Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend Documentary! "The Most Hated Family in America!"

Something hateful for us this weekend.
I'm sure you guys are all familiar with the Westboro Baptist Church folks and their campaign to drive people to fits with their anti gay campaign They seem like a pitiful bunch of people with narrow lost little lives.

What I think is kind of ironic, is that they have probably done more to help the homosexual community in this country than just about anything. That tickles me.


  1. It strikes me that I really shouldn't have any idea that these attention whores even exist. The only reason I do is because the MSM loves to play up tiny marginal whackos like Westboro to encourage conformity among the masses and to distract them from noticing how the corporations are screwing them over every day of their lives.

  2. it's like driving by a car wreck Bill. You can't not look!
    and you know really, I think highlighting this sort of pitiful mental illness, has done more to foster good will towards gays than just about anything.

  3. That is true..a silver lining in the oddest place imaginable.