Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Documentary! Sat. April 30, 2011 "Hunt for the Supertwister"

KM over at Big Picture Agriculture has a great article up today.  A great site you guys should check out.
I really liked the end prediction. :D

I'd also like to sincerely thank Draftee for the generous donation. Thank you so much! I was really surprised by that and can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Also, Kathleen has a superb article on the royal wedding up over at the Dissident Voice.
I love this line."I’m curious if the usual cash for gold, pawn shop, and payday lender commercials will get some sweet air time during this magnificence."
Great work Kathleen! Your article made me feel better. You guys should check it out too, it's called,  
How About Some Royal Wedding Austerity?
oh, and one more thing, rj sent this wedding humor photo. Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on in this picture?

Ok, Now for the show!
For our documentary today, I thought maybe something about tornadoes might be appropriate after this past week's storms.
P.S. wanted to add this link that rj from Global Glass Onion just sent me. It's eye opening to say the least.
Go to the link and scroll down to the article with the graphs on this years tornado activity. I hope and pray this trend doesn't keep going.

NOAA's National Weather Service: U.S. Tornadoes -- Daily Counts and Annual Running Trends

Oh, and here's another he just sent. Wanted to share this one too, it's a good one!
Who Covereth the Heaven With Clouds, Who Prepareth Rain For the Earth, Who Hasn'teth A Clue (video) Fear not the extreme weather threatening us all, the tornados in the South, the drought and fire ravaging Texas. GOP Gov. Rick Perry - he who has called climate change “one contrived phony mess' and whose state is the biggest carbon polluter in the country - will save us with prayer. Also some help from the feds, though he wants to secede. Also a prayerful Facebook page and song. It only has eight words; I guess they ran out. But hear ye: Fear not climate change. Hallelulah.

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