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ClusterfuckNation: Blowing Green Smoke
 The central idea in Mr. Obama's speech is that we will reduce our oil imports by one-third in a decade. This is a gross distortion of reality.  The truth is that our oil imports will be reduced automatically, whether we like it or not.
Nobody hits the nail on the head quite like Kunstler!

TEPCO, the owner of the Fukushima nuclear power facility, will release approximately 11,500 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean in an effort to clean out the plants

First photo of the radioactive water leaking into the ocean at Fukushima

Hosted: Path of radiation leak at Japan plant unclear 
Reuters:  Japan plans to take control of Tokyo Electric Power Co
Japan plans to take control of Tokyo Electric Power Co, the operator of the country's stricken nuclear plant, in the face of mounting public concerns over the crisis and a huge potential compensation bill, a newspaper reported on Friday.
MailOnline: Japan pays 'suicide squads' fortunes to work in stricken nuclear plant as 'battle is lost for reactor two'
CNN: Crack in concrete called source of radioactive water leaking into sea
Hosted: UN nuke chief: Japan crisis a 'major challenge'
Time: Why Mass Burials Are Another Cause for Grief in Japan
NPR: In Japan: Search Is On For Radioactive Leak Even As Some Is Released 
ZeroHedge: Japanese Government Covered Up Surging Radioactive Fallout Data

Global Conflict RollingStone: Matt Taibbi: Why is the Fed Bailing Out Qaddafi?
NYTimes: Rebel Leadership in Libya Shows Strain
NPR: Update: Idea Of Gadhafi's Sons Taking Over Rejected
AsiaTimes: Exposed: The US-Saudi Libya deal 
BBC: Afghanistan: Deadly Kandahar protest at Koran burning 
NPR: Ivory Coast Violence Turns To Massacre 
Guardian: Afghan protests continue against Qur'an burning
Terry Jones's church destruction of holy book leads to fourth day of demonstrations in Afghanistan

Time: A Mystery in Tripoli: Blood on the Street?
BlackListedNews: Over 100 killed in Quran burning protests in Afghanistan:
ZeroHedge: Former CIA Analyst Tells Truth About Libya Intervention On CNN, Hilarity Ensues 

Financial News 

MSNBC: Citi to start clearing smaller checks first
NakedCapitalism: Wachovia Paid Trivial Fine for Nearly $400 Billion of Drug Related Money Laundering
 BusinessInsider: Chinese Shares Surge, But The Nikkei Gets Dragged Down By Fukushima News
NakedCapitalism: Cease and Desist Orders as Regulatory Theater in Mortgage Settlement Negotiations
Economist: Your money is no good here
TIM PAWLENTY, former Minnesota governor and potential Republican presidential candidate, has thoughts on money:

BusinessInsider: California Employment Is Stuck At The Lowest Level In A Decade
MarketWatch666: notes on the week ended april 2nd
GOP's opening salvo in 2012 budget war
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- This week may -- just may -- mark the end of the often crazed debate about how much spending should be cut from the federal budget over the next six months.
But even if it doesn't, a far more difficult and contentious debate will begin over how much should be cut in the 2012 budget.
TheDailyBail: Jim Rogers : Don't sell your silver CNBC 31 March 2011
Bloomberg: Goldman Sachs Doubles Blankfein’s 2010 Pay to $19 Million
ABCNews: Exclusive: GOP Budget Called 'The Path to Prosperity' Budget Calls for Cutting Federal Spending by More Than $4 Trillion in Next Ten Years
MarketWatch666: 60 minutes on widespread document forgeries and mortgage fraud
Ineteconomics: Regulating the Shadow Banking System
IMF Says US Must Raise All Taxes, Cut All Entitlements By 35% To Contain Future Budget 

Peak oil and Energy News

Guardian: Oil price hits two and a half year high
Libyan unrest and Opec chair Iran's refusal to sanction production increases pushes US crude to $108.74
OilPrice: High Oil Prices Leading to More Energy Options

TheOilDrum: Whipple: peak oil again driving economy toward recession

Environmental News

MotherJones: Are Humans Giving Animals Cancer?

LAT: Unlearned lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima
Do we collectively care about our planet, our home, this Earth, or don't we? When the economic bottom line rules decision-making, losses elsewhere can be staggering.
FarmPress: House votes to stop permit requirement for pesticide applications to water
NatGeo: Pictures: Trees Cocooned in Spider Webs After Flood 
BlackListedNews: Transocean gives bonuses for saftey after Gulf of Mexico BP spill
The offshore drilling firm responsible for running the Deepwater Horizon rig has given its top executives bonuses for its "best year" for safety.
Idealist: Strontium Isotopes Detected in Moscow - Japan, Canada and U.S. Have Some Explaining To Do

America in Decline
TruthOut: Infrastructure Cuts Would Make the Unthinkable Unsurvivable

LegitGov: GOP plans $1 trillion Medicaid cut 
MotherJones: Florida Bill Will Force Women to Look at Their [Redacted]
TruthOut: Killing the Mentally Ill 
NPR: Bail Burden Keeps U.S. Jails Stuffed With Inmates 
ABC: 9/11 Mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to be Tried by Military Commission
Sept. 11 Suspects Were to Have Been Tried in New York City

Food and Water

IntelDaily: Lawsuit seeks to invalidate Monsanto’s GMO patents

TheTelegraph: Genetically modified cows produce 'human' milk
Scientists have created genetically modified cattle that produce "human" milk in a bid to make cows' milk more nutritious. 

Guardian: Sales of organic products in UK fall by 5.9%
Sales of organic food, drink and textiles fall as producers battle against the downturn in demand, say Soil Association

Medical and Health
ibtimes: Will 'breakthrough' live human heart grown in lab beat in time?

ibtimes: A Silver Bullet against antibiotic resistant bacteria 
DMarron: The Rising Risk of Antibiotic Resistance

WiredDangerRoom: ‘Paranoia Meter’: HBGary’s Plot to Find the Pentagon’s Next WikiLeaker

Other News
theTelegraph: Dominic Prince: secrets of the jockey's racing diet
With the Grand National just days away, the writer reveals how he lost over five stone to become a jockey
NYT: We Work Hard, but Who’s Complaining?
WHEN a couple dozen brawny, uniformed and helmeted firefighters, led by a bagpipe player, marched through a crowd of pro-union protesters in Madison, Wis., last month, I knew, almost to a certainty, that Gov. Scott Walker had picked a fight with the wrong crew.
RawStory: ‘No cop in the state’ would arrest WI Senate dems
TruthOut: The Dark Side of "Comprehensive Soldier Fitness"
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: A Survivalist Mindset Amongst Apathy
Guardian: Nuns challenge Goldman Sachs over pay
Chief executive Lloyd Blankfein may have claimed he was doing 'God's work', but four orders of nuns want the bank to see the light over top pay
Politico: Union-bashing brings backlash

The Forums

TinfoilPalace: Income and wealth inequality in the U.S. have reached stages that would make the third world blush.
TinfoilPalace: Animals Have Emotional Lives
TheOilDrum: Fukushima Daiichi Fallout into Pacific Ocean
TheOilDrum: Newly Defined European Terror Alert Classifications.
Hubberts-Arms: Why you should avoid Falkland Islands oil explorers
Hubberts-Arms: Now hiring , get too work you peons
SilentCountry: Plastic surgery rebounds as job seekers try to look younger 
SilentCountry: WARNING: Imminent New Madrid Megaquake Possible

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