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Breaking News Mon. March 14, 2011

The news continues to come out of Japan this morning about the disaster caused by the quake and tsunami and the ongoing drama surrounding the nuclear plants. I'll try and update as often as I can but your best bet is to go to one of the forums linked at the bottom of the page. Honestly, if you want fast current information you can't beat them.
The Japanese people continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. If you feel so inclined and are able to, do donate to a reliable charity of your choice.
(posting this early and will update throughout the day as the situation develops.)

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
TheGazette: Japan has asked IAEA for expert help: UN watchdog

ZeroHedge: Japanese Officials Say Nuclear Fuel Rods Likely Melting In All Three "Troubled" Japanese Reactors
Reuters: Fear finally takes hold among Japan's nuclear faithful 

NYT: Military Crew Said to Be Exposed to Radiation, but Officials Call Risk in U.S. Slight
CSMonitor: Japan's nuclear evacuees wonder if they'll ever see home again
More than 200,000 people have been ordered out of an area within a 12-mile radius of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where two reactors have gone into partial meltdown
Reuters: Store shelves empty in Tokyo as uncertainty reigns
(Reuters) - Commuters and residents of the Japanese capital faced confusion and uncertainty on Monday over the supply of food and energy after Friday's devastating quake and tsunami which crippled a nuclear power plant.
Forbes: Dispatch From Tokyo: In Wake Of Disaster, Japan Is At War
CSMonitor: Japan now assumes 'possibility of a meltdown' at troubled reactors
TimesLive: Japanese volcano erupts
A volcano in southwestern Japan erupted Sunday after nearly two weeks of relative silence, sending ash and rocks up to four kilometres (two and a half miles) into the air, a local official says.
ScientificAmerican: Nuclear Experts Explain Worst-Case Scenario at Fukushima Power Plant
The type of accident occurring now in Japan derives from a loss of offsite AC power and then a subsequent failure of emergency power on site. Engineers there are racing to restore AC power to prevent a core meltdown.
WSJ: Rescuers Dig for Survivors, But Thousands Feared Dead
WashingtonPost: Japan tsunami: Minamisanriku, a fishing port that vanished
CNN: Japan quake live blog: Freezing temperatures expected in disaster zone
WSJ: U.S. Military Joins in Quake-Relief Effort
The U.S. Navy's 7th Fleet was forced to make an unexpected detour after encountering low-level radiation downwind of a damaged Japanese nuclear power plant on the country's tsunami-ravaged northeast Pacific coast, the Yokota-based U.S. Forces Japan said in a statement.
Here is a live feed said to be a  Geiger counter in Tokyo.

Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

Protests and Rebellions Middle East Turmoil
rj sends us this: Prague Spring? Saudi Arabia has sent troops to put down protests in Bahrain, where protesters had pushed the police out of the main square.  The UAE also has a contingent on the way – but “they asked for it.”. Gaddafi is sure enough of his position that he's told the oil companies to come get their oil and give him the money. Elsewhere, police in Yemen opened fire on protesters, as did Saudi police.  In Wisconsin, tens of thousands picketed the capital. Thank you rj, and as always visit his blog, Global Glass Onion for a weekly round up of financial news.

Reuters: Gaddafi troops take oil town as France pushes no-fly zone
BusinessInsider: Niall Ferguson: By 2021 There Could Be A Restored Middle Eastern Caliphate
Guardian: Saudi Arabian forces prepare to enter Bahrain after day of clashes
Crown Prince of Bahrain expected to invite Saudi support following anti-government demonstrations in capital
RawStory: US ‘deeply concerned’ over Yemen violence
RawStory: Egypt government warns of ‘counter-revolution’
CAIRO – Egypt's new government warned on Wednesday of a "counter-revolution" following a series of deadly political and religious clashes blamed on diehards of the former regime.
NYT: Fiddling While Libya Burns
IT’S NOT IN OUR INTEREST Gen. Wesley K. Clark argues that “Libya doesn’t sell much oil to the United States” and that while Americans “want to support democratic movements in the region,” we are already doing that in Iraq and Afghanistan. Framing this issue in terms of oil is exactly what Arab populations and indeed much of the world expect, which is why they are so cynical about our professions of support for democracy and human rights.

BBC: Libya: Gaddafi troops 'force rebels out of Brega'
Time: Slaughter of the Fogels: After the West Bank Killings
TruthOut: Assault on Collective Bargaining Illegal, Says International Labor Rights Group 
BusinessInsider: BAHRAIN: Graphic Video Of A Protester Being Shot At With Tear Gas At Point Blank Range

Financial News
Rachel Maddow Michigans Dystopian Future - Shock Doctrine on MSNBC 
(much thanks to my best friend Faith for this under the radar story! Thanks Faithy!)

RawStory: Hacker group will release Bank of America emails Monday
The group, unrelated to the document leak website founded by Julian Assange, said it plans to release documents exposing "corruption and fraud" at the largest U.S. bank by assets.
RawStory: U.S. millionaires say $7 million not enough to be rich
Bloomberg: Roubini Earthquake Gloom Meets ‘Shock Doctrine’: William Pesek
Reuters: BOJ injects record 7 trillion yen to soothe markets
(Reuters) - The Bank of Japan injected a record 7 trillion yen ($85 billion) into the money market on Monday, its first same-day market operation since the Greek debt crisis, to soothe market jitters after a massive earthquake hit northeastern Japan.
NakedCapitalism: “Anonymous” Whistleblower Charges BofA With Large Scale Force Placed Insurance Scheme With Cooperation of Servicers 
WashingtonPost: What if we’re not broke?

Peak oil and Energy News

Reuters: Oil falls, gold and gas up after Japan quake
(Reuters) - Brent crude oil was set for its biggest three-day slide in four months on Monday, while gold rose as Japan battled to avert a nuclear disaster after Friday's earthquake prompted a sell-off across most commodities.
Bloomberg: World Nuclear Renaissance Wobbles as Quake Hits Japan Reactors
EarlyWarning: OPEC: Global Oil Production Increased in February
BusinessInsider: Oil Back Above $100 As Chaos In Bahrain Gets Everyone Worried

Food and Water
CSMonitor: Grow your own shiitake mushrooms
Shiitake mushrooms are the ultimate low-maintenance gourmet edible. It's easy to grow your own and save plenty of money.
TheAmericanProspect: The Serfs of Arkansas   
Immigrant farmers are flocking to the poultry industry -- only to become 21st-century sharecroppers for companies like Tyson.

War, Conflict and Terrorism
NYTOpinionPages: In Search of Monsters
The Iraq war hawks urging intervention in Libya are confident that there’s no way Libya could ever be another Iraq.
Of course, they never thought Iraq would be Iraq, either.

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
WTSP: TSA to retest airport body scanners for radiation
NewScientist: Are you prone to mind control? 

Science and Technology
GizMag: Google adds EV charging locations to Google Maps

Medical and Health

DON’T Take Potassium Iodide Unless You Are Exposed to Radiation - Because of the fear that the radiation from the Japanese nuclear meltdowns will hit the Western United states (see this and this), potassium iodide has sold out in most health food and supplement stores in many California, Oregon and Washington locations.People know that it's good to take potassium iodide to protect against radiation, to help protect against thyroid cancer (potassium iodide does not protect any other organs). But taking potassium iodide when there is no radiation can actually damage the thyroid gland ... at least in some individuals. A doctor told me that potassium iodide is given to people with hyperthyroid disease in order to partially kill the thyroid - i.e. to lower thyroid function. Ideally, buy potassium iodide now, and monitor radiation levels by looking at real-time monitoring networks such as this and this. Don't take iodide unless and until elevated radiation levels hit your area. Whatever you do, don't take more than the recommended dosage.
(this important item is from our friend at Global Glass Onion. Thank you rj!)
ABC: Radiation Exposure: 5 Things You Need To Know Facts About Radiation Exposure and What It Can Mean For Your Health

Other News
USGS: US Earthquake Information by State (great information, thank you rj!)
Reuters: Lost city of Atlantis, swamped by tsunami, may be found
(Reuters) - A U.S.-led research team may have finally located the lost city of Atlantis, the legendary metropolis believed swamped by a tsunami thousands of years ago in mud flats in southern Spain.
CNN: A 5-year old boy, a tragedy without end
Grist: How to not buy anything ever again
KCBD: Widespread haze, smell of smoke in Lubbock a mystery
HAARETZ: 8th-graders failing geometry; ministry blames teachers
Average test score drops to 34 percent (see, it's not just the US)

The Forums
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