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RJ from Global Glass Onion was in rare form today and has sent some great links for us. Do visit his blog, it's a real treat. Also, I put in a new section today to sort of catch some of these peculiar stories I run across that illustrate the decline in America.

ibtimes: Japan estimates quake damage at up $300 billion: report
TheEconomist: Japan, at a halt
As seen during 17-hour drives to and from the tsunami-hit north-east of Japan this week, the country appears to have ground to a halt, hit by a mystifying shortage of fuel. Added to rolling power cuts, I predict the consequences for this quarter's growth will be severe.
ExtinctionProtocol: Cluster eruption of large quakes off the coast of Japan
NYT: Crises in Japan Ripple Across the Global Economy
USGS: Japan Aftershocks 10-degree Map Centered at 40°N,140°E 

ProjectWorldAwareness: What They’re Covering Up at Fukushima …
Telegraph: Japan nuclear crisis: Tokyo water 'unsafe for children'
Tokyo tap water is unsafe for young children to drink after levels of radioactive iodine exceeded recommended limits, officials said.
Parents have been advised not to give children water from the city's taps after some samples contained more than double the legal limit of the hazardous substance. 
ZeroHedge: As Radiation Now 400 Times Normal 40 km From Fukushima, A Closer Look At The Three Most Dangerous Radioactive Isotopes
BusinessInsider: REPORT: TEPCO Hiring Homeless People In The Fukushima Death Zone
Bloomberg: Tokyo Warns About Water, Japan Bids to Calm Radiation Fears (1)

Middle East
USAToday: Bus explodes near entrance to Jerusalem

MSNBC: Bomb explodes at Jerusalem bus stop; 25 woundedBlast comes amid rising tension between Hamas militants and Israel
TruthDig: Be Consistent—Invade Saudi Arabia
BusinessInsider: BILL MAHER: The Mid-East Uprising Can't Distance Itself From Al Qaeda Without A Sexual Revolution

Financial News
AmericanDream: Money Trouble Ahead: 15 Indications That Bad Times Are About To Hit The U.S. Economy
TheEconomist: It depends what you mean by "succeed" 
Time: Will Japan's quake change global manufacturing forever?
WSJ: Greece for Sale: Want to Buy a State Railroad?
WashingtonPost: Treasury Department thinks multinationals should have to pay taxes

NPR: New Home Sales Plunge 16.9 Percent
MyBudget360: Federal Reserve and the opaque banking syndicate 
If the economy were booming why does the Fed still hold over $2.5 trillion in securities? $640 billion current fiscal year budget deficit.
NYT: Rising Wealth Inequality: Should We Care?

TheHill: Cost of military campaign in Libya could wipe out GOP's spending cuts 
CongressionalBudgetOffice: CBO’s Labor Force Projections Through 2021 
Bloomberg: All Clear Sounded as Markets Shrug Off Multiple Black Swans (3) 

BusinessInsider: The World's 5 Fastest-Growing Financial Centers 
CNNMoney: Meet the millionairesAbout 7% of households have seven figures. Who are they?
Economist'sView: The Cost of Food and Energy across Consumers
ZeroHedge: Gold, Oil Spike As Market Yet To Price In Armageddon

America in Decline (new section)
DeclineoftheEmpire: The Triumph Of Ignorance
DigitalJournal: Nobel Committee asked to strip Obama of Peace Prize

AmericanProspect: Sharia Panic Hits Florida 
MotherJones: Behind Michigan's "Financial Martial Law": Corporations and Right-Wing BillionairesThe think tank that inspired Gov. Rick Snyder's controversial budget bill is bankrolled by some of the same donors that funded Wisconsin's attack on unions.
DissidentVoice: How Ronald Reagan and Alan Greenspan Pulled off the Greatest Fraud Ever Perpetrated against the American People

Essentially, Reagan switched the federal government from what he critically called, a “tax and spend” policy, to a “borrow and spend” policy, where the government continued its heavy spending, but used borrowed money instead of tax revenue to pay the bills.
  EmptyWheelFDL: 8 Years Ago Today, KSM Was Probably Being Waterboarded for the 179th Time
It seems to me we’re never going to see that report until after the 8 year statute of limitations on torture expire for everything described in the report that clearly exceeded John Yoo’s expansive interpretation of what constitutes torture. And we’re sure as hell not going to get a report on the death threats they illegally used with Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri just as DOD is about to charge him in a military commission.
But they might have to “keep working” on it for a couple more years: I’m betting the government used water “dousing” in 2004 in an illegal manner, too.
It’s a brand new kind of job security for government workers, the kind of “work” they have to do to make sure the statutes of limitation expire on the crimes they’re investigating while they’re investigating them.
MotherJones: 9 Bills That Would Put Creationism in the Classroom
From Texas to Kentucky, state lawmakers are trying to turn the Bible into a textbook.

Peak oil and Energy News
ZeroHedge: OPEC Says Perfectly Happy With $120 Oil, Does Not Think It Will Impair Growth
This next article is by our own Seahorse! Chris Lisle
GeoCrisis: How to Plan for Peak Oil on a Limited Budget

Environmental News
ExtinctionProtocol: Residents stunned by size of Misery Bay fish kill
WashingtonPost: At least 32 musk oxen freeze to death after winter storm produces tidal surge, flooding

Yahoo: Officials remain baffled over source of oil slick as Louisiana coastline is oiled again
Yahoo: AP IMPACT: US spent-fuel storage sites are packed
TaxFoundation: Wyoming Redefines Food: Don't Overprepare Your Danishes
NASA: [Today's Pic] Light Show: A grand ringed planet, Saturn is one of the most intriguing bodies orbiting our s... 

NewScientist: Fossil fuels are far deadlier than nuclear power

Food and Water
PBS: As Bangladesh's Population Grows, Slum Dwellers Struggle For Clean Water Access
AmericanProspect: Is the Grass Really Greener in Rural America?
Fred Stokes is a former cattle rancher who now runs a small family farm, mostly for his own use, in Mississippi. Stokes's county, Kemper, has only about 10,000 people, and Stokes, who is 76, says his small town has been shrinking; all the farmers are aging, most of the agricultural land is owned by one company, and it's almost impossibly hard to make a living as a rural American. "I'm not one of those who wants to reconstruct the Little House on the Prairie and be overly romantic," he says. "Mainly, I see the landscape being restructured in a very negative way."
FastCompany: How Carrots Became the New Junk Food
2 companies control 80% of the U.S. carrot market.
TimesOfIndia: GM maize trials done on the sly: Nitish Kumar
BiolSci: A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health  (wow, thanks for this one especially rj)

War, Conflict and Terrorism
Independent: Libya: No water, food or power – and still the rebels resist regime's attacks
In Ajdabiya, a city under siege where loyalists are launching indiscriminate strikes, Kim Sengupta witnesses a dirty war
FDL: US Passes Command of Libya to NATO as Questions Arise About Benghazi Rescue
RawStory: Progressive caucus splits on Libya, abandons joint resolution opposing intervention
TheEconomist: The world's biggest weapons suppliers (and eye opening chart)

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance, Censorship
BusinessInsider: If You Say "Protest" On A Phone In China, It Cuts Off Automatically

Medical and Health
PharmaLot: Tougher Sentencing For Pharma Fraud?

DigitalJournal: Ellsberg and 34 others arrested at Bradley Manning protest
TruthDig: No Laws, No Secrets: The Anarchist Creed of Julian Assange

Other News
USAToday: ABC: Actress Elizabeth Taylor dies at age 79
Reuters: Chavez says capitalism may have ended life on Mars
YahooNews: In rarity, Supreme Court sides with workers over employersIf an employee verbally complains to his boss about a workplace issue, is it legal to fire him in retaliation? The Supreme Court, which in recent years has gained a reputation for siding with businesses over workers, today said no. 
Worthwhile.typepad: Dumb men commercials (thanks rj, this was really interesting)
BBC: Scientists Predict the End of Religion in These 9 CountriesA study using census data from nine countries shows that religion there is set for extinction, say researchers.
Gawker: in South Dakota, guns are easier to get than abortions.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: He claims they tapped into his mind through a wireless connection: "It was real." 
TinfoilPalace: Elite slave snaps in public or just some crazee chick ? 
TheOilAge: OPEC sees "acceptable" oil peak at $120
TheOilAge: Libya - It's about the WATER!
Hubberts-Arms: Syria unrest: 'Protesters killed' at Omari mosque Video at link (graphic)
Hubberts-Arms: Delta airlines slashing capacity
SilentCountry: Hey you guys. Want to kiss each other. The army will show you how!
SilentCountry: How to Prepare for PO on a Budget

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