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Hello guys, hope it's not too cold where you are today. LOL It's pretty dang cold here in pamland this morning.
I ordinarily don't do this, but I have some things on Etsy that I wanted to show you.
Here's a link to my shop there. p.a.turner outisder and folk art
I'll be putting up more things in the coming days. I have a big gallery show this year too and will be working on that a lot over the coming months.  Depending on how things go of course. LOL

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OilPrice.com: Did Fukushima Really Put a Nail in Atomic Power's Coffin?

Global Conflict
Guardian: Arab League monitoring mission criticised for failing to stop bloodshed
NYT: Iran Says It Has Produced First Nuclear Fuel Rod -  Iranian scientists have produced the nation's first nuclear fuel rod, a feat of engineering the West has doubted Tehran capable of, the country's nuclear agency said Sunday. The announcement marks another step in Tehran's efforts to achieve proficiency in the entire nuclear fuel cycle — from exploring uranium ore to producing nuclear fuel — despite U.N. sanctions and measures by the U.S. and others to get it to halt aspects of its atomic work that could provide a possible pathway to weapons production. Tehran has long said it is forced to seek a way to manufacture the fuel rods on its own, since the sanctions ban it from buying them on foreign markets. 
VOA: Reports: Afghan, Pakistani Militants Unite to Fight US-led Troops in Afghanistan
Guardian: Iran currency plunges 10% as US strengthens sanctions  - Riyal falls to record low after Obama administration blacklists Tehran's central bank
Reuters: Iran threatens U.S. Navy as sanctions hit economy
BlacklistedNews: Tensions Rise as U.S. Imposes 'Nuclear Option' on Iran's Economy
BlacklistedNews: ‘Egypt the Prize’:The American campaign to hijack the Arab Spring backfires 
Businessinsider: Iran Warns The US To Keep Its Aircraft Carrier Out Of The Persian Gulf 
Aljazeera: Fleeing North Koreans 'killed by troops'  
SeattlePI: Iraq official warns of abuse of security forcesStarExponent: France says Syrian regime committing massacres
VancouverSun: Iran tells departed U.S. carrier not to return: IRNA
NYT: The Next War: Pentagon to Present Vision of Reduced Military
RawStory: Iran warning to U.S. warship sends tensions soaring 
CNN: Suspicious powder scare at Florida prosecutors' office - Three people fell ill Tuesday after exposure to a suspicious powder in the mail room of the state attorney's office in West Palm Beach, Florida
A firefighter who responded to the incident was also hospitalized with cardiac problems, West Palm Beach spokesman Chase Scott said. The firefighter was equipped with an air tank, Scott said. It was unclear whether his symptoms were related to exposure. 

StarTribune: Occupy protest follows 123rd annual Rose Parade

Financial News
BusinessInsider: More Awful PR For Bank Of America As They Start Cutting Off Credit To Mom And Pop
Zerohedge: Goldman On The Five Key Questions For 2012
CharlesHughSmith: The Circling Black Swans of 2012
MyBudget360: Welcome to the new model of retirement - No retirement. In 1983 over 60 percent of American workers had some kind of defined-benefit plan. Today less than 20 percent have access to a plan and the majority of retired Americans largely rely on Social Security as their de facto retirement plan.
NYT: Austerity Reigns Over Euro Zone as Crisis Deepens
Businessinsider: Ireland Faces Austerity ‘For As Long As Anyone Can Look Forward’
Bloomberg; World’s Biggest Economies Face $7.6 Trillion Debt
ProjectSyndicate: Rethinking the Growth Imperative, by Kenneth Rogoff - Modern macroeconomics often seems to treat rapid and stable economic growth as the be-all and end-all of policy. But does it really make sense to take growth as the main social objective in perpetuity, as economics textbooks implicitly assume? 
Mish: Portugal Car Sales Plunge 60% in December, 31% for Entire Year; Spain Car Sales Plunge 17.7% to 1993 Levels
FatAsmihov: Debt does not matter. Spending and taxes do. - makes the point that government debt matters less than most people think because in some cases we simply owe money to ourselves. 
Tribune: Global financial fiasco: End of the age of US economic dominance
NYT: For 2012, Signs Point to Tepid Consumer Spending

VancouverSun: Asia's double-edged currency sword
Reuters: Sarkozy, Merkel to meet as Europe seeks crisis exit
Yes, It's A New Year — And The United States Is Still Broke
CNBC: Euro Zone Manufacturing Falls for Fifth Month in Row
GlobeandMail: U.S. financial sector holds key to recovery
Telegraph: Eurozone collapse 'starts this year' says CEBR - Europe's single currency is almost certain to disintegrate within the next decade, a leading think tank has predicted, with Greece and Italy potentially abandoning the euro this year. 
Reuters: Analysis: U.S. fighter sales soar in time for campaign  
MarketWatch: 5 must-have skills for job seekers in 2012
Yahoo: U.S. consumer in the slow lane - It's up to the consumer to drive the U.S. economy and lift world growth in 2012, and the outlook is far from encouraging.
Zerohedge: Exposing American Banks' Multi-Trillion Umbilical Cord With Europe
BusinessInsider: Here's An Easy Way To Get $4 Million Richer: Cut The Cable Bill NOW

Peak oil and Energy News
TheOilDrum: 10th ASPO Conference Vienna 30 May - June 1st
BusinessWeek: Frontline Completes Revamp to Meet Oil Shipping ‘Challenges’ 
IBTimes: Where is Oil Price Heading in 2012? 
Reuters: Oil above $111 on Iran, China, US data
Zerohedge: Refinery Crunch In Europe 
DeclineoftheEmpire: The United States — A Net Gasoline Exporter! 
BusinessWeek: Oil Rises to Six-Week High on Global Manufacturing Expansion 

IBTimes: Commodity Price Volatility to Continue in 2012
Mineweb: Gold recovers last week's losses but stagnation remains a concern

Environmental News
TimeMagazine: Rain Forest for Ransom —Yasuni National Park — a 10,000-sq-km reserve on the western fringes of the Amazon basin — is indeed a paradise, considered by many scientists to be the single most biodiverse spot on the planet. But it's a paradise in danger of being lost. Oil companies have found rich deposits beneath the park's trees and rivers, nearly 900 million barrels of crude worth billions of dollars.
CommonDreams: Ohio Fracking Wells Closed After Earthquakes
LightYearsBlog: Quadrantid meteor shower to light up night sky
IBTimes: 100mph Gales in Scotland bring Severe Weather Warnings
Guardian: Dead herring mystery for Norway as thousands wash up on beach
RawStory: BP sues Halliburton over $42 billion oil spill bill
EnergyBulletin: Hansen still argues 5m 21st C sea level rise possible

America in Decline
BlacklistedNews: Gary Webb’s Drug War Reporting Vindicated
DailyMail: Disturbing video that shows U.S. soldiers ‘blowing up a dog in Iraq for fun’

WelcometoPottersville: Does the US Populace Know It's Turning Its Nation's Poor Into Criminals? Or Is It The Ultimate Money-Maker In A Deep Recession? 
Guardian: Koch brothers: secretive billionaires to launch vast database with 2012 in mind - David and Charles Koch, oil tycoons with strong right-wing views and connections, look set to tighten their grip on US politics 
SeattleTimes: State pushes prescription painkiller methadone, saving millions but costing lives - For the past eight years Washington has steered people with state-subsidized health care — Medicaid patients, injured workers and state employees — to methadone, a narcotic with two notable characteristics. The drug is cheap. The drug is unpredictable. The state highlights the former and downplays the latter, cutting its costs while refusing to own up to the consequences, according to a Seattle Times investigation that includes computerized analysis of death certificates, hospitalization records and poverty data.
Guardian: The NDAA's historic assault on American liberty
BlacklistedNews: The Real Problem with the National Defense Authorization Act
Zerohedge: Obama Signs Legislation Killing Bill of Rights 
Stratrisks: Zbigniew Brzezinksi: After America 
Food and Water
CityFarmer: Gebsite’s Eugene Cooke on “Grow Where You Are”

Science and Technology
BBC: Chimps ‘consider their audience’
Slate: The Greatest Paper Map of the United States You’ll Ever See
MSNBC: Fighting Somali pirates with science
CNET: SOPA opponents may go nuclear and other 2012 predictions
PopSci: Predictions for 2012: Garage Rocketeers Approach Orbit

Medical and Health
Grist: Ask Umbra: Can air fresheners make you sick?

TheChart: Spinal tap may predict Alzheimer's years ahead
Telegraph: Scientists grow sperm in laboratory dish
TheChart: Study: Fat hormone increases risk of dementia in women
TheChart: Wasabi - get a healthy boost from the fiery root
MSNBC:  Do twin embryos help each other survive in IVF? 
VancouverSun: Fuel additive used in French breast implantsTime: Let the Kids Play: They'll Do Better in School
Harvard.edu: Aspirin and cancer: Will a tablet a day keep tumors at bay?
M&C: Philippines raises alert against disease in flood-hit cities

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
EnergyBulletin: How to downsize a transport network: the Chinese wheelbarrow
(these things are pretty cool. More great pics at the link.)
ModernSurvival: 30 Ways To Save Money

Other News
TheAtlantic: Biden Gets China - Biden's Next Big Project:  Recognizing that Chinese Vice Premier Xi Jinping will be China's president-in-waiting through much of 2012,
ArchaeologyNewsNetwork: Thieves chisel out precious Roman mosaics in Spain - They weren't just thieves - they were incompetent thieves who managed to destroy an ancient relic
Boston.com: Fire attacks at NYC homes, Islamic center probed
MSNBC: NYPD investigates firebomb attacks on Muslims, Hindus
Cassandra: No Virginia, Tin-Foil Hats Do Not Help…. Half-truths and paranoia can be downright dangerous. Indeed, the few remaining at MIT who possess a sense of humour demonstrate that, far from protecting their wearers against invasions of the mind by Extra-Terrestrials Dr. Evil Abba The Fed The Government, the shiny material may actually aid their invasion by amplifying radio signals.  

MSNBC: Father thanks passers-by who saved three children from icy river crash

DeclineoftheEmpire: The Very Heart Of Denial
USAToday: Reality TV's Duggars endorse Rick Santorum
Zerohedge: Presenting 2011's Top 10 Most Corrupt American Politicians 
Bloomberg: Perry, Gingrich Hit by Party’s Drive to Block Voters

The Forums
TinfoilPalace: Top Illuminati Celebrities Exposed
TinfoilPalace: NASA's Holy GRAIL?
TheOilAge: The Kunstlers -- 2012 forecast: bang and whimper 
TheOilAge: Economic Collapse: The Number One Catastrophic Event... 
HubbertsArms: Methanol replacing hydrogen gas as the fuel of the future
HubbertsArms: As Climate Change Worsens, Scientists Feel Increasing Pressure to Speak Out  
SilentCountry: Realizing the real value of food
SilentCountry: First sign of an apocalyptic year to come?

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