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Breaking News Tues. Sept. 6, 2011

Well, great news. My eldest daughter, who I haven't seen since her wedding 5 years ago, will be here tomorrow to visit for a few days, followed by my youngest daughter and grandson!!!
This will be the first time I've seen my girls together like this in quite a few years and so, I won't be posting again till Saturday. I hope you guys will visit the forums at the bottom of this post and keep up with what's going on, as well as the excellent blogs kept by many of the forum members.

Thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer,  for their contributions and help. Be sure to visit RJ's blog Friday afternoon for a massive weekly post where he rounds up the important financial news every week, and the Ozarker's blog is usually updated on Saturdays with one of here thought provoking articles.
I hope that you all have a good rest of the week and come back on Saturday for our documentary!

See you all in a couple days!

Global Conflict
CNN: Libyan convoys pass through Niger
GulfNews: Convoy of 200 to 250 vehicles crosses from Libya into Niger - source - French military source says convoy of between 200 and 250 vehicles was given an escort by the army of Niger and might be joined by Gaddafi en route for neighbouring Burkina Faso, which has offered him asylum.

LegitGov: Iraq to look into 2006 US killing of children
AlJazeera: Cambodia's 'Killing Fields' painter dies - Vann Nath, whose life and art were powerful symbols of Cambodia's struggle to overcome the Khmer Rouge era, dies at 66.
Reuters: Iran plugs first nuclear power plant into grid - Iran's first nuclear power plant has finally begun to provide electricity to the national grid, official media reported on Sunday, a long-delayed milestone in the nuclear ambitions of a country the West fears is covertly try to develop atomic bombs.
GlobeandMail: As EU bans Syrian oil, China, India likely to fill void 
CNN: Hail of bullets strikes Syrians fleeing to Turkey
TheAtlantic: Did Karzai Sabotage Peace Talks in Afghanistan?
The U.S. was holding secret negotiations with the Taliban--until Afghanistan's president told the world they were happening
NYT: Leak Offers Look at Efforts by U.S. to Spy on Israel
When Shamai K. Leibowitz, an F.B.I. translator, was sentenced to 20 months in prison last year for leaking classified information to a blogger, prosecutors revealed little about the case. They identified the blogger in court papers only as “Recipient A.” After Mr. Leibowitz pleaded guilty, even the judge said he did not know exactly what Mr. Leibowitz had disclosed.

Former counterintelligence officials describe Israeli intelligence operations in the United States as quite extensive, ranking just below those of China and Russia, and F.B.I. counterintelligence agents have long kept an eye on Israeli spying. 
BlackListedNews: Thin Red Line: Israel allows shooting at Palestine protesters
Hosted: AP IMPACT: Pakistani fertilizer fuels Afghan bombs
TheAtlantic: Files Show CIA Worked Closely with Libyan Spy Agency 
RawStory: U.S. tries to stall Palestinian statehood bid: report 
SeattlePI: Fear still reigns in Iraq, even after Saddam 
SeattlePI: Mubarak trial witness: no order to shoot protests 
VancouverSun: U.S. hails Pakistan's capture of al Qaeda leader 
MSNBC: Security chief among Gadhafi loyalists fleeing Libya - Reports of several armed convoys moving into Niger; Gadhafi's whereabouts unknown

Hacker News
TheTelegraph: Evidence shows Iranians were target of web spying operation
Hundreds of forged security certificates obtained by hackers were used to spy on Iranian web users, new evidence suggests.

Financial News
Reuters: U.S. banks offered deal over lawsuits: report- Big U.S. banks in talks with state prosecutors to settle claims of improper mortgage practices have been offered a deal that may limit their legal liabilities in return for a multibillion-dollar payment, the Financial Times reported on Tuesday.

MyBudget360: 101 years of the most secretive central bank in historyDollar has fallen over 90 percent since Fed was put into place. Fed running out of ammo with negative interest policy.
BlackListedNews: "Civil War" Erupts On Wall Street: As Reality Finally Hits The Financial Elite, They Start Turning On Each Other
CNBC: Europe 'Likely to Go Into Recession': Strategist  
LAT: Many baby boomers don't plan to leave their children an inheritance - Unlike previous generations, some baby boomers believe they've already given their children enough, and they plan to spend the money they've saved on themselves.
Reuters: Analysis: Is Congress hurting the economy?
Reuters: Pension funds in new crisis as deficit hole grows - Pension funds in developed economies are facing a new crisis as falling equities and tumbling bond yields widen their deficits, threatening the incomes and retirement dates of future retirees.
AllAfrica: Africa: Trade Based Money Laundering - A Shady Side of Globalisation 
MSNBC: Wall Street drops on fears euro zone’s debt crisis is worsening
BrilliantatBreakfast: It's not called "Labor Day" to commemorate the work of hedge fund managers and cost-cutting CEOs
TruthOut: The Rich Are Raking It in, So Where Are the Jobs?
Spiegel: Deutsche Bank Pessimism - Ackermann Warns of Renewed Financial Crisis
UnderstandingSociety: Low Income and Wellbeing
FDL: Lost Decades Everywhere: The Grim Reality of Europe
NewsnEconomics: Regarding foreign banking offices in the US - the transatlantic flow is US to Europe, NOT Europe to US
NYTOpinion: 1937 - Between Friday’s US job report and today’s economic news from the rest of the world, it’s hard to avoid the sense that things are going bust all over. Austerity is really biting, and the global economy is sputtering.
UCLANewsRoom: Unions continue to take a beating in post-recession climate, UCLA study shows
Mish: Deutsche Bank CEO says "It's Obvious Many Banks Will Not Survive if Forced to Value Sovereign Debt at Market Prices"
TheEconomist: Ready for the fall  - AS BUTTONWOOD notes, much of Europe is back from holiday today, and they all appear to be in rotten moods. European markets are tumbling today, and European banks are heading for trouble:
WSJ: Gloomy Months Ahead for British Retail Industry  
BusinessInsider: HAPPY LABOR DAY: Now Here's The Real State Of The Job Market In America 
NYT: Europeans Talk of Sharp Change in Fiscal Affairs 
NakedCapitalism: 50 State Attorney General Effort to Sell Out to Banks Makes Even More Egregious Offer 
WSJ: Vital Signs: Americans Cut Back on Driving 
Reuters: Former Dutch FinMin: 1930s recession if euro zone fails 
ZeroHedge: Bring Out Your Dead - UBS Quantifies Costs Of Euro Break Up, Warns Of Collapse Of Banking System And Civil War 
ZeroHedge: Game Over? Senior IMF Official - "I Expect A Hard Greek Default This Year" 
CalculatedRisk: Swiss National Bank sets minimum exchange rate 
Reuters: Charts of the day, Swiss franc edition 

Peak oil and Energy News
TheBurningPlatform: Where's Our Oil Price Collapse? - Make no mistake about it, without plentiful, cheap, and easy to access oil, the United States of America would descend into chaos and collapse. The fantasies painted by “green” energy dreamers only serve to divert the attention of the non critical thinking masses from the fact our sprawling suburban hyper technological society would come to a grinding halt in a matter of days without the 18 to 19 million barrels per day needed to run this ridiculous reality show. Delusional Americans think the steaks, hot dogs and pomegranates in their grocery stores magically appear on the shelves, the thirty electronic gadgets that rule their lives are created out of thin air by elves and the gasoline they pump into their mammoth SUVs is their God given right.
Grist: Jevons paradox: When doing more with less isn’t enough 
Independent: Unlocked by melting ice-caps, the great polar oil rush has begun

ZeroHedge: Gold: Knock, Knock, Knocking On Record's Door

Environmental News
TechReview: Solar Interior May Reveal Modifications to Gravity - We know lots about gravity in a vacuum but very little about gravity inside extremely massive objects. But astrophysicists say the Sun could reveal all
RawReplay: Fox host on EPA: ‘Stick a fork in it. It’s done’ 
McClatchy: Massive Texas wildfire destroys hundreds of homes

ExtinctionProtocol: Sun unleashes M5.3 class Earth-directed solar flare
Discovery: Texas Wildfire Destroys Hundreds of Homes
Fanned by dry winds and fueled by severe drought, the Texan wildfires are now considered a "major natural disaster."
CNN: Wildfire evacuee: 'I did not know what to do'
CBSNews: "No containment" of Texas wildfire
CNN: Sweeping Texas wildfires have 'devastating effects'
ScienceDaily: Study Sharpens Picture of How Much Oil and Gas Flowed in Deepwater Horizon Spill
ScienceDaily (Sep. 5, 2011) — In a detailed assessment of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, researchers led by a team from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have determined that the blown-out Macondo well spewed oil at a rate of about 57,000 barrels a day, totaling nearly 5 million barrels of oil released from the well between April 20 and July 15, 2010, when the leak was capped. In addition, the well released some 100 million standard cubic feet per day of natural gas.
YahooNews: Giant crocodile captured alive in Philippines (I hope it escapes)
Mayor Edwin Cox Elorde said dozens of villagers and experts ensnared the 21-foot (6.4-meter) male crocodile along a creek in Bunawan township in Agusan del Sur province after a three-week hunt. It could be one of the largest crocodiles to be captured alive in recent years, he said, quoting local crocodile experts.
CNN: Strong earthquake rattles Indonesia

America in Decline
NYT: Postal Service Is Nearing Default as Losses Mount
MSNBC: Paramedics filling health care gap as need grows 
SeattleTimes: Congress returns, little hope of bipartisanship
Members of Congress spent August listening to constituents describe their economic struggles. This week, the lawmakers return to Washington to see whether there's enough bipartisanship left to make things better.
NYT: Inmate Visits Now Carry Added Cost in Arizona
For the Arizona Department of Corrections, crime has finally started to pay.
New legislation allows the department to impose a $25 fee on adults who wish to visit inmates at any of the 15 prison complexes that house state prisoners. The one-time “background check fee” for visitors, believed to be the first of its kind in the nation, has angered prisoner advocacy groups and family members of inmates, who in many cases already shoulder the expense of traveling long distances to the remote areas where many prisons are located.
GulagBound: Legislating Fascism – Six States & One City are Now Full-On-Fascist – with More to Come
BuzzFlash: America, 2011: One of the Only Growth Industries is Endless War
YahooNews: Poll: OK to trade some freedoms to fight terrorism 
AmericasWarWithin: Homeland security office creates 'intelligence spam,' insiders claim 
Philly: Fewer members of Congress willing to brave town hall meetings

Food and Water
DesdemonaDespair: Nestle chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe: Can the world still feed itself?
BigPictureAgriculture: U.S. Agricultural Trade Balance is Projected to Lose Ground 
BigPictureAgriculture: U.S. weekly Grain Market in Review for September 2, 2011 
FoodFreedom: GM Feed Toxic, New Meta-Analysis Confirms 
USAToday: More restaurants are targeting customers who use food stampsThe number of businesses approved to accept food stamps grew by a third from 2005 to 2010, U.S. Department of Agriculture records show, as vendors from convenience and dollar discount stores to gas stations and pharmacies increasingly joined the growing entitlement program.
CommoditiesNow: Meat-eating to push India to double corn yields in 10 yrs
GlobeandMail: The mechanization of India’s farms  
TheTelegraph: Roasted crickets and toasted ants coming to you courtesy of EU research millions
The European Union is conducting a £2.65m project to investigate the nutritional value of eating insects.
ExtinctionProtocol: Papua New Guinea drought leaves thousands food insecure
DesdemonaDespair: Eritrea’s secret famine crisis – ‘They are being left to starve’ 

Science and Technology
NewScientist: Vertical rocket destroyed mid-flight in failed test
NewScientist: Chatbot passes Turing test (maybe) by convincing 59% of testers it's a human 
MSNBC: NASA to launch twin moon probes Thursday - Lunar orbiters will map gravity of the moon in unprecedented detail 

Medical and Health
LegitGov: Judge blocks parts of Texas abortion law on sonograms
M&C: Television can take years off your life
M&C: Hand, Foot and Mouth infects 40,000, kills 86 in Vietnam
Reuters: Tick-borne parasite infecting blood supply: CDC - A tick-borne infection known as Babesiosis, which can cause severe disease and even death, is becoming a growing threat to the U.S. blood supply, government researchers said on Monday.

McClatchy: Cholera still devastating for Haiti's far-flung villages
ExtinctionProtocol: Nearly 40 percent of Europeans suffer mental illness 
YahooNews: Chickenpox vaccine: doctors' group says Canadian kids should get 2 shots

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: How To Escape From A Sinking Car
ModernSurvivalBlog: ‘How-To’ Canning Guides for Garden Harvest
Guardian: Garden sharing: growing your own vegetables on someone else's patch - Allotment waiting lists are getting longer, but if you want to save cash by growing your own veg there is another way
PreparednessPro: Wheat Berries! Fast, Cheap and Delicious!
YahooFinance: American Hustlers: Finding Ways to Make Extra Cash (extra to spend on preps! or PMs!)
CanadianDoomer: Getting Serious With Produce 
MNN: How to ride your bike to work - A smaller carbon footprint and a thinner waistline are two of the best results of choosing to bike to the office. \
MNN:Kids build the darndest things: Austin Hay's tiny house

Other News
RawStory: Supporter praises Romney for creating jobs with his mansion upgrade
BrilliantatBreakfast: These damn kids are going to ruin the Dominionists' plans for Armageddon
RawStory: Chile enlists psychic in search for plane crash victims
BigPictureAgriculture: The Peasant Had More Freedom than We Do. Oh. Ouch! 
CNN: Hug your children while you can

BusinessInsider: Bachmann Aide Leaves In Shakeup, Senior Advisor Calls It A Perry-Romney Race
Salon: Glenn Greenwald: Criminalizing free speech

Alex Seitz-Wald of Think Progress rightly takes Sen. Rand Paul to task for going on Sean Hannity's radio program -- one week after commendably leading opposition to the Patriot Act on civil liberties grounds -- and advocating the arrest of people who "attend radical political speeches."  After claiming to be against racial and religious profiling, Paul said:  "But if someone is attending speeches from someone who is promoting the violent overthrow of our government, that's really an offense that we should be going after -- they should be deported or put in prison."  Seitz-Wald correctly notes the obvious:  "Paul’s suggestion that people be imprisoned or deported for merely attending a political speech would be a fairly egregious violation on the First Amendment, not to mention due process." 
YahooNews: Sarah Palin 'Big Announcement' Flakes Out

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TheOilAge:Un issues apologia for Israeli convoy massacre
Hubberts-Arms:Religious Nut-Jobs Mistake Saturn for the Moon
Hubberts-Arms:Japan to Declare Wide Area 'Uninhabitable' Due to Radiation
SilentCountry:The Bastrop Fire/Central TX wildfire
SilentCountry: Have you seen the futures????

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