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Good morning guys!! Just to start, I'd like to say God bless all you guys and thank you so much for your kind words and donations. I don't know what to say. God bless all of you.
You all are my best friends, Thanks to RJ at Global Glass Onion who puts out his weekly wrap up today so don't miss that, and my gentle friend the Ozarker over at Conflicted Doomer.These are good people.
And don't miss Bill Hick's post at Downward Spiral today! Friday Rant: The Liberals and Progressives Don't "Get It," Either Of course maybe I'm being partial, but I think Bill blows Kunstler clear out of the water! Also, be sure to visit the excellent forums linked at the bottom of this post. Lots of great information and up to the minute news discussions going on there.
I have to say that, I wouldn't wish a gall bladder attack and 9 hours in ER on my worst enemy, not even a politician!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I'm still sick cause I still have my freakin' gall bladder!
They gave me some meds for the nausea and it helps but it also makes a person sleep which i guess is a good thing. Anyway, we'll have a post today!
You know something? Our medical system is screwed up, big time. I hadn't been to a doc in about 14 or 15 years I guess so I kind of lost out on what was going on. It was like going to some alien planet the other night at the ER. It's only about making money. If you get better it's mostly by accident I guess.
They said I didn't have "sludge" (whatever the hell that is) around my gall bladder so I could wait 2 weeks and go to this doctor's office and have it taken out there. They said that also gives us time to save up for a down payment for the surgery. I'm NOT asking for anymore donations, so don't get me wrong about telling you that, I'm just sayin what happened. Also, now evidently, you have to be looked at by about 10 different people too. Each one of them a cog in the endlessly turning wheel of commerce. One takes your blood pressure, one for blood samples, one for ultra sound and then another to look at the ultra sound and tell the doctor what it says then the assistant doc, then in two weeks i'll actually see the doctor. Danm.
Ok, also, evidently it's weirder than a two headed dog not to us prescription meds or have a personal doctor. I asked the lady doctor who I saw there if she would be my doctor and she looked at me like I'd asked her to be my girlfriend or something. "No, she snapped, I specialize in emergency medicine!"
Well damn.
Who knew?
Also, evidently smoking is the cause of every illness on earth because just about everyone I saw wanted to know if I smoked.. Told them I quit but if I could lay my hands on one I'd sure as hell smoke it! LOL They hate that.
Who knew that smoking caused gall stones? I did not.
Poor hub, sitting out there in that awful chair all those hours, at least I finally got to lay down in a bed.
Oh, and the lady that took my blood??? she was about my age with dyed black hair, funny teeth and a bit of an accent. Coincidence? :D
The ultra sound girl was a real trip too. LOL
I already knew I had stones, they'd just never bothered me before. But I ask her what is the picture showing, "I can't tell you, that would be a diagnosis." she says.
she has to show them to somebody who reads them, and then that person tells the doc. Yet more cogs.
Oh, she also informed me that the reason medical care was so high was because of Gov. subsidies.
you know I was pretty sick cause I just let that one slide.
and one more anomoly. Not once did anyone, nurse or doc, listen to my heart or take my pulse or weigh me.
One asked me how much I weighed, I just guessed cause I don't have a scale either.
but no one had a stethoscope. Is that odd? Or maybe the heart listener was on vacation. LOL That's probably it.

Out in the lobby, it was mostly people like us, one lady was having a horrible time with her kidney stones, she was crying and that made me feel bad for her. A heavy set man across from us had a bit of swelling in his leg and by the time I got to see anyone his leg had really gotten big. I said something to the nurse about it, I hope he was ok.
There was an emo kind of fellow there with something going on in his nostril too. Very odd, and he had a lady with him. He was cussin' to beat the band and rubbing his nose and sticking kleenex in it and all that, he finally got mad and left.
Lots of elderly people. Lots of them.
Hub noticed several signs in the waiting area too that said something to the effect that if you have flu like symptoms, to protect their staff, please leave.
Now what the hell kind of hospital does that?
I had to answer some wacky questions too. They asked me was I on any meds. I said no. Then asked me what pharmacy I used. What? I said. Where do you get your prescriptions filled? I don't get prescriptions filled. LOL
Where then was the last pharmacy  I had prescriptions filled at? Hell, I don't know that would have been almost 20 years ago! I know, what about that new one across the street. I'll use that one ok?
they were satisfied with that.
Not having a phone or driver's license didn't hurt me too bad.
the little guy that rolled in a computer machine thing to put all my info into just scanned my expired photo id and that was good enough. He was joking and said that's so they'd be able to take our house if they needed to.
The joke's on them then. LOL
I don't think he really meant that though.
Also the lady asked me did I have any religious or financial considerations they should be aware of, I told her, "I like Jesus and I don't have any money."
She seemed satisfied with that.
And another thing, this end of life will? it's a big deal I guess. I don't have one myself and they like for you to have one at the hospital I'll bet 3 different cogs asked me about mine while I was there. One said I needed to get one and bring it by for them to scan into the system so they would know what to do if the time came.
Kind of made it seem a bit creepy after all that.

The doc I was telling you about, she was really pretty I asked someone and they told me she was from India. I thought about all the little girl babies being killed over there so families didn't have to pay someone to marry them and was glad she made it out ok.
She asked me did I work.
think about that for a sec. you know, used to be, you asked a lady did she work outside the home. Remember that?
Now there is no work unless it's paid work. no work unless you work for someone else. Odd I think.
I told her yes I worked, I had a big garden and I am an artist. I need to get better so I can can my tomatoes and weed the garden.
She said I looked like an artist because I have long hair and she asked me was I expensive. I said not expensive enough evidently, but if she would like to see some of my work I had done the mural on the front of Nelson's Gallery in town and had work there on display and for sale.
I secretly snickered in my head thinking of her looking at paintings of "Terrible Angels" and drawings of collapse and destruction. :D

Well, I guess if I just behave myself, no beer, no meat or oily things, for a couple weeks, I'll be able to get this traitorous thing removed and be good to go!
Again, thank you all for being such good friends to me. Me and hub appreciate you all.

your friend,

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A federal judge has ordered the government to unseal grand jury transcripts of testimony by former President Richard Nixon about the Watergate scandal.
Ruling in a lawsuit brought by a historian and several historical associations, Chief U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth ordered the transcripts to be unsealed. 
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"Military personnel of this jurisdiction were patrolling along the border zone when they involuntarily crossed into U.S. territory on the international 'Rio Bravo-Donna' bridge due to the fact the turn-around was on the American side," Mexico's secretary of defense said in a statement translated from Spanish, the San Antonio Express-News reported Wednesday. "The situation was clarified with the immigration authorities of our neighboring country."
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  1. Yay - glad to hear you're okay! Sorry it was such an ordeal. Modern medicine is all about the $$$ and if the patient so happens to get better that's merely a bonus.

    Take care of yourself!

  2. I'm curious what happens to people with no resources, if you don't have the op. it will kill eventually.

    Does your estimated bill match up to Al's projection?

    'Well, I gave the students these data (shows overhead). These came from a Blue Cross, Blue Shield ad. The ad appeared in Newsweek magazine and the ad gave these figures to show the cost escalation of gall bladder surgery in the years since 1950, when that surgery cost $361. I said, “Make a semi logarithmic plot, let’s see what's happening.” The students found that the first four points lined up on a straight line whose slope indicated inflation of about 6% per year, but the fourth, fifth, and sixth were on a steeper line, almost 10% inflation per year. Well, then I said to the students, “Run that steeper line on out to the year 2000, let’s get an idea of what gall bladder surgery might cost,” and this was, 2000 was four years ago—the answer is $25,000. The lesson there is awfully clear: if you're thinking about gall bladder surgery, do it now. (audience laughter)'

    What's with the SOTT article and the Christian theme in this issue its your gall bladder that's got the problem not your brain ;¬)

  3. Hi and thanks for commenting. I swear, if this thing ends up costing 25 grand we're doomed!
    The SOTT article is just one that showed up on my twitter and did you mean the article about finding the tomb as Christian themed?
    I thought it was just interesting. I post stuff from that site every once in a while. I think some folks like those types of stories.
    You never know what's gonna show up in the news you know! Thanks again for commenting.