Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Gardening News! Growing Giant Vegetables!

This post is for Emiline at the Tinfoil Palace who recently posted about the giant turnips and parsnips showing up in gardens in her area of New Zealand. She asked, "This seems DUMB I know....but is anyone else growing giant vegetables without meaning to?"
Be sure to check out Emmie's excellent forum!
It may seem frivolous to try and grow giant veggies but, a doomer needs a hobby and this is a good one! I would love to see pics of some of you guy's harvests and if you want to, email them to me and I'll post them in the blog! Try and include weights or measurements too.

Here, I have wanted to try to grow giant watermelons as I wrote about a few weeks ago.
So far, the plants just don't seem to like where I put them. I have two plants doing well and two plants, not 3 feet away from them, struggling along. We'll see how it works out later this season but I don't know if I'm going to get any watermelons let alone giant ones! LOL
Another thing going on in the garden is the Brussle's sprouts that aren't.
I bought the seed from someone on ebay and these seed look to be a cross between broccoli and Brussels's sprouts! I'll probably pull them up and plant something else soon.
One thing that has worked out well has been the tomatoes planted on the neighbor's fence that we just dug down through a really thick layer of leaves and grass clippings and planted.
They are by far, the biggest, healthiest plants we have! When we had this past little dry spell, they went 10 days without being watered and did just fine. I was amazed. We'll be doing that technique again next year for sure.

Now for the giant vegetables.
The biggest veggie I ever grew was a giant tomato. It was a pink German giant and produced a single tomato that filled a quart canning jar all by it's self! That was the biggest tomato I ever grew!
In looking for info for us on growing giant veggies, I found several youtube videos that I'll link to, that all talked about the benefits of compost tea.
It's also important to get your plants started early so they have plenty of time to produce big fruits and veggies too.
Prep the soil with an eye to larger root area and lots and lots of compost. I sometimes have put handfuls of worm castings with worms in it in planting holes and now, the garden is full of earthworms. LOL
that's a good thing though.
This fellow even air conditions his giant cabbages!
Growers compete to bring in the largest cabbage at the Alaska State Fair.

Here's a video talking about growing giant tomatoes. The secret is, growing tomatoes from fused blossoms. In the video the man shows you what one looks like so you can recognize it. If you have a tomato plant with a fused blossom, you can grow a giant tomato.
The fellow in this next video seems to grow giant everything! LOL
He talks a lot about compost tea too.
It's important to get seed that produces really big veggies. RJ recently recommended this seed Kelsae Sweet Giant, for giant onions. That one holds the World record "Plant produces giant 15 lb sweet white onion." That some big onions!
I like growing the yard long asparagus beans, which are really a kind of pea. They are delicious and produce yards and yards of tasty stir fry goodness!
Ok, so let's take pics of our biggest, most beautiful veggies and send them in. It will be fun!
Happy gardening!

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