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Breaking News Tues. Oct. 4, 2011

I just saw this and couldn't wait to post it! Now we're gettin' somewhere! Bring in the Marines!
SOTT: Marines Heading To Wall Street To Protect Protesters
Salem, Oregon - The protesters on Wall Street will soon have the protection of United States Marines who will form a human wall between the crowds of tireless protesters and the increasingly unpopular New York cops who continue to appear on YouTube in scenes that twist the insides of patriotic Americans.

And this from RJ.
Reuters: Hundreds evacuated after Texas chemical plant fire - A large fire at a chemical plant south of Dallas that sent an enormous plume of smoke into the air on Monday forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the city of Waxahachie, fire officials said.
(That is a really terrifying situation, I know I sure wouldn't want to be anywhere near there right now.)
 TheEagle: Black smoke billows from Texas chemical plant fire

Sincerest thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer,  for their contributions and help. Check out their blogs and the great forums linked at the bottom of this post.

NYT: Cooling Problem Shuts Nuclear Reactor in Japan - In a fresh blow to public confidence, a reactor in southern Japan went into automatic shutdown on Tuesday because of problems with its cooling system, clouding the outlook for an imminent restart of the country’s idled nuclear plants. Cooling Problem Shuts Nuclear Reactor in Japan

Global Conflict
ActivistPost: 6 Reasons the 'Occupy' Revolution Will Be Difficult to Co-Opt or Defeat 
LeftWingNutJob: Tomorrow’s BlogTalkRadio show: Here Be Monsters, I will again host it. Occupy Wall Street show.
RollingStone: Occupy Wall Street - More than 700 protesters arrested on a march to the Brooklyn Bridge against the nation's financial system (photos)
BusinessInsider: CHINA: It's Outrageous That The US Media Is Censoring The Wall Street Protests  - Well, after decades of the US media tut-tutting China on their airbrushed media and censorship policies, it's "back at ya."
An editor at China Daily rails that the US media "blackout" of the Wall Street protests is "shameful:"
NHK: Nobel laureate joins Wall Street protest - Economist Joseph Steglitz  has joined the Wall Street protests! 
Cryptogon: Afghan Yuppies Get Rich On Ten Years of War
VancouverSun: Occupy Wall Street movement has grown quickly 
CNN: Occupying Wall Street, demanding accountability
MSNBC: Truck bomb in heart of Somalia's capital kills at least 70 - 'Most awful tragedy I have ever seen,' hospital worker says  
USAToday: Gunmen attack Shiite Muslims in Pakistan, kill 13
ProPublica: The Man Behind Pakistan Spy Agency’s Plot to Influence Washington
NewDeal2.0: The Young Are on the Streets Because They Have the Most to Lose
DailyBail: VIDEO - Angry Union Man Addresses Crowd At Wall Street Protests - #OccupyWallStreet
Zerohedge: Things About To Turn Violent Again - Greece May Mobilize Police Against Striking Students And Teachers
MercuryNews: Crisis-weary Icelanders pelt lawmakers with eggs
Bloomberg: N.Y. Police Can’t Use Bus Drivers in Protest Arrests, Union Says
LegitGov: Justice Department Gave CIA Approval to Kill Al-Awlaki
BBC: Two severed heads found in Mexico City - Two severed heads have been found near the main military base in Mexico City. It warned that after the arrest of the gang's alleged leader in August, a new leadership had taken over and established itself in Mexico City.
YahooNews: Anti-Wall Street protests spread nationwide 
TheAtlantic: How Not to Behave During the Days of Awe

Hacker News
AddictingInfo: Andrew Breitbart Compares ‘Anonymous’ Video To ‘Nazi Propaganda.’ Will They Retaliate?
Andrew Breitbart, who gained infamy after releasing a doctored video of Shirley Sherrod last year, took to Twitter yesterday to compare a video from the group Anonymous to Nazi propaganda.

Financial News
Today's Keiser Report
tweeted this morning by Nouriel Roubini 
"2nd run, after 1st in '07-09, on the still TBTF remains of the shadow banking system is starting. If PIIGS implode it will be Lehman squared"
AlmasryAlyoum: Egypt might go bankrupt in 6 months, ElBaradei warns  
Zerohedge: Welcome To The Bear Market
GlobeandMail: Europeans aren't bailing out Greece, they're bailing out banks
Reuters: Canada: Greek crisis worsening, warns of meltdown - The Greek debt crisis is getting worse rather than better, Canadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on Monday as he urged European leaders to take clear and decisive action to avoid a banking meltdown.

WSJ: Cantor: Obama’s Job Bill Is Dead in Congress
CalculatedRisk: LPS: Foreclosure Starts increased in August, Seriously Delinquent Mortgage Loans fall to 2008 levels 
Economist'sView: Cantor Says Obama’s Job Bill Is Dead - That the jobs bill is dead is not a surprise, but given the national unemployment crisis we face the lack of will and urgency in Congress to do anything about it ought to add fuel to whatever fire recent protests have ignited.  
Spiegel: Goolsbee: Euro Crisis "Could Become a Global Conflagration" -Austan Goolsbee was President Barack Obama's most important economic adviser until August. He told SPIEGEL that Europe must recapitalize its banks immediately to avoid the risk of a financial collapse. He says that Europe has been far too hesitant in combatting the ongoing debt crisis. (interview transcript) 
BusinessInsider: Is Luxury Retail About To Finally Tank? 
TheEconomist: A self-induced recession  - YOU know, if it weren't for the politicians, the economy would have a fighting chance.
WSJ: Guest Contribution: How to Value a Currency
DeclineoftheEmpire: Batten Down The Hatches, A Big Storm's Coming
Zerohedge: Guest Post: Obama “Like A Doctor Caught Prescribing Performance-Enhancing Drugs” 
BusinessInsider: THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE: European Selloff Gathers Steam, Futures Diving More
NakedCapitalism: Stuart Zechman: The Beatings Will Continue Until All Not-Yet-Right-Thinking Lefties Support the Infrastructure Bank Scam 
NewScientist: Light is not fast enough for high-speed stock trading
Cryptogon: Koch Industries: A Global Menace
 TPM: Obama To Cantor: Dismantle My Jobs Bill At Your Own Risk
Reuters: Greece to miss deficit targets despite austerity
MyBudget360: Living paycheck to paycheck with the housing albatross – Survey finds one in three Americans unable to make their mortgage or rent payment beyond one month if they lost their job. 61 percent unable to make payments beyond five months.
NPR: How Many Small Businesses Would Be Hit By New Taxes On The Rich?
NakedCapitalism: Stocks Hammered by EuroCrisis Worries; Bank of America, Citi Down Nearly 10% -  It’s becoming increasingly obvious to Mr. Market that the officialdom in Europe is not on a path to resolving its burgeoning sovereign/bank crisis.
BusinessInsider: Deutsche Bank Will Miss Profit Targets, May Cut 500 Jobs
Bloomberg: Goldman Cuts Global GDP Estimate - Goldman Sachs Group Inc. cut its global growth forecast for this year and next, predicting recessions in Germany and France as the European economy stalls and the risk of a contraction in the U.S. grows. 

Reuters: WRAPUP 2-China warns of trade war if U.S. bill passes* Beijing accuses U.S. senate of "politicising" trade issues
* Warns of trade war, says bill would violate WTO rules
* Forcing the yuan higher would damage world recovery
* Says bill will not address underlying economic problems (Adds analyst quote, Xinhua commentary, links) 

Guardian: Man and Barclays help send FTSE tumbling below 5000 as Greek fears grow 
LibertyStreet: What If the U.S. Dollars Global Role Changed? - NY Fed blog - It isn’t surprising that the dollar is always in the news, given the prominence of the United States in the global economy and how often the dollar is used in transactions around the world (as discussed in a 2010 Current Issues article). But the dollar may not retain this dominance forever.
Forbes: Has Your Retirement Been Stolen?
CuriousCapitalist: Is the Dexia mess the start of a new financial crisis? - In the clearest indication yet that Europe's sovereign debt crisis is morphing into a wider, financial sector crisis, a big European bank might be looking at a break up.

Peak oil and Energy News
RigZone: Commodity Corner: WTI Falls Below $77
Light sweet crude oil for November delivery fell to $76.85 a barrel before ending the day at $77.61, which translates into a two percent loss from Friday. The front-month Brent contract lost one percent to settle at $101.71 a barrel. The WTI peaked at $79.64 while the Brent fluctuated from $100.78 to $102.75.
ResourceInsights: Crisscrossing the Rubicon of peak oil
In the minds of many of those concerned about an imminent rendezvous with peak oil, the day the world slides past the all-time peak in oil production will be a fateful and irreversible crossing. After it all the calamitous predicted consequences of the ensuing decline will become obvious--financial collapse, unaffordable energy prices, shortages of food and other goods dependent on cheap oil, and mounting unemployment to name a few. And, the cause of these effects will be plain for everyone to see.
Report: Exporting Energy Security: Keystone XL Exposed
TriCitiesNews: Tense meeting about gas drilling in Washington County, Va.
BRISTOL, Va. --It was a tense and emotional atmosphere Monday night at Valley Institute Elementary School, where a crowd of Washington County landowners met to learn about their rights with regard to natural gas drilling
“I wouldn’t let them drill within 100 miles of me because of what they’ve done over in Buchanan and Dickenson County,” said Anthony Ramey, who said a well and associated infrastructure on his family land in Haysi has destroyed the 100-acre tract.
“I get a half a cent per cubic yard for the gas coming out of the gas well,” said Ramey, who lives in Washington County. “I get paid $12 every three months for my gas.”
Bloomberg: Oil Drops a Third Day as Goldman Cuts Forecast for Brent Crude
OilPrice.com: The 10 Commandments - Guidelines to Surviving in a Post Peak Oil World

Zerohedge: Copper Set To Tumble After CME Hikes Copper, Platinum Margins Once Again

Environmental News
PopSci: Five Reasons You Should Care About the New Ozone Hole Over the Arctic
Two Poles, Two Holes These top two maps show total ozone, and the bottom show ozone deficit. The Arctic is in the left column and the Antarctic on the right. Nature/Manney et al.
CNN: Texas chemical plant fire forces evacuation of elementary school, college
AlJazeera: A tale of life, death and love - How two people were re-born through their common mission to protect the Amazon and preserve their piece of the jungle.
ThinkProgress: NASA: It Rained So Hard the Oceans Fell
SOTT: Mysterious African Volcano Still Erupting
CNN: Death toll from dual Philippine typhoons now 59
SFGate: Sea lion who crossed Highway 101 had been shot
DeclineoftheEmpire: Welcome To The Anthropocene - We've all heard the hype and seen the advertising: switching to clean-burning natural gas will compensate for our flatlining oil flows, replace dirty coal, mitigate global warming, and power our society for decades to come. It sounds like a wonderful dream and that's exactly what it is—a dream. Climate scientist Tom Wigley is the latest researcher to squash our hopes for natural gas. ScienceDaily reported on his results in Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Would Do Little for Global Climate.
TreeHugger: The Ginormous Task of Saving Forests from Climate Change & Us (Video)
CBSNews: Crazy, hairy, biting ants sweep the south
NEW ORLEANS - It sounds like a horror movie: Biting ants invade by the millions. A camper's metal walls bulge from the pressure of ants nesting behind them. A circle of poison stops them for only a day, and then a fresh horde shows up, bringing babies. Stand in the yard, and in seconds ants cover your shoes.
It's an extreme example of what can happen when the ants — which also can disable huge industrial plants — go unchecked. Controlling them can cost thousands of dollars. But the story is real, told by someone who's been studying ants for a decade.

ExtinctionProtocol: Scientists find giant reservoir of magma under eastern horn of Africa
SierraClub: The Biological Effects of BP's Oil Disaster
SeattleTimes: EPA chief wanted stricter smog standard - The head of the Environmental Protection Agency had wanted to set a stricter limit on the main ingredient in smog to better protect children from lung damage before the White House killed the effort.
DesdemonaDespair: West Virginia resort sees earliest snow in 6 seasons

America in Decline
ThinkProgress: Alabama Town Orders Small Time Offenders To Attend Church — Or It Will Throw Them In Jail
TheAtlantic: The Secret Memo That Explains Why Obama Can Kill Americans
RawStory: Pastor, deacons accused of assaulting gay couple - A gay Tennessee couple has filed complaints against against a pastor and four deacons who they say assaulted them while trying to attend Grace Fellowship Church in Fruitland late last month.
Jerry Pittman Jr. and his boyfriend told WBBJ that they were attacked by several deacons at the request of his father, Pastor Jerry Pittman.
MSNBC: Cancer Patient: Pat-Down Humiliating - A New York breast cancer patient says she was subjected to an "insulting" and "humiliating" pat-down by a TSA agent at Kennedy Airport last week as she prepared to board a flight to San Francisco. 
TheGrio: House GOP seeks to cut job training, heating aid

Food and Water
ScientificAmerican: Many U.S. Drinking Water Wells Contaminated with Arsenic, Other Elements - Private drinking water wells are unmonitored and unregulated, but often contaminated with potentially dangerous elements
GG.com: Hecho en América
Between talk-radio blather and election-season bravado, it's easy to have an opinion about immigration, and easier to forget that people—actual people—pick our food. Now and then we might glimpse them out the car window, but few of us realize that what we eat depends on them, and fewer still have any idea what their world is like. Jeanne Marie Laskas spends a season with a group of these nomads—the constant wanderers who put fruit on our table
VoiceOfAgriculture: Supreme Court Cases Will Affect Agriculture
AlJazeera: Africa's famine: Seeing is believing 
MotherJones: Is Cooking Really Cheaper Than Fast Food?

Science and Technology
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Scientist pursuing hunt for 'The Lost Leonardo'
WiredGeekDad: How to Assemble a Home Network Storage Server
SeattleTimes: EPA chief wanted stricter smog standard - The head of the Environmental Protection Agency had wanted to set a stricter limit on the main ingredient in smog to better protect children from lung damage before the White House killed the effort.
NYT: Slime Molds: Ancient, Alien and Sophisticated Can Answers to Evolution Be Found in Slime?
UniverseToday: Sidereal DayA sidereal day is approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes, 4.091 seconds. That corresponds to the time it takes the Earth to complete one rotation relative to the vernal equinox. Since the vernal equinox precesses (every 26,000 years) in a westward direction relative to the fixed stars, the sidereal day is some 0.008 seconds shorter than the Earth’s period of rotation relative to the fixed stars. The longer true sidereal period is called a stellar day.
IBTimes: The 100 Year Starship Symposium: When Jesus Meets the Aliens 
ScientificAmerican: Hot, Odd and Curious: NASA Orbiter Reveals Mercury to Be Surprisingly Complex - The innermost planet turns out to be much more intriguing than it appeared at first blush
CosmicLog: Wanted: A few new astronauts
MSNBC: Telescope snaps stunning 1st photo of cosmos - Radio telescope should help astronomers explore coldest, most distant objects in universe
MSNBC: Studies of universe's expansion win physics Nobel 
CNN: Electric plane wins $1.35 million prize 

Medical and Health
CNN: Deaf Woman Hears for the First Time 
CNN: Healthy diet may reduce risk of birth defects
CNN: Study supporting gay conversion challenged - A study designed by professors from two religious universities says that some people can change their sexual orientation after undergoing years of a ministry program.
“Evidence from the study suggested that change of homosexual orientation appears possible for some and that psychological distress did not increase on average as a result of the involvement in the change process,” wrote the authors of a study published in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy.
MedicalXpress: Vitamin D deficiency common in cancer patients
RawStory: ATF shifts blame: It’s Congress fault marijuana users can’t own guns
NYT: An Addiction Vaccine, Tantalizingly Close

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ContainerGardening: Coconut coir in raised beds (You Tube)
M&C: How to prevent blisters when hiking
ModernSurvivalOnline: Assignment of the Week: Gorilla Tape 
DailySurvival: Creating Hiding Places Without Handyman Skills, by Tamara W.  
DesdemonaDespair: World Catastrophe Map calls it quits - One of the luminaries on the doomer landscape has withdrawn from the field, presumably to focus on building a doomstead. Here’s the final communiqué:
ModernSurvivalBlog: Sneaky Ways They Can Take Our Guns

Other News
NYT: After Ruling, Hispanics Flee an Alabama Town
Stateline: Massive prison privatization voided by judge in Florida
Hosted: ESPN pulls intro after Williams' Obama comments
In an interview Monday morning on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," Williams said of Obama's outing on the links with House Speaker John Boehner: "It'd be like Hitler playing golf with (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu."
RollingStone: Hank Williams Jr. Compares Obama to Hitler
ESPN drops him from tonight's 'Monday Night Football' broadcast in response
McClatchy: No 9/11 trial this year at Guantánamo
The trial of five Guantánamo captives accused of the Sept. 11 mass murder cannot begin until next year at the earliest under a timetable set out Monday by the legal authority in charge of the war court.
CNN: Program could shorten wait at airport security checkpoints
WBIRNews: Tennessee gun crime rate is among highest

RawStory: Perry’s gamble on mortgage giants cost Texas tens of millions
CSMonitor: Obama campaign memo:  - Preview of a highly negative 2012? - The campaign memo, released Monday, said that Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and the rest of the Republican field have ‘embraced policies that the American people oppose.’
TPM: WaPo / ABC Poll: Perry’s National Support Chopped In Half As Cain Rises
BusinessInsider: Staff Flees Sinking Bachmann Campaign
Star-Telegram: Under Perry, Texas Enterprise Fund aided lenders that went bust

The Forums
TinfoilPalace:GLP shows it's true colours (again)
TinfoilPalace:5 Ways To Support The Occupy Wall Street Movement
TheOilAge:On October 10th, NYSE Shall be Erased from the Internet
TheOilAge:2 US citizens executed upon secret evidence, president order 
Hubberts-Arms:Credit lockup coming!
Hubberts-Arms:Earth is having a bad acid trip, study finds
SilentCountry:Danger Zone of Mt Anak Krakatau Set at 2 Km
SilentCountry:Comet diving into the sun followed by explosion

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