Saturday, May 21, 2011

Saturday Rapture Day May 21, 2011

Today, according to pastor Camping, is the day of the Rapture.
I'm outside early, watching the sun come up and thinking about Brother Camping.
The sun begins to shine on the creek, a mist is rising off the water as it rushes noisily by, the sky promises clear blue wonder for the day.
I'm listening to REM's "End of the World" and I too feel fine.

I know that there has been a lot of joking about today's rapture prediction. It's all over the internet. People are planning to leave clothing laying around as a joke.
That has the ring of nervousness about it I think.
I think about Mr. Camping. He reminds me of my little grandpa and so it's hard for me to laugh at him. When I've seen him, I'm struck with his sincerity. I don't know if he's a kind man, or a gentle man, but you can tell that he is indeed a sincere man who honestly believes what he's saying.
He's also someone who is an ill fit for this world, much like we are, much like I am.
He's not a whole lot different from doomers like us, but instead of physical preps, he has a belief in the Rapture. He believes that when times get bad, he and people who believe, will be swooped away and not have to go through the collapse of civilization. They will be safely tucked away in heaven.
We, as doomers, as people who prepare, feel that our preps, our stocked up food and water, our gardens, our guns and ammo, will keep us safe. Keep our families safe.
I think the things we have in common with Brother Camping out weigh the things we are at odds with.
In our own ways, we're all preparing for the End of the World. ~

I found this and couldn't wait to show it to you all! Right here in East TN too! I wish I had a house like that!

One more for Bill! Blondie!

Now for our documentary.
 God is American
A documentary featured at Marfa Film Festival 2009 and focusing on famous cargo cult on Tanna island.

During WW II, the US navy used the island in Southern Pacific to build a military base and when the islanders met the American soldiers it was a tremendous cultural shock. And the islanders have believed in the Americans were demi-gods. During this period, John Frum, an American pilot landed on Tanna. No one knows him except the islanders. They believe in John Frum is their prophet and wait his return.

Their customs have been shaped by this belief.


  1. Nah, there's no 'ring of nervousness' about leaving clothes laying around... they just wanna mess with the heads of the True Believers, and watch the expressions of disappointment as they realise they were "left behind".

    The ones who counted on getting Raptured out of this mess had better have had a plan B in place.. they're gonna need it.


  2. Being a plan B kinda person myself, I can't say as I disagree with you JAFO. LOL
    never leave up to chance (or Divine Intervention) things you can take care of yourself.

  3. Hey pamela, where's the video for Blondie's "Rapture?" :)

  4. here you go Bill!
    the prefect song for today!

  5. I posted it for us Bill. good song for today!

  6. Mega, what is that? I looked for a video but didn't see a music group. Is it music?

  7. hey wait, is this it?

  8. So what's next? December 21, 2012 as per the Mayan calendar? Could it be a massive solar flare that's going to destroy us? I guess we ought to prepare right now or simply wait for Superman to save the world.

  9. Superman isn't going to save this planet. It's going to be Mighty Mouse. He's been in hiding working on all his plans to eliminate the scourge that is the human race...

  10. Pamela, I like how kind you are in your views of Mr. Camping. My first instinct is to chuckle at such people, but I suppose that his views are no crazier than those of cornucopians, just as an example!!

  11. thanks VaMom. I feel really bad for him and his followers and hope that they can get straightened out ok and not let this break their hearts too bad.
    And you're right about the views of cornucopians too. they don't mean any harm, they are just trying to find a way of looking at the world that doesn't involve them being destitute.