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Peak Oil and Energy News
FT: High Gas Prices? Blame Goldman Sachs
TheOilDrum: Tech Talk - Production from Abqaiq, an Ageing Queen
Statesman: Glut of natural gas in U.S. means drilling must slowIBTimes: Average US Gasoline Prices Climb To $3.97: Lundberg Survey
U.S. retail gasoline prices over the past two weeks had their smallest increase since early January and could be near or past their peak if crude oil prices remain stable, the widely followed Lundberg Survey shows.
Reuters: Iraq says OPEC seeking world oil price balance - OPEC is seeking a balance in world oil prices, but political instability rather than production issues are affecting the market price, Iraq's oil minister Abdul Kareem Luaibi said on Monday.
GlobeAndMail: Oil price salvation won’t be found in the Bakken

ETFDailyNews: Why You Should Invest In Natural Gas: The Fuel Of The Future 
ScientificAmerican: Solar Steam Helps Coax Heavy Oil from Old Fields
EnergyBulletin: Peak oil review - April 9

Global Conflict
Cryptogon: And Now… U.S. Military Plans for Alien Invasion

Harpers: The Warrior Class: The Blackwater Videos - “The vehicle struck the woman and knocked her unconscious body into the gutter.”
BBC: Syrian border fire angers Turkey - Turkey reacts angrily after Syrian fire across its border causes casualties, as a UN-brokered ceasefire plan looks increasingly in doubt.  
 Guardian: Syrian forces fire on Turkish refugee camp - Syrian forces have fired across the border into Turkey, hitting a refugee camp in the latest incident to fuel mounting international concern about escalating violence hours before a UN deadline to end the crisis.
CNN: Turkish officials: Violence in Syria spills across border
Mish: US Offers to “Negotiate” if Iran Surrenders; Thoughts on Negotiation Tactics; Obama Threatens War  - President Obama has stepped up the rhetoric against Iran with an offer to "negotiate". His offer is no offer at all, it is a demand to surrender. There will be nothing left to "negotiate" if Iran accepts the offer. This is what Obama demands before "negotiation" begins.

Reuters: Iran not interested in nuclear fuel swap: atomic chief
180 killed ahead of Syrian truce deadline - SYRIA has demanded guarantees that armed groups cease fire before withdrawing its troops as agreed with special envoy Kofi Annan, even as a UN truce deadline loomed.
YNetNews: Israel 'satisfied' with Iran's rejection of West's demands
BBC: German writer Guenter Grass barred from entering Israel - Israel has declared the German author Guenter Grass "persona non grata" and barred him from entering the country.
Grass, a Nobel laureate, recently criticised Israel in a poem.
In it, Grass condemned German arms sales to Israel, and said the Jewish state must not be allowed to launch military strikes against Iran.  
Spiegel: Minister Wants Nobel Prize Withdrawn: Furious Israel Bars Günter Grass for Critical Poem
BBC: Red Square opened to protesters
LegitGov: CIA stealth drones made hundreds of passes over Iran
IBTimes: Iran To Shut Down Internet Permanently; Will Be Replaced By National Intranet
Millions of Internet users in Iran will be permanently denied access to the World Wide Web and cut off from popular social networking sites and email services, as the government has announced its plans to establish a national Intranet within five months.
VOA:  Easter Bomber Strikes in Northern Nigeria
BBC: Rebels reject new Syria demand - A last-minute demand by the Syrian government is rejected by the opposition, throwing a ceasefire planned to take effect from Tuesday into disarray.
CNN: IAEA: Iran agrees to nuclear talks
WashingtonPost: S. Korean government says North preparing for third nuclear test
Record-Bee: Mubarak's VP says he won't 'reinvent' old regime Truthout: Deal Reached on Contested Afghan Night Raids
Alissa J. Rubin, The New York Times News Service: "Afghanistan and the United States signed an agreement on Sunday on night military raids that would hand responsibility for carrying out the operations to Afghan forces but allow continued American involvement. The agreement clears the way for the two countries to move ahead with a more comprehensive long-term partnership agreement, say Afghan and American officials."
SMH: Egypt army backs spy chief for president
SeattlePI: Syrians fire across 2 borders as conflict deepens
Telegraph: Leader of Saddam Hussein's Baath party 'criticises Iraq government'
The most senior member of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein's inner circle still at large has criticised the present government and called on Baathists to reorganise their resistance, according to a video released yesterday.
MSNBC: Afghanistan gets veto power over NATO night raids
WorldNews: 'Like Casablanca in World War II': As Iran tensions grow, Azerbaijan becomes den of spies

NakedCapitalism: Fault Lines – Occupy Wall Street: Surviving the Winter - video - I don’t have a deep media critique of this useful retrospective. Oddly, or not, Al Jazeera put this video together, and not a domestic network. OWS is covered, as they fail to persuade Trinity Church to do the Christ-like thing.
NOC: How to Succeed in Reoccupation Without Really Trying
LegitGov: New Haven Occupiers Lose Court Battle

Domestic Financial News
Zerohedge: We Owe How Much??
WSJ: Job Slowdown Renews Doubt
CharlesHughSmith: Ten Minutes After the Titanic Struck the Iceberg 
UPI: Auto Outlook: Automakers rewarded as buyers opt for gas-sippers
CalculatedRisk: More: Mall Vacancy Rate declines slightly in Q1 - On Friday I noted that Reis reported the mall vacancy rate declined slightly in Q1. The strip mall vacancy rate declined to 10.9% from 11.0% in Q4.
WSJ: Post Crisis, Big Firms Come Back Stronger
ETFDaily: Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) Stock Is Entering A Euphoric “Bubble” Stage; A Bad Sign For The Markets? 

CNNMoney: First-quarter earnings: They won't be pretty
CalculatedRisk: Housing Story: Owning vs. Renting
VOX: Bankruptcy costs and America’s household debt crisis - In a recent NBER working paper, my co-authors and I document that legal and administrative costs inhibit a significant number of households from filing for bankruptcy (Gross et al 2012). Moreover, the number of households facing these barriers has doubled during this decade
NYT: Federal Funds to Train the Jobless Are Drying Up - Government money for primary training program for dislocated workers is 18 percent lower than in '06, even though there are 6 million more people looking for work now
EconomyWatch: High unemployment may dog the US for years

MarketDay: Earnings season begins with ominous signs for stocks
ETFDaily: Why A Triple-Crisis Is On The Near Horizon 
CNNMoney: Facebook acquires Instagram for $1 billion

Global Financial News
BusinessInsider: PATRICK CHOVANEC: Not A Single Chinese Company I Talk To Is Experiencing Any Growth This Year

FiscalTimes: Dollar Falls to a One Month Low 
Zerohedge: Greece Launches Rent-A-Cop To Fill Empty Public Servant Coffers
MyBudget360: The suffocation of unsustainable global debt – Total global debt is now over $190 trillion and more than three times global GDP. Contagion with European Union.
CNNMoney: World Bank race heating up
Businessweek: Egypt Offers $580 Million of Bonds; 10-Year Dollar Bonds Drop
BusinessInsider: Betting On The Yen To Win The Race To The Bottom

RawStory: Sony to axe 10,000 jobs worldwide: report
Time: China's Gravity-Defying Economy: How Hard Will It Fall? - As China's high-octane economy shifts into lower gear, virtually everyone agrees that the double-digit, super-charged boom years are drawing to a close.
CNNMoney: Chinese prices keep climbing
Zerohedge: 3 Reasons Why The BoJ May Ease Within 2 Days
Spiegel: Wooing the Workers: Merkel Shifting Left to Boost Re-Election Chances
NYT: Spanish and Italian Banks, Once More Buying Bonds, Seen as Vulnerable
FiscalTimes: Spain, on the Brink, Could Derail the U.S. Economy  
JOC: Asia-Europe Freight Rates Jump 28 Percent
CNN: Austerity drives suicide rate in Greece

ETFDaily: Why Copper Prices Are Likely To Pick Up Steam 
Mineweb: Chinese woman gets death sentence for gold and futures trading fraud
Zerohedge: India's Jewellers End Gold Strike As Government Caves On Excise Duty: Pent Up Gold Demand To Be Unleashed A month ago, after causing a spike in cotton prices following the imposition of an export ban, India promptly overturned said surprising move following a surge in protest from not only various trade local groups, but more importantly China, whose already razor thin margins would become negative if input costs soared even further. Mineweb: Gold's fall looks premature despite Fed tightening and euro back from brink
ETFDaily: Silver Price Manipulation: Ted Butler On What’s Really Going On With Silver

M 3.5, Central Alaska
M 3.0, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska
CNN: US sees warmest March in recorded history, NOAA reports
ScientificAmerican: Rising Ocean Temperatures Prime Amazon Rainforest for Fire
ExtinctionProtocol: Red alert issued for region near Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz volcano
April 9, 2012 – BOGOTA - Colombia on Sunday issued a warning for areas crossed by rivers that pass through the Nevado del Ruiz volcano area, amid heavy rains and concern that an eruption could be in the works.
ScienceDaily: Which plants will survive droughts, climate change?  - New research by UCLA life scientists could lead to predictions of which plant species will escape extinction from climate change.

RawStory: Indian forest-dwellers take battle against mining conglomerate to supreme court
DesdemonaDespair: Anchorage breaks seasonal snowfall record 
WildlifeNews: Idaho’s leading newspaper says “One trapper’s barbarism reflects badly on Idaho”
McClatchy: Tornado warning systems rose to the challenge in Dallas-Fort Worth area - As an EF-2 tornado tore its way along Arlington's western edge Tuesday afternoon, warning sirens wailed for 23 minutes straight, warning residents in the 100-square-mile city to take cover.
NOC: Monsanto’s Roundup Altering the Physical Shape of Amphibians 
Grist: Eating invasive iguanas in Florida [VIDEO]
McClatchy: Crocodile numbers grow in South Florida - Fishing in a canal outside Homestead Bayfront Park not long ago, Ed Castleberry fought hard to catch the biggest jack he’d ever hooked. But something else also wanted his 15-pound trophy, something lurking beneath the murky surface.
ThinkProgress: Must-Read: Tom Friedman On Climate Change And 'The Other Arab Spring' - “The Arab awakening was driven not only by political and economic stresses, but, less visibly, by environmental, population and climate stresses as well.Tamino: Deja Vu - A new study by scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey, not yet published but scheduled to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the Seismological Society of America, reports a dramatic increase in earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater over a large area of the U.S. More interestingly, the report states that the increase is “almost certainly man-made,” and attributes it to oil and gas production. Since I’m a data junkie, I retrieved some data on earthquake occurrences in the study region. The data I retrieved are from only one of the catalogues used in the USGS study, and I haven’t applied the control measures used by the study authors, so my numbers don’t theirs match exactly — but it should at least give us an idea whether or not there is an obvious increase in earthquakes as dramatic as reported. Annual counts of earthquakes of magnitude 3.0 or greater looks rather like, well, a hockey stick:
ScienceDaily: Evolution at sea: Long-term experiments indicate phytoplankton can adapt to ocean acidification - Fossil fuel derived carbon dioxide has a serious impact on global climate but also a disturbing effect on the oceans, know as the other CO2 problem.
Forbes: James Hansen: Both Right and Wrong About Global Warming(TimWortstall: I'm a Fellow at the Adam Smith Institute in London, a writer here and there on this and that and strangely, one of the global experts on the metal scandium, one of the rare earths. An odd thing to be but someone does have to be such and in this flavour of our universe I am.)
Truthout: Shale Shocked: "Remarkable Increase" In U.S. Earthquakes "Almost Certainly Manmade"TedTalk: The Earth is full  - For 50 years the environmental movement has unsuccessfully argued that we should save the planet for moral reasons, that there were more important things than money. Ironically, it now seems it will be money -- through the economic impact of climate change and resource constraint -- that will motivate the sweeping changes necessary to avert catastrophe.
Telegraph: Climate scientists are losing the public debate on global warming
Green campaigners and climate scientists are losing the public debate over global warming, one of the movement's leading proponents has admitted.
MSNBC: Fur loss, open sores seen in polar bears
 This polar bear was sedated to study its fur loss and oozing sores on the left side of its neck.

Read more here:

America in Decline
Good grief, TN is becoming an embarrassment. 
I Hope Tennessee will be Teaching ALL Alternative Creation Theories
Tennessee is poised to adopt a law that would allow public schoolteachers to challenge climate change and evolution in their classrooms without fear of sanction, according to educators and civil libertarians in the state.
Wired: Hundreds of Warbots Will Join Cops' Ranks - The war in Iraq is (mostly) over. The war in Afghanistan is (slowly, incompletely) ending. And yet the new battlefield robots produced by a decade of war are having an easier transition to peacetime than some human veterans. The robots are simply trading their fatigues for the blue uniforms of American police.

Alternet: Georgia Wants To Drug Test Welfare Recipients, Too
Truthout: The US War on Drug Cartels in Mexico Is a Deadly Failure
Mark Karlin, Truthout: "There is no end game here. The United States is using all its vast powers to do what urban police do in American cities: chase the corner drug dealers out of one area and into another, through the use of temporary intensive 'enforcement' - and then chase them back again at a later date.... Meanwhile, in the United States, controlling the demand side appears to be interpreted as throwing people - particularly minority men - in jail for drug offenses, leading to the highest incarceration rate in the world."
Truthout: Protecting Psychologists Who Harm: The APA's Latest Wrong Turn
Roy Eidelson, Truthout: "Shortly after learning about the American Psychological Association's (APA) late February announcement of its new Member-Initiated Task Force to Reconcile Policies Related to Psychologists' Involvement in National Security Settings, I found my thoughts turning to the School of the Americas, Blackwater and perhaps even more surprisingly, the Patagonian toothfish. Those may seem like a strange threesome, but they share one important thing in common. All have undergone a thorough repackaging and renaming in a marketing effort aimed at obscuring - but not altering - some ugly truth."
BlacklistedNews: Pentagon Trained Terrorists In Nevada to Use Against Iran
RawStory: Man kills wife’s friend for flirting on Facebook

Alternet: How the Right's Using Women of Color to Shame Abuse Survivors 
NewYorker: “Kill the Head”: Gregg Williams, Joe Paterno, and Football’s Future 

Food and Water
BigPictureAgriculture: Agriculture News April 8, 2012ExtinctionProtocol: Salmonella outbreak reported in 19 U.S. states
BlacklistedNews: Monsanto Threatens to Sue Vermont if Legislators Pass a Bill Requiring GMO Food to Be Labeled
CivilEats: Less than One Month to Comment on Corn Resistant to Agent Orange Herbicide 2,4-D  - The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is currently deciding whether or not to approve an application by Dow Chemical for its controversial genetically engineered (GE) corn variety that is resistant to the hazardous herbicide 2,4-D. 2,4-D and the still more toxic 2,4,5-T formed Agent Orange, the defoliant used in the Vietnam War. 
BusinessInsider: It's Beginning To Look Like Egypt Could Run Out Of Water By 2025
NYT: Sustainably Feeding a Changing WorldCivilEats: Four Ways the Farm Bill Contradicts Itself

Internet and Online Privacy News
TechReview: A New Microchip Knows Just Where You Are, Indoors and Out - The chip achieves unprecedented accuracy by processing information from many different sensors. 
Digitopoly: The Craigslist Killer and Online Privacy
RawStory: Police mysteriously lose video of Megaupload raid - Video footage of a police raid on the home of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom is missing, and authorities claim they’re not quire sure what happened to it. 

Science and Technology
SingularityHub: Brain Scanner Being Used To Give Stephen Hawking A New Voice
TechReview: An Expert's View on Google's Goggles - Mark Changizi, a neurobiologist and the author of The Vision Revolution, discusses Google's augmented-reality glasses. 
TechnoLog: The Computing Trend that Will Change Everything
PopSci Innovation Challenge: Tracking Electronic Waste
ThinkProgress: April 9 News: 3,200 Tennesseans Urge Governor Haslam to Veto Anti-Science Education 'Monkey Bill'

ScienceDaily: New 'genetic bar code' technique establishes ability to derive DNA information from RNA

Medical and Health
RedditScience: Homophobia is more pronounced in individuals with an unacknowledged attraction to the same sex and who grew up with authoritarian parents who forbade such desires
ScientificAmerican: Bugs That Transmit 'Silent Killer' Are Biting More in U.S. - Transmitted by bloodsucking kissing bugs, tropical Chagas disease—which afflicts millions in Central and South America—may affect more people in the U.S. than previously thought. Although doctors officially have recorded only seven cases of new human infections in North America, a new study found that five of 13 kissing bugs collected from California and Arizona had bitten a human host—and many of the bugs they collected were infected with Chagas.
AngryBear: Drug shortages and the mythical market - In response to the increased utilization of generic drugs (currently about 70% of drugs used in the US), a fact which should be applauded, we have seen a frightening increase in drug shortages.
DoctorTipster: Study Finds New Possible Treatment For Type 2 Diabetes
NewYorker: Affordable Health Care in Thailand and Costa Rica - This year, a few hundred thousand intrepid American travellers will head to places like Thailand and Costa Rica, in search of something that they can’t find in the United States. They won’t be looking for Mayan ruins or ancient Buddhist temples, but something a bit more practical: affordable medical care.
Thechart: Genes found to increase childhood obesity risk

Doomsteading, Gardening, Urban Farming
ModernSurvival: How To Make Self Rising Flour
TransitionVoice: Growing up in the first Great Depression

It seems that gone are the days of finding Grandma’s thrifty old ways and viewpoints amusing and charmingly old fashioned. But are we missing out on not only a resource that’s much needed today in hearing about how our grandparents used to live, but also simply tuning into and honoring the wisdom of the elders?
As the US faces an uncertain future, financially as well as in many other ways, it’s time to turn to those who’ve lived through other hard times, such as the Great Depression, to glean the pearls of wisdom that saw them through those challenges.
 ModernSurvival: Long Term Drinking Water Storage 

Other News
Spiegel: Anguish in Azerbaijan: Residents Forcibly Cleared to Make Way for Modernity
Reuters: Two arrested in Oklahoma shootings that killed 3, wounded 2
BostonHerald: Two arrested in shootings of 5 blacks in Oklahoma
NOC: Exclusive: Cop in Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain ID’d, Sued in 2008 Racism Case - “In a broadcast exclusive, we reveal the name of the police officer who allegedly killed 68-year-old Kenneth Chamberlain, the retired African-American Marine who was shot dead in his own home in White Plains, New York, in November after he inadvertently triggered his medical alert pendant. Documented in audio recordings, the White Plains police reportedly used a racial slur, burst through Chamberlain’s door, tasered him, then shot him dead.”
RawStory: Robertson tells man ‘you are the boss’ in marriage
CNN: All sides await decision on charges in Trayvon Martin shooting
NYDaily: Trayvon Martin family could target homeowners association with lawsuit over its neighborhood watch  - The Retreat at Twin Lakes could be sued should George Zimmerman be protected by ‘Stand Your Ground’ law
Atlantic: To Be a Woman in Pakistan: Six Stories of Abuse, Shame, and Survival - Interviews with a handful of the country's 88 million women and girls Brides-to-be wait during a mass wedding ceremony in Karachi.
BBC: Saudi princess: What I'd change about my country
Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz tells the BBC there are many changes she would like to see in Saudi Arabia - but that now is not the time for women to be allowed to drive.
CNN: Pakistani rescuers resume search for 139 trapped in avalanche
OverheadBin: Air traffic controller reportedly thought mayday call was 'BS'

CNN: Prosecutor won't use grand jury in Trayvon Martin shooting case

RawStory: Gingrich: Running for president is ‘much harder than I thought it would be’
NYT: Major Republican Super PAC Prepares to Take On Obama
TheNation: AT&T and ALEC - The people scored a major victory this week when Coke announced it had "elected to discontinue its membership with" the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Kraft Foods quickly followed suit.
MSNBC: Sen. Grassley calls the president 'stupid'

TheHill: GOP lawmaker calls for change to how government measures unemployment 
HuffingtonPost: Knitted Uteruses Delivered To Arizona Lawmakers To Protest Contraception Bill

TinfoilPalace: Fukushima Reactor #4 capable of extinguishing all life on earth 

TinfoilPalace: Michigan 'Crack' And Booms in WI and Missing Beach in Mexico, Related?
TheOilAge: MIT / Limits to Growth update
TheOilAge: Holy F/ck! Massive Rad plume > Hawaii
HubbertsArms: Get over here and fondle my snake in a reverent manner
HubbertsArms: Papal Address: 'Darkness threatens mankind'
SilentCountry: The Age of Limits: Outstandingly Good Conference Approaches
SilentCountry: Life won't be the same without antibiotics
DestinyCalls: Earthing , grounding yourself to the earth cures
DestinyCalls: UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On the Record (Book)

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