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NYT: Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan

Global Conflict
Mish: China to Protect Iran Even if Result Starts World War III; What's the Best Way to Deal with Iran? -- Does the US have the right to defend itself? If so why doesn't any nation have the right to defend itself? What is the best way for the US to deal with Iran? Here is a video in Chinese, with English subtitles, in which China says it will defend Iran. 
SeattlePI: Israeli defense chief: Iran strike may be needed
StarTribune: Israel agrees to release tens of millions of dollars of withheld tax money to Palestinians
SeattlePI: Talks on Iraq NATO mission stall over immunity - The issue of legal immunity for foreign troops in Iraq, which already torpedoed plans to keep a U.S. military presence in the country, has emerged as a key stumbling block in talks over the extension of a NATO training mission here.
NationalPostNews: Up to two million strike in U.K. over public sector cuts
Telegraph: David Cameron urged to distance himself from Jeremy Clarkson 'execution' rantDavid Cameron was today urged to distance himself from comments made by Jeremy Clarkson, the Top Gear presenter, in which he called for striking public sector workers to be executed.
Clinton Opens Door With Myanmar as US Watches China Moves
AFP: Hardline Islamist surge in Egypt polls 
Hosted: Iran releases students who stormed British Embassy
WashingtonPost: Iran faces increased isolation after attack on British Embassy
ExtinctionProtocol: Russia unveils new radar system to counter European U.S. missile shield 
Hosted: Italy summons Iran envoy over UK embassy attack 
BusinessInsider: Now Europe Is Tightening Sanctions On Iran 

LAPD too violent, some Occupy LA protesters allege [Updated]
BlacklistedNews: Nearly 300 arrested in raid on Occupy Los Angeles
LegitGov: Los Angeles police dismantle Occupy protesters' tents 
FDL: Who Is Footing the Bill For Over 1,400 Police to Raid Occupy LA?
IReport: Tree house guy of Occupy LA 

Hacker News
BBC: United Nations agency 'hacking attack' investigated
UNDP website The United Nations Development Programme says it is "in the process of validating this claim"
A group of hackers has posted more than 100 email addresses and login details which it claimed to have extracted from the United Nations.

Financial News
DailyBail: How Hank Paulson Warned Hedge Funds In Advance
BusinessInsider: KYLE BASS: Japan Is A Giant Madoff-Like Ponzi Scheme That Will Blow Up Starting In The Next Few Months
Zerohedge: Here Is What Happened After The Last Global Coordinated Central Bank Intervention 
BusinessInsider: Obama's Team Is In 'Morbid Fear' Of A Eurozone Meltdown 
BlacklistedNews: They call it a "Santa Rally"
MyBudget360: The student loan racket For-profit enrollment growth surged by 225 percent in last decade. For-profits live off the 85 percent of revenues they receive from the government and filter out to their Wall Street owners.

Zerohedge: Peter Schiff Explains What Today's Global Fed-Funded Bailout Means For The Future
NYT: A Banker Speaks, With Regret - If you want to understand why the Occupy movement has found such traction, it helps to listen to a former banker like James Theckston.

Zerohedge: Goldman On Today's Coordinated Central Bank Bailout: "It Isn’t Enough To Save Anyone Or Solve Averything" And "Why Now?" 
(Below is a link to a 3 part article by Charles Hugh Smith, the first part is linked, the rest is on his site.)
CharlesHughSmith: Unleashing the Future: Advancing Prosperity Through Debt Forgiveness (Part 1) 
BusinessInsider: You Can Imagine What Gerald Celente Had To Say About Yesterday's Coordinated Intervention -Apocalyptically bearish trend forecaster Gerald Celente saw yesterday's coordinated central bank intervention as a con meant to draw more suckers. 
NYT: Inflation Fears Easing, China’s Central Bank Turns to Lifting Growth 
CNBC: China Factory Sector Shrinks First Time in Nearly 3 Years
NakedCapitalism: Does Anybody Who Gets It Believe Central Banks Did All That Much Yesterday?
NakedCapitalism: Journey into a Libertarian Future: Part II – The Strategy
MarketWatch: 10 reasons the crisis isn’t over
SHTFPlan: To the Rescue: Central Banks Slam Liquidity Into Banks; Stocks Take Moon Shot; Europe Still Faces Collapse
EarlyWarning: European Unemployment Rising
Zerohedge: Fed Made Decision To Bail Out Europe On Monday - It appears that the Fed decision to bail out Europe was not made this morning, or yesterday, but on Monday as per the following two headlines:
It also means that the decision was leaked on Monday, and explains the relentless surge in stocks since then despite progressively worse news out of Europe. Q.E.D. - a plan so good Hank Paulson could have leaked it to his hedge fund buddies. (thanks RJ! Sneaky things aren't they?)
GlobeandMail: German economy strengthens amid Europe’s gloom 
VancouverSun: Top central banks - including Canada's - move to avoid global liquidity crunch
GlobeandMail: Why central bank intervention should make us more worried
StarTribune: 70 years after WWII, Europe faces "ten days" to save its currency — and perhaps the EU itself
CNBC: Central Bank Action Merely 'Buys Time' for Europe

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: Countdown to $100 Oil - High Energy Prices Suppressing Growth?
EnergyBulletin: Pepperspraying the future by John Michael Greer
IBTimes: ExxonMobil's Iraq Oil Field Contract Could go to Lukoil, Shell  
SeattleTimes: US crude oil supplies grew by 3.9 million barrels

Mineweb: China's September gold purchases leap sixfold
Mineweb: Sprott calls on silver producers to hold back inventory

Environmental News
M 5.7, Bali Sea
M 4.7, Mid Indian RidgeDesdemonaDespair: A grim glimpse into Delaware’s coastal future – Sea level along coast is rising at a slow but steady pace
DailyKos: Fracking pollutes water supply- EPA investigates- Gas deal falls thru
MSNBC: 97 mph! Santa Ana winds knock out power, down trees in LA
DeclineofTheEmpire: For Humans, The Economy Is Everything
ScientificAmerican: U.S. Seeks to Protect Forests to Save Wild Reindeer 

America in Decline
BlacklistedNews: No charges against SWAT team that killed American hero [VIDEO]
DeclineofTheEmpire: Too Big To Jail
TruthOut: Military Detention Versus We the People
BlacklistedNews: Do not be deceived: S. 1867 is the most dangerous bill since the PATRIOT Act 
NYT: Line Grows Long for Free Meals at U.S. Schools - Millions of American schoolchildren are receiving free or low-cost meals for the first time as their parents, many once solidly middle class, have lost jobs or homes during the economic crisis, qualifying their families for the decades-old safety-net program. The number of students receiving subsidized lunches rose to 21 million last school year from 18 million in 2006-7, a 17 percent increase, according to an analysis by The New York Times of data from the Department of Agriculture, which administers the meals program.
BlacklistedNews: 29 Amazing Stats Which Prove That The Rich Are Getting Richer And The Poor Are Getting Poorer
SHTFPlan: Hundreds of Unemployed, Poverty Stricken Americans Line Up For Food Vouchers
BusinessInsider: REV. AL SHARPTON: Black Wealth Is Disappearing Along With Jobs
MSNBC: Lingering joblessness taxes nation's food banks

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: The USDA's Report on Using Biochar to Enhance Soil Fertility
CNN: Report: Arsenic in apple and grape juice

Science and Technology
FastCoexist: How Stephen Wolfram Is Preparing For The Singularity - Mathematics and computing legend Stephen Wolfram (of Wolfram Alpha) is betting on the singularity. This week, the Lifeboat Foundation—a thinktank devoted to helping humanity survive existential risks as it “moves towards the Singularity”—announced that Wolfram was joining the organization’s advisory board. Wolfram will help the organization as they work toward solutions to future dangers like protecting the world from evil robots or self-replicating miniature weapons.    
MSNBC: FTC settlement aside, Facebook still owns your privacy
FutureofTech: Robot recognizes self in mirror

PopSci: Medical Marijuana Laws Shown to Reduce Traffic Fatalities
GizMag: Genetic genocide: Genetically altered mosquito warriors could wipe out humanity’s biggest killer

MacroBusiness: Economics of piracy - Public debate over Internet piracy is riddled with contradictions and fingerprints of vested interests. In the US, congress is considering the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), while in Australia, an alliance of internet service providers had their proposal to crack down on piracy rejected by the Australian content Industry Group (group of music, software and games content owners). The proposal: …would see an ISP provide one education notice, three warning notices and one discovery notice to customers alleged to have infringed on copyright by the copyright holder, and, if a customer continued to infringe after this, the ISPs would tell the rights holder, which may then decide to apply for a subpoena to get access to the customer’s details for legal action. PopSci: Algorithm Can Detect When Cars Are About to Run a Red Light
Medical and Health
ExtinctionProtocol: Andromeda Strain: Scientists tinker with a deadly influenza virus that could wipe out civilization
MedicalXPress: Scientists at the University of Hull have found that some people have the ability to hallucinate colours at will – even without the help of hypnosis.
ScientificAmerican: Gumming Up Appetite to Treat Obesity - Researchers plan to create chewing gum that sneaks an appetite-suppressing hormone through the gut and into the blood
LAT: Medicare extends coverage for obesity
Hosted: NYC recommends AIDS drugs for any person with HIV
MSNBC: Obama on AIDS: 'We can beat this disease' 
MSNBC: Toothache lawsuit may stifle medical gag orders against online rants - A Maryland man who had a bad toothache has filed a class-action lawsuit against his New York dentist after she required him to sign a contract promising not to trash-talk her online -- and then fined him thousands of dollars trying to enforce it.

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalBlob: New US Ground Water Map Reveals Severity

Other News
CBSNews: Honored ex-Colo. sheriff faces meth for sex charge'
SignonSanDiego: Number of seniors 65+ at record high in 2010
WashingtonPost: FBI agents upset over movie alleging J. Edgar Hoover was gay 
(seems to me, the gay community would be the ones insulted by the comparison. LOL) Latest theory in NY mystery bodies: 1 killer of 10

RobertReich: The Rebirth of Social Darwinism - What kind of society, exactly, do modern Republicans want? They say they want a smaller government but that can’t be it. Most seek a larger national defense and more muscular homeland security. Almost all want to widen the government’s powers of search and surveillance inside the United States – eradicating possible terrorists, expunging undocumented immigrants, “securing” the nation’s borders. They want stiffer criminal sentences, including broader application of the death penalty. Many also want government to intrude on the most intimate aspects of private life. They call themselves conservatives but that’s not it, either. They don’t want to conserve what we now have. They’d rather take the country backwards – before the 1960s and 1970s, and the Environmental Protection Act, Medicare, and Medicaid; before the New Deal, and its provision for Social Security, unemployment insurance, the forty-hour workweek, and official recognition of trade unions; even before the Progressive Era, and the first national income tax, antitrust laws, and Federal Reserve. They’re not conservatives. They’re regressives. And the America they seek is the one we had in the Gilded Age of the late nineteenth century.

CBS: Gingrich: I'm a 'lifetime citizen,' not an insider
WSJ: Cain Mulls Campaign's Future
CNN: Cain blasts critics for "character assassination" 
Hosted: Cain's lawyer demands records from accuser 

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TinfoilPalace: Swastika's on the Facade of Sydney's Commonwealth Bank Building
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