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Well, it sure seems as if things are speeding up doesn't it?
maybe it would be a good idea to double check the pantry this weekend?

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Cryptogon: Fission Detected at Damaged Fukushima Atomic Power Plant
BlackListedNews: Japanese MP drinks Fukushima water under pressure from journalists
Guardian: Fukushima fears played down by Tepco

Global Conflict
BusinessInsider: Two Oakland Protesters Are Run Down And Police Let The Driver Go
Mercedes with coffee from protesters on the roof
Eyewitnesses on the ground report that the man in this picture drove his Mercedes into protesters after becoming frustrated by the delay the crowd was causing at an intersection.

NYT: Protest in Oakland Turns Violent
USAToday: Port of Oakland reopens after violent OWS protests 
BusinessInsider: Veterans March For Occupy Wall Street — And It's Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before
LAT: Occupy Oakland protesters, police injured in violent clash
BusinessWeek: Police Fire Tear Gas as Occupy Oakland Protesters Close Port
ActivistPost: US: no comment on 'buzz' of Israeli strike on Iran
LegitGov: Israel test-fires Jericho missile as Netanyahu works to secure cabinet consensus for attack on Iran
Reuters: Islamist Jihad ready for all-out war with Israel - The Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad, which traded deadly fire with Israel at the weekend in Gaza, does not expect a subsequent truce to last long and has at least 8,000 fighters ready for war, a spokesman said.
Guardian: Israeli PM orders investigation into Iran leak - Kuwati paper says Binyamin Netanyahu believes the heads of the Mossad and Shin Bet may have leaked plans to thwart them
Guardian: Iran's nuclear activity under scrutiny as evidence of weapons threat emerges - Atomic agency report uncovers Iranian nuclear experiments experts claim could only be used for development of warhead

JerusalemPost: Israel halts $2 million payments to UNESCO
Reuters: Palestinians won't accept less than full UN seat 
Haaretz: Flotilla organizers to Haaretz: We expect to reach Gaza in two days 
MSNBC: Israel sending signals of attack on Iran 
 Israel has successfully test-fired a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and striking Iran.
TheTelegraph: Benjamin Netanyahu seeks cabinet support for Israeli strike on Iran - Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, is seeking cabinet support for a military strike on Iran, Haaretz newspaper has reported after days of speculation on plans for such an attack.
Reuters: US says IAEA report on Iran next week critical
Reuters: Israelis hold defense drill for missile attack
Haaretz poll: Israelis evenly split over attacking Iran - Poll follows recent reports regarding Netanyahu and Barak's joint efforts to muster majority in the forum of eight senior ministers for a military strike.
Reuters: Obama says pressure must be maintained on Iran
JerusalemPost: 'UK speeding up planning for potential US-led Iran attack'
NPR: Palestinians: Israel Suspends Tax Pay Transfers
SFGate: Pakistan ready to normalize trade with India 
BBC: Syrian army defectors 'kill 15'
Guardian: Syrian acceptance of Arab League ceasefire plan met with scepticism
ABCNews: World leaders condemn Israel settlement construction
MSNBC: Attackers strike Iraq Sunni militia, six killed  
SeattlePI: Syrian tanks fire despite Arab League deal; 4 dead 
NYT: Afghanistan Consults Neighbors on Security
LAT: Iran vows to 'punish' Israel for any attack
Atlantic: A Big Week Coming on the Israel-Iran Front - A report by the UN's nuclear watchdog due to be circulated around the world next week will provide fresh evidence of a possible Iranian nuclear weapons programme, bringing the Middle East a step closer to a devastating new conflict, say diplomats.
NYT: Oakland’s Port Shuts Down as Protesters March on Waterfront
MSNBC: Peaceful Occupy protest degenerates into riot
'We go from having a peaceful movement to now just chaos,' protester says
InsideBayArea: Dozens of arrests at Occupy Oakland
BusinessInsider: Harvard Students Plan Walk-Out Of Greg Mankiw's Economics Class To Show Solidarity With Occupy Movement 
LAT: Riot police fire projectiles, arrest dozens of Occupy Oakland protesters
NPR: Occupy Oakland Strike Turns 'Chaotic'
NYT: Russian Is Convicted by U.S. Court in Arms Trafficking 
Telegraph: SAS squads based in riverside bunker for London Olympics - SAS squads will be based in a secret riverside bunker by the Thames for the London Olympics to combat terrorist threats more effectively.

IBTimes: Herman Cain on Foreign Policy: Does He Know China Has Nuclear Weapons?
In the latest scratch on his foreign policy credentials, Herman Cain said Wednesday that China was "trying to develop nuclear capability," when, in fact, it has had nuclear capability for nearly 50 years.

Hacker News
ABCNews: Hackers attack Palestinian servers
Guardian: Governments turn to hacking techniques for surveillance of citizens - Surveillance firms that recently attended a US conference are accused of offering their services to repressive regimes
DemocracyNow: Hacker Attack Cuts Off Phone and Web Service for Palestinians 

Financial News
Zerohedge: Welcome To The Deja Vu Circle Of Hell: Greek Referendum Has Been Scrapped (This Time Maybe For Real)
Slate: The End of the Credit Card?
NYT: Greek Leader Calls Off Referendum on Bailout Plan - ATHENS — Prime Minister George Papandreou has called off his plan to hold a referendum on Greece’s new loan deal with the European Union. YahooNews: Greek prime minister scraps referendum on debt plan - Ignoring increasing calls to step down, Greece's prime minister announced Thursday he would seek emergency talks with the opposition conservatives after they agreed to back the latest European bailout for Greece. Prime Minister George Papandreou, speaking at an emergency Cabinet meeting, warned that an early election was too dangerous because it would force Greece into leaving the 17-nation euro currency. Papandreou sparked a continentwide crisis Monday when he announced he would put the latest European deal to cut Greece's massive debts — an accord that took months of negotiations — to a referendum. The idea horrified other EU nations and Greece's creditors, triggering turmoil in financial markets as investors fretted over the prospect of Greece being forced into a disorderly default. Two officials close to Papandreou said Thursday the referendum idea has now been scrapped, after the debt deal won some support from the opposition.
Guardian: G20: Europe faces the nightmare of a euro breakup - As Greece plans its referendum and Italy's debt problem worsens, Larry Elliott examines the mood in Cannes where leaders are gathering for the G20 summit
IBTimes: Why China Can't, or Won't, Bail Out Europe 
Economix: Growing Economies, Stagnant Wages - In the midst of the Occupy protests, the income gains going to the top 1 percent have gotten a lot of attention. Another way to understand the economic frustrations of the Occupiers is to look at how much middle-class living standards have changed, and how much the overall economy has grown. 

SHTFPlan: They’re Trying to Fool You Into Believing That Inflation Is Not a Problem
Reuters: NYC economic outlook "considerably" worse than 2010 - New York City's economic outlook has "weakened considerably" after growing at a 4 percent clip in the previous fiscal year, partly because the national economy has slackened as fiscal compromises elude the federal government, a report said on Wednesday.
Reuters: CORRECTED-Bank exodus from euro zone sovereign debt quickens
UPI: Euro leaders withhold $11B in Greek aid
CuriousCapitalist: The Fed Says the Economy Is Getting Better and Worse At the Same Time 
GlobeAndMail: Finance minister breaks ranks, Greek government on brink of collapse  
Reuters: Greek government on brink of collapse - The Greek government teetered on the brink of collapse on Thursday over plans for a referendum on a euro zone bailout with turmoil in the ruling party casting grave doubt on whether Prime Minister George Papandreou can survive a confidence vote.

Dean Baker | Supercommittee of the One Percent Won’t Even Think of Taxing Wall Street
RawStory: Bernanke on ‘Occupy Wall Street’: Fed not part of the problem 
CNBC: The Fed Has Just Stopped Making Sense

BlackListedNews: Report: Military Blew $1 Trillion on Weapons Since 9/11
Here's the kind of jobs we get in TN. LOL WBIR: Collection agency brings 125 jobs to Alcoa
NYT: Fed Cuts Forecast for Economic Growth 
WSJ: Fed to Savers: No Help Coming
MSNBC: With few options, Fed turns to 'jawboning' 
WSJ: Consumers Remain Pessimistic
MSNBC: Jobless claims drop for 3rd straight week
Reuters: France, Germany demand quick Greek decision on euro 
Mish: Hilarious Video of Eurocrats in Action, Ripping Off Taxpayers and Running Into Walls to Avoid the Cameras 
DailyBail: How Paulson Appointees & Former GS Employees Dan Jester & Ed Liddy Colluded To Destroy AIG And Secure A Secret Bailout For Goldman Sachs
NYT: Fed Lowers Its Forecast for Growth, but Takes No Steps
RawStory: Obama mocks House resolution, says God backs jobs plan
PewTrusts: The High Cost of Long-Term Unemployment - Pew - PDF - In the third quarter of 2011, approximately 31.8 percent of the nearly 14 million Americans who were unemployed had been jobless for a year or more.
LAT: European Union's latest steps won't end Greece crisis
NoahpinionBlog: "NGDP targeting" means "print money and buy stuff" 
TaxPolicyCenter: Mission Impossible: Cutting the Corporate Tax Rate to 25 Percent - It has been an article of faith among most congressional Republicans and many Democrats that the corporate tax rate should be cut from today’s top level of 35 percent to 25 percent—or even less. And backers of the idea breezily suggest this could be paid for by scaling back some corporate tax breaks. But a new report released today by the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation concludes it can’t be done. 
MarketWatch: Global manufacturing stagnates in October Input prices are falling, but so are new export orders
SeattleTimes: Air Force cutting 9,000 jobs now, more later - The Air Force said Wednesday it plans to eliminate 9,000 civilian jobs in a cost-saving move, with more reductions to come later as part of a military-wide effort to adjust to a new era of defense spending cuts.

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Life without electricity
Grist: Obama will make final determination on Keystone XL
TomWhipple: The Peak Oil Crisis: Cold Fusion Redux  
BusinessInsider: The Untold Story Of How Banks Took Over The Oil Market 
Bloomberg: Blackstone Said to Target Up to $3 Billion for Energy Fund

Mineweb: Uranium sector returning to full power - Rob Chang 
Zerohedge: Gold Has Had Enough With Europe's Stupidity; Surges
 BlackListedNews: Gold company heavily promoted by Glenn Beck charged with 19 criminal counts

Environmental News
M 5.1, Off East Coast of Kamchatka
M 5.1, Northern Chile
M 5.2, Near East Coast of Honshu, Japan
Independent: Exclusive: Fracking company - we caused 50 tremors in Blackpool – but we're not going to stop. Gas drilling not a threat, says energy company 
BostonGlobe: Thailand flood reaches Bangkok
ScientificAmerican: Can Climate Science Predict Extreme Weather?
Treehugger: Upcycled Rubber Design Products; A Flip Flop Story (Photos)Some 30.000 kilos of flip flops end up on the beaches of Eastern Africa every year, 80% of which are pink and blue.
NPR: Along With Humans, Who Else Is In The 7 Billion Club?
Discovery: Dogs Walked by Men Are More Aggressive - A dog's age, sex and size, as well as the owner's sex and use or not of a leash all affect canine behavior.
NationofChange: Koch-Funded Study Finds Recent Global Warming “On the High End” and Speeding Up
Joe Romm, News Analysis: “‘The trend line for the 20th century is calculated to be 0.733 ± 0.096 C/century, well below the 2.76 ± 0.16 C/century rate of global land-surface warming that we observe during the interval Jan 1970 to Aug 2011.’ That is, in the past 40 years, the land has warmed nearly 4 times faster than it did in the last century. This really kills the denier meme that the observed data suggests we will see only a small amount of warming
WashingtonPost: New snow policy for feds: Shelter in place 
Independent: Animal Extinction - the greatest threat to mankind - By the end of the century half of all species will be extinct. Does that matter?
CNN: Tiny 'saber-toothed squirrel' found - As suggested in the "Ice Age" movies, some crazy-looking creatures roamed the planet millions of years ago. But there is a large gap in the fossil record from about 60 million to 120 million years ago when it comes to mammals in South America. Where were they, and what did they look like?
Cassandra'sLegacy: Narrative and science in the debate on climate change 
USAToday: Study: Most U.S. forests not adapting to climate change - More than half of Eastern U.S. tree species are not adapting to climate change as quickly or consistently as predicted, posing risks for their survival, says a new Duke University-led study.

check this out, it's cool.  The Discovernator

America in Decline
60Minutes: SUNDAY: Jack Abramoff tells Lesley Stahl lobbyists can still buy influence on Capitol Hill, despite ethics reforms. 
BusinessInsider: See Maps Of The Dreaded Degentrification Spreading Across America
The number of Americans living in slums increased 33% in the past decade.
This scary trend was identified by a report out this morning from Brookings. Slums (our term) refer to areas of concentrated poverty where at least 40 percent of individuals live under the poverty line.
 PopSci: A Texas Sheriff's Department is Launching an Unmanned Helodrone that Could Carry Weapons
CNN: Texas judge's daughter: Violence was regular occurrence 
Politico: Senators: Cut 100,000 postal workers
Disinformation: Tennessee Becomes First State With TSA Checkpoints On Highway
BusinessInsider: A Depressing Tour Of The Pennsylvania Ghost Town That's Been Burning For 50 Years
SeattleTimes: Poorest poor in U.S. hits new record: 1 in 15 people - The ranks of America's poorest poor have climbed to a record high - 1 in 15 people - spread widely across metropolitan areas as the housing bust pushed many inner-city poor into suburbs and other outlying places and shriveled jobs and income.
BlackListedNews: Citizen Spy Recruitment Program Launches in U.S. Hotels
CNN: Video purports to show Texas judge beating daughter - A Texas judge faces a police investigation and judicial probe after a video apparently showing him beating his then-16-year-old disabled daughter
SacBee: San Diego board member wants to slash teacher pay
AlArabiya: Guantanamo court can’t free bomb suspect even if found not guilty, U.S. says - The alleged planner of an attack on a U.S. warship cannot be freed even if he is acquitted; the American government has the authority to hold him until hostilities in the U.S. war against terrorism end. (Reuters)
Politico: Report: Poverty hits record level

Food and Water
ChicagoTribune: Survey: Food prices to eat into holiday spending
ActivistPost: GMO Crops Require More Pesticides, Create Resistant Insects 
PhiladelphiaInquirer: Area food banks facing a crisis in food, funding 
GallowayPatch: Food Bank of SJ Facing Crisis in Funding, Donations
Politico: Congress may cut aid to poor as food prices soar
MSNBC: A picture of food stamp usage
Bloomberg: Fatty Foods Addictive as Cocaine in Growing Body of Science
WSJ: Meat Prices Continue Their Bull Run

Science and Technology
MiamiHerald: China spacecraft make first successful docking
Group: Facebook tracks its ex-users - Facebook Inc. may be tracking users' Internet activity even after they cancel their accounts with the social networking site, a German privacy watchdog said.
Discovery: Cold Fusion Experiment: Major Success or Big Hoax?  - Theoretically, this type of power would provide radiation-free, cheap and virtually unlimited energy. 
Metro: Jawbone of Torquay dates the first Briton at 44,000 yearsA jawbone re-dated using the latest technology shows our ancestors were living in Britain some 44,000 years ago – thousands of years earlier than previously thought.
PopSci: The Rise of the Machines - See how computing power has increased just about a quadrillion-fold over six decadesPopSci: Now Online: The Royal Society's 350-Year-Long Archive
Atlantic: The Internet: Enemy and Enabler of the U.S. Banking System - Online technology facilitates the modern financial services industry, allowing firms to trade in high volumes and generate immense profits, but it also facilitates the protest of that industry, allowing dissenters to communicate their frustrations in mass
Wired: Japan Pushes World's Fastest Computer Past 10 Petaflop Barrier 
Wired: Viking Sunstone Guided Ships in Cloudy Weather 
KurzweilAI: Worldwide bacteria network may readily swap beneficial genes 

Medical and Health
M&C: Mutant bacteria blamed for three German baby deaths
BBC: Signs of ageing halted in the lab - The onset of wrinkles, muscle wasting and cataracts has been delayed and even eliminated in mice, say researchers in the US.
PRoPublica: TSA to Conduct New Study of X-Ray Body Scanners
CNN: Are you missing your child's pain? 
CNN: Listeria deaths rise to 29 in cantaloupe outbreak

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
LAT: South Carolina sheriff tells women to pack heat
ActivistPost/BeforeItsNews: After The Collapse - Who Will Your Neighbors Be?
Dr. William Stockton celebrates yet another birthday surrounded by family and friends in the midst of a grand suburban paradise. The party is warm, and the evening is filled with joy and merriment. These people singing his praises, laughing and imbibing generous amounts of spirits, are neighbors he’s known for over 20 years. He understands them well, or at least, he thinks he does….
ModernSurvivalBlog: Prepping Without a Green Thumb
WashingtonPost: Hank Shaw takes a stroll through Sligo Creek Park and rustles up dinner
CanadianDoomer: Good Grief, The Price of Rabbit!

Other News
LAT: Lesbian homecoming couple face threats
SunTimes: Freight train derails, closes down Metra service
Reuters: Freight train derails in Chicago suburb 
Cryptogon: Japanese Government Considers Building ‘Back-Up’ Tokyo
CNNMoney: Chasing the American dream in a Walmart parking lot - These six men have traveled from far and wide to cash in on the oil boom in Williston, North Dakota. But due to the severe housing crunch in the area, the only place they have to call home right now is the Walmart parking lot. 

CSMonitor: Mexico's 'temporary' marriages: till death – or two years – do us part
Time: In Paraguay, a Quaint Inn with a Dark Nazi Past - Experiencing the Nazi legacy in South America costs just $40. This is the rate to spend a night in the best room of the Hotel del Lago, founded in 1888 on the shores of the Ypacaraí Lake, in Paraguay, in the small town of San Bernardino, 50 kilometers east of the country's capital, Asuncion.

SOTT: Rare Date: Today Is Once-in-10,000-Years Palindrome (it was yesterday, but still really cool!)
LatestUFOSightings: UFOs recorded over Lee's Summit, Missouri 31-Oct-2011
PBS: Norway Tops U.N. Development Ranking; DR Congo Comes in Last  
Hosted: Cuba legalizes sale, purchase of private property
Cuban state media says the government is allowing citizens to buy and sell real estate property for the first time since the early days of the revolution.
The reform is the most important yet in a series of free-market changes ushered in by President Raul Castro to breath life into a limping Marxist economy. Communist Party newspaper Granma says in Thursday's edition that the law will take effect Nov. 10.
HuffingtonPost: Harold Camping Apologizes For Faulty Rapture Predictions And Retires, Report States

CBS: Cain deflects harassment issue as accusers are kept silent
USAToday: Fact check: Cain contradicts himself on major issues
Politico: Cain accuses former adviser Curt Anderson - Herman Cain accused a former consultant to his unsuccessful 2004 Senate campaign, Curt Anderson, of leaking damaging information about past sexual harassment allegations against Cain.
Perry’s Tax Plan Would be a Boon for the Wealthy, Study Says
ABC: Cain Accuser: I Don't Want to Be Anita Hill 
Chron: Bush's big-bucks donors pick Romney over Perry 
RawStory: Cain gives exclusive interview to Clarence Thomas’ wife 

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Was Rick Perry Drunk When He Gave this Speech Las Week? 
TinfoilPalace: Ghost of the Dambusters dog: Picture shows long-dead labrador at memorial to WWII heroes
TheOilAge: The home brewed Danao guns of the Philippines 
TheOilAge: US planning Gulf build-up after Iraq "exit" 
HubbertsArms: Sky News: Israel Preparing for Preemptive Strike on Iran 
HubbertsArms: Nuclear catastrophie 2.0
SilentCountry: Why is it so hard to escape poverty?
SilentCountry: It won't be long now. The MZB's are already starting their BS!

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