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You know, this story really strikes me as important. See what you think.
WashingtonPost: IMF said to be targeted in state-based cyber attack
NYT: I.M.F. Reports Cyberattack Led to ‘Very Major Breach’
Bloomberg: IMF State-Backed Cyber-Attack Follows Hacks of Atomic Lab, G-20
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ExtinctionProtocol: 90,000 people still homeless in Japan after March quake and tsunami
Hosted: 6 more workers may exceed Japan's radiation limit 
BBC: Fukushima plant: Six more workers exposed to radiationSix more workers at Japan's crippled Fukushima plant are reported to have been exposed to excessive radiation levels, bringing the total to eight.
JapanFocus: Japan’s Decline as a Robotics Superpower: Lessons From Fukushima

Global Conflict
DemocracyNow: Syrian Troops Pursue “Scorched Earth” Policy; Videos Document Children Tortured to Death 
GlobalPost: Can the Kurds tip the scales in Syria?Syria's Kurdish minority considers throwing its weight behind protest movement.
ThinkProgress: Iraqi Spokesman Says Rohrabacher Is ‘Not Welcome In Iraq,’ Tells U.S. Embassy ‘To Ask The Congressman To Leave’ 
MailOnline: The billion dollar war? Libyan campaign breaks Pentagon estimates costing U.S. taxpayers $2 million a day
TradeAidMonitor: Pakistani Intelligence, Military to be Trained on U.S. Soil?
McClatchy: 'Arab Spring' push for democracy stalls as regimes dig in 
Slate: In a pure coincidence, Gaddafi impeded U.S. oil interests before the war
NarcoSphere: U.S. Special Ops Troops Deployed in Mexico, Leaked Briefing ConfirmsA Pentagon document has come to light that confirms the U.S. has put special operations troops on the ground in Mexico as the drug war there continues to escalate, notching some 40,000 murders since late 2006.
VOA: Tanks, Helicopter Gunships Patrol Syria's North
UPI: Missing $6.6B for Iraq may be stolen
DangerRoom: U.S. Counter-Intel Agents Could Outnumber Taliban Infiltrators
BBC: Libya 'repulses rebels' in ZawiyaThe Libyan government says it has repulsed a fresh attempt by rebels to take the western town of Zawiya.
BlackListedNews: Flashpoint: South China Sea 
ZeroHedge: Migrant Worker Riots In Southern China Intensify
BusinessInsider: Something Is Wrong In Greece Today 
LegitGov: Taliban deny responsibility, blame 'foreign agencies'
Hosted: US bankrolls 'shadow Internet for dissidents' abroad
The US government is financing the development of "shadow" Internet systems to enable dissidents abroad to get around government censors, The New York Times reported on Sunday.
Reuters: Second day of fighting near Libya's capital
Rebels fought forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi for a second day in the town of Zawiyah on Sunday, bringing the revolt against his rule to within a few kilometers (miles) of the capital.
TheAtlantic: Time to Disband the Bahrain-Based U.S. Fifth Fleet
Cryptogon: Investigation Into IMF Cyber Attack 
Time: Attacks on Christians: Can Egypt Deal With Extremist Mobs? 
Time: Syria's Wounded Refugees: Tales of Massacre and Honorable Soldiers
Hosted: Suicide bomber kills 5 people in southern Iraq 
WSJ: IMF Mum on Details of Network Cyberattack 
LegitGov: Egypt arrests 'Israeli spy'
CNN: Bahrain doctors go on trial, alleging torture to extract confessions
AmericanProspect: Total Buzz KillBlocked by failed negotiations with Israel and an ambivalent Obama administration, Palestinians look for recognition on the international stage.

Financial News
BusinessWeek: Roubini Says ‘Perfect Storm’ May Threaten Global Economy 
StuffNZ: NZ stocks fall on quake 
MarketWatch: China lending, money-supply growth cools
CNNMoney: America's lost trillions 
CNBC: Week Ahead: Stocks Could Get Rocked by Next Wave of Reports
MotherJones: Wall Street's Latest Manufactured Outrage 
MaxKeiser: Mass mortgage walkaway: America’s Cairo moment? 
CNBC: Chance of Another Round of Easing by Year-End: Roubini
WashingtonPost: Gridlocking the lives of the jobless 
Bloomberg: Let Free Markets Rule, and Banks Win, on Debit-Card Fees: View 
BusinessInsider: China Holds The World Hostage In Rare Earth Metals
MineWeb: The real price of gold: What you see is not necessarily what you get
ZeroHedge: Flash Crash Takes a Bite of Natural Gas
DeclineoftheEmpire: Has Thomas Friedman Joined The Doomer Team?
ZeroHedge: The "QE 2 As A European Bank Bailout Vehicle" Story Picks Up Traction
Cryptogon: Bitcoin: Spectacular Slaughter 
Time: China's 'Wealth Drain': New Signs That Rich Chinese Are Set on Emigrating 
WSJ: Europe's Drought Risks Inflation Deluge 
BusinessInsider: The Government Is About To Jump The Shark
BusinessInsider: Another Big Problem For Bank Of America
MaxKeiser: Just walk away (from those underwater mortgages), your bank did years ago.
BusinessInsider: Here's The REAL Reason Bank Stocks Are Getting Smoked 
MSNBC: Apple store employee seeks to plant union seedCory Moll working to form a union to fight for better compensation, improved practices 
Reuters: Summers calls for new boost to economyFormer White House aide Larry Summers on Sunday urged expanded tax cuts on U.S. workers' wages, warning that America's economy was at risk of years of Japan-style stagnation without a further boost.
ActivistPost: 5 Reasons NOT to Pay Your Credit Cards
CNN: 9 most annoying bank fees And how to Squash Them 
Economist'sView: Obama Gives In to Whining on Wall Street - In the end, money wins: Obama Seeks to Win Back Wall St. Cash: A few weeks before announcing his re-election campaign, President Obama convened two dozen Wall Street executives, many of them longtime donors, in the White House’s Blue Room.

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - The Oil under Los Angeles
Platts: Crisis? What crisis? A look at OPEC's Vienna meeting
Platts: Qatar sees more long-term LNG supply to Japan, higher global demand
Platts: Brazil to tighten control over supply and demand for ethanol
Brazil's national petroleum agency ANP unveiled late Friday detailed plans to tighten government regulation over the ethanol market, giving the sector a first glimpse of how the rules might affect supply and demand for the biofuel.
The resolution published on ANP's website is the first move by the regulator to avoid a repeat of the recent ethanol supply crisis in the country, which led Brazil to import more than 200,000 cubic meters of the biofuel so far this year. Usually it does not import ethanol.
CNN: Gas prices headed downward, survey finds
Tehelka: Gaddafi is another name for oil 
CNBC: Saudi Shows Who's Boss, to Pump 10 Million Barrels Per Day
CNBC: Fed Will Buy $50 Billion of Treasurys in Final QE2 Push

Environmental News
TheIndependent: 'Controlled' power cuts likely as Sun storm threatens national gridOfficials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth. 
CNN: Hurricane Adrian expected to remain offshore
Bloomberg: Qantas, Lan Cancel Fights as Volcanic Ash Cloud Spreads 
ExtinctionProtocol: Torrential rains and floods swallow lowland areas of Norway
MotherNatureNetwork: Look What We Found! 9 newly discovered species
DesdemonaDespair: Scientists race to avoid climate change harvest 
BusisnessInsider: Proliferation Of Jellyfish Could Turn Oceans Into Uninhabitable Acid Dead Zones
DesdemonaDespair: Graph of the Day: Progression of the Wallow Fire in Arizona 
Monsters&Critics: More than 600 people poisoned by lead in east China
SOTT: US: Mountain Lion Killed Outside New York City 
EnvironmentalNewsnetwork: Extreme Heat the New Norm 
MotherNatureNetwork: 8 magnificent images of Mercury
IPSNews: EUROPE Trapped Between Droughts and Floods 
WVGazette: Marchers scale Blair MountainProtesters rally at Labor's 'Gettysburg,' vow mountaintop-removal fight
DeclineoftheEmpire: Peak Fish And The Age Of Slime
OrganicConnectingMag: Contamination From Genetically Modified Alfalfa Certain, Experts Say 
Grist: Canada’s step away from the Kyoto Protocol can be a constructive step forward 
ResourceInsights: Can humans really adapt to climate change?  
Yahoonews: Flood-hit China warns of more rain 
CNN: Earthquakes rock Christchurch, New Zealand 
WireUpdate: Series of moderate earthquakes hit Eritrea – Ethiopia border regionA series of moderate earthquakes struck the Eritrea - Ethiopia border region on Sunday evening, seismologists said, but it was not immediately known if there was damage or if there were casualties.
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported a total of 14 light to moderate earthquakes in the border area on Sunday evening, with the strongest being two 5.7-magnitude earthquakes which were both centered in Eritrea.

America in Decline
ActivistPost: The Year America Dissolved
NYT: For the Executive With Everything, a $230,000 Dog to Protect It 
FDL: The 22 Children of Guantanamo Release of Guantanamo detainee is overturnedA federal appeals court yesterday overturned an order releasing a Yemeni detainee from Guantanamo Bay and ruled that circumstantial evidence of terrorist ties can be enough to keep a prisoner.

Food and Water
Monsters&Critics: Taiwan begins to destroy contaminated food to contain crisis
FarmWars: German E-Coli Outbreak: Accident or Planned “Genocide” for Organics?What if the deadly e-coli outbreak in Germany that was blamed on organic sprouts with no direct proof, but through circumstantial evidence only, was instituted as part of a deliberate campaign to sway public opinion in favor of compliance with Codex regulations and to call for the irradiation of organic seeds?
ActivistPost: 7 Secret Ways We Are Being Poisoned
BigPictureAgriculture: What the White House Garden Would Look Like if it were Planted to Reflect the Relative Costs of the Main Crops Subsidized by U.S. Taxpayers
Beezernotes: German E. coli. Outbreak Highlights Need To Control Antibiotic Use In Agriculture.
WashingtonPost: More than 600, including 103 children, sickened by lead poisoning in China

Science and Technology
ScientificAmerican: Seeking Address: Why Cyber Attacks Are So Difficult to Trace Back to Hackers
Sony, Google, RSA and now Citigroup are just some of the prominent victims of cyber attacks as defenses at large organizations prove porous and attackers elude detection
Wired: June 13, 1983: Pioneer 10 Reaches an End … and a Beginning
1983: Pioneer 10 becomes the first human-made object to pass outside Pluto’s orbit and leave the central solar system.
ScientificAmerican: Green Fluorescent Protein Makes for Living Lasers
A single mammalian cell expressing a mutant green fluorescent protein is the first living object to be used as a laser
MetroOnline: Scientists create laser-producing living cell
Scientists have managed to create the world's first living laser, using nothing more than some jellyfish proteins and some embryonic human kidneys.

Medical and Health
BBC: Deaths from E. coli still rising in Germany
The death toll has risen to 35 in Germany's E. coli epidemic and health officials say about 100 patients have severe kidney damage.
Good: Can Coffee Really Make You Hallucinate? 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalOnline: Welcome to the jungle… garden jungle!
BigPictureAgriculture: Gravity Drip Bucket Irrigation Systems for Vegetable Gardens Enhance Food Security for the Food Insecure 

Other News
TPM: California Diver Taking Hunt For Bin Laden UnderwaterA California diver is taking the hunt for Osama bin Laden, now deceased, to new depths.
Bill Warren plans to embark on a diving trip to recover bin Laden's body himself, the New York Post reports.
"I'm doing it because I am a patriot American who wants to know the truth," Warren told the Post. "I do it for the world."
BlackListedNews: Psycho Politics: Technicians of Influence Legitimize Mass Murder And Economic Slavery
BlacklistedNews: Tabloid News Trumps Coverage Of Bilderberg Meeting, Wars and Economic Problems
CNN: Former transit cop convicted in California subway shooting goes free
CNNMoney: Ford F-150 buyers go for EcoBoost V6 engines 
Slate: The Not-American DreamDo other countries have national catchphrases?

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Earthquake Christchurch NZ Emeline Please report in
TinfoilPalace:Was Giffords Shooting a Hoax?
TheOilAge:Pakistan Nukes
TheOilAge:Siphoning fuel
Hubberts-Arms:ATF Agent Seizes 30 Toy Guns!
Hubberts-Arms:    Blogger arrested for filming county council meeting (Wales)
SilentCountry:Go to first new post White House to announce IT-powered smart grid on Monday
SilentCountry:China Ratings House Says U.S. Is Defaulting

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