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Here's a thought provoking post from Conflicted Doomer, "Color Me Cynical".
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Also, Among the links our friend rj sent us this morning was this gem.
Yves: Was the fix in on Libya? Read the Dennis Kucinich submission in the Guardian, at the very end, where he points to war games with France and Great Britain that bear a very strong resemblance to an invasion of Libya (hat tip reader Externality). Before you deem this thinking to be paranoid, there’s precedent. The 2002 Millennium Challenge, then the most expensive war games ever staged, was for the invasion of an oil rich Middle Eastern nation that bore an awfully strong resemblance to Iraq.
What to think of a story like that? I just don't know what to think about it myself.
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Oh! and one more! Just got this from Katie! "Hey Katie!!!" A really good article from Chris Hedges on the Collapse of Globalization.  Thanks Katie, it's good to hear from you! :D
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 Reuters: UPDATE 1-Japan says plutonium found at Fukushima
(Reuters) - Plutonium has been found in soil at various points within Japan's stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex but does not present a risk to human health, operator Tokyo Electric Power Co (9501.T) (TEPCO) said on Monday.
TEPCO vice-president Sakae Muto told journalists at the company's latest briefing that test results showing the plutonium came from samples taken a week ago.

It was the latest bad news from the plant, where evidence of radiation has been mounting and engineers face a protracted battle to control reactors damaged by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11.
Gizmodo: This Is the Scariest First-Person Video of the Japan Tsunami Yet 
Bloomberg: Shippers Stick With Tokyo as U.S. Says Radiation Easily Cleaned
March 28 (Bloomberg) -- Five of the six biggest container shippers are maintaining routes to Tokyo and Yokohama after the U.S. Navy said radiation on vessels from the leaking Fukushima Dai-Ichi nuclear plant can be scrubbed off with soap and water. 
Bloomberg: Reactor Core May Be Leaking at Damaged Fukushima Plant
BBC: Japan nuclear crisis: Radiation spike report 'mistaken'
The BBC's Mark Worthington says many people in Japan are becoming increasingly concerned about what is going to happen in the future
WashingtonPost: Japan’s nuclear emergencyDamage at nuclear plants made leaking radiation the primary threat facing a country just beginning to grasp the scale of devastation from the earthquake and tsunami.
Reuters: Disaster-hit Japan faces protracted nuclear crisis
Bloomberg: Wal-Mart to Open Half of Japan Stores Closed in Wake of Quake
TheTelegraph: Japan earthquake: 

Japan warned over nuclear plants, WikiLeaks cables showJapan was warned more than two years ago by the international nuclear watchdog that its nuclear power plants were not capable of withstanding powerful earthquakes, leaked diplomatic cables reveal.
New Tsunami Video
New Overflight Video

TheJapanTimes: 'Drastic' ideas eyed for power crisis
Unpopular options before summer heat strikes include daylight-saving time, price hikes
ZeroHedge: GoogleEarth Based 3D Map Of Real-Time Radioactivity Distribution In Japan; Projected Global Radioactivity Dispersion

Nikkei: Tepco Sees 8.5mn-Kilowatt Power Shortage This Summer
ZeroHedge: ESCaPe FRoM ToKYo
Just because you look and behave calm and collected, doesn't mean your are not seething with anger inside. The people of Tokyo are not stupid. They understand what is happening and why much better than we do.
This is something Buffoon and the Wall Street talking heads, who are so concerned with protecting their market wealth, are not factoring in. The time to pay the piper will come and Japan's national appetite for unbridled economic exploitation is a fatal assumption going forward. It will take years to sort this out.
Meanwhile, Bloomberg reported that a condo in New York's Plaza Hotel went for $45 million to a Russian composer (yes musical composer). Which can only mean we are now at Threat Level 6
Reuters: Japan activist warns another 'nuclear quake' looms
(Reuters Life!) - The nuclear safety crisis entering its third week in Japan was not exactly the disaster that long-term activist and author Takashi Hirose foresaw in his book last summer, "Nuclear Reactor Time Bomb".
Cryptogon: Japanese Government Asks Water Treatment Plants Not to Take in Rainwater Due to Radiation
kyodoNews: Fukushima operator: 
Woes deepen over radioactive water at nuke plant, sea contamination
Plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. said early Monday the concentration of radioactive substances of the puddle was 100,000 times higher than that usually measured in water in a reactor core, correcting its earlier analysis of 10 million times higher.
ZeroHedge: TEPCO Finally Seeks Outside Help, As Pot Calls Kettle Radioactive - Government Says Not To Trust Greenpeace Radiation Data
HuffingtonPost: Japan Digs Mass Graves As Earthquake Crisis Continues

Global Conflict
SydneyMorningHerald: Dragged away after rape claims Libyan woman muzzled by regime
Melee breaks out in a Tripoli hotel after guards seize a woman claiming she was raped by men loyal to Muammar Gaddafi.
PBS: Rebels Take Back Several Key Cities; Advance on Gadhafi's Home Town, Sirte
Spiegel: 'A Serious Mistake of Historic Dimensions'
Libya Crisis Leaves Berlin Isolated
Criticism of Germany's absention from the Security Council vote on Libya continues to grow, as more and more members of the foreign policy community slam Berlin's decision to abandon its allies. Amid fears of lasting damage to Germany's international role, Merkel's administration now welcomes any bad news from Libya that suggests its partners were wrong to intervene.

Guardian: Afghan women are still at risk
Anti-violence measures have been agreed but the safety and rights of women and girls are not protected on the ground
Reuters: 2 Reuters journalists reported missing in Syria
CNN: Syria to lift emergency law, official says
BlackListedNews: Sarkozy threatens every single Arab ruler With Libya-Style Intervention
Time: Does Libya's Oil Industry Reflect its Fate?
LAT: Libyan rebels reclaim lost ground in sudden reversal
Western airstrikes drive back government soldiers in eastern Libya, returning battle lines to their original positions before the war began and shifting momentum to the rebels — at least for now.
Guardian: Protests in Benghazi over Libyan woman's rape and detention in Tripoli
Victim claims Gaddafi's militia humiliated and filmed her ordeal
Aljazeera: Israel deploys 'Iron Dome' rocket shield
Long-anticipated rocket defence system deployed early in bid to counter recent surge in attacks from Gaza Strip.
LewRockwell: Gadaffi's Curse Keeps Haunting Washington
Is the US Ruled by a Military Junta?
ArabianBusiness: Bahrain stops funding for 10% of students abroad

Financial News

MarketWatch666: "RJS Analysis - Japanese Disaster Impact"

BusinessInsider: 10 Bizarre Regional Currencies That You've Never Heard Of
MoneyWatch: REITs Soar as Home Values Reach 9-Year Low
The headlines keep dishing out more bad news. Recently, the bad news was that our home values reached a nine year low.
ClimateProgress: Sen. Johnson’s reaction to General Electric paying no taxes: Cut the corporate tax rate 
ZeroHedge: The New SuperHawks of the FED 
Guardian: Inflation will drop to 1.5% as cuts hit spending, MPC member predicts
Adam Posen calls for another round of quantitative easing and insists the Bank should not raise interest rates
MailOnline: 200 arrested as hardcore anarchists fight police long into night in Battle of Trafalgar Square after 500,000 march against the cut
MyBudget360: The financial scam of the century 
In 2010 we added 600,000 millionaires while 5,000,000 people were added to the food stamp program. Wealthy derive profits from stocks while middle class hold most of their net worth in housing.
TruthOut: New Yorkers Rage Against the Cuts
BlackListedNews: General Electric Paid No Federal Taxes in 2010
MSNBC: 'Brain waste' thwarts immigrants' career dreams
Underemployment a problem for those who were professionals in their home country
Reuters: Jobs, the lagging indicator once more?
(Reuters) - The U.S. labor market is finally improving, just when many of the other economic indicators are wavering.
TruthOut: GE's Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether
TruthOut: Farmworkers Take to the Streets for New Gains
PatchWorknation: As Detroit Shrinks, Little Brother's Time May Have Arrived
EconomistMom: Ezra Klein: Without Paying for Our Wars, How Do We Know They’re Worth It?
NYT: Note to Banks: It’s Not 2006 Anymore
Krugman: A Further Note On Deficits and the Printing Press
CalculatedRisk: State Unemployment Rates generally unchanged in February
Mish: US Consumer Confidence Lowest Since Nov 2009, 
France 8 Month Low, South Korea 23 Month Low, UK Record Low; Icing on Three Little PIIGS' CakeIn the wake of falling US consumer confidence, let's take a look at global consumer confidence headlines starting with the US.
Bloomberg: Automakers May Lose 600,000 Vehicles as Quake Hits Parts
DylanRatigan: Collective Bargaining for Homeowners: Heroism or Terrorism? Exclusive Interview with Steven Lerner
Time: With a Shutdown Looming, Budget Bickering Intensifies
YahooFinance: A Homeowner With No Savings, but Some Options 

Peak oil and Energy News
Zacks: Thoughts on Oil & the Middle East

Grist: Germany’s solar panels produce more power than Japan’s entire Fukushima complex 
MoneyWatch: Video: Playing the Oil Prices Money Game

LAT: Bikes for every $4-a-gallon gas shunner

Environmental News

ScienceDaily: Freshwater Content of Upper Arctic Ocean Increased 20 Percent Since 1990s, Large-Scale Assessment Finds
ExtinctionProtocol: Fiji region rattled by four earthquakes in 11 hours
FarmPress: Roundup Ready alfalfa may go back on the market with regulatory nightmares
BBC:Snakes on the plane: Jakarta police foil smuggling bid

BBC: Japan nuclear plant: Radioactivity rises in sea nearby
FarmPress: Next step for RR sugar beets

America in Decline
AlterNet: The Biggest Threat Facing the Country Today Is Fast Creeping Ignorance
It's reached epidemic levels in government. Isn't wanton ignorance among those we trust with nuclear policies, war, famine, jobs, the national debt and more, a concern?

AlterNet: Prosecutor Told Scott Walker to Stage Fake Attack on Himself, Including Using a Firearm to Discredit Unions
An Indiana prosecutor and Republican activist has resigned after his emails to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker were revealed.
CNN: Abercrombie criticized for selling push-up tops to little girls
TruthOut: Confining Manning and Falling Into the Outer Darkness

Food and Water
TheTelegraph: North Korea's food stocks running dry, UN warns

North Korea's government food distribution programme will run dry in May and put one-quarter of the country's 24 million people at risk of starvation, the United Nations has warned.
OnTheMoney: Fertile Soil Amid Food Crisis?
TruthOut: Farmers Sue USDA Over Monsanto Alfalfa - Again

Science and Technology 

PresnaLatina: India: Stone Axes Over a Million Years Old Found
NYT: It’s Tracking Your Every Move and You May Not Even Know

Medical and Health
PBS: South Africa Still Struggling with Deadly TB-HIV Epidemic

HispanicallySpeakingNews: Moms’ Depression, Anger Stresses Kids
Time: Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin
WashingtonPost: Food dyes’ favor fades as possible links to hyperactivity emerge

Other News

CBC: Train carrying hazardous materials derails 100 km east of Toronto, area residents urged to evacuate
AmericanProspect: New Fronts in the Conservative War on Immigrants
Reuters: Canadian government falls, election set for May

(Reuters) - The opposition toppled Canada's Conservative government on Friday, accusing it of sleaze and mismanagement, and set the scene for a May election that polls indicate the Conservatives will win.
Politico: Home schoolers looking to grow political power in Iowa
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: Two good multi use chemicals for your Bug Out Bag
NewAmerican: Ron Paul Calls for End to Empire in N.H. Visit
Time: Yale's Secret Society That's Hiding in Plain Sight 

Metro: 527 executed around world, says Amnesty - but total may be a lot moreAt least 527 people were executed across the world last year, although China could have put to death thousands more, according to a new report.
HuffingtonPost: Who Wrote The Bible and Why It Matters
MotherJones: The GOP's Plan to Fund Anti-Abortion Activists

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: The "How Far Would The Fallout Blow" Thread - Let's not panic but find information! 
TinfoilPalace: One of Britain’s most high-profile Catholic priests has admitted arranging papal knighthoods for wealthy businessmen for money.   

TheOilAge: Unpaid jobs: The new normal?
TheOilAge: Hydrofracking being pushed by industry, politicians

Hubberts-Arms: greenpeace report on japan nuclear disaster
Hubberts-Arms: What They're Covering Up at Fukushima
SilentCountry: Zero Hedge -- Why You Should Be Freaked Out about the Stock Market
SilentCountry: 2012 Alignment, any geological proof?

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