Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Documentary March 17, 2012 "What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire"

I know that most of you have probably seen this documentary, but, I think it would be good to watch again or if you haven't seen it, do take a break from you day and spend some time watching this.
I first saw it after it came out and now, I find it even more accurate.

Tim Bennett, middle-class white guy, started waking up to the global environmental nightmare in the mid-1980s. But life was so busy with raising kids and pursuing the American dream that he never got around to acting on his concerns. Until now…
Bennett journeys from complacency to consciousness in his feature-length documentary, What a Way To Go: Life at the End of Empire. He reviews his Midwestern roots, ruthlessly examines the stories he was raised with, and then details the grim realities humans now face: escalating climate change, resource shortages, degraded ecosystems, an exploding global population and teetering global economies.
Bennett identifies and calls into question the fundamental assumption that has led to this unprecedented crisis in human history: that humans were destined to dominate the rest of the community of life with the Culture of Empire. He pushes the dialogue where Al Gore did not go.
Powerful interviews with well-known authors including Daniel Quinn, Derrick Jensen and Richard Heinberg, and noted scientists William Schlesinger and Stuart Pimm, fill in some important pieces. Scathing and humorous use of archival footage is balanced with very human snapshot comments from family and friends.
On Walkabout, Bennett ends with an invitation to join him with courage and consciousness on the unexplored shores of a future not yet written. Find out more at the Homepage of this documentary.

What a Way to Go: Life at the end of Empire


  1. Hi P.A. spring has arrived here (52 DegN UK) thanks for your efforts.

    Arctic amplification lecture from Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University.

    Dr Francis's powerpoint presentation can be downloaded here, probably easiest to right click and 'save as'. The presentation will be most legible run as full screen from powerpoint.

  2. Summer effects in the USA from 55 minutes.

    Climate Change Impacts Are Happening Faster and Faster- Greenland, Sea Level Rise and Some Atmospheric Chemistry

  3. Hey La Curee! thanks for the great links, I hope everyone will take a break and watch them.
    thanks for posting them too.