Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Gardening News! Sept 25, 2011 "Farmin' in the HOOD "

These stories excite me. If I were younger, I'd love to join up with a group like this.
I love the idea of this movement, to bring change to areas long overlooked and written off as a loss. I think it's more than just growing food or raising a few animals, I believe this sort of thing brings an energy, a spirit if you will to depressed and hopeless neighborhoods and plants the seeds of positive change in the young people there, and brings hope to everyone.
I applaud these folks and believe they are doing a wonderful work.
Here's a link to Urban Farming Guys website.
This, and Guerrilla Gardening, are quiet revolutions. They are little inroads.
I hope these things bring you a bit of happiness today, and maybe a bit of hope for the future. They sure make me feel better.

Be sure to check out RJ and the Ozarker's sites today. Ozarker has another wonderful post up now. As always, she meets adversity with courage and wisdom and new ideas. Thanks for the reminder to grow some sprouts Ozarker! LOL

check out her latest article   What I’ll Do This Winter

we should all be thinking about the coming winter shouldn't we?

and if you missed RJ's weekly wrap-up of the financial news, here's a link to his latest work.
Global Glass Onion Week Ending September 24

Hope you all are having a good weekend, be sure and check back tomorrow afternoon for the news!

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