collection of thousands of stone artifacts supports the theory that established human groups were spreading across North America long before Clovis technology emerged 
Alternet: The New York Times' $50 Million Paywall Crumbles With Simple Code Exploit
After spending such a hefty sum, Times executives might be a little more than peeved that a simple Javascript exploit has been found that can smash right through the paywall. 

Medical and Health
Wired: Sleepwalkers Replay Day’s Learning

CBO: Revisions to CBO’s Estimates of the Cost of Last Year’s Major Health Care Legislation 
DylanRatigan: Medical Marijuana Market BoomsJim Pakulis of General Cannabis talks about the growth potential for the marijuana market.

Other News

CSMonitor: Evangelical shift on gays: Why 'clobber scriptures' are losing groundYoung evangelicals are increasingly warming to gay rights, questioning the traditionally harsh condemnation of gays as sinners. If the Christian establishment fails to adjust its rhetoric about gays, leaders may find their young congregants departing, not defending, evangelical churches.
Economix: The Dark Side of Choice in Higher Education
CSMonitor: Could you pass a US citizenship test?

AmericanProspect: Selective Fetal Personhood 
TruthOut: Big Business Dictates Immigration Policy - At Workers’ Expense 
SalemNews: Scientists' Research Warns Humanity May be Facing 'Vortex of Death'
Solar Cycle 24 has begun. NASA and other space agencies worldwide have been warning about it.
RawStory: Fringe conservative group claims U.S. Muslims have no free speech rights
RawStory: U.S. woman drugged banker husband with milkshake, then beat him to death
Nancy Kissel, who has appeared in a wheelchair during nearly 10 weeks of proceedings at Hong Kong's High Court, had already been sentenced to life in prison in 2005 for murdering senior Merrill Lynch investment banker Robert Kissel by giving him a milkshake spiked with sedatives and then clubbing him to death with a metal statuette.
YahooNewsCanada: Siberia plans 'institute to study yetis' (I wonder what they are "really" doing?)
The Forums
TinfoilPalace: So...Are They Giving Us a Few Dregs to Quiet Us Down? 
TinfoilPalace: The story of the real-life Salt, a supermodel brainwashed into becoming a CIA spy 
TheOilAge: Basic Farm Guns. (Not Just For Gun-Nuts)
TheOilAge: Charles Hugh Smith: phase shift, next plunge in house prices
Hubberts-Arms: UK budget gives more handouts to business elite
Hubberts-Arms: Help wanted — sixty-five million (1 in 4) need not apply

SilentCountry: One well-known doomer says bug out now
SilentCountry: Egypt Betrayed


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