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Ok, what can we learn from the following story???
If you find any of those damned things, either keep it to yourself, sell them on the black market, or melt them down and make jewelry out of them! I think if I'd had something like that taken away from me like that I'd just be sick.
really really sick.

BlackListednews: Heirs Lose Fight With Gov't to Keep Rare Gold Coins
A jury has decided that a set of rare gold coins found in a bank deposit box rightfully belongs to the U.S. government.
The decision, made on Wednesday, caps an unusual civil case that combined history, coin collecting and whether the set of rare $20 "double eagles" should have ever left the U.S. Mint in 1933.

Oh, and I didn't want this gem to get lost in the shuffle either.
MotherJones: Did the FBI Bury Oklahoma City Bombing Evidence?
One lawyer's relentless quest for information reveals fresh hints of a coverup.

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NHK: Outline of reconstruction plan compiled
NDReport: Fukushima: The Impact on Policy, Industry and People
LegitGov: Japan to name new Fukushima 'hot spots': report

Global Conflict
WashingtonPost: America’s military in two graphs
LegitGov: New Terror Report Warns of Insider Threat to Utilities 
MSNBC: Loyalist troops 'have sealed off' Damascus suburb after protests
Soldiers led by Assad's brother arrest dozens; government warns US, French ambassadors

Hacker News
UKTelegraph: Rupert Murdoch's Fox News ran 'black ops' department, former executive claims
Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News television channel had a “black ops” department that may have illegally hacked private telephone records, a former executive for the station has alleged.
TheAtlantic: 'The Pie May Have Saved the Whole Day for the Murdoch Family'
(wonder what Murdoch had to pay that guy to hit him with a pie?)
Guardian: News International 'deliberately' blocked investigation
All-party home affairs committee report into phone hacking to be published in time for David Cameron's
NakedCapitalism: Calpers Waves Wet Noodle at Murdochs, While DoJ Appears to Be Sitting On Its Hands
CNN: British phone-hacking probe expands beyond Murdoch papers
CSMonitor: Hacker arrests: Why Anonymous might not be so anonymous
This week's arrests of 21 members of Anonymous in the US and Europe show that, given time and resources, cybersleuths can track down hackers. But doubts remain over whether authorites caught any big fish. 
MSNBC: Hackers claim to breach NATO security
Group posted PDF file on its Twitter page showing what appeared to be a document headed 'NATO Restricted'

Financial News
Bloomberg: Consumers in U.S. Relying on Credit as Inflation Erodes Incomes
The swings in purchases of fuel and food have been “dramatic,” Tavares said. The volume of gasoline purchases placed on credit cards jumped 39 percent last month from a year earlier, compared with a 21 percent increase in June 2010, he said. Food shopping increased 5 percent after falling 7 percent last year. 
WashingtonPost: Corporate America’s chokehold on wages
BusinessInsider: It Has Started: Wall Street Is Preparing For A Doomsday Scenario 
Cryptogon: Banks Pay Back TARP Funds by. . . .Borrowing from Treasury 
KeithHennessey: Understanding the Gang of Six plan
Slate: Casino, Stiffed by Cancelled Tea Party Convention, Wants Its Money Back 
TheNation: Gang of Pain: Who Suffers Under the Bipartisan Deficit Reduction Scheme
President Obama endorsed the Senate's Gang of Six deficit reduction plan Tuesday, saying that the proposal “is broadly consistent with the approach that I’ve urged” and “makes sure that nobody is disproportionately hurt from us making progress on the debt and deficits.”
However, an examination of the plan’s specifics reveals that corporations and wealthy Americans won’t feel much pain at all—in many cases, just the opposite. The plan slashes taxes and could bring the top personal income rate down as low as 23 percent—meaning CEOs like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein could see their after-tax income increase by as much as $3 million, according to Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research. The corporate tax rate would be reduced from 35 percent to between 23 and 29 percent under the proposal. (Supposedly enough loopholes would be closed to keep total revenue from corporate taxes the same. Even in that scenario, corporations won’t pay an extra penny). Military spending also remains virtually untouched.
Reuters: Jobless claims rise above expectations 
(Reuters) - New claims for unemployment benefits rose more than expected last week, a government report showed on Thursday, pointing to a labor market that is struggling to regain momentum after job growth faltered in the last two months.
UPI: 'Grand bargain' back on the table 
WASHINGTON, July 21 (UPI) -- Cutting the U.S. budget $4 trillion over a decade is back on the table in White House-congressional talks, Republican and Democratic aides said overnight.
WTFNoWay: A visualization of United States debt
ZeroHedge: Blame It On Minnesota: Initial Claims Print At 418K, 16th Week Above 400, Worse Than Consensus
Zerohedge: S&P Says Likelihood US Is Downgraded To AA As Soon As Early August Is 50-50
RawStory: Reuters: Federal Reserve planning for potential default
MotherJones: Barack Obama as Mr. Pink
Can the president survive a Reservoir Dogs-like debt limit showdown?
CNNMoney: EU summit on Greece: High stakes, few options

MotherJones: 40% Less Government Will Be Fun!
MSNBC: Too-big-to-fail rules coming soon, Bernake says
Fed boss to make remarks in Capitol Hill hearing on one-year anniversary of Dodd-Frank Act
BusinessInsider: 18 Months Of Debt Talks Have Gotten Us Nowhere 
WSJ: Euro Zone Proposes Overhaul of Rescue Fund 
CNN: Congress curbs enthusiasm for 'Gang of Six' plan
Sen. Sessions finds "serious flaws" in "Gang of Six" debt reduction
LifeInc: It's the economy, not the debt, stupid
WSJ: Layoffs Deepen Gloom
NakedCapitalism: Is Bank of America At Risk of a Death Spiral?
NYT: Wall St. Makes Fallback Plans for Debt Crisis
Lawmakers in Washington are racing to reach a deal to save the country from defaulting on its debt, but on Wall Street, financial players are devising doomsday plans in case the clock runs out.
Salon: Gambling mogul Steve Wynn's "epic" anti-Obama rant
The billionaire trashes the president's socialist policies, while praising China's "anxious to please" workers
RollingStone: Corporate Tax Holiday in Debt Ceiling Deal: Where's the Uproar?
RobertReich: The Shameful Murder of Dodd Frank
Economist: No growth, no jobs  
WSJ: Jobless Claims Jump 
NewsNEconomics: Scary chart of the day: Ireland's bank run
DailyBail: The Economist: Global Debt Clock Now $42T And Ticking
SHTFPlan: Chapman: ‘There Is No Question Now That the Game Is Over’
Workers have become a form of inventory just like widgets. For years now companies have laid off and rehired workers at will, keeping the expensive worker participation to a minimum. If you use total figures and include discouraged workers the unemployed are 20.6 million, up 483,000 in June. We do not see stimulus 3 coming from Congress, so we expect unemployment to resume its relentless rise upward from 22.6%. Mind you unemployment reflects $1.7 trillion in stimulus 1 and 2, and QE 1 and QE 2, which takes us well over 44 trillion. All those injections did was to bail out the financial sector and government. As we know our President tells us the administration created three million jobs, at a cost of $266,000 per job. That is hardly something to write home about.
MSNBC: Morgan Stanley beats second-quarter expectations
YahooFinance: Lilly sales beat forecast; drugmaker raises view
BusinessInsider: Here's What "Selective Default" Actually Means
MSNBC: Layoffs climb amid a raft of worries
More people applied for jobless benefits for the third straight week 
Guardian: A fate worse than debt ceiling
Republicans find themselves trapped between the tea party and increasingly hostile public opinion over a US debt ceiling deal
NYT: A Debt Ceiling Cheat Sheet: 8 Possible Plans
Reuters: Fannie Mae sells $4 bln bills at higher rates 
(Reuters) - Fannie Mae (FNMA.OB), the largest U.S. home funding source, said on Wednesday it sold $4 billion of benchmark bills at higher interest rates compared with last week's sale of similar maturities and the same sizes.
WSJ: Euro Zone Moves Toward Greek Deal

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Galactic-scale energy: Part 1
Bloomberg: Koch, Exxon Mobil Among Corporations Helping Write State Laws Across U.S.
Koch Industries Inc. and Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM) are among companies that would benefit from almost identical energy legislation introduced in state capitals from Oregon to New Mexico to New Hampshire -- and that’s by design.
The energy companies helped write the legislation at a meeting organized by a group they finance, the American Legislative Exchange Council, a Washington-based policy institute known as ALEC.
(I'm pretty sure I posted this before, but heck, let's read it again, it's good stuff!)
EnergyBulletin: The peak oil crisis: reality on hold :by Tom Whipple
As much of America bakes in some of the highest temperatures ever recorded and while Washington argues interminably over taxes, budget cuts and debt caps, one is struck by the unreality of it all. When the House of Representatives votes to preserve the incandescent light bulb for a while as a symbol of personal freedom, it is as if we have entered a wonderland where black is white, up is down and as a nation we have lost touch with reality.
ModernSurvivalBlog: US Power Grid
UPI: IEA could take further action on oil
Emirates247: Saudi oil exports set to dive in long-term
Domestic demand is growing fast but production will rise lightly
Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports are expected to sharply decline in the long term as its output is projected to rise slightly and domestic demand is growing fast, a key investment firm in the Gulf Kingdom said on Wednesday.

ChrisMartenson: David Morgan on Silver Price Manipulation, Delivery Default & Supply Shortage Risks

Environmental News
GlobeAndMail: Tens of thousands feared dead in south Somalia famine  
YahooNews: Oil from giant spill reaches Chinese coast: Xinhua 
Oil from a huge spill off the Chinese coast has been found washed up on the shore in two separate areas, state media reported on Wednesday. A 300-metre "belt" of oil was found on a bathing beach in the port of Jingtang in the northern province of Hebei, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

HattiesburgAmerican: Many on Coast still suffering from spill
Attorney General Jim Hood is on the right track seeking more transparency in the claims process from last summer's BP oil spill.
Last week, Hood filed suit in Hinds County Chancery Court against Washington lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, the administrator of BP's $20 billion oil spill fund to get access to claims filed by coastal residents.
Hood said that he was seeking to make the process more transparent so people will know if Feinberg is looking out for the best interests of oil spill victims or BP.
MotherJones: Get Used to New Weather Extremes
GloveAndMail: A heat wave in Canada: Bring it on 
RawStory: United Nations warns climate change threatens world security
 ABCNews: Heat 'Dome' Trapping Vast Parts of the U.S. Sets Sights on East Coast
Grist: Toilet 2.0 will turn waste into energy, fertilizer, and clean water
 Yahoo: Nearly two dozen dead as heat wave moves east
DesdemonaDespair: Mountaineers see dramatic climate changes in the Himalaya region
NYT: Sizzle Factor for a Restless Climate 
NPR: VIDEO: Deadly Heat Spreads Across Nation 
CBC: Famine in Africa: Global mismanagement of the first order
DesdemonaDespair: Kenya burns five tons of poached elephant tusks 
Guardian: Somalia famine: US pledges a further $28m in aid
US spending on emergency assistance in drought areas of east Africa this year tops £431m, but assurances sought before funding will be directed to rebel-held famine regions of Somalia
CNNIReport: Where I Come From: Joplin, MO
CNN: Pacific hurricane builds to Category 4 power
(CNN) -- Heavy swells were expected along Mexico's Pacific coast as Hurricane Dora strengthened into a Category 4 storm Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center said.
CNNIReport: Haboob II: Return of the dust »
Someone let the haboob out of the bag. Kitchen tables and living rooms from Frisco to Philadelphia are buzzing about not one but two of these dastardly dust storms that have risen over metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, like some kind of impending alien invasion. 

America in Decline
ThinkProgress: It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Stupidity: Limbaugh Calls Heat Index a Liberal Government Conspiracy
Miami-Dade: Lockup has no medical staff at night, nurse says
The state’s juvenile justice chief said budget constraints were not a factor in last week’s death at a juvenile jail. But a nurse said the facility has no medical staffing at night. 
Reuters: States negotiating immunity for banks over foreclosures
State attorneys general are negotiating to give major banks wide immunity over irregularities in handling foreclosures, even as evidence has emerged that banks are continuing to file questionable documents.
YahooNews: Only 25 percent of American students passed their geography test
TSA to End Person-Specific Body Scan Images
Body scanners at U.S. airports will stop creating person-specific images for passenger screening after complaints by privacy advocates.
TimesFreePress: Tennessee mental health cuts shutter Chattanooga treatment program
Thousands of developmentally disabled Tennesseans must fend for themselves starting Aug. 12, when a local treatment center will stop admitting patients after losing a crucial state grant that funded clinical care for decades.
BowlingGreenDailyNews: Ky. cuts funding for service to blind children 
VancouverSun: New U.S. software to end ‘naked’ airport scans
NakedCapitalism: Guest Post: Pentagon Seeks to Manipulate Social Media for Propaganda Purposes 
WashingtonPost: Postal Service to consider closing thousands of new post offices 
TruthOut: Hunger Stalks California's Rural Communities 
NYT: Hurting Poor Students Extremists in Congress have long wanted to gut the spending restrictions in Title I, a federal law dating back to the 1960s that underwrites extra help for disadvantaged schoolchildren. A bill, approved by a House committee last week, would do just that, damaging one of most important civil rights programs in the country. 

Food and Water
FTAlpahville: Willem Buiter thinks water will be bigger than oil
The folks at Citigroup are a thirsty bunch.
In a 37-page note on Thursday, the bank’s global strategists recommend investors play the urbanisation trend by buying into water companies (these ones to be specific), arguing that the concentration of the world’s population and increasing standards of life will drive up demand for the liquid commodity.
MotherJones: 'Organic' Bottled Water? WTF!?
ThinkProgress: How Land Grabs for Biofuels Undermine Food Security
BigPictureAgriculture: The June Rural Mainstreet Goss Report

Science and Technology
PCWorld: Big Brother Creep Out: 7 Ways US Govt. Invades Brains
SFGate: Tesla Motors to build power train for electric Rav4 
WashintgonPost: Study: Women drive digital trends 
Discovery: Empire State Building Salutes Atlantis' Return 
NASA: [Today's Pic] The Voyage Home 
PCMag: Your Old Photos May Be Visible to All on Google+  
Google+ users concerned about privacy had better double-check their Picasa and Blogger accounts, as the images are now much easier to stumble across on the new social network.
Good: UN Declares Internet Access a Human Right. What Does This Really Mean?
TechReview: Pure Nanotubes by the Kilo 
An improved production process could make electrical transmission lines far more efficient. 

Medical and Health
PBS: Wanted: New Birth Control Choices for Men 
they need something for their... :D
BBC: Stepping Hill Hospital deaths: Two more patients die 
Two more patients have died at a hospital in Greater Manchester, after saline solution was found to be contaminated.

ABCNews: Women's Height Linked to Cancer Risk
VOXEU: Do differences in childhood circumstances explain US-England health differences at older ages?
Guardian: The NFL star and the brain injuries that destroyed him 
Before the former American football player Dave Duerson killed himself, he asked that his brain be left to researchers studying head injuries among athletes. What it revealed shocked the scientists
MSNBC: Worrying about worrying: What it's like to grow up with OCD 
In 'Nowhere Near Normal,' Traci Foust describes a childhood of 'what-ifs'
TheChart: Get Some Sleep: Tips to combat the heat
CNN: Yoga poses for what ails you 
MSNBC: Lung damage found in Iraq, Afghanistan veterans
Smoke, sandstorms, toxins may have caused problems, study suggests 
MSNBC: E. Coli Contamination Warning for Long Island

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
DoomerInCanada: Lessons Learned from Camping 
PermacultureUK: How to make a natural shampoo
ContainerGardening: No space for plants? Turn a wall into a vertical garden
TreeHugger: Zero Food Scraps Cuisine from Italy Turns Pea Pods into Delicious Finger Food 
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: Building and Operating a Makeshift Wood Oven

Other News
FCNP: The Neo-Con Aftermath 
Where are the neo-conservatives who brought on this economic and political mess?
They are evidently hiding in their think tanks or taking asylum in academia. Anyway, they are in safe havens, satisfied that they achieved their stated goals of regime change by toppling their nemesis - Saddam Hussein. Though none of those neo-cons wore the country's uniform, they pushed others to get into the fight.
Cracked: Dumb Things White People Secretly Suspect About Other Races
BBC: Nazi Rudolf Hess exhumed from 'pilgrimage' grave
Grave of Rudolf Hess in Wunsiedel, Germany Neo-Nazis attempted to hold rallies at the grave on the anniversary of Hess's death
The grave containing the remains of Hitler's deputy Rudolf Hess has been destroyed to end it being used as a pilgrimage site by neo-Nazis.
Bloomberg: Kotlikoff: A Third-Party Candidate Is Coming
TheTelegraph: Few grandparents until 30,000 years ago
Grandparents barely existed until as recently as 30,000 years, research suggests, because early humans died so young.
BBC: Underground drug lab found in Mexico 
NewsRadio1420: Texas Death Row Inmate Executed For Hate Crime
The state of Texas executed a death row inmate last night for the post 9-11 murder of a convenience store clerk he thought was of Middle Eastern descent.
Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesperson Michelle Lyons says in his last statement, Mark Stroman said he was still a proud American.
The execution was delayed about three hours because of pending appeals. Stroman was executed for the October 2001 shooting death of Vasudev Patel during a robbery in Mesquite. He also confessed to killing another man and injuring a third. The surviving victim, a Muslim, said he had forgiven Stroman and wanted to sit down face to face with him before his execution. The courts denied the request. Stroman's execution marks the eighth in Texas this year.
IBTimes: Fatter and fewer German nudists as numbers dwindle 
WritersDigest: Looking Into the Future of Bookstores: 4 Angles

The Forums 
TinfoilPalace:Infiltration of religious groups by intelligence agencies
TinfoilPalace:Comet Elenin Matches "Deep Impact" Events Happening Now!!!
TheOilAge:DOOM Investing
TheOilAge:Heat wave fosters toxic algae in touristy lakes
Hubberts-Arms:Euro reaches eleventh hour as Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy hold crisis talk
Hubberts-Arms:Deep sinkhole opens under woman's bed
SilentCountry:The Great Famine begins (in Africa, of course)
SilentCountry:Hong Kong Metals Exchange Opens Silver Contract Friday!

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