Monday, July 25, 2011

Breaking News Mon. July 25, 2011

Thanks for the well wishes Mr. Bill and Kiwi and my friends RJ and the Ozarker.
Evidently I am under attack by my own gall bladder and it's evil minion of stones!
I hope to be back to my regular Blog-O-Matic self here in a couple days.
If anyone knows of things I can eat that won't kill me I'd love to hear from you. Maybe leave suggestions in the comments section. Popsicles and cottage cheese has been about the size of it for a couple days, oh and some sports drink. Hot coffee eases the pain so I drink that too but if you guys have any suggestions please post them.
Much much thanks to RJ at Global Glass Onion and the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer for all their help and well wishes. Do visit their excellent blogs along with Mr. Bill at the Downward Spiral. Check out the forums at the bottom too.
Oh, Kiwi messaged me about the Victorian Pharmacy documentary posted on Saturday and recommended this one. I'm going to go ahead and post it for us to watch because it's really good!

Sorry about the skimpy post today but I have to go explore the various realms of pain. LOL

Norway Trajedy
Guardian: Norway gunman claims a London connection and links to the EDL
Breivik's 1,500-page manifesto details links with far-right groups, but EDL issues statement condemning the attacks
TheTelegraph: Norway shooting: the opening of a wound that may never heal
If countries were subject to psychological profiling Norway would doubtless hold the title of most well-adjusted society. This is – was – a relaxed place, at ease with itself and its place in the world.
Time: Killer's Manifesto: The Politics behind the Norway Slaughter
Shortly before his deadly rampage on July 22, Anders Behring Breivik did something millions of people do today — he checked in one last time with his friends on Facebook. The farewell message he posted was just as much a part of his murderous plan as the carnage he was about to unleash in Oslo and at a tranquil island retreat that left at least 93 people dead in the bloodiest act of terror in Norway since World War Two.
MotherJones: What Just Happened in Oslo, Norway? (UPDATES)

BBC: Residents' brief return to Fukushima exclusion zone

Global Conflict
AlArabiaNews: Iran blames US and Israel for killing of scientist

Slate: Militants Hang 8-year-old Son of Afghan Policeman
After man refuses to give up vehicle, militants kidnap and kill small boy.
VOA: Syria to Allow Political Parties Alongside Ruling Baath 
CNN: Crocker assumes post as new U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan

Financial News
FDL: Even Larry Tribe Now Agrees: Fourteenth Amendment is a Viable Option. So Why Won’t Obama Use It?

KeithHennessey: Are short term debt limit increases unusual?
LegitGov: Rumsfeld Buries Admission of Missing 2+ Trillion Dollars in 9-10-01 Press Conference 
MyBudget360: Does inflation even matter? The growing secrecy of the CPI and how average Americans face budget squeezes through financial maneuvering and the chained CPI.
MarginalRevolution: An Unbalanced Budget Amendment
CNN: Our stupid self-inflicted debt crisis 
Bloomberg: My Big Tax Break Looks a Lot Like Your Big Spending: Ezra Klein 
Telegraph: Prepare for a rough ride, US warns world stock marketsGlobal financial markets face “stressful days ahead”, the White House warned, as American politicians struggle to agree a deal to cut the country’s record debts.

Peak oil and Energy News
China And Iran To Bypass Dollar, Plan Oil Barter System, And A Deeper Dive Into The Iranian Oil Bourse

EnergyBulletin: Fly me to the moon (and let me mine among the stars)
MJPerry: Bill Gates on the World Energy Issues 
BigPictureAgriculture: Important to Keep in Mind: How Much Water is Needed to Produce Future Energy? 
TransitionVoice: Why you can’t fight climate change without peak oil

ChrisMartenson: David Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation, Delivery Default & Supply Shortage Risks

Environmental News
NDReport: Tennessee Awaits Tons Of German Nuclear Waste

NaturesWrath: Sinkhole in Leesburg, FL Continues to Grow – July 22, 2011
CBSNews: Mid-Atlantic, Southeast states still cook 
CampPendleton: Radioactive Scrap from San Onofre Nuke Plant Prepares for Utah Trip  
WBIR: Coal Ash taints groundwater at TVA sites, report finds 
NatGeo: South Africa’s Rhino Slaughter Rages on 
CNN: Thick, green algae covers 200 square miles of Yellow Sea 
CNN: Purported manifesto, video from Norway terror suspect detail war plan

America in Decline
WashingtonPost: Kindergarten teacher details ‘lunacy’ of standardized tests for kids
DeclineOfTheEmpire: America Needs A Miracle
(This is actually really good!)
DanaRiely: Honest Tea Declares Chicago Most Honest City, New York Least Honest

Food and Water
MaxKeiser: Seeds are a new form of currency and Monsanto is a currency manipulator

PBS: Life in the Post Food-Surplus World

Science and Technology
TechReview: Cheap Plastic Made from Sugarcane
Dow Chemical is building a plant to make polyethylene from sugarcane at costs that rival petrochemical production.
WiredScience: Black Hole Holds Universe’s Biggest Water Supply
PoliticusUSA: Oxford Study Says Religion is Natural Part of Human Condition

Medical and Health
CEPR: The NYT is Wrong: Officials Do Not Say That Medicare Is Not Sustainable In Its Current Form

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming

MotherEarthNews: Start a 1-Acre, Self-Sufficient Homestead

MotherEarthNews: Forest Gardening: Choosing Smaller Trees & Shrubs
ModernSurvivalBlog: Heat Stress, Exhaustion, Stroke

Other News
Reuters: Horror writer Campbell has more than scary stories
Simply scaring his readers is not enough for horror fiction writer Ramsey Campbell -- he wants to make them think too.
BeforeItsNews: We're Going To See A Black Hole!
BBC: Philippines opens Bataan nuclear plant to tourists
USAToday: Ex-Marine guilty of murdering 11 women in Cleveland
A Cleveland jury today convicted a former U.S. Marine of kidnapping and murdering 11 women and hiding their remains in his house and yard. He was also found guilty of raping three other women.
Jury visits home of Ohioan charged in 11 deaths
Wearing face masks to ward off the smell of death, jurors on Monday walked through the home of a Cleveland man charged with killing 11 women and living among their corpses, then listened as a witness described how he found the first bodies stashed in the house.
Guardian: Six dead after gunman opens fire at Texas birthday party
Police confirm deaths and several wounded at child's celebration at roller skating rink in Grand Prairie near Dallas
Guardian: How the internet created an age of rage
The worldwide web has made critics of us all. But with commenters able to hide behind a cloak of anonymity, the blog and chatroom have become forums for hatred and bile
TheEconomist: China's family planning
Illegal children will be confiscated
The one-child policy is not just a human-rights abomination; it has also worsened a demographic problem
NYT: Vatican Recalls Ambassador to Ireland Over Abuse Report
ArchaeologynewsNetwork: Ruins of Biblical city found in war-torn Palestine
UPI: What's a college degree worth? Plenty.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:(Part 1) Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1)
TheOilAge:Trying my hand at doomer porn
TheOilAge:View first unread post Trouble brewing in credit markets
Hubberts-Arms:6 Ways Food is Being Used as a Weapon
Hubberts-Arms:A bunch of psychopaths are running our Government. I swear it!
SilentCountry:Farm thieves target equipment, grapes, even bees
SilentCountry:Default Now, or Suffer a More Expensive Crisis Later: Ron Paul


  1. Hi Pam, drink 1 tablespoon of cider vinegar in a glass of water, apparently helps with pain and to dissolve the stones, cider vinegar is a good overall tonic so if it doesn't help with the stones it will still do you good.

    - Kiwi

  2. La Curee
    Gallstones are fat based so not sure what vinegar will do for you or if it would get anywhere near the offending articles ;¬)
    Diet is all you can reduce sources of animal fat, once you have them ANY fat will trigger acute problems as obstruction is the issue.
    This link seems to have some fairly sane ideas about what to eat.
    Generally the best resolution is surgery and if you have repeated attacks that is most likely the route you will take.
    Getting truly lean 24.5% body fat and getting your cholesterol levels down is the only other option that MIGHT reduce acute problems.
    Get well or I will have to step up to the plate.