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Breaking News Tues. Aug. 2, 2011

This story sent in from the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer this morning deserves to the spread far and wide. I urge you guys to read it and share it with others.
TalkAboutEquality: If a Married Lesbian Couple Saves 40 Teens from the Norway Massacre and No One Writes About it, Did it Really Happen?

And this from RJ from the Global Glass Onion.
Hey, it gets my vote.
TheOnion: Social Security Reform Bill Encourages Americans To Live Faster, Die Younger

And this from Matt Cardin at Teeming Brain.
TeemingBrain:  The Devil Went Down to Texas: A supposed surge in “diabolical cults” and demonic possession in the Lone Star State (and across America)

Global Conflict
BBC: BBC journalist Shaimaa Khalil held in Cairo
A BBC journalist, Shaimaa Khalil, has been detained in Tahrir Square in the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
WiredDangerRoom: U.S. Weapons Now in Somali Terrorists’ Hands
NakedCapitalism: Propagandized US Reporting on Recent Developments in Egypt?
NYT: In Iraqi Village, a Raid Sows Distrust of Americans
TheTelegraph: Osama Bin Laden: mission was to shoot to kill from the start
The raid on Osama bin Laden’s hideout in Pakistan was a mission to kill him, and there was “never any question” he would be captured alive, one of those directly involved has claimed.
Politico: Benjamin Netanhayu reportedly relents on 1967 borders
MSNBC: Syria's Assad embarks on path of no return
With Hama assault, Syria's president opts for overwhelming force to quash dissent
CNN: Suicide bombers raid Afghan guesthouse
CNN: World ire mounts toward Syria amid bloody crackdown

Financial News
BBC: US to avoid default as Senate backs debt ceiling rise
The US Senate has passed a deal struck between Republicans, Democrats and President Barack Obama to increase the US debt ceiling and avert a default.

This was posted by MtLouie, (my hero) at Tinfoil Palace. it is a rousing bit of video!

WSJ: The S&P 500 fell 2.6% today, setting a new closing low of the year; the Dow fell 2.2%, closing below 12000
MSNBC: US consumer spending unexpectedly fell in June
First decline in spending in nearly two years as American incomes barely rose
TaxFoundation: Monday Map: Sales Tax Holidays
BusinessInsider: MORE BAD NEWS: Personal Spending Tanks In June
FP: Defense spending cut in debt deal unclear
Despite the White House's claim that the new debt deal would cut $350 billion from defense spending over the next ten years, there are no specifics in the bill on defense cuts  -- and no way to tell what the final cuts will be.
Slate: The Coming Double Dip
The debt-ceiling compromise will do nothing to prevent the economy from tumbling into a second recession.
Reuters: Japan primes markets for forex intervention, monetary easing
ActivistPost: U.S. Economic Collapse Assured; Austerity Inevitable (Charlie McGrath Video)
MPettis: No hard landing, but no solution 
TheMoneyIlllusion: No more jobs mystery. Period. End of story.
ACalculatedRisk: A "Run to the Bank"
CEPR: The Impact of the Budget Deal for Those Who Don't Carry Around the Budget in Their Pocket 
Spiegel: Outlook Dims for European Juggernaut: German Economy Starts to Cool Down
MSNBC: July used car sales hit ‘blockbuster’ proportions
While new car sales appeared to weaken, used car sales looked strong last month  
FDL: White House Believed Republicans Would Agree to Tax Increases, and Also, in Magic Unicorns
BillMitchell: Sometimes compromise is the worst thing 
BlackAgendaReport: Obama & the Fake Debt Ceiling Crisis: This President Is Really Just Smarter Than You Are 
LAT: Debt ceiling deal accomplishes little
For all the drama, the compromise achieves little in the short term and only delays what most see as the country's key financial decision: whether to raise taxes or reduce Medicare.
FederalReserveBankofAtlanta: Is the economy hitting stall speed?
MacroAdvisers: The Debt Ceiling Deal: Little Fiscal Drag in 2012, Big Fiscal Risk in 2013
RawReplay: Boehner got ’98 percent’ of what he wanted in debt deal 
LAT: U.S. manufacturing sector slows in July 
DetroitFreePress: Prolonged drag in economy blamed as U.S. auto sales stall 
NYT: Focus Turns Back to Fed on Economy 
Star-Telegram: Consumers face minor changes from debt deal 

Peak oil and Energy News
CanadianDoomer: Oilsands are ... ethical? 
CNNMoney: The end of Big Oil?
How the break-up of ConocoPhillips could lead to similar moves by oil conglomerates like BP and Exxon Mobil, forever changing the energy landscape.
ChrisMartenson: Nate Hagens: We're Not Facing A Shortage of Energy, But A Longage of Expectations

Mineweb: US deal only laying the ground for next financial crisis
Julian Phillips' Gold and silver market morning - analysis of movements in the gold and silver markets on Monday August 1st.
Mineweb: Gold slips on 11th hour US debt deal
The yellow metal fell in early trade as investor concern about a default in the US diminished after U.S. President, Barack Obama's announcement of a last minute deal to raise the country's borrowing limit.
Reuters: Bank of Korea buys gold for first time since '97-'98 crisis
(Reuters) - South Korea's central bank bought gold for the first time in more than a decade as global growth and debt uncertainties encourage monetary authorities around the world to diversify foreign reserves.
Bloomberg: Gold Coins Sell Out in Lisbon as Biggest Bet Sees 22% Gain
Rui Lola says gold sales at his foreign exchange and coin store in downtown Lisbon almost doubled this year, draining inventories faster than he can replace them.

Environmental News
CNN: Record percentage of United States experiences 'exceptional drought'
NDReport: More Hanford Workers Raise Safety Concerns
(Something you might like for your blog or website.)
Yahoo: End Times? Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red 
PBS: New Widget Tracks Record-Breaking High Temperatures
IBTimes: Monsanto-spawned superweeds growing three inches daily, destroying farm equipment
(NaturalNews) The proliferation of superweeds -- weeds that have mutated to develop resistance to popular herbicides like Monsanto's Roundup formula -- continues to rise. But the individual plants' overall size and strength is also increasing. According to a series of new studies published in the journal Weed Science, farmers are having more trouble than ever dealing with out-of-control superweeds in their fields, some of which grow up to three inches a day in size, and are so strong and thick that they are destroying farm equipment.
TruthOut: Brazil’s Deforestation Quagmire
ClimateCentral: Sea Level Rise to Put the “Squeeze” on Coastal Georgia
Grist: Why is the EPA still an economic scapegoat?
Grist: Glacier National Park to be devoid of glaciers by 2020
TruthOut: Arctic Scientist Who Exposed Climate Threat to Polar Bear Is Suspended

America in Decline
McClatchy: Who gains from debt deal? The Pentagon, for one

Food and Water
ColorodoWheat: August 1, 2011 Colorado Winter Wheat Harvest Report – Wrap Up

Science and Technology
PopSci: Appeals Court Upholds Companies' Right to Patent Genes, But the Future of Gene Research Remains Unclear
In a victory for biotechnology companies, a federal appeals court ruled Friday that human genes can be patented. Odds are pretty good the case will make its way to the Supreme Court, and it’s possible the justices will rule the other way, so this is not a done deal — but until then, it seems companies can own the exclusive right to use human genes.
(also related)
PopSci: To Protect Patented Genes, DARPA Wants a Security System that Records Genomic Changes
Here at PopSci we love a good broad agency announcement from DARPA (that’s where they ask the private sector to do something technologically outrageous), but even next to the flying Humvees, the weather manipulation, the cyborg beetles, and the “hundred-year starships,” this one, we have to say, is WAY out there. DARPA wants a genetic security system that’s built into the genome that can monitor for and report on changes to an organism’s genetic makeup.
Or--to borrow Danger Room's metaphor--DARPA wants a “track changes” feature for genomes like the one that tracks edits in a Word document, a technology that will record and report any modification to a genome. They call it Chronicle of Lineage Indicative of Origins, or CLIO. We’re calling it ambitious.
First of all, why? DARPA ostensibly wants such a technology to protect intellectual property. Genomes (and specific genes) are now bio-commodities, and patented microbes and the genes therein are the property of those who create them. A tool like CLIO would help protect patented genes from misuse as well as to help competitors prove that they are not infringing on another lab’s IP. DARPA also wants CLIO to devise a way to encrypt a genome so it can’t be stolen by rival researchers or (and now perhaps we get to the heart of the DoD’s interest) rival states.
NakedCapitalism: Software Outsourcer Infosys Sued for Alleged Large Scale Visa Fraud
Good: Facial-Recognition App Enables Next-Level Web-Stalking
CNN: Our Web freedom at the mercy of tech giants

Medical and Health
M&C: International trial of male birth control injection failed
M&C: Fast-food intake soars for US kids
DailyMailUK: Nation of pill poppers: NHS prescriptions have soared 70% in the past decade
IBTimes: Sick Indian Father ‘Stunned’ As Doctors Find Female Uterus (is there a male uterus?)
MotherJones: Free Birth Control! Hells. Yeah.
This is a momentous day. Today the Department of Health and Human Services announced that they will be following the Institute of Medicine's recommendations and require new health insurance plans to cover services like breastfeeding support, HIV counseling, and FDA-approved contraception for no cost to the consumer. That's right. Instead of paying $50 a month for birth control, or even more for sterilization, women could instead pay nothing out-of-pocket.

BBC: Plastic heart gives dad Matthew Green new lease of life
A 40-year-old father who was dying from heart failure is set to leave hospital after receiving an artificial heart.
Grist: Better than air conditioning: Tips for biking through the heat wave
theChart: FDA warns of counterfeit 'morning-after' pill
The Food and Drug Administration says the emergency "morning after" birth control pill Evital could be counterfeit and may not be safe or prevent pregnancy. The agency is asking women not to use the medication.
theChart: My concussion: Be nice to your brain

Other News
Hat tip to Matt Cardin at Teeming Brain for the following link this morning!
BigThink: Is 16th Century Teaching the Future of Education? Learning Ruby on Rails with a Private Tutor are the new Violin Lessons
Salon: The Tea Party, the debt ceiling, and white Southern extremism
The goal, methods and passions of the Tea Party in the House are all characteristic of the radical Southern right
TruthOut: End the Drug War: Face the New Jim Crow (Video)
NakedCapitalism: Matt Stoller: What Presidency?
TheTelegraph: US debt crisis: shooting victim Gabrielle Giffords makes dramatic return for crucial vote
US Representative Gabrielle Giffords returns to the House floor for the first time since she was shot in the head in January, receiving a thunderous ovation from Democrats and Republicans alike.
TruthOut: Did Bush Leave Us Bankrupt, Corrupt, Ungovernable?

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:From the Smithsonian Magazine: Timewarp 1957
TinfoilPalace:6 Cops Mug Homeless Guy in California
TheOilAge:PO/Collapse Documentaries
TheOilAge:AP - Wealth gap widens between whites, minorities
Hubberts-Arms:I wish I could have a job like a Congressman!
Hubberts-Arms:FULL TEXT: White House Releases Fact Sheet on Deal
SilentCountry:Peter Shiff: Problem is the debt, not the ceiling
SilentCountry:Black Swan Event???????


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