Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Documentary! Feb. 11, 2012 "Cyberwar"

I'm watching this one now and thought it might be a good one for us today. Kind of interesting that it's an AlJazeera program too.
Hope you all enjoy it, and have a good weekend!
Don't forget that RJ has his weekly wrap up posted and this afternoon the Ozarker will have another great article for us. 
p.s. just watched this one for the second time. This is a very revealing show and I hope you guys will watch it. When Michael Chertoff says..."till we have the equivalent of a Pearl Harbor or 911..." I know I sit up and take notice.


Is the US contributing to the militarization of cyberspace? Cyberwar. A conflict without foot soldiers, guns, or missiles.
Instead the attacks are launched by computer hackers. Digital spy rings. Information thieves. Cyberarmies of kids, criminals, terrorists – some backed by nation states.
But is cyber war really a threat? Can cyber war actually cripple the United States? Or is the language just sturm und drang spun up by a coalition of major arms manufacturers, the Pentagon, and Internet security firms allied with China bashers aimed at launching a new Cold War in Asia?
China has been accused of hacking into the Pentagon, the International Monetary Fund, the French government, and the CIA, as well as stealing information from major U.S. arms maker Boeing and the Japanese firm Mitsubishi.

Thanks to Top Documentary Films Online for bringing this one to light for us. Do pay their site a visit. Honestly, you could spend days and days there watching documentaries and never watch the same one twice!


  1. BitPay an alternative to PayPal
    It can also be anonymous if both parties agree so TPTB can't put IP blocks on.

  2. Orlov on the edge with Max

  3. hey thanks Curee! I love Max Keiser, Buffoonery!!! LOL

  4. My pleasure p.a.turner.
    Interestingly he seems to have given up on the financial sector as he sees the war as won by TPTB i.e. they just do as they please now i.e. not only are there no markets only interventions, there are no laws private assets can be seized without redress (MF Global).
    Obviously you need to use the TOR browser or ip2p if you suspect TPTB have put country specific IP blocking on payment systems, it was late here - doh!
    You need to use both anonymous IP methods and anonymous payment systems to maintain anonymity.