Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Documentary! Aug. 20, 2011 Double Feature!

Good morning doomers!
what a crazy couple weeks it's been! Maybe things will simmer down a bit now and we will have some extra time to prep.
Kathleen at Hubberts-Arms put up a link to a documentary that I think you will enjoy.
My favorite line from the film was, "There's no crisis the Capitalist can't get out of is the working class is willing to pay for it."
thanks for the comments and dialog in the comments section to everyone. I hope everyone enjoys the movies today.

Also, I got an email from eBrutto, with a link to a documentary and wanted to post it too. It's a movie that sells gold and silver. I haven't watched all of it yet, I don't have any money to buy any gold especially, but I think some of you will like it.

Why Gold & Silver? FULL MOVIE - Mike Maloney Tells All 

Be sure to stop by and visit him at La Curre'!
Stop by tomorrow for the gardening edition. We're going to make hot sauce!

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  1. The movie explains how the Fed reserve system works in theory and explains why some pundits believe in deflation - not me.
    I am not trying to sell Au or Ag the link was posted with a full explanation of why I was posting it - the part on the Fed., I even gave you the start point.
    That said I do have a small piece of junk silver with your name on it if you email me your address, why not it just a few dollars worth and art nouveau style so you can appreciate its artistic merit.
    So in reality I am trying to give you something for nothing - well a token of friendship.