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Global Conflict
Politico: Report: Grand jury probing possible CIA war crimes in Iraq
ABCNews: Officials: Pakistan Rounds Up CIA Informants in bin Laden Raid
DailyMail: Nato refuses to rule out bombing ancient ruins in air strikes aimed at taking out Gaddafi
ZeroHedge: Televizing The (Second) Greek Revolution - Three Live Streams From Syntagma Square
CNN: Pakistan arrests several who helped CIA hunt bin Laden, officials say
TechReview: Israel Vulnerable to Cyber Attack, Leaders Warn 
USAToday: Obama team to defend legality of Libya operation
WSJ: Syrian Refugees in Turkey Call for Action 
Reuters: Greeks strike, clash with police over austerityStone-throwing Greeks clashed with police and tens of thousands of protesters marched on parliament on Wednesday to oppose government efforts to pass new austerity measures for the debt-stricken euro zone state.
GlobeandMail: Taliban shells police ceremony in bloody intimidation campaign 
CNN: CNN reporter, briefly in Syria, hears 'horror' stories 
NPR: Egypt's Secret Military Trials Erode Activists' Trust 
Bloomberg: Greek Unions Stage 24-Hour Strike Against Austerity, Asset Sales 
WSJ: Wave of Unrest Rocks ChinaThreats to Social Order Increasingly Hit Cities, Bringing Iron-Fist Response
Bloomberg: Qaddafi Running Out of Money, Fuel, Ex-Central Bank Head Says
Politico: John Boehner invokes War Powers Act 
CNN: Turkish PM, Syrian envoy to meet as refugee numbers mount 
CNN: Arab Unrest: Middle East and North Africa, country by country

Financial News
MineWeb: Eurozone central banks now buying gold, not selling - confirmed
European central banks are no longer selling gold. They are buying it...So it's not just Asian, Middle Eastern and the Russian Central Bank bolstering their gold reserves.

EconBrowser: A game of chickenMaking a political game out of the debt ceiling is playing with fire.
Bloomberg: Senate Vote Leaves Uncertain Fate for Ethanol Tax Break, Tariff
Reuters: Consumers spend less, recovery seen on horizonConsumers have not pulled back aggressively despite the recent slowdown in the economy, retail sales data showed on Tuesday, and falling gasoline prices should support growth in the months ahead.
Missing in Action: Pentagon faces $6.6 billion black hole in Iraq books

FrumForum: Incredible Shrinking Workers’ Income
NAHB: Builder Confidence Declines Three Points in June  
UPI: Corporate health and U.S. jobs diverge
RitHoltz: Bernanke giving advice on fiscal issues? Sad
CNBC: US Housing Crisis Is Now Worse Than Great Depression
CNBC: US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece: Gross 
CBSMoneyWatch: How to Retire With No Retirement Savings: the “Golden Girls” SolutionMany boomers are approaching their retirement years with little or no savings, and they’re wondering how they’ll make it in retirement. More widowed and divorced women than men are finding themselves in this tight spot, often with modest financial resources and loneliness as a constant fear.
M&C: EU approves 210-million-euro E coli aid fund for farmers 
BusinessInsider: 10 Ridiculous Ways People Are Selling Themselves For $5
MSNBC: To pinch pennies, some work nightsIn tough economy, odd shifts provide some perks 
BusinessInsider: Two Massive Contagion Risks Ready To Explode If Greece Defaults
NYT: Wal-Mart Workers Try the Nonunion Route
YahooFinance: Greeks rage against austerity while EU argues 
BusinessInsider: CPI Accelerates Across The Board -- Prices Up 3.6% From Last Year 
MyBudget360: Stealing from Americans via strip malls and raw land 
Commercial real estate reaches a new post-bubble low. A lost decade in commercial real estate values.
BusinessInsider: Empire State Manufacturing Survey Collapses, Comes In NEGATIVE
WSJ: Lawyers Settle... for Temp JobsAs clients seek to cut costs, the field of 'contract' attorneys expands
OutsidetheBeltway: Unemployment in a Self-Serve Economy
BusinessInsider: Out Of Nowhere, The NFIB Just Sent Out This Warning: "Job Creation On Main Street Has Collapsed" 
OutsidetheBeltway: Is Ending Subsidies a Tax Increase? 
WashingtonPost: Ga. gov says probationers should work on farms after growers complain of immigrant crackdownATLANTA — Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal offered a provocative solution Tuesday for farmers who claim workers have been scared away by a crackdown on illegal immigration: Hire people on probation to toil in the fields instead.
CalculatedRiskBlog: LA Port Traffic in May: Both Imports and Exports increased
BusinessInsider: The Truth About Retail Sales And The Price Of GasolineSome people have been quick to tout the rebound in retail sales as a sign of the strength in the economy and the positive impact of QE2, but a recent article by Brian Pretti at Financial Sense helped put this story in the proper perspective.  When one looks under the hood at the actual retail sales increase you find a trend that is oddly similar to the CPI data.  The surge in retail sales is largely due to the increased consumption expenditures in gasoline:
MarketWatch: Top U.S. CEOs remain upbeat, survey saysMost expect sales to increase; 51% plan to hire more workers
VancouverSun: Economy needs to be weaned off consumer spending: Report
MailOnline: Increasing number of middle-income parents don't want their children to go to university as it's 'not worth the investment' 
Guardian: Airbus unveils future of flying: will it only be for the super rich?Plane maker has unveiled its new concept cabin, its vision of flying in 2050 - but will only the well-off be able to afford this level of luxury?

Peak oil and Energy News
Reuters: Saudi oil spare capacity shrinking fast
Saudi Arabia's cushion of spare oil capacity is thinning far faster than widely believed, threatening to trigger price spikes in the months ahead, energy industry experts warned at the Reuters Global Energy and Climate Summit on Monday.
TheOilDrum: The OPEC Monthly Oil Market report for June
IntelDaily: The oil production story: Pre- and post-peak nations 
Politico: Big oil may improve fracking 
CNBC: Why US Oil Prices Are So Out of Sync with Global Crude 
SeattleTimes: Study: Lifespan sank in hundreds of US countiesAmericans are living longer, but not in every corner of the country. A new study shows that in hundreds of U.S. counties - mostly in the South - life expectancy has fallen.
Americans are living longer, but not in every corner of the country. A new study shows that in hundreds of U.S. counties - mostly in the South - life expectancy has fallen.

Environmental News
ClimateProgress: U.S. Had Most Extreme Spring on Record for Precipitation
Telegraph: Chile volcano continues to disrupt flights
Ash from a volcanic eruption in Chile is continuing to cause widespread disruption to air travel across South America and Australasia.

ModernSurvivalBlog: Arizona Fire Could Become Largest Ever
DesdemonaDespaire: Texas Governor resorts to mass prayer – ‘Some problems are beyond our power to solve’ 
Bloomberg: Russia’s Wildfire Damage is Triple Last Year’s, Ministry Says
M&C: Rights group accuses China of masking lead poisoning cases
Grist: NOAA: The new normal is hot  
VOA: Arizona Wildfire Now State's Largest Ever
Guardian: Lunar eclipse expected turn the moon redSkywatchers anticipate spectacular lunar elipse tonight as the moon will rise in the Earth's shadow
ExtinctionProtocol: Heavy seasonal rains bring flooding to parts of China- 105 dead
ExtinctionProtocol: Extreme flooding along the Mississippi River to enlarge Gulf of Mexico dead-zone

America in Decline
Guardian: Wisconsin court upholds anti-union legislation
State workers to lose most bargaining rights after state's supreme court reinstates Republican legislation
DylanRatigan: America for Sale: Is Goldman Sachs Buying Your City?
CNNMoney: Surging college costs price out middle class
SeattleTimes: HUD: Rural Americans increasingly turn to shelters
As the recession gripped America, thousands more people in rural and suburban areas turned to homeless shelters for help.
ThinkProgress: GOP House To Cut Aid For Pregnant Women, Children While Spending $17 Billion More On Defense
MSNBC: Renters are next victims of the housing market
Landlords take advantage of tighter market to push through increases
Chron: Baghdad gang-rape suit against KBR, Halliburton begins
Jury selection begins in civil case by Conroe resident against 2 firms
Spiegel: Disingenuous Transparency
Whistleblowers Suffer More than Ever Under Obama

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Corn Acres have replaced Barley, Oats and Sorghum Feed Grains
BigPictureAgriculure: It's Gettin Real in the Whole Foods Park'n Lot

Science and Technology
WiredDangerRoom: African Village Uses Tech to Fight Off a Rape Cult
JuanCole: Shadow Internet Story FishySunday’s report by the NYT on the ‘shadow internet’ being funded by (a paltry) $2 mn. in State Dept. money iis either a psy-ops plant or another sign that the US government can’t help but undermine itself.

Medical and Health
Wired: Artificial Bones Made From Surprising Materials
Beyond Condoms: The Long Quest for a Better Male Contraceptive
For decades new, reliable contraceptives for men have seemed imminent. Why isn't there one available yet?
Here's a story with comment by RJ (I agree with him)
The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why? Visionaries need not be mad, but it helps  Financial Times --- my comment on these links:  in “Visionaries need not be mad, but it helps” we see that those on the cutting edge of innovation would often be judged as psycotic…yet in “The Epidemic of Mental Illness: Why?” we see that these best and brightest, often plagued by depression, are being drugged into normalcy… this does not bode well for the future of the species…

CNN: Life expectancy in U.S. trails top nations

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Just-in-Time Technology, Food Disaster Looming
DoomerInCanada: My Kitchen Essentials

Other News
AmericanDream: 10 Really Stupid Things The Mainstream Media Has Said About The Bilderberg Group In 2011
WashingtonPost: D.C. police officer charged with stealing $43,000 from lottery scam victim
TheAtlantic: North Korea, Paragon of Efficiency
Guardian: Safeguards needed for random stop-and-search powers, committee saysMPs and peers say more tightly-drawn anti-terrorism measures introduced in March need controls to prevent human rights breaches
EschatonBlog: We Have Been Ruled By Really Stupid People
HuffPost: Parent 'Trigger Law' In New York Would Allow Parents To Fire Teachers, Principals A proposed state law would give New York parents significantly more power over their children's schools.
The so called "trigger law" would allow parents who gather a majority at any persistently failing school to either fire 50 percent of the teachers, fire the principal, close the school or turn it into a charter school.
NewDeal20: Tom Ferguson on the Budget Battle: “We’ve Got Two Conservative Parties”

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:The Disturbing Reality of Trauma-Based Mind Control
TinfoilPalace:This is seriously weird - Lady Gaga, Born This Way (Remember she's the Illuminati puppet according to some?)
TheOilAge:Tea Party targets Post Carbon, Transition Towns
TheOilAge:Greek debt costs spike as strikers encircle parliament
Hubberts-Arms:Trip Report: Bermuda is Doomed, Part 1 (or What I Did on My Summer Vacation)
Hubberts-Arms:Massive public sector strike threats grow closer and more probable (UK)
SilentCountry:Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant at a level 4 status?
SilentCountry:Go to first new post New Reality Show on Food Hoarders?

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