Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Breaking News Wed. March 2, 2011

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Protests and Rebellions
AustralianBroadcasting: Rebels beat back Libyan special forces
LAT: Pakistan's only Christian cabinet member assassinated
Shahbaz Bhatti, the minority affairs minister, is the second top official to be killed after opposing a blasphemy law.
ChsristianScienceMonitor: How is Muammar Qaddafi still hanging on?
Muammar Qaddafi, clinging to power in Tripoli, has now faced down more internal and external pressure than fellow autocrats in Egypt and Tunisia.
LAT: U.S. sending Navy ships, Marines for humanitarian efforts in Libya
Defense Secretary Robert Gates says he's sending two warships and 400 Marines to the region to aid in any 'emergency evacuations and also for humanitarian relief,' but he urges caution on any military role in Libya.
TimesOfIndia: US flexes muscle, sends warships to Libya
Time: Among the Mercenaries: Portrait of a Gaddafi Soldier
ZeroHedge: As Gaddafi Speaks, Saudi Market Continues Plunge, CDS Hits Highest Since July 2009

Financial News
Our good friend rj at Global Glass Onion sent us many good links this morning! Thanks rj!
BlackListedNews: The Wall Street Crime Syndrome: Ten Reasons Why the Banksters "Get Away With It"

Salon: The imaginary public sector pension fund crisis 
SeekingAlpha: 'Global Credit Warfare': China Preparing for a Treasury Bond Sell-Off? 
cepr: The Origins and Severity of the Public Pension Crisis
PoliticalCalculations: How Much Is That Planet Worth?
Mish: USA Incorporated - a Look at the Grim Financial Situation of the USA
MyNorthWest: Rioting anarchists attack Seattle police, destroy property
A gang of about 30 anarchists rioted in the streets of Seattle Saturday night, smashing public and private property and attacking police with fireworks and flares. 
NakedCapitalism: A Straightforward Criminal Case Against Wall Street CEOs and Senior Executives
ChristianScienceMonitor: House passes bill to avert government shutdown. What's in it, exactly?
Washington has managed to avoid a government shutdown, for the moment. In general, the bill keeps government spending for most discretionary programs at last year’s level, until March 18.
MailOnline: Did China or Jihadists try to bankrupt America? 
Pentagon report reveals financial terrorists may have triggered economic crashTwo mystery investors 'were number one traders in all financial companies that collapsed or are now financially supported by the U.S. government'
DailyCrux: How to invest for the "end of the world"
Time: Your Incredible Shrinking Paycheck
CharlesHughSMith: The Counterfeit Economy
MyBudget360: The big financial lie – How growing income inequality, too big to fail banks, and stock market delusion swindled the American public and dissolved the middle class.
FederalReserve: Chairman Ben S. Bernanke
Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
Before the Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, U.S. Senate,
ThinkProgress: REPORT: How Koch Industries Makes Billions By Demanding Bailouts And Taxpayer Subsidies (Part 1)
JessesCafe: A Microcosm of the Market Manipulation in the US and the Repeated Failure of Ideology  
TheIndependent: King says living standards may never recover from the crisis
The Governor of the Bank of England warned yesterday that living standards may never recover from the financial crisis and that households were only just starting to feel the full impact of bankers' mistakes.
Ritholtz: GOP: More Madoffs, Please

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Libya, oil production, OPEC responses, Saudi Arabian capabilities and the SPR
TheOilDrum: Doing Due Diligence
Newmarksdoor: Map of U.S. gas prices bonus map of US gas taxes

Environmental News
TheAtlantic: The Plastics Shredders of China
Foxnews: Ordinary Compasses Thrown Off by Changes in Earth's Magnetic Field
ScienceDaily: Lightning ... Hail ... Tornadoes!
The United States experiences more severe storms than any other country in the world. On average, 10,000 violent storms, 5,000 floods, and 1,000 tornadoes hit each year.
ScienceDaily: Solar Experts Detect Waves in Giant Magnetic Holes the Size of the UK
ScienceDaily: Global Warming Causes Severe Storms
Research Meteorologists See More Severe Storms Ahead: The Culprit -- Global Warming
SierraClub: Electric Vehicles:Myths vs. Reality
TripleCrisis: Climate Change and the Water Crisis in the US SouthWest.

Food and Water
CNN: Skyrocketing water bills mystify, anger residents
WiredEpicenter: TED 2011: Can the Miracle Berry Prevent World Hunger?
FarmWars: USDA National Organics Program – Testing for GMOs NOT Required!

War, Conflict and Terrorism
Wired: The Libya War Plans (Slowly) Take Shape

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance
BlackListedNews: Surveillance Blimp Launches In Utah
Arstechnica: Thoughtcrime? The ethics of neuroscience and criminality  
Cryptogon: New Hampshire: Bill Would Make Some Airport Screening Sexual Assault

Science and Technology
NatGeo: Language Diversity Index Tracks Global Loss of Mother Tongues
What is language diversity, and why are we potentially on the brink of a mass extinction of languages?

Medical and Health
HealthBeatBlog: Digital Mammography Saps Medicare Dollars
ModernSurvivalBlog: Home Remedies for Stress, Anxiety

Other News
CNN: Texas immigration bill has big exception
Cryptogon: Lawyer Says Sirhan Sirhan Was Brainwashed
“There is no question he was hypno-programmed,” lawyer William F. Pepper told “He was set up. He was used. He was manipulated.”
Cryptogon: Congo Gold Smuggling Ring’s Big Texas Ties 
WBIR: TN lawmakers may soften teachers union bill 
CNN: Police: Father kidnaps, stabs baby to death; shot by deputies
A California teenager kidnapped his 5-month-old baby and fatally stabbed the child as pursuing deputies watched before the teen was shot and killed by police, authorities said.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Facts do NOT change people's beliefs 
TinfoilPalace: After touching your junk, TSA now wants to scan and harvest your DNA
TheOilAge: Latest Keiser
TheOilAge: Saudi Arabia Will Let Oil Reach $120, As Truth Behind Saudi
Hubberts-Arms: US states prepare to axe social spending, attack government workers
Hubberts-Arms: Facebook will soon share users’ phone numbers and addresses with 3rd parties
SilentCountry: End Game - Would US Police/Troops Fire Upon US Citizens?
SilentCountry: Gerald Celente on trends for 2011 (video)

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