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Hello guys, I sure hope everyone is finding someway to cool off today. It's not too bad here today but we're expecting a return of the 90's tomorrow! Yeah! JK
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This is one of the most frightening articles I've read lately. Special thanks to RJ for sending it in.
TruthOut: America's Disappeared
Tens of thousands of Americans are being held in super-maximum-security prisons where they are deprived of contact and psychologically destroyed. Undocumented workers are rounded up and vanish from their families for weeks or months. Militarized police units break down the doors of some 40,000 Americans a year and haul them away in the dead of night as if they were enemy combatants. Habeas corpus no longer exists. American citizens can “legally” be assassinated.

And here's one of the stories from the Ozarker this morning.
Guardian: News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead
Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking – not being treated as suspicious

and this, I wonder if anyone will notice?

UPI: U.S. questions 2001 anthrax accusation
WASHINGTON, July 19 (UPI) -- The U.S. Justice Department is questioning the case against an Army scientist accused of sending anthrax in the mail in 2001, court papers show.
After Bruce Ivins committed suicide in 2008, the FBI said he was the killer who sent the poisoned letters to senators and media figures. Officials said he had the means, motive and opportunity to make the deadly powder at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, Md.
But now, in papers filed in federal court in West Palm Beach, Fla., Friday, Justice Department lawyers say the sealed area in Ivins' lab lacked the equipment to turn liquid anthrax into the deadly refined powder. The documents were entered in a wrongful-death suit by Maureen Stevens, widow of Robert Stevens, a photo editor at The Sun tabloid, and uncovered by reporters for McClatchy Newspapers, ProPublica and PBS' "Frontline."

Well, Have a good day folks, see you all here again tomorrow!

AccuWeather: Ma-on Strikes Southern Japan

The former Typhoon Ma-on, now a tropical storm, has brushed land in southern Japan, unleashing high winds and torrential rain.
Ma-on is now on a track that will bring its center, and thus its most serious wind and rain, significantly south of Tokyo, and well south of the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant in northeastern Japan. However, wind and rain will still affect Fukushima.
StraitsTimes: Video: 'Air-conditioned clothes' help Japan beat heat 
RawStory: Japan halts Fukushima cattle shipments on radiation worries 
BBC: Robots comfort tsunami refugees in Japan 
NYT: N.R.C. Meets on Post-Fukushima Report 
AviationWeek: Japan To See A Flurry Of Post-Tsunami Aircraft Orders

Global Conflict
Business Insider: Pakistan Is Shopping On The Black Market For Materials To Create A Hydrogen Bomb

Time: Killing of Karzai's Adviser Takes Another Hit at the President's Circle
Atlantic: Genocidal Israel Pays For Arabs to Have More Babies
FT: US senators warn Beijing on S China Sea
Two senior US senators have warned China that recent naval clashes with its neighbours in the South China Sea could jeopardise US “national interests” in the region, in comments likely to rankle Beijing.
Iran says fires missiles to Indian Ocean for first time
(Reuters) - Iran said on Saturday it test-fired two long-range missiles into the Indian Ocean earlier this year, the first time it has fired missiles into that sea, according to state television.
NPR: Iran Claims It Is Installing New Centrifuges
Iran said Tuesday that it was installing new and efficient centrifuges aimed at speeding up its nuclear enrichment amid fears Tehran is moving toward weapon-grade enriched uranium.
UPI: U.S. to Gadhafi advisers: Time to go
LAT: Israeli navy intercepted a French-flagged flotilla headed for Gaza 

M&C: Egyptian prime minister leaves hospital after "check-ups"
Atlantic: The Anti-Boycott Law, Meant to Protect Settlements 
CNN: Rights group: Security forces kill 13 in Syrian city 
MSNBC: Iran says it's installing new nuclear centrifuges
'Our peaceful nuclear activities are progressing,' foreign minister says
VancouverSun: Russia won't recognize Libyan rebels: Official

Hacker News
LAT: Rupert Murdoch attacked at Parliament, appears unharmed
LegitGov: News of the World phone hacking whistleblower is found dead at home
ABCNews: Parliament Opens Murdoch Phone Hacking Probe
Bloomberg: Murdoch U.K. Websites Return After Attackers Post False Obituary

Financial News

MacroBusiness: France is next  
BusinessInsider: Core Europe Infected By Crisis as France CDS Surge to Record
BlackListedNews: he True Elephant In The Room Appears: Trillions In Commercial And Industrial Loans To Europe's Insolvent Countries
SFGate: Cisco to cut 6,500 jobs - 9% of workforce
RawReplay: McConnell: GOP will still block consumer agency nomination
BusinessInsider: The Goldman Sachs Bonus Collapse Is Underway
Bloomberg: Gold May Rise, Extend Longest Advance Since 1975 on Sovereign-Debt Concern
ZeroHedge: Greek Bonds Collapse As ECB's Nowotny Announces Bank Will Compromise, Agree To "Temporary" Greek Default 
Politico: Debt ceiling debate turns 'scary'
MSNBC: Fear drives investors into arms of gold, cash
Hedge funds try to avoid costly rash moves, cut risk
Politico: Debt ceiling debate turns 'scary'
Fortune: Tides of March: Did U.S. economy crest this spring?
NewsTribune: Missouri loses 12,900 jobs, many to tornado
Bloomberg: Coca-Cola Earnings Increase 18% as Sales Gain
MyBudget360: Manias, implosions, and financial disasters
the unsustainable nature of our current debt based financial system.
Reuters: SPECIAL REPORT: Banks still robo-signing, filing doubtful foreclosure documents
BusinessInsider: Bill Clinton Would Declare The Debt Limit Illegal
BusinessInsider: Holy Cow, Greece!
Bloomberg: Nowotny Signals ECB May Bend on Greece

BusinessInsider: The Head Of The World's Biggest Hedge Fund Sees "Economic Collapse" Due To Money Printing By Early 2013
CapitalGainsAndGames: Balanced Budget Amendment Is A Fraud
Reuters: Murdoch has board backing
News Corp independent directors are fully behind Rupert Murdoch, a board member told Reuters on Monday, as his iron grip on his vast media empire came under question because of the hacking scandal that already has consumed his London newspaper company.
MarketWatch: 7 reasons U.S. needs a Good Depression now
Commentary: Don’t raise debt ceiling, save us from worse later
TAE: July 6 2011: Why some countries fall into the financial black hole faster than others
Economist'sView: Is This More Than a Bump In the Road?
Reuters: No consensus as Europe limps toward Greece summit
European governments and banks struggled to reconcile competing proposals for a second bailout of Greece on Monday, three days before leaders meet to prevent the crisis from spreading through the region.
Time: Surprise, U.S. Debt is Falling
Is debt in the U.S. rising or falling?
If you have been following the fight in Washington about the debt ceiling and whether the US should be allowed to borrow more money, the answer probably seems obvious. But the obvious answer, as usual, is wrong. The U.S., when you look at our overall debt, is in a much better position that the wranglings in Washington suggest. What's more, it appears that the U.S. is the only country with a so-called developed economy that's overall debt picture has actually improved since the financial crisis. Here's why:
EconomistMon: Do Americans Really Want (Even More Than) 100% of Deficit Reduction to Come from the Spending Side?
Rajiv Sethi: Some Thoughts on the Unthinkable
Reuters: Housing starts hit 6-month high, permits up
Housing starts rose more than expected in June to touch a six-month high and permits for future construction unexpectedly increased, a government report showed on Tuesday, likely reflecting growing demand for rental apartments.
WSJ: 1 in 4 Provide Unpaid Care for an Adult
CreditSlips: Balanced Budget Lunacy
PoliticalCalculations: How Much Are Geezers Displacing Teens from the U.S. Workforce?
Where there had been less than 2.5 workers 55+ per teen worker in the year 2000, that number has now jumped to a record 5.5…As a percent of the workforce, the 55+ age cohort has now reached a new record of 19.4%, clear evidence that older workers are squeezing younger workers from the workforce.
UPI: It looks like 1914 again
SEattleTimes: BofA reports $9.1 billion loss in 2Q on settlement
24Gold: The Collapse of Paper Money and the Vertical Move of Gold
Paper money, invented by the Chinese, first appeared in the West in the 13th century. Brought back from China by Marco Polo and his uncles, author Ralph Foster describes the West’s reaction to the hitherto unseen phenomena of money as a piece of paper.
USATOday: Americans fed up with constant political gridlock
YahooFinance: Borders to liquidate business
OfftheCharts: The Crumbling Case for Cutting Spending to Stimulate the Economy
Economix: Looking Inside the Consumer Bust
CalculatedRisk: Europe Update: Next Key Meeting on Thursday
MoneyWatch: Between the Lines: Strong Profit Reports Reveal Economic Woes 
FoxNews: GOP’s Plan for Debt Reform: Win in 2012 
USAToday: Obama meets with Boehner; threatens veto of GOP plan
TampaBay: Known Florida robo-signing names turn up on mortgage documents elsewhere 
BusinessInsider: Add Another 17,200 To The Unemployment Rolls 
NYT: China’s Treasury Holdings Make U.S. Woes Its Own 
Fortune: Goldman says recession risk rising

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Peak Oil Review - July 18 by Tom Whipple

EnergyBulletin: Nuclear delusions
Why nuclear power is not a solution to our energy challenge
UPI: Energy Resources
Britain's 'fuel poverty' rises to 5.5M
PermacultureUK: New EU nuclear waste law allows export abroad
The EU have just adopted the ‘radioactive waste and spent fuel management directive’ meaning that radioactive waste will be buried in secure bunkers in the future. Is this a ‘major achievement for nuclear safety in the EU’, as EU energy commissioner Guenther Oettinger puts it, or will it just make the embodied costs outweigh the net energy generation?
TheOilDrum: The coming UK energy meltdown
UPI: Report: High oil prices unlikely to budge
MSNBC: 25-acre solar roof to be built in New JerseyNorth America's biggest solar roof will atop a marine terminal  
CNN: Pirates seize tanker off Somali coast
DetroitNews: UAW backs 'strong' fuel economy standards for 2025 

Bloomberg: Gold May Rise, Extend Longest Advance Since 1975 on Sovereign-Debt Concern

Environmental News
USGS: New ARkStorm Paper Reveals Process for Designing Useful Scenarios

The ARkStorm storm is patterned after the 1861–62 historical events but uses modern modeling methods and data from large storms in 1969 and 1986. The ARkStorm draws heat and moisture from the tropical Pacific, forming a series of Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) that approach the ferocity of hurricanes and then slam into the U.S. West Coast over several weeks. Atmospheric Rivers are relatively narrow regions in the atmosphere that are responsible for most of the horizontal transport of water vapor outside of the tropics.
WeatherUnderground: Dr. Masters says, "Midwest heat wave generates a heat index of 131° in Iowa

A unusually intense, long-lasting, and widespread heat wave with high humidities continues to plague the Central U.S. The heat index--how hot the air feels when factoring in both the temperature and the humidity--exceeded 100°F in twelve states on Monday and thirteen on Sunday, with the dangerous heat extending from Texas northwards to North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. At least thirteen deaths are being blamed on the heat in the Midwest. The heat index hit a remarkable 131°F at Knoxville, Iowa on Monday, and a heat index in excess of 120° was recorded at numerous locations in Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois.
WBIR: Smokies visits down again in June
Visitation to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park dropped once again in June, when compared to the higher numbers of 2010.
Numbers released by the park show entries into the park were down 17.6% from 2010 levels. That means 238,000 fewer people visited the park this June compared to last.
MSNBC: Smelly Seaweed Plagues the Jersey Shore 
BBC: Famine to be declared in Somalia
A famine is about to be declared in some parts of Somalia
Multiple aid sources have confirmed that the United Nations will use the emotive word on Wednesday, after analysing the latest statistics and reports from the Horn of Africa. 
ExtinctionProtocol: Violent midnight storm on Lake Michigan generates 6 ft waves killing 2
TruthOut: Our Love Affair With Fish Is Unsustainable
Imagine what people would say if a band of hunters strung a mile of net between two immense all-terrain vehicles and dragged it at speed across the plains of Africa. This fantastical assemblage, like something from a Mad Max movie, would scoop up everything in its way: predators, such as lions and cheetahs, lumbering endangered herbivores, such as rhinos and elephants, herds of impala and wildebeest, family groups of warthog and wild dog. Pregnant females would be swept up and carried along, with only the smallest juveniles able to wriggle through the mesh.
(I know this is an older story but wanted to re-visit it today.
This mindset is one of the reasons why nothing will be done.)

Independent: Revealed: the bid to corner world's bluefin tuna market

Mitsubishi freezing fish to sell later as stock numbers plummet toward Japan's sprawling Mitsubishi conglomerate has cornered a 40 per cent share of the world market in bluefin tuna, one of the world's most endangered fish.
A corporation within the £170bn Mitsubishi empire is importing thousands of tonnes of the fish from Europe into Tokyo's premium fish markets, despite stocks plummeting towards extinction in the Mediterranean.
Bluefin tuna frozen at -60C now could be sold in several years' time for astronomical sums if Atlantic bluefin becomes commercially extinct as forecast, a result of the near free-for-all enjoyed by the tuna fleet.
TheTelegraph: New sandstorm cloud hits Phoenix
(great video at link!)
Phoenix, Arizona is coated in dust after the second huge sandstorm to hit the area in a month.
JuneauEmpire: Methanol spill reported at BP Alaska oil field 
NatGeo: One-Time Illegal Logger Fights to Save the Forests of Borneo
MSNBC: Polar bear cubs die as ice melts, swims get longer5 of 11 moms that swam long distances lost cubs, study finds 

DesdemonaDespair: Oklahoma governor asks for prayers for rain
MapCenter: HamWeather: Record Events for The Past Week Record High Minimum Temps
AgWeek: Heat taking toll on U.S. poultry flocks
WICHITA, Kan. — A heat wave that has pushed temperatures well over 100 degrees has killed tens of thousands of turkeys and chickens in Kansas and North Carolina and left farmers across the lower part of the country struggling to cool off their flocks.
DailyTexan: Drought woes grow as ranchers' cattle die from too much water
LUBBOCK — The unrelenting Texas drought has produced a cruelly ironic twist: cattle dying from too much water.
Agriculture officials in parched Texas said Wednesday there are no hard numbers on how many head of cattle have died but reports of deaths from too much water or too little are showing up across the nation’s leading cattle production state.
DesdemonaDespair: Loss of large predators caused widespread disruption of ecosystems – ‘Humankind’s most pervasive influence on the natural world’ 
NatGeo: Ethiopia Moves Forward with Massive Nile Dam Project
CNN: 'Dangerous' heat wave creeps east 
TruthOut: "Another Kind of Fukushima?" Asks Whistleblower Robert Gilkeson

America in Decline
WBIR: Tennessee lottery reports record sales this year

DailyBeast: Teen Allegedly Kills Parents with Hammer  
SHTFPlan: *Warning: Graphic Video* Man Shot In the Back By Police For Not Paying Train Fare
DomasJefferson: Officer Says Army Slimed Him for Refusing to Conduct Illegal Psy-Ops on Congressmen 
Chron: Texas school discipline under the microscopeStudy finds that 60% of kids are expelled or suspended 

Food and Water
(if you are a dog lover...don't look.)
IBTimes: Dog Meat Trade Thrives in Summer: Slaughtering Man's Best Friend [PHOTOS]
GizMag: New study highlights the environmental benefits of lab-grown meat 
BigPictureAg: Largest four grocery retailers accounted for 37 percent of U.S. grocery sales in 2009 
Grist: Don’t eat your broccoli: Junk food industry determined to target kids
Last week, as health advocates around the nation raced against a deadline to submit comments to the federal government on food marketing to children, the food industry was busy doing what it does best: launching a massive PR campaign to undermine anything the feds might dare do to protect children from corporate predatory marketing.
TreeHugger: Meat Eater's Guide: Get to Know the Carbon Footprint of Your Diet (Lamb, Beef, Cheese Are the Worst) 
FarmWars: GMO Deregulation: An Act of War

Science and Technology
PopSci: Mice Engineered to Lack Muscle Contraction Gene Have Superior Endurance (and Humans Might, Too)

MSNBC: Kinect helps sword-swinging robot attack humansA group of Stanford students have signed, sealed and delivered humanity's doom. Using Microsoft's Kinect video game sensor, they have taught a robot to sword fight. The end is nigh! Go on, see for yourself. 

PopSci: Dawn Spacecraft Successfully Enters Orbit Around Huge Asteroid 
PopSci: Gallery: What A Giant Solar Eruption Would Do To Earth 
MSNBC: Rocket venture to work with NASA
TPM: CERN's 'Open Hardware' Licensing Initiative Opens New Frontiers 
PopSci: Shuttle Heads Home for the Last Time, Bidding Farewell to International Space Station 
MSNBC: Kinect helps sword-swinging robot attack humansA group of Stanford students have signed, sealed and delivered humanity's doom. Using Microsoft's Kinect video game sensor, they have taught a robot to sword fight. The end is nigh! Go on, see for yourself.
MSNBC: Space shuttle makes final departure from space stationAtlantis astronauts heading for homecoming — and 30-year program's end

Medical and Health News
CNN: Male heart-attack victims seek help faster if married  
CNN: Human Factor: Dreams change for accident victim

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
DoomerinCanada: My Manifesto

FastCompany: Six Designs For Houses That Cost Just $300 To Build
CNNMoney: Extreme couponing: Stockpiling toothpaste, meat
Malinda Hodges, a 41-year-old business technology consultant for Bank of America, is one of many coupon enthusiasts who never dreamed she would find herself stockpiling men's deodorant under the bathroom sink. But in 2008, when her husband, Dwayne, was laid off from his job in the mortgage industry, she began using coupons to help support their three children, now ages 3 to 12, and her mom, who lives with them in Fort Mills, S.C. Dwayne eventually found work, but Malinda never gave up her bargain-hunting ways.
FarmWars: Alternative Markets, Barter Systems, and Local Co-ops are the Lifeboats That Will Save Us
PermacultureUK: Build your own eco larder
Fridges are an often forgotten 'base load' on your electricity supply. So why not trade yours in for a smaller, more efficient model, and move foodstuffs that need only light chilling to your very own eco larder...

Other News
Telegraph: 'Real Indiana Jones' sacked as keeper of Egypt's heritage

He called himself the real Indiana Jones and keeper of Egypt's heritage, and was an almost permanent presence on any television programme about the country's colourful past.
WSJ: A Craze for Pooches in Iran Dogs the Morality Police
Western TV Makes Owning Pups Fashionable, Despite Ayatollah's Fatwa
Reuters: Universal pulls plug on Stephen King's "The Dark Tower"
TheTelegraph: Chihuahua foils armed robbery
Two robbers are forced to abandon their hold-up of a shop in California after being attacked by the owner's chihuahua.  (hehehe, I love those little ankle biters!)
BusinessInsider: Bachmann Reportedly Suffers From Stress-Induced "Episodes"
RawReplay: Hungarian court acquits 97-year-old Nazi war crimes suspect
CNBC: Fake Death Failures
People have probably been faking their own death for centuries, some more successfully than others. But getting away it is a lot harder these days—especially with the Internet, tightened international security and the increased difficulty in creating false documents.
Some folks still seem to think they can get away with it, though, particularly when there's money involved. Here, we take a look at some of the more interesting cases of people who tried to fake their own death, many in an effort to avoid debt or reap financial gain.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Obama's signature..(soooo funny!)
TinfoilPalace:The Best Analysis of 'Eyes Wide Shut'
TheOilAge: Rick Santorum To Glenn Beck: 'Drill Everywhere!'

TheOilAge:Consensus Grows for Looming Peak
Hubberts-Arms:Wall Street tumbles as debt default day edges closer
Hubberts-Arms:Nick Clegg: 'I fear we're on the brink of another financial crisis'
SilentCountry:All Hail the Coming DEPRESSION
SilentCountry:Collateral damage from Texas droughts

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