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Good morning guys, I hope everyone is doing well and prepping away! Lots of goodies from the garden to be preserved and it's a good time to double check your preps and make sure everything is rotated and all essential items are fully stocked. I'm betting the coming winter is going to be a doozie!
Be sure to check out the Peak Oil and Energy news section for rebuttals to Yergin's article. Good stuff!

I like Max Keiser. He always makes me laugh. Here's a good inter view he did with Bill Still.

Max Keiser Interviews Bill Still, director of "The Money Masters" and "The Secret of Oz".

I want thank friends of this blog, the tireless RJ  at Global Glass Onion and Ozarker the Wise,  at Conflicted Doomer,  for their contributions and help. Be sure to check out their great blogs today!.
And visit the great forums linked at the bottom of the post for some excellent discussion of important events as well as advice on prepping.

Bloomberg: Typhoon Roke Weakens on Approach to Japan, Leaves 3 Dead; Flights Canceled
BusinessInsider: TRUTH OR PARANOIA? Activists Claim Parts Of Tokyo Are More Radioactive Than Chernobyl
Grist: Fukushima farmers keep calm and carry on [VIDEO]

Global Conflict
VancouverSun: Mexico urges U.S. to consider legalizing drugs 
CNN: Rabbani's killing raises many uncomfortable questions 
BusinessInsider: Since You're Curious, We've Got Your Wall Street Protest Update Right Here
BlackListedNews: New York Police Brutally Attack Peaceful Wall Street Protesters (Video)
Cryptogon: U.S. Assembling Drone Bases in Africa, Arabian Peninsula
AlArabia: NATO extends Libya air strike mission for another 90 days, says diplomat
ActivistPost: Perpetual war: new secret American drone bases to bomb Somalia and Yemen 
WashingtonPost: A future for drones: Automated killing
LegitGov: Wall Street protests continue, several arrested
RawStory: Death toll hits 60 as violence rocks Yemen capital 
MaxKeiser: ‘Israel losing asymmetric war to Palestine’ 
BBC: Yemen unrest: Clashes erupt in Sanaa despite truce Dozens of people have been killed and hundreds injured in recent days
NPR: Developing: Iran Has Released Jailed Americans, State TV Says
RawStory: Sudan army attacks rebels’ on Darfur-Libya border
LAT: 35 bodies dumped on street in Mexico - The dead spill from two trucks left on a street under a busy overpass in Boca del Rio, a popular tourist spot in Veracruz. Officials say at least some of the dead are criminals.
CBSNews: Lawyer: Iran to free U.S. hikers
CNN: Live blog: Hikers on their way to Oman, official says 
TheSeattleTimes: FACT CHECK: GOP candidates overreach on Israel - The Palestinian bid to win U.N. recognition is focusing attention on the Obama administration's Mideast policy, which Republican presidential candidates say is all wrong.
TheGlobeandMail: The surprise factor of Palestinian sovereignty 
AsiaTimes: US night raids 'aimed at Afghan civilians'
TheTelegraph: Libya: new government to be named within 10 days - Libya's first formal government since the fall of Muammer Gaddafi will be named within 10 days, interim prime minister Mahmud Jibril has said. 

Financial News
LegitGov Obama: 'This is not class warfare -- It's math'
MSNBC: GM deal with union: It's all about jobs - Ratification could pave way to 6,000 more U.S. positions   
Politico: The end of the middle class?
Guardian: World economy: statistics and damned lies - In Berlin, Brussels and Washington leaders are more interested in polite fictions than grim realities
BusinessInsider: Back To School Shopping: WEAK 
ExtinctionProtocol: IMF warns western economies teetering on the brink of another recession
MyBudget360: The banking gears of housing – Bank of America sells mortgage servicing rights on large loan pool to Fannie Mae. 400,000 loans shifted to Fannie Mae with $73 billion in unpaid principal.
ZeroHedge: The Corporate Bank Run Has Started: Siemens Pulls €500 Million From A French Bank, Redeposits Direct With ECB
NYT: I.M.F. Slashes Growth Outlook for U.S. and Europe 
Reuters: COLUMN-More for the rich: David Cay Johnston
Krugman: There Are Worse Things Than Inflation
Bloomberg: Sales of U.S. Existing Homes Rise 7.7%, Beat Forecasts 
WSJ: Another Losing Investment for John Paulson
TheEconomist: Undeclared beneficial ownership: Licence to loot
Governments and campaigners want tighter scrutiny of company registration. Others don’t
PERSONAL identity is a tightly policed business. Birth certificates are unambiguous. Using forged documents is a crime. Even where sporting an alias is legal it counts as dodgy. Yet corporate citizens are different. They can hide their true identity in a maze of interlocking companies, or even use places such as the British Virgin Islands, where anonymity is legally protected. Those seeking the owners’ real names and addresses there find that the trail goes cold with a nominee—a lawyer or accountant—who shields clients from nosy outsiders.
MoneyWatch: Europe Will Give Up on Greece; Don’t Give Up on Europe
RawReplay: Paul Ryan accuses Obama of ‘class warfare’ over millionaire tax 
Reuters: Existing home sales jump 7.7 percent in August - Existing home sales rose more than expected in August to the fastest annual pace since March as falling prices and low interest rates drew more buyers into the market, the National Association of Realtors said.
WSJ: Housing Is to the U.S. What Greece Is to the Euro Zone
Mish: Point of No Return: Will it be Japanization, Monetization, or Crisis 2.0?
Bloomberg: Bank of China Halts Forex Trade With Europe Banks, Reuters Says
Zerohedge: No Surprise In Boehner's Response To Obama's Latest Proposal
CapitalGainsAndGames: GOP Battling Windmills When It Should Be Budgeting
ChrisMartenson: The Fatal Flaws in the Eurozone and What They Mean for You
TPM: Solyndra Execs To Plead The Fifth, Refuse to Testify at Hearing
TheIndependent: Job centres to send poor and hungry to charity food banks
MotherJones: Did Obama Just Kill Congress' Budget-Cutting Super Committee?
BusinessInsider: 22% Of Americans Want God's "Invisible Hand" To Guide The Economy 
TheAtlantic: Chinese Bail-Out of Europe Could Be Good News for Free Trade

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Peak oil - now or later? A response to Daniel Yergin 
EnergyBulletin: “The Quest” questioned: Yergin wrong on peak oil
Daniel Yergin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning historian and energy analyst, is one of the world’s greatest optimists about oil supplies. In “There Will Be Oil“—his article in the Wall Street Journal to plug his new book, The Quest—Yergin sums up a chapter of his book, the one about fears that the world will soon reach its peak of oil production. Yergin argues, however, that “on a global view, Hubbert’s Peak is still not in sight.”
James Kunstler: The Rainmakers
This much can be stated categorically about the USA these days: the more distressed our economy gets, the more delusional thinking you will encounter. People want to assign the cause of their misery to this or that (socialism, abortion, Jews, the New World Order). People want to believe that their world is a safe place with bright prospects (climate change is a myth, we have a hundred years of shale oil). The realm of oil is especially ripe for misunderstanding, since we depend on the stuff so desperately, and the world's geology is complex indeed, and then you have to bring math and money into the picture.
 EnergyBulletin: There will be peak oil
NYT: New Fields May Propel Americas to Top of Oil Companies’ Lists
IntelDaily: China eyes oil refinery construction in Russia 
DeclineoftheEmpire: Another Energy Propaganda Blitz
Let me explain the way the world works. DOTE reader "el realista" sent me a link to a New York Times story.
Good Mornin' Dave,
You must have read Yerkin's recent comments and rebuttals - in line with that is this article in the NY Times: New Fields May Propel Americans to Top of Oil Companies' Lists
The first quote is from Yerkin.
Recent comments and rebuttals? What was he talking about? "Yerkin" is a reference to Daniel Yergin, a well-known Apostle of Plenty in the energy biz. His starry-eyed glass-half full message is that technology solves all problems, including our energy problems, and thus our cups runneth over when it comes to oil, natural gas, you name it. Whatever resources exist now, there's lots more where those came from. According to Yergin, we never run out of anything.
KITCO: Gold Heading to $2,350 per ounce after 4th Wave Consolidation
MineWeb: Gold steady ahead of US Fed policy decision - The metal held steady above $1,800 an ounce on Wednesday ahead of the outcome of the Federal Reserve policy meeting at which the U.S. central bank is expected to unveil plans to revive its economy. 
IBTimes: Silver Prices Seen Rising Sharply - Denver Gold Forum Participants

Environmental News
SeattleTimes: AP: BP oil not degrading on Gulf floor, study says - Tar balls washed onto Gulf of Mexico beaches by Tropical Storm Lee earlier this month show that oil left over from last year's BP spill isn't breaking down as quickly as some scientists thought it would, university researchers said Tuesday.
ExtinctionProtocol: Sikkim earthquake unusual and defies easy characterization
Reuters: High-stakes disaster aid fight looms in US Congress
CNN: 'Fracking' protesters say drilling jobs not worth environmental risks
CNN: Tropical Storm Ophelia grows stronger
Aljazeera: Floods ravage Pakistan livestock
Officials say urgent response is needed to save animals from dying due to floods.
Pakistani officials say thousands of livestock have been killed in the floods, brought on by heavy monsoon rains.
Officials at the ministry for food and agriculture said that a rapid response was needed to keep animals in flood affected areas alive.
As Imtiaz Tyab reports from Mirpur Khas, the dead animals are also making people sick. 
ClimateCentral: Extremely Hot Summers Will Soon Be the Norm, Scientists Say
ExtinctionProtocol: Epic rainfall slams Asia: 5 million affected by floods Pakistan, China and Japan evacuates 2 million citizens
ModelBehavior: There are Things Worse Than Pollution And We Have Them
ExtinctionProtocol: Swiss Alps hit with record September snowfall totals
USAToday: Drought threatens way of life for Texas ranchers
StraitsTimes: Severe flooding in Thailand leaves at least 130 dead 
Reuters: "Missing" global heat may hide in deep oceans - The mystery of Earth's missing heat may have been solved: it could lurk deep in oceans, temporarily masking the climate-warming effects of greenhouse gas emissions, researchers reported on Sunday.
Grist: World population could just keep on expanding, says expert 
WeatherChannel: Another Northeast Heavy Rain Threat
StraitsTimes: Himalayan weekend earthquake death toll nears 100
DesdemonaDespair: Biodiversity loss may be contributing to amphibian-killing fungal infection 

America in Decline
BlackListedNews: Homeland Security recruits jittery coffee drinkers to spot terrorists
WBIR: Counterfeit cash circulating in Crossville TN
SHTFPlan: A Repeat of the Great Depression Is Our Best Case Scenario
CBSNews: Polygraph for Troy Davis blocked, attorney says - ATLANTA - A defense attorney says Georgia prison officials have blocked inmate Troy Davis from taking a polygraph test before his scheduled execution.
Time: Troy Davis' Clemency Denial: The Failure of a Legal 'Safety Valve'
For the simplest picture of why that decision was so wrong — as so many of Davis' myriad supporters have pleaded for years — just look at the numbers.
— 7: that's how many of the nine original eyewitnesses have recanted their testimony against Davis.
— 0: the amount of physical evidence linking Davis to the crime (no fingerprints, no DNA, no weapon recovered).
— 3: the number of jurors who voted for death in the original trial who now believe their vote was a mistake.
— 22: the number of years the family of slain police officer Mark McPhail has had to wait for an answer to the question of whether or not Davis would die for the crime.

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: 2011 Ratio of Stocks-to-Use for Total World Grains and Oilseeds Near Record Low
DesdemonaDespair: Super weeds pose growing threat to U.S. crops 
BigPictureAgriculture: Recommended: A Great Read About the State of Farming in Canada

Science and Technology
TulsaWorld: Nasa trying to pin point where satellite will fall on Earth
CosmicLog: Falling satellite seen from Earth 
MSNBC: China to put 'Heavenly Palace' in space next week - Launch of unmanned module marks next step toward Chinese space station

WSJ: Teaching Drones to Farm - Equipment Makers Develop Automated Vehicles to Sow Land and Harvest Crops
PopSci: Agriculture Continues to Plow Into the Future, Now With Autonomous Robot Tractors
While the country bumpkin farmer stereotype might suggest otherwise, driving a tractor is difficult, requiring precision skills. Now Flemish engineers have announced a new self-driving tractor whose precision rivals that of a human driver. This could mean drastically lower operating costs for farmers, and a step towards automated agriculture.
Kinze Autonomy Project Unveiled 

Kurzweil: Turn your smart phone into a robot remote control
TechReview: First Quantum Computer With Quantum CPU And Separate Quantum RAM - Computer scientists have built a superconducting number cruncher with a Von Neumann architecture that paves the way for a new era of quantum computation 
PopSci: NASA Will Award $1.6 Billion to Speed the Development of Commercial Space TaxisWe need a private means to reach the ISS. Like, yesterday

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Congressman saves man's life at Charlotte airport 
CNN: Depression increases risk of stroke, study says
CNN: Preschoolers on meds: Too much too soon? 
MSNBC: Controversial BPA found in canned kids' foods, report says - Chemical linked to health concerns is in the epoxy lining of cans 

PopSci: We Incorporate Genetic Information From the Food We Eat, New Study Finds - Research at Nanjing University has found that strands of RNA from vegetables make it into our bloodstream after we eat them, and can regulate the expression of our genes once they're inside us.
(Now, think about GMOs)
M&C: Bird flu breaks out in India's West Bengal stateNew Delhi - Indian authorities Tuesday confirmed an outbreak of avian influenza in the eastern state of West Bengal.
M&C: Serbia arrests three involved in swine flu vaccine purchase - Belgrade - Serbian authorities late Monday arrested a former high-ranking health official on suspicion of corruption in the procurement of swine flu vaccines in 2009, the B92 news portal said.
CBSNews: Graphic ads turn around Montana teen meth use
BBC: Polio strain spreads to China from Pakistan - Polio has been found in China for the first time since 1999 after spreading from Pakistan, the World Health Organization (WHO) has confirmed.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ContainerGardening: The Aerogarden (How to Grow Plants Indoors)
ContainerGardening: Balcony gardening in containers (Treehugger)
SHTFPlan: How to Spot the Triggers of a Socioeconomic Collapse

Other News
Time: Could the Vatican Go to Court for Human-Rights Abuses?
StratRisks: [Zbigniew Brzezinski] Toward universal political culture
DiscoveryNews: Is This the End of Men or The Beginning of Women? - Statistics point to a waning of male dominance in the workplace and in education.
MarginalRevolution: Seeing is Hearing: The McGurk Effect
BBC: Is 'genius' a dirty word?  - The annual awarding of MacArthur Foundation grants means that another 22 people are going to find themselves called "genius". But is the title a blessing or a curse?
GuardianUK: Landlords hold all the cards in rental marketA lettings agent, led by the landlord, tried to engineer a bidding war as we searched for a home. Is this now the norm?
TheGlobeandMail: Sweeping Conservative crime bill only ‘the beginning’ 
MotherJones: Pentagon Scandals Mentioned in Nigeran Scam Emails Are True 
WashingtonPost: Police ID toddler who shot himself
Prince George’s County police have identified the 2-year-old boy who accidentally shot and killed himself Monday night in his family’s Oxon Hill apartment as Davion S. Prince, authorities said Tuesday.
Investigators believe the gun Prince used was unsecured and “in an area where he could reach it,” said Julie Parker, a Prince George’s County police spokeswoman. She declined to be more specific and said she did not know who owned the gun or whether it was obtained legally. 
Grist: Art: 1. Here’s what we can do with all the tires after the carpocalypse

NPR: Do New Voting Laws Suppress Fraud? Or Democrats?
RobertReich: The Republicans’ Latest Ploy to Keep the Economy Lousy through Election Day
Top Republicans believe they can block all or most of Obama’s jobs bill. That leaves only the Fed as the last potential player to boost the economy. So the GOP will do what it can to stop the Fed.
After all, as Republican Senate head Mitch McConnell stated, their “number one” goal is to get Obama out of the White House. And that’s more likely to happen if the economy sucks on Election Day.
MotherJones: Poll: Elizabeth Warren Leading Scott Brown in Mass. Senate Race
CNNMoney: GOP to Bernanke: No new stimulus 
Politico: Ron Suskind takes on Karl Rove

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:MUST SEE! Astro-Theology.
TinfoilPalace:Oil companies circle for Libyan spoils
TheOilAge:Oh Shit - The Corporate Bank Run Has Started 
TheOilAge:China pulls rug from under Europe 
Hubberts-Arms:What Weird Things Did You Worry About When You Were A Kid? 
Hubberts-Arms:Solving the Poor
SilentCountry:Incidents of Child Abuse Climb as the Great Recession Deepens
SilentCountry:Can you make it through to next Spring?

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