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I finally got smart and added us an OWS section for all the news on the Occupy movement. I'm slow, but I get there eventually! LOL
Hope everyone had a good weekend, let's hope we have a good, peaceful week.

Thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer, for their contributions and help.Remember to take a break and read RJ's weekly round-up and the Ozarker's post Sat. was another
thought provoking read, "Feeding Your Neighbor".

DesdemonaDespair: Inside the twisted remains of Fukushima nuclear plant

Global Conflict

StratRisks: Intel Source: Israel Behind Deadly Explosion at Iran Missile Base
NYT: Syria Calls Suspension From Arab League a Dangerous Move
BusinessInsider: Obama's Setting Up A Battalion Of US Marines At This Australian Military Base
WSJ: US Plans Bomb Sales in Gulf to Counter Iran
StratRisks: Pentagon planning Cold War against China
CNN: Arab League suspends Syria - The Arab League announced Saturday that it is suspending Syria's membership after its failure to stop the violence against its people.
FoxNews: Syrians Protest Arab Vote, Gulf Embassies Stormed
SydneyMorningHerald: Israel refuses to alert US over Iran attack
CNN: Rio authorities declare shantytown under control
Time: Is Israel Behind Iran's Deadly Blast at Its Military Base? 
BusinessWeek: Obama: Iran sanctions have 'enormous bite'
Bloomberg: Yemen Shells Protesters; 16 Killed, 50 Injured 
NYT: A New Era of Gunboat DiplomacyIT may seem strange in an era of cyberwarfare and drone attacks, but the newest front in the rivalry between the United States and China is a tropical sea, where the drive to tap rich offshore oil and gas reserves has set off a conflict akin to the gunboat diplomacy of the 19th century.
NYT: Explosion Kills Iranian Soldiers
VancouverSun: Syria calls for Arab League meet to avert suspensionGovernment supporters attack Saudi, French, Turkish missions
StarTribune: 3,000 Brazilian police seize Rio's biggest slum to bring security before World Cup, Olympics
Bloomberg: Saudi Arabia Prepares Defense Plans to Handle Regional Risks 
MSNBC: Brazilian commandos occupy Rio's biggest slumControlling notorious hillside neighborhood is viewed as crucial part of city's preparations to host soccer's World Cup and Olympics 

CrainsNY: Occupy Wall Street plans NYSE shutdown - Occupy Wall Street protesters are planning an attempt to shut down the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday, Nov. 17, as part of a series of actions to mark the movement's two-month birthday, according to a Facebook page that went live Friday. “
NewYorker: College Tuition, Student Loans, and Unemployment - The protesters at Occupy Wall Street may not have put forth an explicit set of demands yet, but there is one thing that they all agree on: Student debt is too damned high.

TruthOut: Police Use Batons to Clear Occupy Berkeley Camps (Video)Mike Ludwig, Truthout: "Police resorted to violence and arrested 39 Occupy movement protesters on the University of California at Berkeley campus on Wednesday as they attempted to dismantle 'Occupy Cal' encampments. Videos of the protest shows police in riot gear jabbing and hitting apparently peaceful protesters with batons and tearing down tents and camping equipment." 
BusinessInsider: Occupy Wall Street Intends To Shut Down The New York Stock Exchange
MSNBC: 'Occupy' protesters shifting to college campuses - Organizers hope to get 'mass numbers of students' to participate 
MercuryNews: Occupy Oakland Live Blog: Police surround camp
Time: Health Scare: Will Disease Occupy Wall Street?
CNN: Occupy roundup: Arrests, evacuations and a serenade
MercuryNews: Occupy Oakland Live Blog: Mayor's legal adviser quits over police raid
McGillDaily: McGill students violently forced off campus - Demonstrators subjected to tear gas and pepper spray
WorldNewsDaily: Wall Street's Wars: Fallujah Veteran: 'I Served The 1%'
Thoughts on the role of veterans in the Occupy movement 

MSNBC: Portland police dismantle 'Occupy' camps after confrontation
MSNBC: Anti-Occupy Wall Street Protest Planned 
Tensions mount as cities sweep protesters' sites; officers attacked in San Francisco 
Downtown residents and business owners are organizing a protest of the protest after two months of Lower Manhattan being occupied by the Wall Street demonstration.
Angry over all-day drumming, people urinating and defecating on the streets and verbal attacks from protesters, organizers say they will rally at City Hall Monday to send officials a message.
"Mayor Bloomberg is helping them stay," read the fliers posted downtown.

Financial News
BusinessInsider: To Save Europe They Had To Kill Democracy
Time: Regime Change in Europe: Do Greece and Italy Amount to a Bankers' Coup?
GlobeandMail: Paul Krugman, Lawrence Summers take their corners for Munk Debate
Zerohedge: Europe is Jiggerypokered!
CalculatedRisk: LPS: House Price Index Shows 3.8 Percent Year-Over-Year Decline in August  
SFGate: BofA Says Regulators May Limit Transfer of Merrill Derivatives
BusinessInsider: This 2006 Blog Post By Roubini Really Was Incredibly Prophetic - In light of the crisis in Italy, Nouriel Roubini's comments on the Eurozone back in 2006 have been getting a fair amount of buzz.
Zerohedge: Et Tu, Standard & Poor's?
BlackListedNews: Max Keiser Short Film On Greece - Here's What Happens When Your Country Goes Broke
BusinessInsider: FORGET CREDIT UNIONS: Here's Why You Need To Join A Community Bank
BusisnessInsider: NRDC: There's No Way In Hell The Keystone Pipeline Will Create 20,000 Jobs
NYT: Mario Monti Tapped to Lead Italy Out of Debt Crisis
BlackListedNews: Chairman of the European Branch of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg Member Becomes Leader of Italy 
WSJ: The Folly of the Flat Tax  - Next year must be divisible by four because the flat tax, one of the hardy perennials of bad tax policy, has come bouncing back like a bad penny.
BusinessInsider: It Is Time To Admit That China Is Not Becoming More Democratic
Time: Is Europe's Crisis a Glimpse of America's Future?
Reuters: Obama to China: Behave like "grown up" economy
CNNMoney: 10 days to deficit deadline and still no deal
BusinessWeek: Why Americans Won't Do Dirty Jobs
NationofChange: The Global Super Rich Stash: Now $25 Trillion - Another super-slick global financial analysis firm has just tallied how much net worth is sloshing around in the pockets of the world’s most spectacularly wealthy. So when will the time finally come to stop the counting — and start the taxing? In today’s astoundingly unequal global economy, banks can go either of two routes — or both — to bag ever bigger returns.
CapitalGainsandGames: Not-So-Super Committee Seriously Considers Becoming A Circular Firing Squad
Zerohedge: European Ponzi Goes Full Retard As EFSF Found To Monetize... Itself 
Krugman: Superfraud - It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a turkey! I thought I had worked out all the worst-case scenarios for the supercommittee (there was never a best-case). But this is even worse than my worst imagining: a deal to undermine key social insurance programs in return for a promise that Congress will come up with a plan for raising revenue at some future date. If you think that promise has any credibility whatsoever – if you have any doubts that the end result would be to gut Social Security and actually cut taxes for the wealthy – I have this Nigerian bank account that can be yours if you send me $100,000 in expenses. The worst of it is that Democrats might actually go for it.

Peak oil and Energy News
Star-Telegram: Has the Barnett Shale left its best days behind?
Reuters: UPDATE 1-Iraqi Kurd oil exports seen at 175,000 bpd in 2012-PM

Mineweb: Gold company dividends, paying you to wait
Zerohedge: Oil And Gold Excited As USD Leaks Lower

Environmental News
M 4.6, Azores Islands, Portugal
M 6.3, Southern Molucca SeaExtinctionProtocol: 6.6 magnitude earthquake strikes Molucca Sea
Guardian: World headed for irreversible climate change in five years, IEA warns - The world is likely to build so many fossil-fuelled power stations, energy-guzzling factories and inefficient buildings in the next five years that it will become impossible to hold global warming to safe levels, and the last chance of combating dangerous climate change will be "lost for ever", according to the most thorough analysis yet of world energy infrastructure.
DesdemonaDespair: Oceanographer: Debris from Japan due in Washington State any day now
WinnipegFreePress: Polar bear declared 'species of special concern'

Cryptogon: Mystery Radiation Detected ‘Across Europe’
ExtinctionProtocol: Mass stranding of whales on Tasmanian beach
Sott: US: Wanna experience the apocalypse before it happens? Visit Oklahoma! 
Hosted: Nuclear agency reports unusual radiation in Europe -Iodine-131 has been measured in the atmosphere --Release appeared to be continuing 11 Nov 2011 Very low levels of radiation, which are higher than normal but don't seem to pose a health hazard, are being registered in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe, the International Atomic Energy Agency said Friday. The agency said the cause was not known but was not the result of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, which spread radiation across the globe in March. 
Reuters: Worker taken to hospital after nuclear lab incident -Sodium fire was second at lab in past week
Atlantic: A Fracking Chemical Appears in Wyoming Aquifer

America in Decline
TruthOut: Former Narcotics Detective Admits Drug Planting Common
Politico: '60 Minutes' on 'honest graft'
60Minutes: Congress: Trading stock on inside information?November 13, 2011 4:02 PM Steve Kroft reports that members of Congress can legally trade stock based on non-public information from Capitol Hill.

Time: Court Rules Government Can Get Your Online Personal Data Without Warrant
CNN: Are police becoming militarized? 
CNN: My Take: Keep government out of mind-reading business
“My thoughts, they roam freely. Who can ever guess them?”
So goes an old German folk song. But imagine living in a world where someone can guess your thoughts, or even know them for certain. A world where science can reach into the deep recesses of your brain and pull out information that you thought was private and inaccessible.
Would that worry you?
If so, then start worrying. The age of mind reading is upon us.
TheAtlantic: Obama Deserves Some Blame for Republican Support of Torture 
TruthOut: "Should Cost" vs. "Did Cost": How the Military-Industrial Complex Swindles Billions of Our Dollars
MiamiHerald: Guantánamo: the most expensive prison on earth - The cost to house a captive at Guantánamo Bay is $800,000 per year; it's still funded as an open-ended battlefield necessity.
Here come body searches for bus riders.
FoxNews: Authorities Warn Terrorists Increasingly Eyeing Attacks on Buses Over Other Transit Targets 11 Nov 2011 In the lead-up to one of the busiest travel weeks of the year, a new intelligence bulletin obtained by Fox News warns that terrorists have targeted bus networks more than any other mode of surface transportation. The two page assessment, sent to law enforcement in the nation’s capital, says in part, "bus systems are considered attractive terrorist targets because they are relatively soft targets."
RawStory: Robots ready to take over ornamental plant business
AJC: Man facing 105 years in prison for shooting at would-be thief

Food and Water
BusinessInsider: Here's Exactly Why Your Thanksgiving Dinner Will Cost A Lot More This Year
NYT: Young Farmers Find Huge Obstacles to Getting Started
USFoodPolicy: Tyler Cowen on agriculture policy and corporate bailouts - Here is the latest NYT column from Tyler Cowen, who I generally think of as a market-oriented libertarian economist. Cowen generally prefers to let the deserving rich be rich, and yet he can see why the demonstrators at Zuccotti Park have "so much resonance."The first problem is that higher status for the wealthy can easily lead to crony capitalism. In public discourse social status judgments are often crude. Critical differences are lost, like the distinction between earning money through production for consumers, as Apple has done, and earning money through the manipulation of government, which heavily subsidized agribusinesses have done.  
MSNBC: USDA: 'Locally grown' food a $4.8 billion businessEstimate is several times larger than thought, when restaurants and retailers are included
Star-Telegram: Water deal stands to benefit Chesapeake, Euless
Chron: Texas water supply for the future is uncertain 

Science and Technology
Space Weather News for Nov. 13, 2011
SOLAR ACTIVITY: The sun is putting on one of its best displays of the new solar cycle--not with sunspots and flares, but rather with towering walls of plasma and filaments of magnetism. One dark filament is stretching more than a million kilometers across the face of the sun, about three times the distance between Earth and the Moon.  Visit for pictures and more information about these remarkable structures.
BlackListedNews: What are our cell phones really doing to us?
BBC: Scientists unearthing major whale fossil hoard in Chile
NASA: 2012: Killer Solar Flares Are a Physical Impossibility
Given a legitimate need to protect Earth from the most intense forms of space weather – great bursts of electromagnetic energy and particles that can sometimes stream from the sun – some people worry that a gigantic "killer solar flare" could hurl enough energy to destroy Earth. Citing the accurate fact that solar activity is currently ramping up in its standard 11-year cycle, there are those who believe that 2012 could be coincident with such a flare.
But this same solar cycle has occurred over millennia. Anyone over the age of 11 has already lived through such a solar maximum with no harm. In addition, the next solar maximum is predicted to occur in late 2013 or early 2014, not 2012.
SubredditumScientiae: check out the discussion of the above article here 
TechReview: EmTech: Get Ready for a New Human SpeciesNow that we can rewrite the code of life, Darwinian evolution can't stop us, says investor Juan Enriquez.  
Wired: Clive Thompson on Why Kids Can't Search
High school and college students may be “digital natives,” but they’re wretched at searching. In a recent experiment at Northwestern, when 102 undergraduates were asked to do some research online, none went to the trouble of checking the authors’ credentials. In 1955, we wondered why Johnny can’t read. Today the question is, why can’t Johnny search?
WashingtonPost: Russian spaceship with US-Russian crew blasts off successfully to space station
People who can recall life’s events in detail have enlarged region linked to obsessive-compulsive disorder 

Medical and Health
PopSci: For the First Time, Lab-Grown Blood Is Pumped Into a Human's Veins
MedicalXpress: Mystery of resistance to malaria solved in new study

BBC: Parkinson’s ‘linked with solvent’ - An international study has linked an industrial solvent to Parkinson's disease. 

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlog: Iran Conflict With Israel Ready To Ignite?
DoomerInCanada: Pass It On - The Doomer Has Moved! The details are over HERE - everything hasn't been moved over yet, but I'm working on it. All feedback is appreciated.
ModernSurvivalBlog: Northwest Survival Retreat Ideal Population Map 

Other News
LAT: 96-year-old man arrested in beating death of his wife
ABCNews: Colorado Woman Spots Stolen Bike on Craigslist, Steals it Back
BusinessInsider: OOPS: Top British MP Recorded Saying Cameron Is A 'Most Despicable Creature With No Redeeming Features'
HuffingtonPost: Govt Asks Justices To Stay Out Of Immigration Case The Justice Department on Thursday urged the Supreme Court to stay out of a lawsuit involving Arizona's immigration law, saying lower courts properly blocked tough provisions targeting illegal immigrants. 
Atlantic: Is China Trying to Take Over in Central Asia?
Cryptogon: Why Is China Building These Gigantic Structures In the Middle of the Desert?

RolllingStone: How the GOP Became the Party of the Rich
BusinessInsider: POLL SHOCK: Romney And Gingrich Lead, Cain Collapses 
MotherJones: It’s Recall Time for Wisconsin Governor Scott WalkerCatholicOnline: Herman Cain leads opinion polls for Republican ticket
USAToday: Cain: God said he needed me to run for president
CBSNews: Perry: My foreign aid budget starts at zero
LegitGov: Cost, need questioned in $433-million smallpox drug deal
NYT: After a Romney Deal, Profits and Then Layoffs 
TNR: Let’s Get Real, No One’s Eliminating Any Cabinet Departments - Rick Perry’s “Oops” on Wednesday joined the small canon of legendary phrases from presidential debates, right up there with “You’re no Jack Kennedy.” His inability to remember one of the three government agencies he would promise to eliminate as president, together with his smirking indifference to whether it even mattered, was probably the final moment of a candidacy that was already doomed by his lack of preparation for the national stage.
Politico: EPA to be GOP target in 2012 - The Environmental Protection Agency is likely to play an unusually prominent role in the 2012 presidential election, reflecting ongoing partisan debate in Congress over the ties between environmental regulations and jobs. “What we’re going to see in this cycle is a lot of bitterness. … It’s going to be more partisan than it’s ever been,” said GOP environmental strategist Chelsea Maxwell. “So the energy and environment issues will definitely creep into that.” It goes against conventional campaign wisdom — environmental issues rarely play a large role in shifting the electorate. But this year, the conversation has taken a new turn. The message of nearly all campaigns nationwide is jobs with a capital “J.” Republicans have spent lots of time and effort targeting the “job-killing EPA” for a landslide of regulations that they say hurt businesses and the American economy with dubious returns on health.

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TinfoilPalace: Ben the Donkey has a New One!
TinfoilPalace: Sorry Doomers, Collapsitarians and Dystopians, a full collapse will not happen
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TheOilAge: MU 
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HubbertsArms: We Should Be Like China- Michele Bachmann
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