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Here's a short but amazing story to start us off with today.
UKMetroOnline: The teenage boy who reportedly lived in woods for five years is thought to be telling the truth, say German police

Do, Check out this great article by our own Bill Hicks! Bill has a way of cutting right to the heart of the matter doesn't he?
TheDownwardSpiral: Why Social Welfare Benefit Demagoguery is Actually Dangerous
A lot of people were taken aback last week at the audience reaction to a question posed by Wolf Blitzer, the moderator of the Tea Party Republican Presidential debate, to Representative Ron Paul about whether a 30-year-old man in a coma who had refused to buy health insurance should be allowed to die. The audience appallingly cheered its approval at the idea, and the Good Doctor answered by blathering on about how everyone needs to take “personal responsibility” and not look to the government as their savior.
Also, here's  a funny one from the Ozarker. I'd love to have this on a bumper sticker!
DemocraticUnderground: "I refuse to believe that corporations are people until Texas executes one."
Saw this taped to the window of a vehicle in traffic today...

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ActivistPost: Radiation Experts: Tokyo May Have to Be Evacuated (Video)
At least one billion becquerels a day of radiation continue to leak from Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant after the March earthquake and tsunami.
FDL: Learning from a near-death experience?
    Former Prime Minister [of Japan] Naoto Kan said in an interview with Kyodo News that he learned shortly after the nuclear crisis erupted at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant that around 30 million people in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures may have to be evacuated in a worst-case scenario.
    Kan told Kyodo that he contemplated the chaos that would have ensued if such a measure had been taken. ”It was a crucial moment when I wasn’t sure whether Japan could continue to function as a state.”

Global Conflict
GlobeandMail: Race begins to avert UN showdown over Palestinian statehood - A last-ditch international push began in New York to relaunch Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and avert a crisis over Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.
BBC: Colombian rebels attack police station, injure eight - Left-wing Farc rebels in Colombia have attacked a police station in Las Mercedes, in the north of the country.
TheTelegraph: Tony Blair hopeful of Palestinian deal at UN - The diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East hopes to clinch a deal for the Palestinians to get greater UN recognition while meeting US and Israeli objections, special envoy Tony Blair said on Sunday.
TheTelegraph: Palestinian statehood bid: Tony Blair 'like an Israeli diplomat' - Tony Blair has earned the fury of Palestinian leaders after he was accused of blatant pro-Israel bias for his role in attempting to derail their bid for statehood at the UN.
TheTelegraph: Israel urged to recognise Palestinian state and not lose 'opportunity for peace'
Mahmoud Abbas has urged Israel to recognise a Palestinian state and not "lose an opportunity for peace," ahead of a formal request for Palestinian UN membership this week.
MSNBC: Abbas defiant as 'all hell' breaks out over UN plan - Palestinian leader says he will submit bid for full membership at world body on Friday
BBC: BBC poll shows narrow support for Palestinian state - A global BBC poll suggests more people support United Nations recognition of Palestine as an independent state than oppose it.
RawStory: Final push begins to head off Palestinian crisis
TheAtlantic: The Central Argument Between The Two Zionist Camps 
LegitGov: Wall Street May Be Blocked Off Again as Police Monitor Protests 
MaxKeiser: The Arab Spring has destroyed Israeli narrative of ungovernable Arabs. Israel now looks like (and is) the biggest human rights abuser in the region. 
BBC: Seven held in Birmingham anti-terror operation - Six men and a woman have been arrested in Birmingham in a large anti-terrorism operation, West Midlands Police say.
BBC: Yemen unrest: Further deaths in clashes in Sanaa
StrategyPage: Europe Learns How To Fight Again - September 19, 2011: The decade after September 11, 2001 changed the armed forces of Europe in unexpected ways. Now the Europeans have more capable and professional forces than they have had for many decades. None of this was expected. 
Reuters: Gaddafi loyalists say capture 17 foreign mercenaries - Fugitive ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi's loyalists said on Monday they had captured 17 mercenaries -- some British and French -- in what would amount to a sharp setback for the country's new rulers and their international backers.
ABCNews: Palestinian Leader Says Nothing Can Stop UN Bid
BBC: Yemen unrest: Further deaths in Sanaa clashes 
BBC: Chaos undermines Libyan forces' advance into Bani Walid 
WSJ: Attackers Kill 36 in Burundi Pub 
Gothamist: Photos: Anonymous's Occupation Of Wall Street 
IBTimes: 'Occupy Wall Street': Protestors Descend on Lower Manhattan   

Hacker News
MSNBC: Intel officials' emails posted after hack of cybersecurity group
Attack comes days after organization warned US urgently needs to improve cyberdefense

Financial News
BusinessInsider: 4 Bad Things That Are About To Happen At UBS 
Reuters: Siemens to drop Rosatom deal in nuclear exit: CEO Siemens to drop Rosatom deal in nuclear exit: CEO
TPM: How Obama’s Jobs Plan Could Trigger Another Debt Limit Fight Before Election Day
BusinessInsider: Obama To Ask Super Committee To Cut $3 Trillion From Deficit, Including $1.5 Trillion In Tax Increases
Guardian: Benefits cap 'could make 80,000 children homeless' - Charity chief says that planned £500 weekly limit on amount families can claim will have huge human and social cost

AutomaticEarth: September 18 2011: Religious Warfare
It probably hasn't escaped you that we are entering the next phase of this fine crisis of ours. Those equally fine leaders we've elected to represent us and protect our interests are now almost literally stumbling from one emergency meeting into the other. It doesn't look like Greece can hang on much longer as an EU and Eurozone member without some sort of miraculous intervention.
StraitsTimes: Republicans cry 'class warfare' over millionaire tax  - Leading Republicans on Sunday spurned as 'class warfare' an administration proposal dubbed 'the Buffett rule' that would ensure millionaires are taxed at the same rate as the middle class.
Guardian: Work longer: new pension bombshell for under-50s
Moves to keep up with 'express train' of life expectancy could mean retirement age rising to 67 as early as 2026
BusinessInsider: Chinese Home Prices Are STILL Soaring, And Local Governments Are STILL Paying Debt With Ponzi Land Sales
AngryBear: "House rich & cash poor": Why Social Security can't be Raided (Part 1)
LAT: Bank deposits soar despite rock-bottom interest rates - Consumers worried about the economy are pumping cash into checking, savings and money market accounts. But the banks don't need their money and have slashed interest rates to discourage customers.
Krugman: Hysteresis Begins
MarketWatch: European leaders still divided on debt crisis - Advice from U.S. Treasury secretary brushed off
LAT: Sorting out the Postal Service - If the Postal Service is to survive without congressional largesse, it must be granted more autonomy, and then it must seize the opportunity to rethink itself.
Guardian: Greece under pressure as finance ministers put brakes on bailout - Decision on €8bn Greek bailout delayed till October, while US secretary of state Geithner urges eurozone leaders to do more
Mish: More on the Coming Wave of Foreclosures
TheGuardian: Market awaits naming of mystery biddersThe nation's corporate financiers are glued to their Reuters and Bloomberg screens this morning - as new Takeover Panel rules come in forcing secret bidders to come out of the woodwork.
AJC: States struggle for financing to meet road needs

HuffingtonPost: Citigroup To Start Charging Per-Month Fees On Low-Balance Accounts
Citigroup Inc said it will start charging a monthly fee of $10 on checking and savings accounts with combined balances of less than $1,500, joining a growing list of banks seeking to recoup revenue lost under new financial industry regulations.
The fee will be waived if a customer completes one direct deposit and one online bill payment per month through an account, or maintains a balance of at least $1,500 in checking and savings accounts, Citigroup said on Friday
WSJ: Hoarders: Corporate Edition
FDL: Standard and Poor’s US Downgrade Shock Doctrine; Lather, Rinse, Repeat
La Curee: Decline of GDP per capita should cause deflation 
CBSNews: Obama draws battle line over $1.5T in tax hikes

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Peak Oil and the light at the end of the tunnel
MJPerry: What's Wrong with Peak Oil? It Ignores Economics (posted for the humor aspect)
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - Pipelines from the Arctic 
TheOilDrum: Sunday Times Predicts US As Top Oil Producer in 2017 
Platts: What does former President JimmyCarter have to say on energy security? Find out from Platts exclusive interview  
Bloomberg: Fund Withdrawals Top Lehman as $75B Pulled 
CNNMoney: World markets sink on Greek worries 
NYT: Suddenly, Over There Is Over Here 
MSNBC: US taxpayers could be on hook for Europe bailout 
Bloomberg: Boeing 747-8 Hits ‘Horrendous’ Setback on Buyer’s Refusal 
IBTimes: Obama to Propose $3 Trillion in Deficit Cuts: Is America Paying the Price of Corporate Greed?  
GlobeandMail: A fragile Europe nears 'tipping point'  
NYT: UBS Says Trading Losses Were Closer to $2.3 Billion
IBTimes: Libya to Review Oil and Gas Deals

ZeroHedge: Gold Moves Higher As Greece Crisis Moves Up A Gear, Financials Get Pummelled

Environmental News
ABCNewsAU: Deep oceans may mask global warming
TheBarrel: Regulation & The Environment: an EPA report is an issue for the gas industry The US EPA has checked in on the shale gas issue, and it isn't a view that the industry is going to like. 

PeninsulaDaily: Algae toxin levels unsafe in Gibbs LakeThe level of a slow-acting liver toxin created by blue-green algae is now over the safety threshold at Gibbs Lake south of Port Townsend, preliminary results of the most recent lake sample tests show.
StraitsTimes: At least 19 killed as 6.9 quake rocks India, Nepal 
MotherJones: Will Climate Change Make National Parks More Dangerous?
NPR: Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails
Chron: Crews continue Kalamazoo River oil spill cleanup
TheEconomicCollapse: Poverty In America: A Special Report
GlobeandMail: For U.S. workers, the lost decade of opportunity 
SOTT: Pakistan Floods: World Ignoring Humanitarian Crisis 
ScientificAmerican: Jellyfishes Shown to Be Effective Predators - New research investigates how jellyfishes are succeeding fishes as dominant players in ocean ecosystems
LAT: Quake kills at least 40, injures hundreds in India, Nepal and Tibet
Rescue efforts in the wake of the magnitude 6.8 earthquake are hampered by rain, landslides and severed communications. Near the epicenter in India's northeastern Sikkim state, officials expect the death toll to rise after emergency workers reach isolated communities.
Grist: Kiss your snorkeling trip goodbye: We’re wiping out coral
CNN: Pakistan flooding death toll rises 
CNN: Magnitude-6.9 quake kills 21 in India and Nepal

America in Decline
MSNBC: Child abuse increased as economy crashed, study shows - Poverty, stress lead to harsher parenting and abuse, researchers say 

SHTFPlan: American Powder Keg: Black Panther Chairman Declares “The Hour of War Is At Hand” - Race war, class war, anti-government riots – you name it. All of it is headed our way.

MyBudget360: A new gilded age shines on America 50 million Americans roam the countryside uninsured. 45 million Americans receiving food stamps up by 18 million since the Great Recession began in late 2007.
SHTFPlan: Bloomberg Warns of Riots: “The Public Knows There’s Something Wrong In This Country” *Audio Interview*

CommonDreams: Ten Years On, Sick Ground Zero Workers Still Without Proper Care
GlobeandMail: For U.S. workers, the lost decade of opportunity
EconMatters: U.S. Economy: A Lost Decade Into The Great Middle Class Poverty? 
TruthOut: Lost, Abused and Neglected for a Profit
Guillermo Gomez-Sanchez is a 50-year-old legal resident with a mental disability. In 2004, Gomez was detained because of a dispute at a grocery store over a bag of tomatoes. His detention led him into a labyrinth of abuse and neglect – in an immigration system that increasingly puts profit over justice by handing the reigns to private prison corporations.
Daily Digest 9/17 - Poverty In America
TheEconomist: The compass fails - Loss of moral authority, competition and distraction weaken Western clout in promoting human rights. Fighting corruption (see article) is another story
DeclineoftheEmpire: Gerald Celente — Society Is Breaking Down 
RawStory: Child abuse climbs with recession: study

Food and Water
TransitionVoice: Who’s storing food now?
EconomicCollapseBlog: 25 Signs That A Horrific Global Water Crisis Is Coming

Science and Technology
IBTimes: Ancient Crocodile Battled World's Largest Snake, Scientists Suggest
IBTimes: Bus-Size NASA Climate Satellite to Fall 
PopSci: New Cars Make Me Feel Old - In which an admitted gadget nerd feels as confused as grandma when dealing with the modern automobile 

MotherNatureNetwork: New 'jelly' batteries could provide cheap, safe power for small electronicsInnovative polymer gel batteries promise a safer alternative to traditional lithium batteries.
PopSci: Pluto May Be Hiding Oceans Underneath Its Frozen Exterior 
NewScientist: 'Gloomy' gene may make you more positive  
Wired: Navy’s Newest Ship is the Pick-Up Truck of the Sea - There’s not much inside the Navy’s newest ship, and that’s exactly how they like it.
338 feet long, 93 feet wide, low and blocky, USNS Spearhead is basically a thin aluminum shell wrapped around four diesel engines, rudimentary control facilities for its 40 crew plus 312 airline-style passenger seats. The rest of the $250-million, twin-hull catamaran vessel, christened this weekend, is empty space … with an expansive flight deck on top.
KurzweilAI: How to synthesize a new kind of yeast cell — or person 
CosmicLog: The shape of space to come

Medical and Health
CommonDreams: Number of Uninsured Climbs to Highest Figure Since Passage of Medicare, Medicaid
50 million uninsured shows urgency of enacting single-payer Medicare for all: national doctors group
LAT: Drug deaths now outnumber traffic fatalities in U.S., data show - Fueling the surge are prescription pain and anxiety drugs that are potent, highly addictive and especially dangerous when combined with one another or with other drugs or alcohol.
IBTimes: British Doctors Separate Twins Joined at Head
A team of British doctors have successfully separated twin girls born joined at the head, in one of the most intricate medical techniques ever performed in the the UK.
CNN: More than 6,000 struck with dengue fever in Pakistan
MSNBC: A mother’s war on germs at fast-food playlands - 'There are very high (pathogen) counts, and that means these places are not cleaned properly or not cleaned at all,' scientist says

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
CanadianDoomer: It's Not Working!
PermacultureUK: Chicken Tunnel Man: Nice video about using chicken tractors and directing chickens around the garden.
GardenPool: Black Soldier Fly Composter / Automatic Chicken Feeder

Other News
DeclineoftheEmpire: Idealism Is Not Your Friend
Do you realize that all great literature—Moby Dick, Huckleberry Finn, A Farewell To Arms, The Scarlet Letter, The Red Badge of Courage, The Iliad and The Odyssey, Crime And Punishment, The Bible, and "The Charge of the Light Brigade"—are all about what a bummer it is to be a human being? (Isn't it such a relief to have somebody say that?)
   —Kurt Vonnegut, from A Man Without A Country

I see the occasional reference to Chris Hedges in the comments on this blog. Some readers have the mistaken impression that Hedges and I are saying the same thing. We are not. Hedges is an idealist. I am a realist. That is the crucial difference. Idealism is not your friend, as I will explain.
IBTimes: Financial Abuse of Aussie Parents on the Rise
There is a rising rate of Australian children abusing their elderly parents financially, the Herald Sun reports.
BBC: Life lessons in competitive lock picking - What a person's door lock says about their personality
Guardian: Now it's illegal to write down prices in a Tesco supermarket
I am nearly arrested for the 'crime' of doing a price check on some bottles of water
DailyFinance: Used Car Buyers Beware: Flood-Damaged Vehicles Will Hit the Market Soon

FDL: House Republicans Whittle Down $447 Billion American Jobs Act to $11 Billion
Politico: As Rick Perry goes national, so do tales from Texas

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:Sobering Images of the Eastern Front in WW2
TinfoilPalace:Insider Says Elenin a Hoax
TheOilAge:Government Indoctrination Centers: aka Public Schools... 
TheOilAge:Suddenly, Over There Is Over Here 
Hubberts-Arms:American Customs Suspect Vegemite is a Dangerous Liquid...
Hubberts-Arms:How to create an easy-to-remember, ultra-secure password
SilentCountry: Boehner: U.S. Must Have Strong, Reliable Commitment to Israel
SilentCountry:Middle Class Death Watch: As Poverty Spreads, 28% of Americans Fall Out 

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