Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday Documentary! May 7, 2011 End:Civ-Resist or Die

This documentary was posted in The Tinfoil Palace by LimeyWestLake who is an associate of the maker of the film, Franklin Lopez. It is inspired by Derrick Jensen's Endgame
It is a pretty eye opening film that I think you will like, even though it will probably scare you and may make you uncomfortable. It did me.

END:CIV - Resist or Die - WWW.ENDCIV.COM

Since watching this documentary, I've thought and thought about it.
You know, civilizations have come and gone, over and over again. We seem to always rebuild them no matter what. Hunter gatherer living would be difficult if not impossible now. Where would a person go to live that way?
Do you wonder why, if civilizations have fallen in the past, why did we rebuild them time after time?
Because maybe that's just what we are.
I feel for and understand the sentiment in the film. I just don't think we will ever go back to primitive ways of living. We aren't cut out for it, it's not who we are.
I agree that our current way of living is totally destructive and will continue, no matter what, until all resources are exhausted and we are left with nothing. That's also who we are.
One day, perhaps in the future, the world will consist of small groups of highly developed people. Little pockets of learning and art and civilization scattered about the planet. The rest of the world will revert back to it's natural wilderness state. Wherever that is possible I suppose.
We are headed into days of utter and absolute darkness. Darkness of the soul. I believe there will be or are now, small groups of people who see this coming and who have and will preserve what's worth preserving. Like the monks during the dark ages that maintained reading and writing and science and kept written records of what was happening in the world.
I hope and pray that there are groups of people out there, working silently and without fanfare who are saving what was wonderful about us. Saving what is worthy and beautiful.
Good luck to us, we're going to need it.

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