Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Documentary! Jan. 14, 2012 Filthy Cities!

Oh icky! We think we got it bad now! I thought these would be good to watch to see how things work without all the modern sanitary conveniences we take for granted today and, to point out one of my favorite things to point out, and that is, sanitation workers are responsible for saving more lives than doctors. And look what we think of them and how little they are paid compared to doctors.
Let's hear it for our sanitation workers!

Thanks to Top Documentary Films too! Go check out their great site today!

Filthy Cities - Industrial New York

Dan Snow travels back to a seething Manhattan in the throes of the industrial revolution. Millions fled persecution, poverty and famine in Europe in the 19th century in search of the Promised Land. When they arrived what they found was even worse than what they'd left behind. New York was a city consumed by filth and corruption, its massive immigrant population crammed together in the slums of Lower Manhattan. Dan succumbs to some of the deadly disease-carrying parasites that thrived in the filthy, overcrowded tenement buildings. He has a go at cooking with some cutting edge 19th century ingredients - clothes dye and floor cleaner - added to disguise reeking fetid meat. And he marvels at some of the incredible feats of engineering that transformed not just the city, but the world.

Filthy Cities - Medieval London -©BBC

Historian Dan Snow investigates what 14th century medieval London and its street were like 700 years ago and recreates what it was like to live and work in the uncleanliness. ©BBC

Filthy Cities - Revolutionary Paris -©BBC

Dan Snow immerses himself into the rotten world of revolutionary Paris by visiting a tannery, also a perfumer to recreate the stench of the 18th century city and he gets a rare glimpse into the private rooms of the infamous Queen Marie Antoinette at the palace of Versailles. ©BBC


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