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Looks like an exciting day for news today. Be sure and check out the Peak Oil section for some pretty interesting news on our favorite topic.
Thanks as always to rj at Global Glass Onion. His help with links, especially the financial stories, is always appreciated. Soon as I get this posted I'm going outside to play in the yard, you should too!
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NPR: Cars, Houses, Human Remains: Debris From Japan Is Headed Toward U.S. 

The stories keep coming about what could be some grisly and disturbing discoveries along the coasts of Hawaii and the western U.S. for the next several years.
"Cars, whole houses and even severed feet in shoes: The vast field of debris from Japan earthquake and tsunami that's floating towards U.S. West Coast."
This video was posted at Hubberts Arms.
Highway To The Fukushima Zone: First Person Trek Through A Radioactive Wasteland

MSNBC: Blackouts hit a million homes in Japan after latest quake
World's third biggest economy is in a 'severe condition,' officials say 

UPI: Nitrogen injected to avert explosion
Nitrogen, an inert gas, was pumped Thursday into a reactor container at Japan's crippled Fukushima nuclear plant to avert any risk of an explosion
ZeroHedge: Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By American and Japanese Governments and Companies 
New radioactive leak at 2nd nuclear plant in Onagawa, Japan 


Forbes: Japan: After Latest Earthquake, Multiple Nuclear Plants Have Lost External Power and Are Operating on Emergency Backup Generators
WashingtonsBlog: Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By Governments and Nuclear Power Companies  

Global Conflict
CSMonitor: The deep roots of Qaddafi's psychology of violence
For more than four decades, Libya's self-declared 'Brother Leader,' Muammar Qaddafi, has waged a brutal form of psychological warfare against his own people, analysts say.
Ahram: BREAKING NEWS: Yemen's Saleh rejects offer to step down
Slate: Superpowerless
Why the United States can't do as much as you think in Afghanistan and the Middle East.

CNN: Israel targets Hamas in Gaza strikes
TruthOut: David Cameron's Gift of War and Racism, to Them and Us 
IWallerstein: The Great Libyan Distraction

Financial News
CNN: Reid: Abortion issue is preventing a budget deal

OffTheCharts: Ryan Plan’s “Path to Prosperity” Is Just for the Wealthy
Bloomberg: How to Pay NO TaxesEleven shelters, dodges, and rolls—all perfectly legal—used by America's wealthiest people
For the well-off, this could be the best tax day since the early 1930s: Top tax rates on ordinary income, dividends, estates, and gifts will remain at or near historically low levels for at least the next two years. That's thanks in part to legislation passed in December 2010 by the 111th Congress and signed by President Barack Obama.
"This is clearly far and away the most generous tax situation that's existed," says Gregory D. Singer, a national managing director of the wealth management group at AllianceBernstein (AB) in New York. "It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."
BusinessInsider: The Dollar Is Getting Crushed As Oil Hits $111, Gold Hits $1470, Silver Hits $40, And Euro Hits $1.44
USAToday: Limits sought to employers' use of credit reportsBattle lines are being drawn in state capitals over whether workers should be judged by their creditworthiness. 
GrowthStockWire: How Ben Bernanke Could Crash the Stock Market 
MyBudget360: The new Gilded Age
The psychology behind the aspirational rich in America and how people allow banks to swindle their financial security away. 
BlackListedNews: Is the World Headed Toward a Single Global Currency?
Zerohedge: 91.3% Correlation Between Foodstamp Usage And The S&P, Or How "Wealth Effect" = "Poverty Effect"
BlackListedNews: Bullion Bank Trading – A Closely Guarded Secret
Guardian: JP Morgan head Jamie Dimon pockets 51% pay riseWall Street firm gives chief executive a $5m cash bonus and pays for family's move from Chicago
Jamie Dimon, the head of JP Morgan Chase, received a pay rise of about 51% last year including a $5m (£3m) cash bonus.
Dimon's remuneration package, disclosed by the bank on Thursday night, is the latest sign that pay on Wall Street is returning to pre-crash levels as its biggest players post higher profits. 
Reuters: Portugal must agree "harder" reforms to get aidEuro zone finance ministers told Portugal on Friday that it would have to implement new economic reforms that went beyond those proposed by its outgoing government if it hoped to secure aid from the EU and IMF.
WSJ: Disney Breaks Ground on Shanghai Theme ParkWalt Disney Co. and its Chinese government-owned business partners broke ground on Shanghai Disneyland Friday morning, a crucial development for a company intent on bolstering its presence in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.
CBSMoneyWatch: Walmart and Women: Why the Discrimination Suit Matters
Time: Europe Interest Rate Hike: Will the Fed Be Forced to Follow?
ZeroHedge: Hoyer: "No Budget Deal Yet But 70% Agreement" Means Soap Opera Almost Over
USAToday: Limits sought to employers' use of credit reports
Battle lines are being drawn in state capitals over whether workers should be judged by their creditworthiness.
SeekingAlpha: Commodity Prices Show Strong Correlation With Fed Treasury Purchases 
TheWonkRoom: 11 Ways The Tea Party-Inspired Shutdown Will Hurt The Economy 
NYT: It May Be a ‘Budget Battle,’ but Some Skirmishes Have Little to Do With Money 

Peak oil and Energy News
BenZinga: Oil and Gas Partnership Reveals Connection Between Peak Oil Awareness and the Price of Oil
As awareness about peak oil increases, believes the growing awareness about the limits on supply will act as a catalyst to increase the price of oil even before the peak is reached. Oil and Gas Partnership reveals the extraordinary opportunity that exists for sophisticated, accredited investors. Oil and Gas Partnership is a premier source of reliable information about oil and gas partnerships, providing well researched, professionally developed, ethical information about investment opportunities.
LiveOilPrices: WTI oil trading over $111, IMF joins the peak oilers party
WTI oil futures open Friday’s trading session over $111 a barrel and oil prices are at new 2011 highs, as the IMF joins the peak oilers party with a message that the global economy was entering a period of scarcer oil that could drive prices up rapidly.
Albuquerque, NM (PRWEB) April 6, 2011
YahooNews: IMF warns oil growing scarce, more costly
The International Monetary Fund warned Thursday that nations should brace for dwindling oil supplies that could drive prices skyward as demand increases, especially in emerging economies .
"The persistent increase in oil prices over the past decade suggests that global oil markets have entered a period of increased scarcity," the IMF said in a report on the global economy.

Environmental News
BBC: Australian rats scurry to desert en masse after rains
A mass migration of rats is under way into the inland deserts of Australia after a run of high rainfall seasons, scientists say.
TheAtlantic: For Indigenous Peoples, Forced Resettlement Carries a Heavy TollTribal groups around the world are losing their lands, and ways of life, to industries and governments
ModernSurvivalBlog: Magnitude 6.5 Earthquake Deep in Mexico
RawStory: US ‘unprepared’ for Japan-style nuke accidentA US nuclear reactor near Baltimore would come dangerously close to meltdown within two days of a disaster on the scale of what happened in Japan three weeks ago, a lawmaker said, citing a draft report by the US nuclear watchdog.
USAToday: China seeks alternatives to 9 million burials a year Most Chinese worry more about rising prices for burial plots that have made some cemeteries more expensive per square yard than the fanciest city apartments. The soaring costs have coined a new term — "grave slave" — for a generation that must work hard simply to afford the burials of themselves and their parents and keep up cemetery payments.
NewScientist: Ten years to save Australia's Great Barrier Reef
CNN: Scientists unsure why dolphins washing up deadDead baby bottlenose dolphins are continuing to wash up in record numbers on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, and scientists do not know why.
ClimateProgress: USGS on Dust-Bowlification: Drier conditions projected to accelerate dust storms in the U.S. SouthwestOklahoma now drier than the 1930s Dust Bowl
Drier conditions projected to result from climate change in the Southwest will likely reduce perennial vegetation cover and result in increased dust storm activity in the future, according to a new study by scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey and the University of California, Los Angeles.

America in Decline

RawStory: Exclusive: Obama has taken a ‘profoundly troubling’ position on assassinations, ACLU tells Raw

WashingtonIndependent: Chomsky Book Banned From GuantanamoWhile the prison offers inmates books and videos on Harry Potter and the World Cup, which are among the more than 16,000 items it holds, leftist intellectual commentary from an 80-year-old MIT linguistics professor is apparently taboo. U.S. military censors rejected the donation of an Arabic-language copy of the 2007 anthology called Interventions, donated by a Pentagon lawyer.
WashingtonIndependent: Only 40% of Miss. GOPers think interracial marriage should be legal, underscoring folly of subjecting rights to a vote
IntelDaily: Is America Becoming The Land Of The Part-Time Job?
Most Of The Jobs That Are Being Created Are Part-Time Jobs And Some Companies Are Going To A ‘Part-Time Only Policy’
MotherJones: Tennessee House Passes Creationism Bill (how embarrassing)Tennessee, the state that infamously hosted the Scopes Monkey Trial more than 85 years ago, is still trying to combat the scientific theory of evolution. Yesterday the state's General Assembly overwhelmingly passed a bill that would make it easier for public schools to teach creationism. The bill would require educators to "assist teachers to find effective ways to present the science curriculum as it addresses scientific controversies." It lists four "controversies" ripe for pedagogical tinkering: biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming, and human cloning.
"This is part of a long held creationist strategy," says Steven Newton, policy director for the National Center for Science Education. "By doing everything except mention the Bible, they are attacking evolution without the theology."
FDL: Quantico Blocks Official Visits by UN, Amnesty, and Rep. Kucinich to Bradley Manning
BrilliantBreakfast: EEEWWWW!!! LADYPARTS!!!

Food and Water
FarmPress: Should corn be planted early in cold soils?

Bloomberg: Corn Stockpiles Dropping in U.S. as Meat, Ethanol Demand WidensCorn stockpiles in the U.S., the world’s largest grower, are plunging to a 15-year low and may be smaller than the government forecast last month as rising demand from makers of feed and ethanol drive prices higher.
Guardian: Milk poisoning kills children in ChinaThree children die and more than 30 people have been poisoned by nitrite after drinking milk from two dairy farms in Gansu
Three children have died and 35 people have become ill from drinking nitrite-tainted milk in China's north-western Gansu province, Xinhua news agency has reported in the latest food safety scandal to hit the dairy industry.
NASA: Mississippi rising as snows retreat in the upper Midwest. Time series of images from our Aqua satellite. 
WSJ: High Corn Prices Are Here to Stay

Police State, Big Brother, Surveillance

Cryptogon: Drugs for Moral Improvement?Researchers have become interested in developing biomedical technologies capable of intervening in the biological processes that affect moral behaviour and moral thinking, says a Wellcome Trust research fellow at Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre, Dr Tom Douglas. He is a co-author of Enhancing Human Capacities, published this week.

Science and Technology 

ScientificAmerican: Defending the Body Corporate: Appeals Court Puts Gene Patents on the Stand After an unanticipated setback a year ago, Myriad Genetics has taken its case to a federal appeals court to retain its patents for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes
TheTelegraph: Russia vows to build base on the MoonRussia has vowed to build a base on the Moon within two decades which it plans to use as a staging post for a manned mission to Mars.
"Above all, we are talking about flights to the moon and the creation of a base close to its north pole where there is likely to be a source of water," the documents said. "This could be achieved close to 2030."
A manned mission to Mars would be possible in the 2030s, they added.

Medical and Health
CSMonitor: Obesity's hidden factor: high cost of healthy meals
Obesity isn't entirely – or even primarily – a question of willpower, but has a lot to do with socioeconomic status. Federal policy should address this by making healthy foods cheaper.
BBC: Europe 'losing' superbugs battleAntibiotic-resistant infections have reached unprecedented levels and now outstrip our ability to fight them with existing drugs, European health experts are warning.
NPR: Violence Surges At Hospital For Mentally Ill Criminals
AngryBear: What Will We Tell the Doctors? - Lost in the discussion of Paul Ryan’s “plan” is the group of entrepreneurs that will be most harmed economically by enacting it: doctors—most especially general practitioners. I was speaking with David Warsh last week at Kauffman, and pointed out what “everyone knows” but no one will say: U.S. doctors net about twice as much money as doctors in the rest of the civilized world. (As a ballpark, $200K in the U.S. and $100K elsewhere.)  And until you can solve some of that, you won’t really make much of a dent in the High Cost of Medicine.  David noted that solving that “isn’t going to happen.” Paul Ryan’s plan is a large step toward making it happen—just not in the way David (or I) would have expected it to happen. (this is from rj, a really good article. Posted like he sent it to me.)
NewScientist: Psychedelic drug cuts brain blood flow and connectionsPsychedelic drug users throughout the ages have described their experiences as mind-expanding. They might be surprised, therefore, to hear that psilocybin – the active ingredient in magic mushrooms – actually decreases blood flow as well as connectivity between important areas of the brain that control perception and cognition.

Other News
Here's some special ass-hattery from China!

ANH: Time traveling now banned in Chinese mediaTime travel is not allowed in Chinese television and cinemas anymore. The General Bureau of Radio, Film and Television in China announced that time travel stories are no longer allowed as such stories are "disrespectful to history."

Guardian: Man arrested over fatal shooting on nuclear submarineOne person is dead and another in critical condition after shooting on board HMS Astute in Southampton
KRQE: Botanist finds mysterious plant in NM

Cryptogon: Naked Man Shoots SWAT Robot with AK-47
A Brevard County man was naked when he opened fire on a SWAT team robot and it was all caught on video, according to deputies.
ChrisMartenson: Fortifying Yourself And Your Home Against Crime
NPR: How Did Wisconsin Miss 14,000 Votes? Someone Didn't Click 'Save'
ClimateProgress: Ed Markey slams GOP: “You know who ruined the auto industry? You did!”Republicans have long opposed stronger fuel economy standards that might have put the US auto industry in a better position to weather international competition. 
NewAmerican: Alabama House Passes Anti-illegal Alien BillOn Tuesday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed an immigration bill designed to crackdown Arizona-style on those illegally present in the Heart of Dixie.
The vote wasn’t close. The legislation, H.B. 56, passed easily by a vote of 73 to 28 in the majority Republican House.
ClimateChangePsychology: Scott Walker's administration gives 27-year-old child of privilege plum state job with a raise to $81,000MADISON - After only a few months on the job, the Scott Walker administration has given the 27-year-old, drunk-driving son of a major campaign contributor a plum state job, including a hefty salary of $81,500.

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: Do you believe in angels?
TinfoilPalace: We all awaken...just before mass extinction
TheOilAge: Death washing in with the tide
TheOilAge: Critics' review unexpectedly supports scientific consensus on global warming
Hubberts-Arms: NC Man Convicted of Domestic Terrorism for Making Own Coins
Hubberts-Arms: Highway To The Fukushima Zone: First Person Trek Through A Radioactive Wasteland (amazing video!)
SilentCountry: Obama administration restricts findings on Gulf’s dead dolphins
SilentCountry: GOP Budget Proposal: 'Not a Penny' for Obamacare

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