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Breaking News Tues. April 19, 2011

Got a late start on the Breaking News today so it will be shorter than I'd like. Be sure though to check out the forums linked at the bottom, there are some great conversations going on there on all sorts of current topics. Also, check out the blogs of all our members as well as Global Glass Onion.  Also, down in 'Other News'
check out the two dog stories.  Makes me seriously consider a Pit of Asshattery for the blog.

dotearthNYT: From ‘Wall-E’ to Fukushima, Robots Roam
WashingtonPost: Japan nuclear plant starts pumping out radioactive water to clear access to damaged reactors
Japan nuclear plant starts pumping out radioactive water to clear access to damaged reactors
Reuters: Japan eyes sales tax rise to pay for post-quake rebuild
(Reuters) - Japanese consumers may have to help foot the reconstruction bill after last month's earthquake and tsunami caused $300 billion of damage, further burdening the hugely indebted economy, a newspaper said on Tuesday.

Global Conflict
Raw Video: Crackdown on Syrian Protesters
SkyNews: Syria Has Lifted Emergency Law
Syria has approved the removal of emergency law following weeks of unrest the state news agency SANA has reported.
HuffingtonPost: Bahrain: Gulf Troops To Stay As Counter To Iran
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Gulf troops will stay indefinitely in Bahrain as a counter to perceived threats from Iran, which the island kingdom's Sunni rulers have used as a reason for their harsh crackdown on the country's Shiite opposition.

Financial News
Reuters: With much at stake, Asia voices confidence in U.S. debt
(Reuters) - Some of the United States' biggest creditors moved to shore up confidence in its sovereign debt Tuesday after Standard & Poor's threatened to cut its credit rating on the world's top economy, touching a nerve among big holders of Treasuries.
PBS: Finland's Vote Signals More Trouble for Euro Bailouts 
FT.com: A banking crisis is a terrible thing to waste - Two reports, 853 pages, one question: is this it?
Economist: When fund-raising is a crime
A death sentence for a young businesswoman chills entrepreneurs

Goldman profit drops as trading revenue falls. 
(Reuters) - Goldman Sachs Group Inc posted a 72 percent decline in quarterly earnings as trading revenue dropped, and the bank warned there were fewer opportunities to make money in the current environment.
CNNMoney: 100 best money moves
Looking for fresh ideas on how to make the most of your money? Our annual guide to the best and timeliest investments, deals, products and strategies will help you make smarter financial decisions. Guaranteed.
Telegraph: Thousands of parents to be worse off due to tax credit changes
Thousands of hardworking parents to receive letters that they will be worse off because of tax credit changes.
CreditWritdowns: What is Deleveraging?
The term deleveraging is one bandied about a lot in the press recently. But, what does it actually mean? De-leveraging is the process by which financial institutions and investors reduce the relative size of their assets to equity ratio. Generally, it means shedding assets in the financial sector, thus reducing credit and slowing the economy.
WSJ: U.S. Hasn’t Crashed Through Debt Ceiling Yet, but Getting Closer
ClimateerInvesting: The Explainer’s field guide to exotic tax dodges: The Double Irish and the Dutch Sandwich
TruthDig: Throw Out the Money ChangersThese are remarks Chris Hedges made in Union Square in New York City last Friday during a protest outside a branch office of the Bank of America.

Peak oil and Energy News
YahooFinance: BP chairman: deep-sea drilling must go on
Platts: European term natural gas contracts: how history repeats itself 
BusinessInsider: The Next Nine Cities That Will Pay Over $5 For Gas 

Environmental News
Thanks rb for this link, among others! Check out our tireless friend at Global Glass Onion!
SouthernStudies: A year later, BP’s oil is still damaging the Gulf Coast - As the one-year anniversary of the BP drilling disaster nears, the American public has largely turned its attention away from the Gulf Coast. But for the people and other living creatures who make the region their home, the oil spill's impacts are still being felt acutely today. In an effort to correct the misperception that the BP disaster is over and the 200 million gallons of oil that spill into the Gulf of Mexico have magically disappeared, staff with the Louisiana-based Gulf Restoration Network last week took reporters on a tour of areas that are still heavily impacted by BP's oil. The tour went from Myrtle Grove, La. to areas including Bay Jimmy, Barataria Bay, Queen Bess Island and Grand Terre Island -- many of the same areas that Facing South visited with GRN last summer.

America in Decline
MotherJones: Pawlenty's Education Committee: Kindergarten Sharing Is "Socialist" 
ClimateProgress: Beck: Youth climate activists are being organized by the same 1960s “radicals” who said “kill the parents”
YahooFinance: The Worst Roads in the U.S. 
McClatchy: Obama ran against Bush, but now governs like him
Forbes: Secret Memos Show Big Oil Plotted For Iraq's Oil Before Fall Of Saddam

In revelations that should surprise nobody but that nonetheless paint an even more cynical picture of the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, The Independent is reporting on secret memos describing discussions between oil executives and officials of the British government where companies like BP and Shell sought to position themselves for a share of Iraq’s post-Saddam bounty.
ActivistPost: Blown Reactor Buildings Stand...But Twin Towers Fall?
Give me a break. 9.0 earthquake, tsunami, hydrogen explosions and a nuclear meltdown won't take these reactor buildings down. Not even the metal grid in the ceiling structure.
Yet on 9/11 the world's tallest skyscrapers, massively over-engineered to withstand hurricanes and dual jet plane impacts, were pulverized in seconds, distributing miniscule bone fragments city blocks away and leaving pools of molten steel for weeks, in a surreal pyroclastic mega-meltdown that plays over and over in the world's consciousness.
ZeroHedge: Paul Farrell On The 10 "Doomsday Trends" Set To Destroy America
Cryptogon: U.S. Government Printing Office Needs 350,934 National Detainee Handbooks Printed by 29 April 2011
They seem pretty serious about needing the handbooks by 29 April.

Science and Technology
dotearthNYT: When Rationalization Masquerades as Reason
It’s awfully hard for human beings to step outside of their predispositions and gut reactions, which may be why it’s so hard to have a rational discussion about the findings of science, which is all about sidelining such distorting biases.

Medical and Health
Forbes: America’s Most Popular Drugs
For the pharmaceutical industry, last year was historic and grim: it was the first year ever when all of the ten most popular medicines in the U.S. were cheap generics.
ibtimes: Alzheimer's diagnostic guidelines updated for first time in decades (FULL TEXT)
MotherJones: Why Are Toxic Skin Lighteners Still Legal?
YahooNews: Calif. woman to show off newly transplanted hand

Other News
BusinessInsider: END OF AN ERA: Castro Resigns From Party Leadership And Calls For Liberalization
BBCWitness: Waco Siege: In 1993, around 80 people died in the fire that ended the siege at the headquarters of a Christian cult in Waco, Texas.
Sam Henry, from Manchester, lost his wife and five children in the blaze.
He tells Witness how the cult's leader, David Koresh, brainwashed his family.
NewYorkPost: Arizona Gov. Brewer vetoes 'birther' bill, guns on college campuses
ABCNews: Trump's Offer to Obama: I'll Build a $100 Million White House Ballroom
BusinessInsider: Psychologists Find That Extremely Lucky People Do These Four Things
abcNews: Florida Dad Philip Scott Struthers From Fight Video Explains Himself
Struthers Says He Is Sorry, But Was Protecting Son From Bullies
Time: The Latest Enemies of Iran: Dogs and Their Owners
For much of the past decade, the Iranian government has tolerated what it considers a particularly depraved and un-Islamic vice: the keeping of pet dogs.
Time: Chinese Animal Activists Save Hundreds of Dogs From Being Eaten
Hundreds of dogs were spared being served on the dinner table in China after activists staged a 15-hour standoff to save them.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Five myths about why the American South seceded
TinfoilPalace: George Galloway bitchslaps a Zionist
TheOilAge: Population - The Elephant in the Room
TheOilAge: what pisses you off?
Hubberts-Arms: Anarchy erupts in Greece as austerity bites
hubberts-Arms: 10% of global uranium supplies at risk - contamination near Darwin, Australia
SilentCountry: Price at the Pump
SilentCountry: Large scale food theft U.S.

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