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Breaking News Tues. Dec. 27, 2011

 Here's a story that I think could be pretty important in the days or weeks to come.
BlacklistedNews: Agenda Driven: Federal judge rules Iran shares responsibility for 9/11 terror attacks (tic toc tic toc)
I could be wrong, but it seems that a legal case is being made to justify invading Iran. What do you think?
then, there is this from Blacklisted News
BlacklistedNews: Advocates of War With Iran Take Some Media Hits
“He (Kroenig) is openly calling for preventive war against Iran, even though the United States has no authorization from the U.N. Security Council, it is not clear that Iran is actively developing nuclear weapons, and Iran has not attacked us or any of our allies---ever,” Walt writes. 
“He is therefore openly calling for his country to violate international law. He is calmly advocating a course of action will inevitably kill a significant number of people, including civilians...and Kroenig is willing to have their deaths on his conscience on the basis of a series of unsupported assertions, almost all of them subject to serious doubt.”
 (emphasis mine)
I suppose that now that Iran has been found complicit in the 911 attacks, you can count that reason out.

Special thanks to RJ  at Global Glass Onion and  the Ozarker at Conflicted Doomer,  help in finding important stories for us. Be sure to check out their great blogs today!. Don't miss RJ's Friday wrapup and do take a min. and read the Ozarkers wonderful holiday post she put up Saturday afternoon.

FT: Report slams response to nuclear crisis - The operator of the Fukushima nuclear power plant and its regulators all failed in their duty to adequately prepare for and respond promptly to a major emergency, contributing to the worst nuclear accident in a quarter century, according to a committee investigating the disaster.
TheAustralian: TEPCO says it 'no longer owns' Fukushima fallout 

Global Conflict
Guardian: Assad crackdown intensifies as Arab League monitors arrive in Syria
CNN: Security forces fire on protesters in Homs, witnesses say Reuters: Arab observers aim to see Syria's deadliest city
Atlantic: Getting the Audit Right on Iraq - Iraq surge architects Frederick and Kimberly Kagan have published an informed, provocative, yet thoughtful commentary, "Is Iraq Lost?",
Atlantic: GW Bush + Six Years = Islamists?
BlacklistedNews: Agenda Driven: Federal judge rules Iran shares responsibility for 9/11 terror attacks (tic toc tic toc)
BlacklistedNews: Revolution warning as thousands of Russian protesters brave cold
PressTV: Egypt to try Israelis for arms trafficking
SOTT: British-Controlled Monajed Is Source Of All the Press Accounts of How Many Syrians Assad Supposedly Killed
LetitGov: 'Hormuz naval drill, message to West'
Reuters: Northern Nigerian Christians warn of religious war
Reuters: Arab monitors tour Homs, Syrian tanks seen leaving
NYDaily: Al Qaeda takes credit for Baghdad attacks
NYT: Path Cleared for Saleh of Yemen to Get Care in U.S.
SydneyMorningHerald: Powerful cleric defies Iraqi government - A POWERFUL political group led by the anti-US cleric Muqtada al-Sadr has called for Iraq's parliament to be dissolved and early elections to be held.
The call comes as the first open challenge to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from within his Shiite coalition in an escalating political crisis.
CNN: Egyptian court rules virginity tests illegal - An Egyptian administrative court issued an order Tuesday banning virginity tests for female detainees, months after several women alleged they were subjected to such examinations following a March protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square.
FDL: Condoleeza Rice Wants a Do-Over After Destroying Iraq
McClatchy: Tensions rise between Pakistan's civilian leaders and its military
BlacklistedNews: Advocates of War With Iran Take Some Media Hits
SHTFPlan: Saudi Highschool Textbook: Jews Need to Be Exterminated and Homosexuals Should Be ‘Put to Death’
Barbaric textbooks handed out in Saudi Arabian schools teach children how to cut off a thief’s hands and feet under Sharia law, it has emerged.

DemocracyinAction: Why Occupy Calls for “Sanctuary”
NewDeal20: The Most Popular Post of 2011: Who are the 1% and What Do They Do for a Living? -  A lot of emphasis is on the “99%” versus the “1%” in these protests. But who are the 1% and what do they do for a living? 

Hacker News
DeclineofEmpire: All Your Base Are Belong To Us
CLG: Antisec Hits Private Intel Firm; Million of Docs Allegedly Lifted
TGDaily: Anonymous denies Stratfor hack

Financial News
Reuters: Santa rally may face test next week
MarketWatch: 2012: Stocks up 10% — or Doomsday scenario?
ExtinctionProtocol: 2012 doomsdays talk becomes mainstream chatter
MyBudget360: Kabuki financial theatre Congress net worth up 15 percent from 2004 to 2010 while the average American sees their net worth decline by 8 percent in the same timeframe. Welcome to plutocrat USA.
Reuters: Sears to close up to 120 Kmart, Sears Full-line stores
CharlesHughSmith: Risk and the Indentured Servitude of Student Loans
MarketWatch: Got gift cards? Sell or even invest them
Bloomberg: Japan Set to Unveil $10 Billion India Currency Swap Deal During Noda Visit
WSJ: 'Cash Mobs' Help Ignite Buy-Local Effort
Bloomberg: Cohan: When Ivy Grads Pick Teaching Over Wall Street 
CredidWritedowns: Japan and China: Small Beer - The main financial development over the Christmas holiday was an apparent agreement between Japan and China on a wide range of financial issues. The two key aspects are an effort to settle more of the bilateral trade in yen or yuan and that Japan will apply to buy Chinese bonds next year. 
Economix: How Politics Came to Dominate Payroll Tax Debate
InfoWars: Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012
GlobeandMail: Spain to fall back into recession, minister says 
BusinessInsider: The SEC Has Figured Out What All Crooked Hedge Funds Have In Common BusinessInsider: Check Out The Stunning Vessels One Startup Conceived To House Entrepreneurs Who Can't Get A Visa - Entrepreneurs from around the world want to gain a toehold in Silicon Valley, but not all of them have access. 
Zerohedge: Thanksgiving Day Massacre: Sears Slaughtered On Collapsing Margins, To Shutter Hundreds Of Stores, Provides Revolver Update: That retailer Sears, aka K-Mart, just preannounced what can only be described as catastrophic Q4 results should not be a surprise to anyone: after all we have been warning ever since the "record" thanksgiving holiday that when you literally dump merchandize at stunning losses, losses will, stunningly, follow.
YahooFinance: Crappy New Year! Stocks Will Fall 35% in 2012 Says Schoenberger

Peak oil and Energy News
EnergyBulletin: Bakken shale and U.S. oil production
NarrowTranche: Six common myths about US and global energy issues - At times politicians, bloggers, and even financial professionals make comments about US domestic and global energy issues that are factually inaccurate.  When you are having a cocktail at the New Year's Eve party in a week, ask around what people think about energy dependence, production, global supplies, etc. and you may hear some of the following six myths:
Myth #1: US crude oil comes from the Middle East/Persian Gulf. Not true. A large portion of imports is coming from Canada and other non-OPEC nations.  Only about 18% is coming from the Persian Gulf
Myth #2: The US domestic energy production continues to dwindle. Not true. The US domestic energy production is in fact increasing.
Myth #3: If the US produced more of its energy requirements, the price at the pump would be lower. This is a common misconception and is not true in the global economy.
TheOilDrum:  Drumbeat: December 26, 2011 - Global oil demand to remain stable in 2012 ABU DHABI - The UAE Energy Minister Mohammad bin Dha’en Al Hamili on Sunday said that world oil demand in 2012 will be similar to this year’s level.
PeakOil.com: Oil sands pipeline seems likely to endure
KhaleejTimes: Global oil demand to remain stable in 2012
WashingtonPost: Oil interests push China into Sudanese mire
JaredBernstein: The Key to Keystone
AlArabiya: Iran inks oil products deal with Afghanistan; Tehran to export one million tons per year of gasoil - Iran signed an agreement with Afghanistan on Monday to export one million tons per year of gasoil, gasoline and jet fuel to the neighboring country starting next year, the official IRNA news agency reported.
Marketwatch: Consumer confidence hits 8-month high — Consumers showed the most confidence in December in eight months, heartened by the availability of more jobs, according to a closely followed survey.
SeekingAlpha: Peak Oil Is Here, Energy Stocks Will Soar In 2012
With the current tumultuous events in the Middle East bringing attention to the mounting energy requirements of the emerging economies, in addition to the burgeoning necessities of the recovering developed economies, the fact that demand is outstripping supply appears to be blatantly obvious. All the easy oil and gas has been discovered, recovered, depleted and expended. We are now left with on shore 'fracking' and deep sea drilling which are much more expensive endeavors, ultimately driving the price of a barrel of oil sky-high sooner rather than later. Wake up! Peak Oil is here and oil & gas stocks will soar in 2012.

Mineweb: China moves to curb gold exchanges

Environmental News
RawStory: Electricity sparks new life into Indonesia’s corals
 PEMUTERAN, Indonesia — Cyanide fishing and rising water temperatures had decimated corals off Bali until a diver inspired by a German scientist’s pioneering work on organic architecture helped develop a project now replicated worldwide.
ExtinctionProtocol: Divers places: southern Egypt rattled by first major tremor in several decades
DesdemonaDespair: 50 doomiest stories of 2011 
Arctic Report Card 2011
ExtinctionProtocol: The surprise eruption of Indonesia’s Mt. Lokon volcano creates widespread panic
Chron: Giant shrimp raises big concern as it invades the Gulf
Grist: How climate change shows up in ancient, Tolkien-esque myths
A long time ago there existed a rich city surrounded by fertile pastures where today is the glacier. Unfortunately the wealth corrupted the inhabitants and they wasted milk and bread to clean the streets. One day a beggar asked for a piece of bread, but the presumptuous inhabitants denied him this humble request. So he cursed the city, dark clouds covered the sky and heavy and persistent snow started falling in the mountains. When the sun reappeared, the city and pastures were gone, lost forever and covered by the glacier.
TriCitiesNews: Rare crane finds way to Tenn.'s Hiwassee Refuge
BIRCHWOOD, Tenn. (AP) -- The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says a rare Asian hooded crane has been spotted at the Hiwassee Refuge in Birchwood, Tenn.
The bird normally is seen only in Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Officials said they were not sure how this one ended up in Tennessee.
The TWRA says birders began flocking to the area after the sighting became public. The bird is smaller than a sandhill crane, with a white head and neck and slate gray body.
Hiwassee is also home to sandhill cranes, whooping cranes and bald eagles.
MSNBC: Tri-State Braces for Intense Winds, Rain
MSNBC: Moon & Venus to put on post-Christmas sky show 
PopSci: While Listening for Underwater Earthquakes, Seismologists Record Whale Songs
CommonDreams: Climate Change May Modify Half Earth's Plants  - By 2100, global climate change will modify plant communities covering almost half of Earth's land surface

America in Decline
BlacklistedNews: Man Pepper Sprayed to Death by Police. While Tied to Chair.
CreditSlips: One in Five American Families Have Medical Bill Problems
WashingtonPost: Growing wealth widens distance between lawmakers and constituents -
Between 1984 and 2009, the median net worth of a member of the House more than doubled, according to the analysis of financial disclosures, from $280,000 to $725,000 in inflation-adjusted 2009 dollars, excluding home ­equity. Over the same period, the wealth of an American family has declined slightly, with the comparable median figure sliding from $20,600 to $20,500, according to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics from the University of Michigan. The comparisons exclude home equity because it is not included in congressional reporting, and 1984 was chosen because it is the earliest year for which consistent wealth statistics are available. The growing disparity between the representatives and the represented means that there is a greater distance between the economic experience of Americans and those of lawmakers.
NYT: Keeping Students From the Polls 
CNN: Reports: 9 arrested after Mall of America fights
CommonDreams: The Walmartization of America Redux: How the Relentless Drive for Cheap Stuff Undermines Our Economy, Bankrupts Our Soul, and Pillages the Planet

Food and Water
CityFarmer: Brewerymarket as Urban Agriculture Inspired by Beer Hop Plants

Science and Technology
MSNBC: Earth has two 'moons' right now, theorists say
PopSci: Will We Soon Be Able to Fire Laser Beams From Our Eyes?
CNN: Can a molecule make us moral?
MSNBC: Twin probes to circle moon to study gravity field  - The first GRAIL spacecraft will enter lunar orbit on New Year's Eve

Medical and Health
MSNBC: Mentally ill flood ERs as states cut services
TechReview: The Mystery Behind Anesthesia  - Mapping how our neural circuits change under the influence of anesthesia could shed light on one of neuroscience's most perplexing riddles: consciousness.
ScientificAmerica: Meth Hype Could Undermine Good Medicine
NationofChange: Without Autopsies, Hospitals Bury Their Mistakes
TheChart: Obesity in teen years may be blamed on mother/child relationships
NYT: Fiscal Crisis Takes Toll on Health of Greeks

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvivalOnline: Guest Post: Should I bug-in or bug-out………CityFarmer: Impact of a Community Gardening Project on Vegetable Intake, Food Security and Family Relationships: A Community-based Participatory Research Study
CanadianDoomer: Toothache
ModernSurvivalBlog: FDA Fast-Track’s Half-Billion-Dollar Smallpox Vaccine 

Other News
HeraldSun: Gunman wore Santa costume for Texas murder-suicide
MSNBC: 'Existential challenge': Israeli girl's plight highlights Jewish extremism  - Critics say authorities turn blind eye on harassment, attacks by ultra-Orthodox, who are perennial king-makers in coalition politics RawStory: Soldier shot, paralyzed at homecoming party in California
SOTT: US, California: Christmas Burglars Steal Presents, Family Dog
UPI: Remains of 1804 crew may stay in Libya 
VancouverSun: Strike paralyses London underground train system 
Independent: Secret paper reveals EU broadside over plight of Israel's Arabs - Memo seen by The Independent highlights tensions between Jerusalem and Europe.
CSMonitor: The (surprisingly upbeat) state of the world - A different perspective on the state of the world: four major areas where mankind's long-term progress is striking.  
Hosted: Police: Babysitter beat, dismembered Indiana girl
DailyMail: New questions over Newt's divorce as court records show first wife DIDN'T want to split
JSOnline: Online publication recognizes Walker - Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has been named 2011 Governor of the Year by Governors Journal.
NYT: GOP Race Is Still Unsettled in Final Sprint to Iowa Caucus
Time: Why Iowa Shouldn't Vote First Any More
Yahoo: Perry running ads in Iowa calling for part-time Congress
NYDaily: Former Ron Paul staffer contends GOP candidate is 'uncomfortable' with gay people
Delong: Bob Woodward Tells Us Now What He Knew About Newt Gingrich Two Decades Ago
AtlanticWire: Ron Paul's Long Record of Glorious Failures in Congress
DownWithTyranny: Wyden Isn't The Only Democrat Who Wants To Help Paul Ryan Kill Medicare-- Blue Dogs Are Salivating - Last week we saw how Wisconsin Democrat Rob Zerban pushed back against Ron Wyden's harebrained scheme of working with Paul Ryan to destroy Medicare. Obviously Wyden isn't the only bad Democrat in Congress.
CommonDreams: President Obama Richly Deserves to Be Dumped - As evidence of a failed Obama presidency accumulates, criticism of his administration is mounting from liberal Democrats who have too much moral authority to be ignored.

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Something Huge Sitting off Mercury captured by two seperate solar orbiters
TinfoilPalace: The Real Ron Paul
TheOilAge: Developing a Survival Philosophy
TheOilAge: China's biggest provincial borrowers "defer" debt payments
HubbertsArms: Theory of the Origin, Evolution, and Nature of Life
HubbertsArms: Grow Food, Raise Hell
SilentCountry: New Year Resolutions
SilentCountry: U.S. District Court Rules Iran Behind 9/11 Attacks

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