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Breaking News Tues. June 28, 2011

Here's some more on that awful story from yesterday.
ABCNews: TSA Defends Frisking of 95-Year-Old Woman, Denies Removing Adult Diaper
Soule says the TSA will not disclose further details out of respect to the passenger's privacy.
Weber calls the TSA's claim about not removing the diaper "a lie." 

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CNN: Radiation discovered in Fukushima residents
TruthOut: Fukushima's Cesium Spew - Deadly Catch-22s in Japan Disaster Relief

Global Conflict
BusinessInsider: These Fake Chinese Microchips Were Made To Disarm U.S. Missiles
CNN: Gadhafi could face rape charges, international prosecutor says
AtlanticWire: The U.S. Military Spends $20 Billion on Air Conditioning for Troops
UPI: Bin Laden's family to be deported 
ActivistPost: Greece grinds to a halt as general strike gets underway
Workers across Greece walked off the job on Tuesday, kicking off a crippling 48-hour strike with a mass protest in the capital, Athens, as parliament debated a new austerity plan. Police fired tear gas in clashes with protesters.
GlobeandMail: In pictures Greeks take to the streets 
CNN: Greek police fire tear gas at protesters
Bloomberg: Tripoli Running Out of Gas as Sanctions Squeeze Qaddafi
Time: The Greek Mental-Health Crisis: As Economy Implodes, Depression and Suicide Rates Soar
VOA: Palestinians to Seek UN Recognition in September
CNN: Syrian presidential adviser denies targeting peaceful protesters
CNN: A steady stream of amateur video is undermining the latest claim from the Syrian regime. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports.

Hack Attacks
MSNBC: 'Anonymous' hackers declare war on Orlando
Websites to be attacked over arrests of activists handing out food to homeless people

Financial News
Bloomberg: Blame Minimum Wage for Youth Joblessness: Echoes
NYT: Afghan Central Banker Resigns, Fearing for Life
Reuters: Up to one in six EU banks set to fail stress test-sources
Up to one in six European banks is set to fail an EU-wide financial health check, according to euro zone sources close to the stress-testing, as officials scramble to set up backstops for those at risk.
Reuters: Home prices dip in April: S&P
Single-family home prices dipped modestly in April, pointing to signs of stabilization in the battered housing market at the start of the spring buying season, a closely watched survey said on Tuesday.
UPI: Obama debt-panel leaders: Make $2T in cuts
 Democrats ought to agree to GOP lawmakers' demands for $2 trillion in spending cuts over 10 years, the heads of U.S. President Barack Obama's fiscal panel said.
Bloomberg: Biggest Tax Avoiders Win Most Gaming $1 Trillion U.S. Tax Break 
TheTelegraph: Five biggest threats to the US economy
 Hopes that 2011 would see the US recovery strengthen have so far been dashed as higher gasoline and food prices erode the spending power of millions of Americans. Here are the five biggest threats faced by the world's largest economy:
Bloomberg: Investors May Lose as Oversight Outsourced
BusinessInsider: CHART OF THE DAY: The Housing Double Dip ACCELERATES
WSJ: Portugal to Ramp Up Austerity
CNN: Toyota's woes: Lower sales, ratings cut
Ibtimes: Rick Mills: Cash In, Not Out on $1,500 Gold
ZeroHedge: Here Are The Most Actively Traded Names In Goldman's Dark Pool (Or Why Is The Big Money Fascinated With Italy?)
ZeroHedge: Greece Deputy PM Warns Of Tanks In The Streets, Mass Suicides, If Second Bailout Voted Down By Greek Parliament
YahooFinance: Gold Bull Still Has Legs 
Bloomberg: Fed’s Kocherlakota Calls on Congress to Change Tax System 
CNBC: German banks back French plan on Greece: sources
Reuters: Auto ad spend in US slows drastically in Q2
CNNMoney: Home prices rise, snapping 8-month drop streak

FT: Dollar seen losing global reserve status 
CNNMoney: California budget deal reached
LibertyStreetEconomics: How Easy Is It to Forecast Commodity Prices?  
Salon: America's unique hatred of finance reform
As other nations put restrictions on banks, our government caters to Wall Street. It will end up costing us
HuffingtonPost: Nonprofit Insurers: Reaping Profits at the Expense of the Consumer 
FT: Shadow spreading across international banking 
WSJ: U.S. Endorses Lagarde for IMF 
Guardian: How corporations award themselves legal immunity
Whether it's in your employment contract or the paperwork for a cell phone, it's odds on that the small print says you can't sue
smh.au: Look customers in the eyes to lock them in the aisles 
BusinessInsider: Bankers Say Supporting Obama Is "Bad For Business" And Embarrassing

Peak oil and Energy News
MotherJones: The Opening Round of Fuel Efficiency Debates
On Friday, I raised the question of whether the Obama administration would raise fuel economy standards significantly this year as a real response to rising fuel costs. Over the weekend, the Washington Post reported that the administration plans to at least come pretty close to the 60-miles-per-gallon target enviros set, raising the average for passenger cars and other light vehicles to 56.2 MPG by 2025:
Platts: Oil Stock Piles
John Kingston, Platts Director Of News, discusses the decision to release oil stock piles.
DemocracyNow: Report: Natural Gas Insiders Question Feasibility, Profitability of Industry
ActivistPost: IEA Oil Dump A Disaster In The Making 
ArabNews: Saudi oil council reviews world market situation 
UPI: GOP sees major energy road blocks
SeattleTimes: Iranian oil minister says OPEC strains solvableIran's oil minister has acknowledged strains within OPEC after its last meeting exposed deep rifts between his country and rival Saudi Arabia, but said the organization can solve them internally.
UpStream: IEA maps out barrel release
Europe will release mostly oil industry refined products stocks while the US will tap government crude reserves as part of the International Energy Agency’s co-ordinated action to prevent high energy prices from stunting economic recovery.
EnergyBulletin: Strategic petroleum reserves: The world's last 'swing producer' tries to save the economy
Becker-Posner: Releasing Oil from Reserves—Posner
ClimateProgress: Insiders Warn “Shale Plays are Just Giant Ponzi Schemes” in Bombshell-Laden NY Times Piece on Natural Gas, Fracking 
DeclineoftheEmpire: Brace Yourselves For The Next Oil Price Shock 
UPI: BP lauds use of biofuelsThough more than twice the number of vehicles are expected on the road by 2030 than today, that doesn't mean doubling of oil demand, BP said from London.

Environmental News
BBC: Horn of Africa sees 'worst drought in 60 years' 

BusinessInsider: Pictures Of The Worst Flood In North Dakota History
WashingtonPost: Evacuation of Los Alamos, N.M., ordered because of wildfireThousands of residents calmly fled June 27 from the mesa-top town that’s home to the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory, ahead of an approaching wildfire that sent up towering plumes of smoke, rained down ash and sparked a spot fire on lab property where scientists 50 years ago conducted underground tests of radioactive explosives.

US1: Taking the EPA’s Authority Away
A House committee approved a bill that would gut much of the EPA’s power to enforce clean water standards. The Clean Water Cooperative Federalism Act, approved by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, would transfer regulatory power over water, wetlands and mountaintop mining to the states, Greenwire reports. The House leadership plans to hold a floor vote this summer
PBS: Study: BPA Makes Male Mice Less Masculine
A new study released Monday shows that exposure to a common ingredient in plastic bottles and packaging can cause male mice to act like females. The lead author of the study discusses its significance for humans.
ThinkProgres: Ocean Currents Speed Melting of Antarctic Ice, as “Seawater Appear[s] to Boil on the Surface Like a Kettle on the Stove”
WiredScience: Taz Devil Genome Sequenced to Fight Contagious Cancer

America in Decline
ActivistPost: Final Senate Version of TSA Bill Authorizes Invasive Groping
Despite Texas lawmakers claiming otherwise, the final Senate version of a bill that purports to criminalize invasive pat downs actually authorizes the TSA to continue groping travelers, mandating only that they need “reasonable suspicion” to indicate that the person may be carrying a prohibited object, which could easily be claimed if the person sets off a metal detector or refuses to undergo a full body scan.
ActivistPost: Louisiana Supreme Court Allows Vehicle Searches on a Hunch
Talking on a cell phone, and entering and exiting another car is sufficient justification for a warrantless search in Louisiana.
ABCNews: The Year's Worst Security Outrages: Time for a Little Commonsense?

Food and Water
USDA: Food Safe Families: First-Ever National Multimedia Food
Safety Campaign Launches to Reduce Food Poisoning in the U.S.
NYT: The Great Corn Con

Science and Technology
Good: Robots Cook German Sausage Breakfast
SpaceFlightNow: Station crew 'shelters in place' for debris threat
The six-member crew of the International Space Station took shelter in two Russian Soyuz spacecraft early Tuesday because of a predicted close approach by an unknown piece of space debris. Radar tracking indicated the debris could pass within about 820 feet of the space station at 8:08 a.m. EDT (GMT-4), but no impact was detected and the crew was told to resume normal operations.
TechReview: Fractal Dimensions Should Modify The Casimir Effect
The effects of fractal dimensions could one day be observed if Casimir measurements can be made sensitive enough, according to theoretical physicist
PCMag: More Power to You
Without battery power, your favorite tech devices are pretty much useless. Here are some tips to help keep your gadgets’ batteries going…and going and going.
NewScientist: Asteroid protoplanet may hold clues to Earth formation
Never have old leftovers made so many scientists salivate. After a four year journeyMovie Camera, NASA's Dawn spacecraft has returned the first close-up views of the giant asteroid Vesta, a relic of planet-building that could hold clues to how Earth formed.
NewScientist: Trials kick off for long-range 'super' Wi-Fi
There may be a gap in the market, the old adage goes, but is there a market in the gap? That's what Microsoft, BT, Samsung, Nokia and the BBC hope to find out in Cambridge, UK, over the next few weeks as they jointly test a wireless technology that's designed to exploit some of the most promising gaps on the planet: the unused "white spaces" between UHF digital TV frequencies.

Medical and Health
Good: Tripping Your Way to Sobriety: A Hallucinogen Offers New Hope to Recovering Drug Addicts
UPI: 4.7M in U.S. bitten by dogs, often theirs
NewsOK: Sens. Tom Coburn and Joseph Lieberman to unveil plan for Medicare
Proposal by senators from Oklahoma and Connecticut calls for higher premiums and raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67.
CNNMoney: Early retirement a scary health care option

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming

Other News
Check out the following pathetic insanity from India.
BusinessInsider: Some Indian Parents Using Sex Change Operations To Turn Girls Into Boys
In a stunning revelation reported in The Telegraph Monday, parents in India are allegedly paying £2,000 (around $3,200) to have their young daughters undergo gender reassignment surgery in order to turn them into sons—all in the hopes of dodging the added expense of raising a girl.

Grist: Crazy Europeans think people are more important than cars 
BBC: Cameroon bans night travel because of drink drivingCameroon has banned all night-time public transport on roads to curb accidents caused by heavy drinking, the transport ministry says. 

CNN: Judge blocks Georgia law targeting illegal immigrants
NOAA: NOAA and Navy to conduct archaeological survey of two Civil War shipwrecks in Hampton Roads, Va.
CNN: Minnesota government shutdown could hurt kids

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Huge Sinkhole Opens Up In Australia

TinfoilPalace:Look Who's Buying Up Flood Ravaged Farm Land
TheOilAge:Growing US/China confrontation (renamed)
TheOilAge:Dallas Fed plunges badly
Hubberts-Arms:Mob of 40 teens loot Sears in Philadelphia
Hubberts-Arms:Astounded at a friends babbling lunacy
SilentCountry:How Long You Have Left Depends on How Prepared You Are
SilentCountry:Go to first new post Argentina: A Case Study in How An Economy Collapses

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